Briana DeJesus Hires High-Powered Lawyer to Defend Her in Defamation Lawsuit Filed Against Her By ‘Teen Mom 2’ Co-Star Kail Lowry

“I’m in it to win it!”

Briana DeJesus is fighting back in a lawsuit filed against her by her Teen Mom 2 co-star and longtime nemesis Kail Lowry— and, this time, she’s using a high-powered attorney (instead of her sister Brittany DeJesus and her mom Roxanne‘s trusty red pumps!)

Starcasm broke the news on Monday that Briana has hired  attorney Marc J. Randazza of the Randazza Legal Group to defend her in the defamation lawsuit Kail filed against her earlier this month. As Starcasm pointed out, Marc has a long history of defending the First Amendment…not to mention a long list of controversial former clients, which include The Satanic Temple, several p0rno websites and Neo-Nazi website publisher Andrew Anglin.

Marc is very experienced in defending clients in defamation lawsuits. On his law firm’s website, he even states that he feels most defamation lawsuits filed in the United States are unfair and a threat to the Freedom of Speech.

“OK that’s all well and good but…me and my Hush Puppy are here if you need us, Sis!”

“We believe that more than 75% of the defamation suits filed nationwide are unjust and a blight on a nation that is supposed to be committed to wide-open and robust debate,” the law firm’s website states. 

As The Ashley previously reported, Kail— who has battled Bri online, and even once on-stage at the ‘Teen Mom 2’ Reunion, for years— is suing Briana over statements she made about Kail in an interview with a clickbait site, as well as on Instagram Live.  During the interview in question— which Briana gave to Celebuzz on June 9—Briana claimed that Kail “physically beat” Chris Lopez (who is the father of Kail’s sons Lux and Creed), and broke into and entered the home of Chris’ mother.

Kail stated in the court documents that what Briana said was untrue and that Briana said it “for the purpose of causing Lowry harm…[Briana] used Lowry to gain additional media attention for herself…

“To be fair I also gained a nice chunk of cash from it too!” 

“Lowry did not break into and enter the home of Mr. Lopez’s mother. Nor did Ms. Lowry beat Mr. Lopez,” Kail and her legal team stated in the legal documents, which also ask the court to require Briana to pay Kail’s attorney fees, as well as compensate Kail with $30,000 for costs and damages, following a trial by jury.

Briana’s lawyer is also a big supporter of having cameras in the courtroom, and has fought to have the media in the courtroom and get proceedings on television on numerous occasions. This bodes well for us nosy ‘Teen Mom 2’ fans who want to watch the Briana/Kail Legal Showdown play out in real time.

Our faces as we wait to see if they’ll put this court battle on TV for us to devour…

Kail will be represented in the lawsuit by The Trembley Law Firm in Florida. In the lawsuit filing, Kail and her legal team stated that Briana has a habit of saying things about Kail and her family (and her men) that aren’t true.

“[Briana] has a history of making false public statements regarding Lowry’s family life,” the legal paperwork states, adding that Briana once wrote on Twitter that Kail “gets beat the f**k up by Chris in front of her kids.” 

When news of the lawsuit broke earlier this month, Briana made it clear that she planned to fight it. On the day the lawsuit story went public, Kail posted a meme to Instagram that read, “Put your money where your mouth is,” and added, “Clickbait this.” 

Briana seemed to be responding when she posted a video of a girl holding a wad of cash. She captioned the video “Strictly business.”

Stay tuned…

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25 Responses

  1. *Grandma Says* Do these women live in a
    -House of Hope- for unwed mothers? They are acting and talking like have been shunned by their families and their child’s fathers.

    How can these women say such horrible things about their kids fathers in front of the kids? They laid with them, they knew what they were like, and should have expected this. You can’t run into traffic and get hit by a car in the middle of the road and blame the driver.

    Back when things actually mattered REAL WOMEN talked about this stuff over tea, bowling, or a game of Yahtzee. Or never spoke of it at all! But NEVER NEVER EVER was it done in front of the kids! No wonder why there are so many serial killers these day.

  2. She should of hired the lawyer that Janelle used to use, I think his name was Dustin? Man, that guy was a heck of a lawyer.

  3. “ Briana] used Lowry to gain additional media attention for herself…” LMAOOOOOO THATS RICH KAIL

  4. As Barb would say “Two loooosssahhhs” with too much time and money. Thanks MTV for spawning these siliconed creatures. Go be a parent to your little paychecks.

  5. I’m not surprised by the lawsuit. Brianna has been obsessed with Kailyn since she showed up on TM2. She immediately went in on Kailyn, even going so far as to date her ex husband and telling him he has to choose between them and going on vacation with her kids after Kailyn told her she didn’t want her around them… Brianna has been bullying Kailyn from the start honestly. MTV needs to fire her, this is just too much.

    1. I saw that! Has Briana FINALLY caught up to Kail and Jenelle in the “Number of Baby Daddies” competition???

    2. I watched the Reunion episode last night. The way she flipped from “yay, Devoin is awesome” to “Liar! Liar! I pay my bills!” within a split second. Wow, she’s totally got a bat in her cave. When can we start calling Javi II “Daddy III”?

  6. Hmmm I thought you had no fluid money Bri, cause you put it all towards buying your house outright in cash? Suddenly you have money to waste on this?

    1. So you’re saying Briana isn’t allowed representation? If someone was suing me (no matter how ridiculous), I’d find some money for representation. She could have done a sponsored ad, done a paid interview,, worked extra hours (if she has her FT job still), or uploaded new content to her OF ?. A retainer would be probably all thats needed initially for a lawyer.

  7. I hope when Karl loses-because it ain’t defamation if it’s the truth-she has to pay for Bri’s expensive lucky Stahr court lawyer.
    Where’s Dustin when you need him?
    Who’s getting feathers in their hair for this?
    I miss the good old days.

  8. This shittake won’t end.. uggh can these broads go broke already!!! Javi go lay the pipe and fix that dry p*say energy in both of them.

  9. Kailyn is a bully and obviously has used her money, lawyers and courts to bully people. Didnt she once say she had about 6 or 8 layers? Since dragging her baby daddies to court over bs and filing PFA’s is a full time job for her, I guess she would need a lawyer for each baby daddy but what are the other lawyers for? Who else is she attacking legally? Shes just like Jenelles with the frivolous legal action. When the show ends in 2022 (hopefully) Kailyn will look back on her 7 figure legal bills and regret wasting her money.

  10. Unless this is some sort of twisted storyline MTV is trying to drum up for better ratings next season, and are paying for both these idiots high end attorney’s, this is a complete waste of time and money…on BOTH sides. I don’t think what Briana said about Kail is lawsuit worthy (I think that’s just Kail being petty, as per usual), but all Briana had to do was shut her mouth and mind her business.

  11. Two Morons spending the easy come money on high priced lawyers to battle each other over dumb ass remarks. MTV breeds those people, I hope they both go broke.

    stay lit

    1. Nothing like spending your children’s college money on your messy petty Betty bulls&t. What a waste. These two are the dumbest people on the planet right about now.

  12. Does anyone else remember when Kail and Bri went into the room alone during the reunion and didn’t allow cameras but their mics were still on and Kail was scary as hell? She’s all talk, lawsuits, PFAs and shit, but when it comes down to one on one, she can’t take the heat. Its just so sad that all of this will forever be online for their kids to read when they get older.

    I am so happy I don’t watch this show anymore because honestly, reading The Ashley is better. The MTV edit for these heifers is garbage anyway.

  13. They both need to grow up! And, instead of hiring dual, expensive attorneys and “putting your money where your mouth is” Why don’t you take that money and invest in your children’s future?

  14. Briana, next time you feel the need to spew the poo, so to speak, let yourself be guided by the words of self-help guru Chris Lopez: “That don’t got nothing to do with me.” It will save you a lot of money you soon won’t have, and it will save you time that will be better spent parenting your kids!

  15. Wow… those statements that are entered into the court record are extremely embarrassing ?? (i.e. Kail getting “beat the f**k up*)

    The two are both poor excuses for women, but Kail, you’re going down, girl!!! Better get your affairs in order so you can pay Brianna’s court fees ???

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