EXCLUSIVE! Briana DeJesus & Kail Lowry Battle Behind the Scenes of ‘Teen Mom 2’ Reunion Taping

No Kylie Jenner Lip Kits were damaged during this Makeup Chair Showdown, luckily…

The recent Teen Mom 2 Season 8A Reunion taping was full of drama, with cast members at each others’ throats all weekend!

The Ashley broke the news that Jenelle EvansDavid EasonNathan Griffith and a few others were involved in a major altercation on Saturday afternoon during the Reunion taping, but she can exclusively reveal that is not the only screaming match that went down behind-the-scenes of the filming! Cast members Briana DeJesus and Kail Lowry reportedly got into it as well on Saturday!

While on-set sources tell The Ashley that their fight was nowhere near as crazy as the Jenelle/Nathan/David fight, it was heard all the way down the hall.

Things have been tense between Kail and Briana ever since Briana and Kail’s ex-husband Javi Marroquin have been hinting that they are dating, and apparently things came to a head when both girls found themselves side-by-side in the makeup room.

“Kail was talking to someone about how the cast doesn’t really get along anymore, and Briana must have assumed Kail was making a dig at her,” one on-set source says. “From there things got ugly.”

It’s not known what was said during the fight, but the source says it had to do, at least in part, with Javi.

“Briana’s mom was in the room with her and she jumped into the argument,” the source said. “Then Brittany [Briana’s sister] heard what was going on and came into the room and jumped in too.”

Leah was kind of caught in the middle,” the source added. “She ended up leaving the set in tears one day because of what Briana said to her earlier that day over a conversation they had about Kail.”

The source says that producers and crew were present during the incident but didn’t try to stop it. In fact, the entire thing was filmed, so it may be shown when the Reunion airs!

(The Ashley wants to make it very clear that this was not a physical fight in any way. It was strictly a verbal argument.)

“It was incredibly tense and uncomfortable for pretty much all of the cast members on Saturday because most of the cast does not get along,” the source added.

At one point, Kail got along great with Briana and her sister, Brittany. As you may remember, the trio even got plastic surgery (via Dr. Miami) together back in January 2016.

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  1. If Brianna is so comfortable creating drama she should be able to fight her own battles I in no way am condoning it but to have your family members jump in whenever you need them regardless if your argument makes sense just is not right I wish Brianna would set boundaries with her family three seems to be a lot of hatred between those three women in that household I think they would all be happier if they had their own space I’m not in the shell it’s beyond unreliable

  2. Unrelated to this article, but I just watched Janelle vs Barbara and all I have to say is what a shame that waste of oxygen didn’t OD years ago. I’ve watched this since day 1, but seeing that as a compilation, literally brought tears to my eyes for Jace and Barbara. A mother’s love is a mother’s love, but Barbara should have thrown her away like the trash that she is, many years ago. They would be much better off if she was gone forever. I take back my stance on Kail being the worst. There aren’t adequate words to describe what Janelle is.

  3. Brianna’s mom and sister need to butt out, Brittany go and get a job, Brianna grow up and stop getting your mom and sis to interfere, infact why are these two men hating ghetto trash bags even there? 3 lazy ass bitches, no wonder the 2 baby daddies don’t want to be involved, it’s because of the 3 witches in their coven scaring these guys away that are to blame.

    MTV Shame on you for putting this trash pile family back on this show, shame on you for letting kaiser be abused on our screens and standby and doing fuck all, but kiss the asses of these in appreciative women who really think their something.

    I’m praying Doris will get full custody of that poor little boy, and that the only contact will be supervised visitation and that goes for Jace too.

    It’s about time the strings were cut With these over paid attention seekers and the show ends

    1. Funny how they never seem to scare the guy off during the early dating/getting pregnant stage, but once the baby is born they are all on top of the guy, yelling and arguing and grinding his soul down into the ground. Maybe if they spent more time vetting the men Briana brings home in the first place, they wouldn’t have to deal with deadbeat baby daddies later on.

      I do wonder how Javi will be treated by the coven. I assume they will treat him really well and kiss his ass and stroke his ego quite a bit.

      1. Are you kidding? They’re ALL going to be kissing his ass because he has that MTV paycheck, and once Briana inevitably gets knocked up again, they’ll be rolling in the big bucks with his child support checks. These women are batshit crazy, and they’re all trash.

  4. Am I the only one who thinks Briana and Javi are actually perfect for eachother? He wants a woman with no ambition who will happily pop out babies for him, and she wants a man who will stick around and look after her. If Kail (unjustifiably) gets pissed off in the process, well that’s just a bonus really!

  5. Soooo Javi confirmed he’s dating Briana. At this point he deserves everything he’s going to get. One Teen Mom? Fine. But two? Especially when she has a 3 month old infant from a man she met at a club? Nope nope nope. Apparently, he’s trying to compete with Kail for trashiest. Poor Isaac and Lincoln. The last thing those sweet boys need is the man-hating coven raining down on them.

    Also, he has terrible taste in women. Like, really really terrible.

    1. I have always suspected that Javi really really likes all the attention he gets from being on the show and I think he’s been trying to cultivate career as a reality tv star. Like we’ll see him on multiple reality side shows and he’ll probably always date other reality tv people bc he’s a big egotistical and thrives on the social media attention. He always seems a bit disingenuous on TM2, like he’s hamming it up for the cameras and is very aware of how he wants to be presented.

  6. Kailyn is miserable in her life and she wants everybody else to be miserable. Crazy bitch.

  7. These people are a mess. Like, collectively. Briana and her family are absolute trash, who hopped on the money wagon and started stirring things up. Kail acts like she’s so above it all, but has three different baby daddies that she’s trying to withhold their children from, Jenelle and UBT cause ridiculous drama every where they go and make everyone around them uncomfortable, yet demand special treatment, Javi is either blind or is mentally incapable of understanding what having anything to do with Briana would actually mean, aside from pissing off Kail (Herpes is forever, ya know?), and nobody is EVER held accountable for their actions. Cancel this shit. Please. These poor kids are going to have to live their lives attached to names of these losers. Also. poor Leah, I’m usually not one to care about Leah at all, but she had nothing to do with the Trashy Trollop Showdown.

      1. It’s alright haha it stands for Uncle Bad Touch. Inn an interview, he once said that his porn star name would be Uncle Dave, and it creeped out all of the other dads on set!

  8. Harlots … what do you expect when you put them close proximity.

    Javi … do you have any brains left in that melon ? Have you learn anything being around these losers ? Ask Joe, ask Gary, ask Nathan, ask Leah’s ex-husbands, look around amigo, time to date off the reservation.

  9. If Briana and family put as much time and effort in looking for a suitable environment for little Nova and Stella, instead of sleeping with losers while living in that same cramped, overcrowded, angry, man-hating apartment — they wouldn’t have time for all this other totally unnecessary foolishness.

    On the other hand, miserable, manipulating Kail just needs to focus on the “flow chart” that’s now part of her ongoing baby daddy drama, and make sure the multiple dads see their sons when they should. That in and of itself, should serve to keep her out of picking fights and other useless b.s.

    Honestly, these girls spread their legs and pop out babies like women, yet they still act out and throw “mean girl” shade like they probably did in the girls’ bathroom in middle school.


  10. I think Brianas mom and Sister act so trashy. they need to shut up for once and stay out of the fight. Britany is a big girl. She’s ba big enough girl to sleep around and make babies, then she should be big enough to argue by herself. Stop with the whole mob mentality thing.

  11. Can’t help but wonder if Javi is aiming to The the first Teen Mom Dad to knock up two Teen Moms.. I’m sure Briana would be down with that, actually having a baby daddy that wants to be involved with the kid.

  12. I just wanna know if javi looks at kail now and think wtf was I thinking??? She looks like an ocean bottom unidentified creature without makeup. Turrrible

    1. Don’t get me wrong I think Kail is a souless bitch but the body shaming is unnecessary. I’m sure there is a plethora of other reasons why Javi could think “wtf was I thinking?”…..for example her entire personality ?.

      1. Pretty sure your face is still part of your body. My point was why go there when there are so many other things to work with? Like her collection of baby daddies, how she pretends to be a single mom doing it all on her own, or how selfish she is, and the fact that she’s just an all around bitch.

  13. I think it’s incredibly messed up that briana and Javi are an “item”. I would never try to date my coworker’s ex-husband or date my ex’s coworker (using the term coworker as a comparison, loosely of course). It’s just weird. Out of all the people out there, they choose that? I’m not taking up for Kail, because she has a laundry list of issues, but c’mon. It’s not that hard to find someone else.

    1. I have no love for any of the people involved, but I have no issue with the scenario you describe. Kail and Javi are done, and so who he dates next shouldn’t matter. Kail and Briana are not BFFs or sisters or anything, they are people with the same career who see each other a few times a year for work functions. If who Javi dates is a problem for Kail, then that is on her. Same goes for whomever Kailyn dates. If Javi has a problem with it, too damn bad, get over it. The only situation where either of their opinion matters is if one or the other is creating an unsafe home environment for their son. Otherwise, get the fuck over it and move on. This is high school drama bullshit, not adult behavior.

    2. He’s clearly doing this for publicity and/or to spite Kail. But, Isaac and Lincoln are going to pay the price…again.

    3. I agree. If he ends up with Brianna, Kail may not let him see Isaac any more. I hope he knows what he is doing getting involved with that woman and her perpetually pissed posse.

  14. The hulk can take on all 3 dejesus harpies at once, I have no doubt. The only one with a real shot at cutting down Kail would be Brittany…I bet they were evenly matched.

    Poor Leah…how did she get caught in the middle?

    And truth be told, wtf is Javi doing trying to “date” Briana? Clearly just to piss Kail off because he can do a hell of a lot better.

    1. I’d totally pay money to see Brittany take on Kail. Give it five years when they’re all broke and too busted up for porn – it just might happen.

    2. Hahaha I agree, not a Kail fan but I could see her muscly arm bitch slapping all three in a single flowing motion. She doesn’t look like a slapper but a straight up punch your lights out. KAIL SMASH!

  15. I feel they’re D listers …trying to get on the C list! ??? They’re not fooling anyone…like Javi would ever want to enter that Man hatin family!?? It would surprise me if he did!! #ALLforShow

  16. I was wondering how it was that Kail and Briana made it through the weekend without fighting given the Javi situation. And of course the coven is there backing up Briana.

    I can just picture Leah crying and yelling “MONKEY!!”‘

  17. Brianna’s mother needs to stay in her own lane already! No wonder her daughter makes a mess of her life, never has to contend with anything on her own. Roxanne acts like get daughter is in fourth grade! I don’t blame Luis for running out of there- can’t believe he came back, the nutty mother chases him away.

  18. Bri is mad because she’s supposed to be the only teen mom with dead beat dads & here comes kail stealing her thunder. Lol

  19. Why the hell did they go after Leah? She didn’t do anything. Crazy bitches. No wonder Briana is all buddy buddy with Jenelle. She’s just as much of a trashy drama queen as she is.

  20. I feel bad for Leah here, I feel like she doesn’t cause drama between the teen mom girls but I am not surprised this crazy herd made her cry.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing the Dejesus women battle it out with Jenelle though, that’d be a good match! They’re friends now but I’m sure something will go down eventually, it is Jenelle after all. I’ll be waiting with my popcorn!

    1. You just know at some point Jenelle and Brianna will have a falling out of some sort. People like them (users with victim mentality) can’t keep real friends long. That will be some trash heap when they fight being that they are all so Jerry Spriner-esque.

      1. Thanks 🙂 I learned it on this site. Credit probably belongs to TheAshley, who is way more tempered and clever than myself 🙂

  21. I think Kailyn did say something smart so Briana would say something. Kailyn is a bitch and is known to be a bitch. Kail is from hell. The end.

  22. I detest Brianna’s skeletor mom and harpy sister. They are nothing but gross trash. Please take this man hating ghetto mess somewhere else, MTV.

    Like their own spin-off that I won’t watch. And making Leah cry is wrong, she has been trying her best this season and it shows. The way she has been coparenting and dealing Ali/Gracie has shown maturity that she lacked in past seasons. Actually I can’t find one thing about Leah that has been annoying this round. Even her cringy motivation speech is something I can relate to and I give her props for getting back up there and again after her initial failure.

    I fast forward the Harpy family every single episode, they are boring and dumb. Especially Bri’ s who likes to sit on the couch and try to act like she is queen of the ghettos messes.

    1. I know they definitely Runs in herds.,Breonna Britney and Roxann.,.Trashy trashy… I have to give credit where credit is due and Leah really rocks season!! Happy to be able to type that… She really is digging in and trying… Kudos to her

    2. Let’s not forget Leahs pill poppin Robbie phase…or how she moved a dude in ,with two kids,after she got outta rehab… come on…you’d be Stupid to think she ain’t got Some dude round there…?

      1. Yeah I remember that, but that is in the past. She has cleaned up her act, and I gotta respect that. She is handling her kids trying to understand and live with Ali’s health issues. That is something that is incredible difficult for all of them. And her and Corey are being mature adults addressing the issue which is a Teen Mom first.

        I especially appreciate her taking time out to make Gracie feel okay and to make her realize it isn’t her fault. She doesn’t have glassy eyes or falling asleep holding a baby, her house isn’t dirty like the past seasons, and she looks healthy. There are no huge screaming fights around the kids, and her car isn’t a Mary Kay trashmobile anymore.

        Cut the girl some slack for her past mistakes, unlike Jenelle – Leah seems genuine.

  23. Of course, as usual, Roxanne and Brittany have to jump in and protect baby Briana. I can’t imagine how she will survive without them. And Briana is taking advice from Jenelle and always be the victim in drama. “The other girls are mean to me! Wahh!” Well, maybe don’t start shit over a one comment?

  24. Why’d they have to drag Leah into it?

    Side note: I thought Chelsea and Leah got along. Did something happen there?

    1. No, Chelsea, Leah and Kail are good. Chelsea posted a pic with the two of them on her instagram. It’s just Jenelle and Briana that don’t get along with them.

  25. All of these idiots have turned into such divas, it’s going to be a hard crash and burn once this garbage bag of a show is off the air. If the fight would have been physical, I’d have gone with the Dejesus Gang, but since it was only verbal and Briana has the intellect of a third-grader on antipsychotic medication I’m going with Kail for the win.

  26. LOL did anyone read the linked article about the hints they might be dating?
    Javi: “She’s busy with the two girls and I’m busy working out”

    Hahahahaha wtf.

  27. Ah what a shame when all the bonding you did over plastic surgery goes down the drain. The friendship has sunk, but those terrible back doors live on.

  28. I’m not at all condoning fighting however Brianna should just be happy she’s there and try not to rock the boat it sounds like kail made a simple comment It’s true it doesn’t sound like a fun place to be if Breonna is old enough to start drama why does she need her family to back her up all the time they seem to thrive off of that kind of chaos and it’s so odd to me Breonna and her family have other things to focus on

    1. The DeJesus women are kind like the Fates of Greek mythology: One to begin the baby-daddy’s suffering, one to compound it, and one to end it with an expertly thrown stiletto pump.

    2. I agree however MTV clearly put this trashy family back on teen mom for a reason- drama and fights=ratings cause people will watch just to see the garbage this family does weekly. They won’t be taking Bri or her family off anytime soon.

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