‘Teen Mom 2’ Cast Films Season 8A Reunion in LA: See All the Photos From the Weekend

The entire cast of Teen Mom 2 took Los Angeles by storm this weekend! The moms, their current and former beaus, kids and other assorted family members who were mooching a free trip, all headed to California to film the Season 8A reunion special.

The ‘Teen Mom 2’ gang was joined by most of the Teen Mom OG cast, who were in LA to film various specials for their show, as well as a New Years Eve special filmed with both casts. (As The Ashley told you previously, there was some craziness that went down during the filming of that special!)

The Ashley’s sources have told her that this was the “craziest ‘Teen Mom 2’ Reunion filming ever,” (here’s just a bit of the drama), but from the looks of the photos the cast posted throughout the weekend, there was a lot of fun, along with a ton of drama.

Check out the photo gallery to see snaps of the two-day filming weekend! (Click the thumbnail to enlarge  and flip through the photos).

Stay tuned– The Ashley will be posting more details about what went down behind-the-scenes of the Reunion!

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  1. I just watched the special that had the biggest mommy meltdown. And it just goes to show how this franchise has really jumped the shark. Young mothers like Kail trying to figure out living situations and rent; like Chelsea that was clinging so hard to that “perfect family” hope; figuring out what life is. Bring that back- and instead of spending over $1 million for one season with these girls, pick a new crop of girls and pay a little more than you paid them for 16 & pregnant.

  2. Because I think you read all the comments:


    Don’t be friends with jenelle. She’s using you. She’ll drive a wedge between you and the other cast members. Then jenelle will put you on blast publicly like she has to every friend she’s ever had. Her fake friendship isn’t worth it.

    1. The braids seem to be a sort of mandatory hairstyle when they are filming in the studio. They get them every single time for maybe the last two years.
      MTV is trying to make braids happen maybe.

      1. Or MTV is used to styling teenager’s hair and forgets these are grown ass women with multiple children by multiple fathers.

  3. If you look closely in the background of the picture of Javi and Babs, Lurch is chatting with Butch. Wonder what they’re discussing- comparing number of arrests? Which substance is their preference to abuse? How to be an upstanding family man?

      1. Or perhaps they’re debating the merits of the Federal Reserve’s quantitative easing strategy? Or what it would take to bring peace between Israel and Palestine?

  4. I just saw, since when is Javi promoting Things That Matter (Maci and Taylor’s brand), are those leather pockets (not to mention overpriced) not selling or what?!

  5. I wish jenelle would get a much needed mental health evaluation. It would change her life for the better.

  6. Farrah looks 1000 years old. I loved all the pics of cast mates with barb but not with Jenelle. I hope that pisses Jenelle off big time.

  7. Yea, great idea, lets have a gathering of group of breeders and their wacka-doo parents and add alcohol.

  8. Personal thoughts:

    – Babs and Randilicious are a dream team.
    – Javi, get away from Briana. Booty full of cottage cheese, how does that look good to you?
    – Those poor, unsuspecting balloons…
    – Chelsea and Maci hanging out is everything. They are the best moms on the show.
    – Why is Brittney even there, let alone eating a meat and cheese plate on set…?
    – I feel like Gary and Butch would probably hit it off really well for some reason?

    1. Brittany is the only “dad” Briana’s kids will ever know- which is probably why she’s there. Thank god for support people. Poor kiddos would be lost without extended family

    2. Why is Brittney even there, let alone eating a meat and cheese plate on set…?

      Because hey, free meat & cheese.

          1. Oh god I really hope he doesn’t haha but in all honesty, if they get together it’ll definitely happen. Briana apparently knows absolutely nothing about birth control.

    3. Babs and Randilicious are everything. The best things to come out of this train wreck of a show tbh.

      I’m not even a little surprised Javi would be into someone like Briana. I mean…have you seen his ex-wife? He apparently has a thing for fake butts.

  9. Kail is troweling I see. Thanks for all the down votes. Kail looks so big next to the other girls.

  10. Jenelle’s braids highlight how bald she really is. Eek. Guess she stopped the rogaine since everyone has been calling her out on it?

      1. Yes! She got called a few weeks ago. There’s a screenshot floating around from an interview where she says she “works from home.” You can see the fibers, it looks like sh*t. Ever since, she has been wearing lots of hats.

  11. Chelsea looks thinner now than before she got pregnant. Or maybe that’s because she’s standing next to Hulk Kail? I think she’s been hitting the gym, which has to absolutely burn Jenelle’s chin since Lurch won’t allow her to go anywhere?????

  12. Maci covered her whole arm in tattoos?! Noooo!!! No offense to people with tattoos but I just don’t understand why people have to go overboard like that and cover their whole body with them. It’s so tacky to me. And Maci is actually a really pretty girl and those tattos just distract from her looks. It’s just opinion though!

    1. I agree, but than again, I’m old?. I live in a very conservative area, yet half of the young women around here are walking around with sleeves and neck tattoos. It’s just normal now.

      1. I’m actually 27 so I grew up in the tattoo generation lol. But I just have never liked them. If someone has a few small ones, it’s not a big deal but people that cover themselves with them…I don’t know..I just don’t see how people think that’s attractive. It’s just way too distracting.

          1. Ah, to have a Celtic knot across thine lower back. ”Tis the generation after an ankle tat of the Tasmanian Devil.

          2. ?

            *steals looks around the room and casually tosses a blanket over her Betty Boop tattoo on her calf*

      2. I just always think so you want to be a elderly grandma with those and told my daughter when she wanted a tattoo at 16 you never know what happens in life you may marry a Senator a don’t won’t them showing in your ball gowns. Of course she thought I was a idiot lol

    2. Thank you for your insight Nicole. I’ve never heard the opinion that tattoos are tacky before. So original. You’ve enlightened me so much, that I’ve decided a complete stranger should be allowed to tell me what to do with my own body. I’ve already scheduled an appointment to get my tacky tattoos removed and I made an appointment for Kail and Maci too. All we care about is whether you think we are pretty, because that’s really all that matters right? Not individuality or expressing oneself or making our own choices for our own bodies. Just whether Nicole thinks we are pretty.

        1. Nicole is allowed to have her tacky opinions and I am allowed to have my tacky opinions on her tacky opinions.

        2. Body shaming, slut shaming, victim shaming are all things I feel the need to stand up against. But comment shaming? I don’t think “you shamed her opinion” is really the right thing to say when there are so many real instances of shaming in the world. That just sounded really weird to me.

          1. I simply pointed out the difference between a differing opinion and downright putting someone down for their opposing opinion. You should take your own advice.

      1. @TOP FEMALE CELEBRITY IN OUR NATION Wow….you really need to relax lol. This comment section is meant for expressing opinions. Sorry you didn’t like mine but maybe you shouldn’t be on here if you get offended that easily.

        1. In case you haven’t noticed, there are some sensitive ass snowflakes here. Hopefully, they are all sporting snowflake tattoos so they are easily identifiable in public?

        2. Don’t flatter yourself. I’m not offended at all and I’ll continue to be here. If you’re allowed to express your opinions, I’m going to express mine too. It’s that simple.

          1. Well if you’re weren’t offended, I’d hate to see how you express yourself when you ARE offended lol.

      1. I agree. Kail’s is worse because she has completely covered most of her body with them. Maci’s other arm and her legs are still safe lol.

  13. Hmmm I want to say something positive and friendly….hmmm

    Oh I think Nova’s hair looks super cute with that bow.

    1. Yes – Nova is a beautiful girl and she lucked out since IMO neither of her parents are that attractive (Briana looks OK when she cleans up). Hopefully Nova will also luck out with intelligence since both of her are sorely lacking in the brains department.

  14. All babies are cute… until you put Lux next to Watson. Watson ids the cutest baby… and lux…. errrr… not so much.

    1. Take it easy on poor Lux?. He was recently hatched and his parents are both FUG, and they cursed him with that stupid name. Watson is too cute and makes the funniest faces!

  15. The only reason Brianna is team Jenelle is because none of the other girls want anything to do with her. It’s pathetic enough that she went after Javi. Millions of men in the world and you have to sleep with your coworker’s husband? I used to feel sorry for her because of her mom, but she is just as much of a manipulative b*t*h as her mother.

    1. Javi will not sleep with her. He will not be the 3×3.
      Bri had as much make up on as Chelsea did. Or Kail. Normally their pimples show up in a room a minute before them.

    2. I agree with you. The other moms used be nice to Jenelle (eg Kail bailing her out) but they grew sick of her bullsh*t. It’s only a matter of time before Briana does the same. I foresee a slanging match between the two of them on Twitter in a few months.

      Brianna is just miserable as f*ck. The only reason she kept that kid is to guarantee a pay cheque from MTV. She had the chance to give that kid a decent life by giving her up for adoption and she kept it to ensure her place on the show. Oh, and so she can get more botched surgery for free. In my opinion her and Jenelle are the same level of trash.

  16. These girls REALLY need to stop with the Botox, the fillers and the plastic surgery they all look unnatural and way older than their years

  17. Can someone PLEASE tell Brianna that those blazer dresses she’s been wearing are not cute???

    Leah looks really good! (courtesy of someone else doing her make up for her)

    Lux and Watson are so cute and chunky

    1. Can someone please tell these girls those butt implants just make them look wide and fat? Does anyone else think so? Especially when they are pregnant you can put a pitcher of beer on their bellys and their butts
      Please your to young wait till your done having babies to get surgeries or you will just be redoing them

    1. I think she quit smoking and abusing drugs, she also put on weight and I think got her teeth fixed and had someone else do her hair and makeup. But she looks great

    2. She looks like she had some botox. She’s like a reverse Benjamin Button… She ages twice as fast as she should. She has wrinkles, especially between her eyes, but not in any of these photos. I think she looks great. She didn’t overdo it at all.

  18. Is that kailyns baby in the last picture? If it is that is one tired looking baby. Not saying anything bad just wondering if he always looks like that? From the dad’s side maybe?

    1. ? He’s a newborn. That’s what newborns look like before the fill out and get the chunky baby fat.

      Newborns look like old men.

      1. I thought he was almost 3 months old. Babies change after 8 weeks. I think that’s just how he looks.

        1. He’s new enough that he may still grow into his looks. Isaac didn’t start out as a very cute baby, but he’s adorable now. Both Kail’s kids are, so I will reserve judgment.

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