EXCLUSIVE! Huge Fight Erupts Backstage at ‘Teen Mom 2’ Reunion & Temporarily Shuts Down Production

Teen Mom Fight #1506!

The Ashley‘s sources are saying this is the craziest Reunion filming in Teen Mom history and, after what went down during the Teen Mom 2 Reunion taping today, The Ashley agrees!

Just one day after Jenelle Evans‘ husband, David Eason, whipped out a pocket knife while filming a ‘Teen Mom’ party segment, he was allegedly involved in a major altercation (along with Jenelle and her ex, Nathan Griffith and a few others) that shut down production and upset some of the cast and crew!

The Ashley’s source tells her that the Reunion filming was underway on Saturday when the fight broke out. 

“Most of the cast was in various green rooms backstage and the kids were all running around playing together,” The Ashley’s on-set source tells her. “The fight started when Nathan’s girlfriend [Ashley Lanhardt] was walking past the room Barbara [Evans] was in. Barbara hugged Ashley goodbye and Jenelle saw it and came bursting out of the room.

“She yelled at Barbara that it was wrong for her own mother to hug Nathan’s girlfriend,” the source added.

From there, madness reportedly broke out.

“Nathan jumped in and was defending Ashley, and that’s when Jenelle called David in,” the source said. “She yelled that Nathan was being out of control. That’s when one of the female producers stepped in between Jenelle and Ashley.

“The kids were all running around during this huge fight, and someone in the cast grabbed Kaiser and took him away from the scene,” the source said. “Because the fight was in the hallway, some of the other cast members were basically trapped inside the rooms they were in. Some of the other parents were really concerned and barged out of the green rooms to find their kids and bring them somewhere safe.”

Another person that was nearby tells The Ashley that, at one point during the argument, Nathan reportedly accused Jenelle of being high. Jenelle also reportedly accused Nathan’s mom, Doris, of being high. (She was present during the fight but The Ashley doesn’t know how she was involved.)

Multiple sources have confirmed to The Ashley that the fight shut down production temporarily because producers and the security team were trying to break things up.

“No one actually threw a punch, luckily,” the source added.

The Ashley hears that the entire fight was filmed, so we will almost certainly get to see it all go down on a future episode!

While ‘Teen Mom 2’ Reunions have always had hi-jinks, this time the producers (and some of the other cast members) were very upset about what went down, particularly because most of the kids saw the fight.

“Several cast members–even some of the dads– made the statement that this was not a safe place for kids to be, with stuff like this happening,” the source said.

UPDATE: Both Jenelle and Nathan have addressed the fight on their social media accounts. Jenelle confirmed that the fight did happen, but stated that Nathan’s girlfriend started it. Nathan and his girlfriend denied this and posted a video explaining their version of what happened.

(Photos: MTV)


  1. I believe Nathan and Ashley’s side of it. Jenelle is always causing fights and always blames the others for it. Hopefully some day she will be accountable for her behavior. Also, Jenelle told Barb that Barb was no longer her mother so how can Jenelle get mad at Barb for hugging someone else? Jenelle can’t have it both ways.

  2. Im just waiting for Jenelle to respond how it hurt her so much that her mother would hug Nathans girlfriend and still won’t give her back her son. Oh the phony tears to follow! The high comment from her shows that shes losing her touch at attacking people without David whispering in her ear.
    I picture the high discussion like this
    Nathan- You’re high
    Jenelle-Dude.. Dude…. tears…. Dude Dude your mother is high

  3. I gotta give Jenelle props. The way she manages to constantly play the victim is fairly impressive. I thought Barbara was no longer Jenelle’s mother. She really is that annoying kid from elementary school who invited you over to play, it as soon as you picked up a Barbie doll, she ripped it out of up your hands because she wanted to play with that specific Barbie.

    Please, please, please tell me the camera crew got footage of Jenelle screaming “Leave Me AaaaaaLoooooonnnnnnneeeeee” in the hallway backstage. I shouldn’t, but I find that routine so damn amusing.

  4. LAPD needs to be hired for these reunions, not MTV security that can’t handle the heat! Jenelle, David, Amber, and that nutty mother of Brianna’s would all be facing charges! MTV knows this is an unsafe environment , the rest of the cast needs to lawyer up with a contract that makes MTV responsible for thief wellbeing.. Things would change real fast !

  5. Like everyone else, I have been trying to figure out the logic employed by MTV when it comes to Jenelle and the continuing of filming Jenelle and Lurch. Here is the one thing making sense in my brain. Maybe, maybe MTV believes that continuing to film Jenelle and Lurch, Jenelle and “her kids” are being protected from Lurch. Lurch has done some shitty things on camera but he’s been smart enough to not overtly beat anyone while camera’swere rolling. Sure, David has committed some deplorable and heinous acts against Kaiser specifically but we havent seen Lurch haul off and hit anyone. Maybe the producers have suspicions about Lurch and his violence, but if they can’t film they know how badly life is going to be for Jenelle and Jace.

    That’s my new theory. My secondary theory is Jenelle has in her possession a collection of compromising naked pics of all the producers that they don’t want released. Extortion is a powerful motivation.

  6. Randy confirmed on Twitter that Nathan’s version of events is accurate. Not that we didn’t all know Jenelle was lying, but this is yet another witness who confirmed the same version of events.

  7. What would’ve happened if Ali, Leahs twin with the mobility issues, would’ve been knocked down during this? The kids were all there playing with each other. What if she had been knocked down or fell down trying to run away from jenelle and David’s screaming? And what if she couldn’t get up and was trampled or something else horrible? Like if she hit her head going down bc she doesn’t have the muscle strength to “fall well”? I wouldn’t ever bring my children anywhere that I knew jenelle was going to be. I wonder if all the other moms refused to come to reunions bc jenelle makes it unsafe for their kids, if mtv would finally shut her down.

  8. I would like to challenge NC CPS to a game, of sorts. To play, Jenelle’s Case Worker set up a Google alert for Jenelle drama. Every time there’s an altercation, or any incident where Jenelle feels compelled to def md herself on social media, she gets drug tested.

    If she’s clean, I will personally reimburse the state for the cost of the testing, and send Jenelle a matching gift certificate for Forever 21.

  9. So…When are they just going to cut her from the show completely? Not only is she putting her own children in an unsafe environment, but she’s also bringing it to other people and their children. MTV is vile.

  10. I would be SO EMBARASSED if I were Jenelle but she doesn’t seem to care.. She is 25 years old but acts like a teenager..

    I do fear for her life and the kidses (Leah talk lol) because David gives me the creeps.

    1. When you do drugs as a teenager, it prevents your brain from maturing. I’m pretty sure that’s what happened to her.

    2. Something tells me things with Kaiser won’t end well, unless his grandmother gets custody Poor little mite.
      #PleaseProtect Kaiser

  11. god mtv I’m so sick of these two. Of course it was nathan was out of line and janelle and david are the victims. as for her being upset barb hugged the girlfriend that is what you get when you refuse to speak, film or invite your own mother to your wedding. When will it end its always them and their fault but little witch janelle constantly lies and blames others enough mtv I hope every other mom refuses to tape with her because we know you don’t have the guts to fire her

  12. I’m typically not one to be “dramastical”, but for fucks sake MTV, end it.

    I grew up having the shit kicked outta me, and watching my dad kick the shit out of my mom, my pets, anything that was in his way. David IS this person. Swamp slut is no better. I wish she’d fucked a bottle of Clorox at any point.

    Stop throwing cash at child abusing, self absorbed assholes and giving them a primo edit. It’s fucked up and it’s sick.

    1. I’m sorry shit was that way for you, JoJo. *hugs* I agree with everything you said 100%.

      So long as people tune in to the shit-show, it will go on and on and on.

      I seriously guffawed when I read that people were so concerned the kids were witness to this at the reunion. Yeah, unfortunately all of the kids on this show have been subject to some seriously fucked up shit.

      Leah driving totally wasted with her kids in the car. Nodding off and texting at the same time. MTV watched this go down and put 3 children at risk for ratings numerous times.

      Ryan so wasted.. SO FUCKING WASTED and MTV not only filmed that shit, but promo’ed the hell out of it, before and after. 2 people at the least could have been dead that day.. but what about the innocent people sharing the road with Ryan and Mackenzie? MTV gave 0 fucks about that in their scheme for ratings.

      Adam has been a boil on the ass of humanity for years. His mental and emotional abuse of Chelsea and his blatant disregard for court orders ruling he not drive period, let alone (we all know he’s a drug addled mess) with Aubrey ignored. MTV kept paying for his drama anyway and Chelsea, seriously, as much as she has straightened up in recent years was down for it too, grabby handing that paycheck and 3rd degreeing Aubrey about her father every time she was with him instead of using her head and knowing he was a POS (but continuing to play the on again/off again shit) and that wasn’t gonna change and instead putting her effort towards stopping the gravy train Adam was using to finance his way out of jail and some real consequences for his behavior. I seriously don’t know why people give her so much credit. She finally grew up, with alot more support than most of these kids get and pulled her head out of Adam’s ass. Uhh. Yeah *coughs..cheers*…

      Kail and her physical abuse towards Javi. As much as I can’t stand the mewling, whiny bitch that Javi was, he didn’t deserve to get beat by that beast when she couldn’t have her way or she didn’t like how he was acting. No one forced her to stay with him and frankly, if I was Javi, I’d have knocked her out if she kept coming at me physically. However, MTV loves them some Kail drama so, abuse or not, they just keep on rolling!

      Ah.. Jenelle. Drug abuse with MTV staff there. Child neglect, animal mistreatment.. physical/emotional and mental abuse, oh my! Keep it rolling guys. MTV is like that Eagles song, “Dirty Laundry“, don’t ya think?

      1. You two are right on money.Especially you are about Chelsea.

        It is time MTV ends this shitshow before something horrible happens.

      2. I stopped watching this shitshow when I realized these are real kids and real little lives, it’s awful. I think the episode where Jenelle cried in the car with
        Jace before her baby shower for Kaiser was all I could take. That shit was heart wrenching, I just wanted to hug Jace! I keep up thanks to The Ashley, but MTV needs to end this, enough is enough. Wherever Jenelle goes she brings fights and drama, I wouldn’t bring my kids around her either.

        1. Agreed @ above. It has gone too far and there is way too much encouragement of bad behavior. I would feel differently if more than 10% of them had actually learned something from the whole experience.

  13. As someone who used to do coke and drink all night, Jenelle reminds me a lot of myself in that video. And as someone from Nevada, she can go fuck herself for even bringing up that shooting by indicating she is worried about being a target. Nope lady, you wanted a house you could snort coke in while your piece of garbage husband screams without anyone calling the cops.

    1. Truth. The only ones I’d miss would be Jace (because he’s hilarious) and Kaiser (because he’s just the cutest) (for the record, I will probably grow to like Ensley, she’s just a baby and rarely on camera at this point).

  14. Update: Nathan

    Please put a damn shirt on, the shakey camera is annoying, and NO ONE wants to look at your man pillows.

  15. Sick of Janelle she acts like an animal and always fighting screaming at people she disowned Barbara so what’s the difference if she hug someone ?
    Then she went on ssocial media today to explain her side of the story and made no sense whatsoever she looks pretty stoned .
    David needs to be blackballed and not shown on teen mom they should’ve arrested him last night now that someone is brought a weapon they’ll have to be search it’s all just so disgusting .

    I hope this is shown and Doris gets custody of Kaiser and Barbara uses it to cut off visitation and get an order of protection for her and Jace against Jenelle and David .

  16. I do think it’s manipulative for Babs to be hugging Ashley. Of course be cordial, but that’s it. It sounds like Jenelle over reacted though instead of calmly stating that it felt like a betrayal and all the idiots lost control.

    1. I don’t… This is the person that is going to be in her grandson is life… You want to have a cordial relationship… If she sincerely likes her… What’s the harm… Jenelle it’s such an immature jealous idiot… She couldn’t let it go… You’re the one that left your mother your own mother out of your wedding… Bitch please!!

  17. We all know Jenelle is a liar, whats sad is she gets away with it. They cant all be wrong Jenelle. when you can admit you have a problem maybe then you can work on fixung it and become a better person.

  18. It’s time to shut this down. The recaps used to be fun, and The Ashley does her best try to continue to make them fun, but it’s getting dangerous and out of control.

  19. Jenelle is the worst. Cares who her mom hugs, but doesn’t allow her mother to attend her wedding and hates her. Bitch make up your mind. Could care less about her props aka children, much less anyone else’s child. The Jenelle Show everyone. It’s a mess.

  20. Kick that dumbass off the show og just down right cancel it. About time these people join the real world. That girl is nothing by overpaid trash ..

  21. So basically it because of that crazy bitch Jenelle.

    Babs can hug anyone she wants especially anyone who treats her with respect. She isn’t Jenelle’s property (like how Jenelle treats her children.)

    She says such awful things about her mother and went as far to say she does not have a mother. She is so petty and just UGH.

  22. I just watched some of that video she put on Instagram. She is so obviously high, you can hear it in her voice. The way she is brushing everything off and blaming everyone else, it’s classic Jenelle. She is a narcissistic sociopath but we will never have Dr. Drew call her out for that. Maybe he could do his phone torch test to see if she’s high ?

        1. Ok I just don’t see a circle there. Do o need to sign up for ig. I can see all her pics and comments but not any video.

      1. I am so on board with you, Meh. She is seriously, seriously mentally and emotionally impaired. And the constant substance abuse doesn’t help! Somebody please remove the children from the swampland! Save them!

  23. I’m not even being flippant or joking here, this honestly seems like it’s going to end up like those horror stories you see on the news where someone kills their kids and partner and then kills themselves. I was all for watching TM2 and being like “haha, Jenelle’s a mess” but now it’s actually frightening me.

    Those kids are abused and neglected, being raised by violent and mentally disturbed parents. This is a powder keg and something really bad is going to happen. I am so scared for those innocent children.

    This isn’t entertaining anymore, MTV is blindly broadcasting child and spousal abuse and doesn’t seem to care. What has to happen for them to stop??

    1. All MTV cares about are ratings. They remind me of the producers from UnReal. Dead people means higher ratings!

    2. Right! I used to watch, but can’t really anymore. Janelle is so awful. It’s too much. If you dare tell her the truth, her and David will feed you to the wolves. So codependent and sick. People can say what they want about kail, but she’s a saint compared to Janelle and david.

    3. You’re right. If Jenelle ever even hints at the idea of leaving David he will kill her. Nobody wants to use those words, because they make them uncomfortable, but if we ignore this someone could very well end up dead. David will never let Jenelle leave. She has all the money and is his ticket to being on tv and making money for himself, he won’t let her take that. And they can not exist together because as we can clearly see they’ve been married for less than a month and he’s already angry, abusive, aggressive. That doesn’t just go away once you get married. Jenelle will get tired of constantly having to deal with his anger and stupidity (she doesn’t even put up with people who are nice to her) but they’ll stay stuck in this downward spiral until she tries to leave and he kills her, or their fights build up into an explosion that he ends up killing her. Either way, she can not escape. And if I know this, we know this, MTV has to know it and I’m ashamed. It’s absolutely disgusting and downright disgusting that even tho Jenelle is a downright witch, that the people of MTV not only even watch her and her children being abused, but have the balls to air it on national television for us to “enjoy”. It’s sick that they think child, spousal and drug abuse is what their viewers deserve to see.

  24. I’m only surprised that it was a knife and not a gun. The fact that he would pull one out is completely unnecessary. It had nothing to do with popping balloons and everything to do with control and fear. He was letting everyone know what he’s capable of. I would NEVER bring kids around either of them. Leave the kids at home.

  25. Love how Jenelle has said she has ‘disowned’ Barbara and ‘no longer considers her my mother’, doesn’t even invite her to her wedding, yet has a huge issue about her politely saying good bye to someone? Jenelle, you can’t have it both ways.

    She needs to be removed from the cast. This is getting too crazy, especially now that David is involved and knives have been brought into it. Her children are obviously being abused, it’s blatently apparent (and on record via CPS) that there is STILL drug use. The other girls need to pull a TeenMomOG/Farrah, and join together and threaten to refuse to film if Jenelle is continued to be involved. If I remember correctly, the reason Farrah was knocked off a season is because the cast said they wouldn’t film because her ‘adult’ work would set a bad example for the show. In my opinion that is TAME compared to what Jenelle/David are doing, with putting children in actual danger (and now OTHER people’s children in danger starting physical altercations in front of them). C’mon Chelsea and Kail. Lead the damn riot!

  26. I wonder who Jenelle will blame this bit of bad publicity on? Surely not herself, although it seems she is 100% responsible for starting the melee (as usual). MTV? Barbara? Doris? The other teen moms (who are supposedly ‘jealous’)? Her baby daddies (who, in her mind, want her back)?

    1. I just watched her IG live broadcast about this. She basically blamed her mom, Nathan’s girlfriend, Nathan, and Nathan’s mom. She also acted like David popping balloons was no big deal. She laughed that off. She went on and on about Kaiser crying his eyes out because he “wanted to hug David goodbye” and Nathan wouldn’t let him.

      She also stated she is considering not doing another season unless they only show her story from “her perspective.”

      The most disturbing part about that live session is it’s clear Jenelle thinks this is normal and being blown out of proportion by everyone else. To Jenelle, it’s just a little fight. To everyone else, it’s scary and horrifying for their kids to witness. I hate to think what a “big” fight is to Jenelle.

      She also said her and Briana “bonded” at the reunion and talked shit about Leah and Kail.

      1. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! So predictable! “From her perspective”=edit to make her appear to be a functional person/good mother.

        1. Another thing – It’s obvious Jenelle is trying to get the other girls (Kail and Leah) hating on Briana too. So she’s not the only one on the outs with them. I imagine Briana cringed when she heard Jenelle said those things on Instagram. It’s hard being the only black sheep!

      2. unless they only show her story from “her perspective.”

        I think they already made a movie like that. It was called Fear And Loathing in Las Vegas.

  27. I one hundred percent think It’s not OK that David in Janelle expose their own kids of this kind of fighting on what seems like a daily basis but if I was any one of the other mothers or fathers I would be genuinely be upset that Jenelle and David felt like it was OK to even remotely have my child around that kind of seventh grade drama even if the kids just heard it It’s not OK under any Circumstance they should start drug testing Janelle David and crew before they are able to show up for the reunion. Maybe it would be a good idea for MTV to stop covering up for her It seems that they’ve been doing it so long she thinks it’s ok to walk around like a time bomb ready to go off at any and everybody

  28. I’m genuinely sad for all of Jenelle and David’s children but especually Kaiser because it’s so obvious that he receives the worst treatment from those two lunatics.

    It’s just sick that she has custody of any child. Think of how bad what we SEE is and what they allow to be FILMED and shown in public…it’s terrifying to think what goes on on the land when no one is around.

    I think all of the show’s viewers and MTV should call CPS one by one until they finally remove all of those children.

  29. I don’t really see Chelsea ever going to one of these reunion shows anymore, at least not with her children. If the other moms and dads care about their children’s emotional wellbeing at all, they won’t either. I feel so terrible for what all the children had to witness.

      1. But she won’t be anymore after this is what the commenter was saying. And I also don’t think Chelsea and cole would travel without their kids, so if her kids aren’t coming, she probably won’t either. This is what needs to happen to get mtv to fire jenelle. All of the other cast members need to refuse to be a part of reunions and specials if she’s going to be there.

  30. Jenelle is always the source of all drama. Also Jenelle can’t pick and choose when her mom is mom or when she is Barbara. Jenelle go back to being up David’s ass.

  31. It was wrong and “disloyal” for Barbara to hug someone goodbye, but okay for Jenelle to allow a 7-foot child abusing, knife-wielding, domestically violent piece of backwoods GARBAGE to tell people how much he hates Barbara, and that she’s the lowest piece of crap on earth?

    Jenelle, bad editing by MTV is not your worst enemy, sweetie. That would clearly be…YOU.


    All day. Every day.

    1. Babs is the most loyal person she has! I can see why others feel like she enables Jenelle’s god awful attitude by not putting her foot down but after repeatedly seeing how unstable she as well as Shrek are, I also now see it as a mother terrified of losing her daughter. Literally no one is safe around these two.

  32. Jenelle just did a IG live, I couldn’t listen to all the BS that she was rambling. She actually said “Her mom needs to know blood is thicker than water” jenelle, you have no clue what that even means.You Deserve no loyalty from your mom. You got some nerve…but it’s not shocking. Gosh, she truly has issues. It’s not even funny… No awareness to her own faults, lack of accountability (once again) no empathy to the situation she put the kids/and the other cast in.
    As for as mtv…it’s their own fault.

    1. Jenelle has very serious mental issues. She is constantly the source of the drama, yet has a persecution complex at the same time. She needs lifetime intensive therapy, psychotropic drugs, and DEFINITELY NO CHILDREN IN HER CARE.

    2. Blood is thicker than water ? What about the fact that you bailed on your blood son to party. So his blood grandmother sacraficed and raised him. And she chooses to defend her creepy controlling husband over her mother. She is dellusional

    3. Blood is thicker than water*

      *Sentiment doesn’t apply to Jenelle’s wedding. Sorry, Babs.

      Jenelle is such a hypocrite.

  33. I’m sure MTV has business meetings regarding MTV’s liability and the financial fallout should a cast child be permanently disabled or killed. So far the show is still deemed to be profitable. As long as enough people are watching, the madness continues.

  34. Jenelle and David are out of control. Plus, why does Jenelle care that her mom hugs someone else as Jenelle doesn’t want anything to do with with her mom and even calls her Barb. She and David both need to grow up. Jenelle has always been a horrible person but she’s even worse with David. I can’t with these two trash bags.

  35. I think Jenelle has plum lost her mind. Now she is trying to control her Mom to the point that she can’t hug someone? Wow…Babs needs to cut her losses, stop talking about jace’s mental health on camera & find a mediator to do the switch with jenelle. Block Jenelle out of her life

    1. I wonder if Jenelle is trying to control barb bc David has complete control of jenelle and probably of their kids too as he is the main caretaker and disciplinarian. Maybe Jenelle is just looking for someone she can control bc she’s lost all control of her own life and person.

  36. Jesus, (God Leah) what the fuck is wrong with her?? Like now she’s gone from scarring her kids to everyone else’s. I’m curious as to what the execs are gonna do and what the fate of the show will be. For the love of God though CAN SOMEONE GET HER FUCKING KIDS OUT OF HER CARE? They’re freely doing this shit in public and in front of other people now!

  37. I would assume the MTV execs will have some serious talks on Monday about the future of this show, and Jenelle’s role in it. The production team blew budget by flying the girls and their clingers First Class, only to be met with demands for the same perks from the rank and file. This is aside from how the costs have ballooned because of the multiple baby daddies, grandmas, and baby daddy girlfriends that come along.

    Then you have Jenelle demanding to be put up in a b&b because she “doesn’t feel safe around the other cast members”, only to have her husband pull out a knife at a cast party the next day. And because that’s not enough drama in Jenelle’s world, she starts conflict in the studio, significant enough to halt production, and upset the rest of the cast and crew.

    And of course, Jenelle will cast herself as the victim here, somehow.

    Seriously MTV, but a clue. Recognize your role here, and see that the giant blind spot your producers and editors have for this show is a huge liability for you.

  38. Jenelle is tacky as all eff. The bitch ran out to berate her mother for hugging a girl. Like seriously?! Get ur panties unbundled sweetheart. U ran off n push the woman away then are jealous when she showers care or affection on others

  39. I am shocked. SHOCKED.

    Since Jenelle declared that Barb isn’t her mom anymore, it’s none of her business who she hugs. What a heaping pile of ?. I just feel so bad that, once again, Kaiser and Jace have to watch this never-ending sh!t show. Poor baby Kaiser roll. At least someone pulled him out of the room because his mom certainly doesn’t care.

  40. I didn’t know it was possible to despise a person I’ve never met but Jenelle is probably the worst human being ever. I cannot stand her entitled, selfish, bratty attitude. She’s such a hypocrite. I seriously wish MTV would fire her, or at least show her as she really is (drugs, fighting, CPS) instead of glossing over it. And David?? A pocket knife. He’s one scary, creepy dude.

    1. I don’t think the girl is…especially since she clearly gives a rats ass about who he’s dating…and she’s too stupid to realize that’s why David lashes out Kaiser. No way he doesn’t know that Jenelle is still obsessed with and in love with Nathan, plus Kaiser is a spitting image of Nathan and a constant reminder of Nathan…Jenelle is a vile woman.

  41. Jenelle is insane…She constantly belittles, berates and disowns Babs, but wants to flip out and throw a tantrum because Babs is being corgel to her grandsons fathers girlfriend. If she doesn’t like Babs (her words), then why does she care who Babs is talking to?? And clearly if her and her psychotic husband have no problem flipping out in public in front of other people and their kids, there is no doubt that their home is the little house of horrors for Kaiser Roll and Jace. Only reason why i left out Marissa and Ensley is because I do think that David shows favoritism to his biological kids….I think Kaiser and Jace get the worst of it.

  42. Look at the cast of players here…First in the chain is Jenelle. After all the drugs she has done, plus the gene pool she comes from, she’s one chromosome shy of a padded cell. Next, there’s her spotted giant of a husband, David. He is actually Big Foot and was living on “the Land” before he was captured by Jenelle and groomed into the cave man he is today. Then we have Nathan who is so jacked up on steroids that he hasn’t had a normal thought for years, and his girlfriend, who must be mentally compromised if she’s dating him. It wouldn’t be a reunion without long suffering Barbara. Without her, there would be no Jenelle so the jury is out on whether or not she should be executed or MTV should give her a raise because she gave birth to the star of their shit show! There was no way this reunion was going to run smoothly with this chain of fools in the building! We can all just breathe a sigh of relief that none of them pulled out a high powered rifle as crazy people do…and let their be no mistake…these people are crazy as they come! Congratulations MTV…you really know how to pick em!

  43. I’ve always been one to watch Jenelle on TM2 (since day one) – she’s a car wreck you can’t look away from.
    BUT now shiz got real: newborn addiction, neglected litter of kids, physical & verbal abuse to the Roll.
    I can’t in all good conscience keep watching this shit show – these poor kids. Most of them have parents with no life skills let alone jobs to pay their way.
    I just realised me watching this crap is supporting TM2 & MTV. Addicted and abused kids? I’M DONE.

  44. Jenelle grow up you want nothing to do with your mom she’s got a big heart leave her alone. She’s in her 60’s leave her alone before you give her a heart attack. Treat her with respect. I wish all your kids would get taken away from you you and all your boy toys are nothing but drug addicts and alcoholics. Grow up. David and you are just psycho psycho psycho. Get some help. You both belong behind bars in prison. Where you can both get what you deserve and the hell beat out of ya both. Psycho people. Poor kids.

  45. And Jenelle needed to be “housed” in a separate location from the rest of the cast because she didn’t feel safe??!! Who is the threat here? Maybe Jenelle and her effed up husband! Sheesh!!

    1. Probably because she knows Nathan will beat the shit out of her at least once, and she doesn’t want anyone to hear.

  46. Great job Jenelle, I am sure you just earned yourself a sweet MTV bonus at the expense of traumatizing a bunch of children. It makes me sick that the top priority was not the safety of the cast and their children but to make sure it was filmed. Jenelle has no self control and is only concerned about what affects her. She continues to create an unstable environment wherever she goes. How in the world does she still have custody of ANY children? If you are unstable, constantly high, put your needs and wants above all else, you have no business being a “mother”. Someone please help these children.

  47. It’s pretty clear that Jenelle still deep down needs her mommy, and still wants the D from Nathan?. Where’s a mason jar when she needs one?
    Keep this stuff coming, Ashley, I love it?

    1. Omg so obvious she wants Nathan to herself. She will prob get beat over all this. David is a drunken addict. They have the best drugs now that they are in la. I read on CdAN that her dealer lives in la which is why she wanted her own space from the show and that she messes around w him. Isn’t she supposed to be pregnant again? Also David would have had to pack that knife in a suitcase otherwise he couldn’t get it on the plane. Hopefully Nathan manned up and confronted David. Unfortunately Nathan can’t form an intellectual sentence so that prob didn’t happen. Haha at you saying ‘where is the mason jar’

  48. Nathan sure knows how to pick ’em. Jenelle, Ashley is still her grandson’s father’s girlfriend and I think it’s great they get along. You just got jealous cuz you felt both Barbara and Nathan are replacing you. Strange how David doesn’t get it that you are the only one who is still obsessed with your ex and his life. Not him with you.

    Please MTV, just shut the whole thing down. It’s not funny anymore, there are more and more kids seeing this. (Cuz they all keep on reproducing)

  49. I blame MTV just as much as Jenelle and David. They aren’t only exploiting these child abusers on national television but they constantly are giving into Jenelle’s diva behavior and giving her special treatment. I’m so disgusted by these MTV people. We all should boycott them for this. It’s getting so out of control.

  50. Really?

    Hasn’t everyone this season accused MTV of “staging” shit for drama? Did the cast not think Barbra, Jenelle, David and Nathan weren’t going to bring an extra dose of shit-show? Toss in the new flame and then the lady trying to get custody of Kaiser and as Stephen King has written, “done bun can’t be undone!” Pshaw. It’s been stated (on reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/teenmom/comments/77fk1x/jenelle_vs_barb_airs_october_25/ ) that “Babs vs. Jenelle” is a thing set to air on the 25th. Like it’s Fight Night.

    All these folks give 2 shits about is the bottom line, The cash and perks of doing this show. If they weren’t they’d be gone. Drama= Ratings= Bigger paydays. They’ll all stay and sign up next year for more, no matter if the kids witness shit or not.

  51. This would shock me if it were anybody else but sadly I already knew that something like this was going to happen with that crazy, self-entitled, whiny, narcissistic, delusional PIECE OF SHIT aka Jenelle.

  52. So Jenelle can take jabs at Barb and say their relationship can’t ever be fixed, disown her as a mother and that Barb is pretty much dead to her.. yet she thinks it’s okay to pull the “you’re my mother” crap when it suits her?

    Christ on a cracker, can’t MTV just cut their losses with this f*cking waste of space and her mouth breathing lunatic husband? Cut them off before shit gets real and someone really does get hurt due to Lurch being “not well” in the head. We all know it’s going to happen and MTV could be held responsible.

  53. Your not my mother any more, you can’t come to my wedding, never speak to me unless about Jace, oh & let me tell you who you can talk too, hug & anything else that bugs at any moment! Grow up Jenelle, such a gross loser!

  54. And WTF do you care, Jenelle? You disowned your mother! You call her Barb and have gleefully stated that David corrects you when you call her mom. You were so proud not inviting her to your wedding. Sit down, shut up and suck it.

  55. Jenelle is pure trash! If she’s over Nathan, what does she care if Babs interacts with her. She probably was high, but it really doesn’t matter ‘cuz she’s a spoiled, entitled, ignorant garbage bag, that only cares about one thing: having a man in her bed. The fact that the children were around goes to show that she is a low as they come. The other moms really should be pissed this time. I have a feeling this is her last season.

  56. This is beyond ridiculous. I don’t get why MTV lets this shit continue to happen. Janelle has real mental issues. If I was one of the other parents, I would be livid with Janelle and with MTV for not policing her and the psycho better especially after the knife incident. This needs to end. She is literally the worst parent and person in Teen Mom history.

  57. GET RID OF THESE NUTS!!!! For the love of God, DO NOT extended the season and let them walk! Take those children away and give them good, stable homes! Enough is enough! Kids are seeing these two act like maniacs!

  58. She’s legit crazy. I worry about those kids.
    JE thinks she can control everyone and Babs is not having most of it anymore. Babs can hug the stuffing out of anyone she likes, that is not up to Jenelle. Especially not after cutting Babs from her life.

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