EXCLUSIVE! Jenelle Evans’ Husband David Eason Pulled a Knife at ‘Teen Mom’ Party & Creeped Everyone Out

Does anyone else hear that? Is that the theme from ‘Halloween?’

Things got a little, um, stabby last night during a filmed party for the Teen Mom casts, thanks to the husband of Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans!

The Ashley can exclusively confirm that David Eason had a meltdown while filming an end-of-the-year party segment on Friday night– and he ended up busting out his trusty pocket knife in the process!

“All of the cast was drinking and having a good time while filming this party, which will be used during an end-of-the-year clips show featuring both casts. The producers thought David was drunk,” The Ashley’s source tells her. “They cut him off at the bar. When David found out they wouldn’t serve him more alcohol he got super mad.”

The source says that David stormed off the staged area and ran into a big bunch of balloons.

“He took out his pocketknife and started slashing the balloons with it!” the source says. “This took place a few feet away from where the cameras were filming, so there’s a slight chance it may be captured on film.”

The Ashley, at first, found this hard to believe, even for David, but a second on-set source confirms it did, indeed, happen.

“It freaked everyone out,” the second source said. “Everyone just kind of froze in disbelief. Jenelle realized everyone was creeped out by what had just happened and she said he was ‘just having trouble getting through’ or something.”

The first source tells The Ashley that the production team was very concerned that David came to set with a knife.

“Before filming started today everyone– cast, crew, audience– had to go through a security checkpoint, get patted down and wanded and have their bags checked,” the source said. “The cast and crew have never had to do this before really. The production staff doesn’t want to take any chances now. Things get really intense on these sets and they can’t have someone possessing a weapon of any kind.

“No one ever thought the day would come where they would have to check their own cast for weapons,” the source added. “It’s gotten to the point where it’s not even funny anymore. People are legit feeling unsafe.”

The Ashley wants to make it clear, though, that no one was hurt (other than the festive decorations, of course).

The second source confirms to The Ashley that this is just the tip of the iceberg in ‘Teen Mom’ Reunion gossip, so stay tuned!


(Photo: MTV)


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  1. David is such a phony!! The way he keeps telling Jace that he loves him when the cameras are on !It is so fake. Jace has said numerous times he doesn’t like David ! I fear for Kaiser !!!

  2. Funny how NOW that the crew feels creeped out or unsafe they do something about it? ?? What about all those kids living under the same roof as this crazy sack of shit? MTV i hope you get shut down by CPS, this train has pulled onto the station, time to cut your losses and walk away from your cash cow, Jenelle. seriously.

  3. So…. all of the cast and the MTV producers let this psycho run around with a knife … and no one called the cops ????!! If someone is in the vicinity of my children and running around drunk with a knife .. damn the TV show, I’d be calling the police

    1. yup should have filed a police report so its on record as erractic behavior around many minor children and forced him to pee in a cup. mtv quit covering for these losers! before someone gets seriously hurt. he needs to be into rehab or something.

      1. I think you’re just a stupid or as dumb as he is just because you’re on this page to make you intelligent my grammar has nothing to do with what I’m saying about David the loser

        1. No one can understand what you’re saying. I’m going to tell myself it’s because you’re still in middle school, because an adult being this incomprehensible is too sad to contemplate.

  4. Jenelle and David’s couldn’t stay in the same hotel as everyone else bc they felt unsafe. But at the same time David is wielding a knife at a party and attacking balloons while so drunk he had to be cut off, making everyone else feel incredibly unsafe. To the point where they now have metal detectors and pat downs bc of the man who “didn’t feel safe!” For F*cks Sake! This is ridiculous! And yet Jenelle and David still got to go back to their extra special extra expensive extra private house afterwards I bet.

  5. as usual she defends him and makes excuses sure some thing was in his way walk around it idiot do not pull out a knife. I hope there is footage I hope they both behaved horrible so tired of it happening and all the excuse

    1. Barbara needs to stay out of Jenelle’s life like that all she’s doing in there is just for the money she’s just a greedy bich I’m sorry to say it’s none of her business what channel does not Janelle’s 25 years old she can do whatever she wants to Barber just needs to stay the hell out all she does is just because she’s pretty she’s just a greedy lady that’s there for the money and that’s all

      1. Well Jenelle. I thought you were staying off social media for a while to focus on your family, not creeping online forums, writing comments under alias names ?

  6. This is why barb wont let jace live with her wake up jennel shes protecting your son someone needs to protect kaiser from david hes psycho

  7. Dear God do these 2 have to create drama everywhere they go ? If this is what David does in public I fear for those kids in their own home.

  8. David already has got to domestic abuse claim on his record… We see how he treats Kaiser… We see how he treats Jenelle … Jenelle is no saint… So the two of them together are a horrible horrible choice… Maybe that’s why Barb so negative and against David…… Nathan wasn’t a prize… Cortland was a loser… Kiefer wasn’t a prize… Get out of here with that shit ! As a grandmother and mother she has every every single solitary right… To object to everybody that Jenelle exposes her children too! Seriously you’re either high or a paid employee

    1. thank you so much you’re so the words out of my mind that is awesome yet I feel sorry for her she needs a lot of work she’s a beautiful girl and so is David but they need to get it together I pray for both of them

  9. I might be a monster for saying this but Janelle brought this on herself. I highly doubt all the men she had previously abused her and I feel this is karma for all these years for lying. Do I feel bad? Sorta. But the fact that she’s letting him control this much just proves that as long as she has a man she doesn’t care.
    Those poor children. I feel like Jace is probably going to be the only one that might have a semi-normal adult life. Kaiser and Ensley not a chance. Poor girl will have it the worst because she’s female. I hope Doris gets Kaiser. I cried watching that episode when david dragged him.

    1. Kaiser will always get the worst treatment because he is the spitting image of his father. Hopefully Doris will be his caregiver soon and he’ll have half a chance at a decent childhood.

  10. Most of you are ready to judge him and have not seen the footage. As for him carrying a pocket knife, I have two. One in my car and my nightstand. If you fish or hunt, you always have a pocketknife with you.

    To the people who are saying David is crazy, you must not know what crazy is. Janelle has anger issues, David may have anger issues. Barb is CRAZY! She hates anyone that has gotten close to Janelle because she wants her to be lonely and miserable like herself. Reminds me of a mother I know?

    1. Are you freaking kidding me… She doesn’t like the men in her life because they’re all been losers… Every single one has been a loser… Maybe what that’s why as a concerned grandmother and mother… She doesn’t like the mad… Ever think about that?

      1. I’ve been watching her since the show started and chips had nothing but trouble and David being a drunk or maybe drinking too much at times it’s not good for her or the kids or for him I really like him at things a great guy I just hope that he can Shape Up and man up to the plate and do the right thing for her for him and for the kids and they had to stay with lots of love for all of them

        1. you don’t even make sense. Your grammar is sad. That’s how we know you’re jenelle. How’s that medical certificate treating you?? Oh, that’s right, you can’t even pass the exam. Moron.

    2. I always have a pocketknife on me, too. I’ve also never flown into a drunken rage and stabbed a bunch of balloons with it, to the alarm of onlookers.

    3. Hi Jenelle or Jenelle’s friend! We all know that David is a complete piece of crap, a woman hating, woman beating, short tempered, ignorant, violent redneck. Jenelle is a selfish, dick hopping, God-awful person who should have had her tubes tied long ago. Barb is not crazy. Crazy is anyone who defends Jenelle or David. Have fun hanging out on The Land! #SaveKaiser #SaveEnsley #SterilizeJenelle #LockUpLurch

      1. I know you are right I am so sorry I should not be judgemental of nobody’s only he knows what he’s been going through I like David he needs his face and he needs to be just relax I am praying for both of them so I can be strong and make it to me on this job all of her three children with her David is very good with a little voice he is not mean with a little boy he is your precious father after you don’t do just fine give them times just give him time and this all I see is and all the things I say in Jesus name amen

    4. Yes, but do you take your pocket knives with you to L.A.? Do you take them with you to business events where there is less than zero chance there will be hunting or fishing? Do you get drunk in public and pull out your knives in response to being frustrated and embarrassed at your own clumsiness?

      I’ll bet not. And if you do, you deserve the judgement that comes your way for it.

      Jenelle is lonely and miserable because SHE treats people in her live like shit, then plays the victim to lure in her next targets, who she will also treat like shit. Even if Barb does hate everyone who gets close to Jenelle for the reasons you say (which I dont believe for a moment) that has nothing to do with this situation.

    5. I know many people who have carried a pocket knife but I’ve never seen any of them use them to slash fucking balloons (or anything else) in a fit of rage. If you think this is normal behavior, then you are as batshit as they are.

    6. So he took a knife in his luggage to California because he was planning on hunting and fishing???

  11. It’s truly sad at this point, I wish the best for jenelle and those sweet children and just have this pit that something even worse will happen if serious interventions aren’t made to get to the bottom of David’s controlling behavior. Everyone deserves to feel safe and loved, especially those kids. Hope jenelle finds the strength and support system to get help and be happy on her own for the sake of her children. Where there is smoke there is fire with all these crazy David stories.

        1. Babs doesn’t have a relationship with Ensley. David’s mom watches her when they are going on trips, vacations. Doris is trying to get full custody of Kaiser. Babs doesn’t have much of a relationship with Kaiser.

  12. Are these people not watching the same show as everyone else?! David is a psycho! He popped the balloons out of anger. Yeah, it’s just balloons, but what level-headed person does something like that in front of everyone that they work for because they’re angry that they can’t drink anymore?! He is definitely NOT level-headed. Jenelle & him fight constantly, just like every other person in her life. Her kids hate David and Barb despises him! Also, I guarantee that he will end up buying Jenelle very bad one day, maybe even killing her. They are no good for each other. She’s trying to portray herself as happy and healthy. She is trying to prove to the world that she’s changed and is truly in love with a good man. SHE IS NOT/HAS NOT/WILL NOT EVER CHANGE. It’s Jenelle for crying out loud. David is an abusive person mentally, physically, and emotionally and has abused her kids as well as Jenelle herself. They’re both terrible people and anyone that condones to their madness and praises them for their awfullness is just as sick and twisted as they are!

    1. Especially when he knows how much scrutiny and then Jenelle get… Like come on… He’s a loose cannon that’s going to hurt somebody… Namely Janelle… Hopefully it will not be her children.

  13. Didn’t MTV temporarily fire Farrah for porn? Yet Ted Bundy gets to stay and make the rest of the cast feel unsafe?

  14. He’s beyond creepy… if Janelles seriously concerned about her safety and cannot stay in a hotel she should run away from her husband and never look back Just because she’s OK with David’s CRAZY antics doesn’t mean the rest of the cast should have to be exposed to it I hope NONE of the kids were there

  15. Is this really a big deal? so he popped a few balloons..ah okk,sure he wasn’t the only one there with protection .he seems like a cool, level headed guy that wouldn’t lunge at Janelle some night after they’re both wasted , Janelle finally has a good guy in her life that she doesn’t fight with and Barbara approves of and likes..

  16. So instead of filling the place with uppercut, David came armed and prepared to fill it with knife cuts? At a reunion show taping that involves young children, and Queen Dumbass Jenelle raising questions about things going on in the world that are unsafe?

    I’m inclined to believe that this level of drugged up, psychotic knife pulling and other random craziness is not the first when it comes to David Eason. I also think it should DEFINITELY be used by both Barbara and Doris in their attempts to keep Jace and Kaiser away from him.

    Without a doubt, the only thing that was unsafe at this reunion were two druggie A-holes by the names of David and Jenelle Eason.

  17. Why am I not surprised by this…Jenelle and David are complete classless pieces of shit. If that was his reaction to being cut off in public with cameras around, i can only imagine how he acts when he’s drunk and cameras are not around. This just shows reason number 516 why Jace is terrified of David.

  18. I hope Barb and Doris lawyer subpoena David’s ex.
    Keep having babies David so when you break up you can get custody of your and Jenelle kids so you can continue not to work
    #child support
    I really would like to know what kind of women lost custody to Lurch? And for David to think he went up a 2 notches ( because their is another baby mama in between? Does anyone know where to read the article about David sister being mad at them?

  19. She just posted about it on her Instagram, trying to make light of it but she also has the comment option deactivated so nobody can call her out on it..Funny she posted a pic of her kids earlier and people were able to comment on that!

  20. Crazy Jenelle and David are made for each other. They both need the children taken away and put in foster care or something. They are crazy peeps. They are both dumb and don’t think of anyone anything but themselves, drugs and alcohol.

  21. I’m dying at this moron who got stuck in some balloons! He better hope he never falls into the ball pit at a Chucky Cheese, because he’ll need an AK47 to get out!????

  22. Her fans are prob: “It’s just ballons!” (I think I just saw Briana defending him like that so yeah)
    But to me this looks like a deranged alcoholic who first wants to scare people, then attack one of them. David could be Jenelle’s downfall and she would only have herself to blame. (Like WHO in their right mind even thinks of dating a man who choked his pregnant ex?!)

  23. Jenelle seriously is a loser her kids need to be taking away she puts them in danger picking these insane losers so Pathetic…Barbara should be happy to unload Jenelle daughter or not

  24. What more do these psychos have to do for someone to come in and save these children?! I mean seriously. This is getting ridiculous.

  25. Ticking time bomb! This train wreck needs to be put to bed, the “cast” has gotten so entitled they have no boundaries. This guy is clearly unstable and when someone is physically hurt the blood will be on MTV’s hands.

  26. I believe that Keiffer on heroine would provide a safer environment to Jenelle and Davids children. I think Nathan on steroids and drunk would provide a safer environment to Jenelle and Davids children. I think Farrah would provide a safer environment to Jenelle and Davids children. How can these two be allowed to reproduce? Seriously they make Adam look like father of the year!

    1. This just made me think about the ultimate Sophie’s Choice: If you were forced to, who would you pick to babysit you kid: Adam, or David? I’m thinking I would chose David, though I keep going back and forth since they are so equally bad. He seems to have more experience with kids, but on the other end he appears abusive. Then we have Adam who is a crap father, and very likely smokes crystal m*th according to sources. Hmmm….

  27. Poor Kaiser it is way worse with David then I could imagine…….This is by far the Worst boyfriend Jenelle has ever had. Even Nathan would give Kaiser a better home….#freeKaiser

  28. Poor Kaiser it is way worse with David then I could imagine…….This is by far the Worst boyfriend Jenelle has ever had. Even Nathan would give Kaiser a better home….#freeKaise.

  29. I said David should be castrated and he blocked me on Instagram. I will say again David needs to be castrated he should not reproduce!

      1. Is it wrong that I hope he gets castrated by one of those poor besieged balloons bringing a gun to his knife fight?

  30. I have no doubt that MTV will not show any of this or even address it. David and Jenelle are out of control and at this point are a huge liability. Something is seriously wrong with David and since he’s now on tv he truly thinks he’s something special. He’s nothing but a POS with some money now. I’m sure that MTV will do what they usually do with these two which is nothing.

  31. Glad The Ashley’s previous story that J and UBT are not staying with the kids and other cast.
    If MTV does not step in to help Babs and Doris have full custody of those two precious children, I seriously hope they come after them for negligence. MTV have gotten away with assisting and covering up the inexcusable behaviour of these two utterly selfish and delusional individuals for far too long.

  32. Did he use that knife on his own hair?! Gag.

    I was hoping for something that would outdo the Farrah/Amber fight. And this is just the beginning, you say?

    *gif of Mr Burns saying “Excellent”*

  33. Unfortunately they probably won’t show it even if they did film it. This is Jenele we are talking about and she’s managed to get her own way with things not airing.

  34. Barb, Doris, Nathan– get those kids the HELL out of there!! He’s going to hurt someone badly, I can feel it! Someone even needs to save evil old Jenelle from that man!

  35. What the actual feck is wrong with this mong?

    He’s about two seconds away from turning into Jack Nicholson’s character in The Shining. Soon he will be chasing Kaiser around the Laaand with an axe!

    And Jenelle, you really think any sane Judge would give you Jace “full time” with this loose unit carrying on like this? Hopefully Barb and Doris are making sure they get statements or proof or whatever they need to make sure Jace and Kaiser are never left alone with Lurch again.

  36. Which is the worst part of this – David acting like a completely deranged psychopath or Jenelle making excuses for him like the moron she is?

    The fact that they still have custody of any child is nothing short of mind blowing.

    1. The really sad thing about children is that for the most part, the wrong people have them. This show never ceases to highlight that fact.

      1. Who the hell would downvote your sentiment twice? Yes, the wrong people have children. All the time! I seriously hope it’s good ole Jenelle and her dude. He’s a perfect fit for PB & Jenelly, because we all know he has nothing but peanut butter between his ears!

    2. Ive been with an abuser before…david controls her and more than likely threatens her if she was to open her mouth about any bad action he does. Shes far too gone and sadly it will take alot for her to leave his crazy ass for good one day. Im worried she will get hurt, or her kids. Abusers get worse over time as long as the significant other keeps allowing it. So sad

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