‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Briana DeJesus Gets into Nasty Twitter Spat with Kail Lowry & Vee Torres

Dr. Drew should just start hosting ‘Teen Mom 2’ boxing matches instead of Reunion specials…

Let’s get ready to ruuuuumble…again!

Briana DeJesus caused the latest Teen Mom 2 Twitter feud on Wednesday night when she took to the social media site to post texts between her man of one month, Javi Marroquín, and his ex-wife Kail Lowry.

Briana, who is heading up north to see Javi this weekend so they can attend a basketball game together, didn’t explain why she decided to put the texts on blast (but it may be to try to show fans what Kail was sending Javi in private.)

In the texts posted by Briana, Kail is calling Javi out for taking Briana on all the same dates they used to go on together.

“I hope she loves doing all the stuff me and you used to do,” Kail texted Javi. “Take her to the shark tank at Adventure Aquarium next.”

(Fans of the show may recall that Javi and Kail swam with the sharks at Adventure Aquarium in New Jersey, where they later got hitched.)

In the text conversation, Javi seemed annoyed that Kail was calling him out on his unoriginal date ideas.

“You hated sporting events and never wanted to do anything I loved doing,” Javi wrote to Kail in the text conversation. “She hates sports but is still as excited because I’m so excited. So new memories hold more value to me. I don’t know why you’re being like this.”

Briana decided to take the catfight to the next level by involving Kail’s first baby daddy Jo Rivera. When a fan of the show tweeted Briana, jokingly asking how long it would be until Briana started sleeping with Jo, Briana sarcastically replied, “I’ll make sure to let you know.”

Then she tweeted to another fan, “I should be packing for this trip to see Javi and maybe even Jo lol bye baby.”

Record scratch!

“You let me know if I need to come in there with a pair of high heels and take care of business, Bri!”

Jo’s fiancé, Vee Torres did not find Briana’s joke funny. She immediately jumped on Twitter herself and called Briana out.

“Lmao [Jo] would never! You see this s**t? You got the wrong bitch,” Vee tweeted, tagging Jo in the post.

“Man ain’t nobody worried ‘bout that ass,” Vee tweeted in regard to Briana. “Just don’t mention s**t about my man. It’s that simple.

Jo then chimed in to assure everyone that he was not planning to hump Briana when she comes to Delaware, or any other time, for that matter. He seemed to have no clue why he had been dragged into the social media spat.

Naturally, because these are ‘Teen Mom’ stars, everyone involved eventually deleted their tweets. (Briana told a fan that she “got a call” from someone asking her to delete them. She did not, however, specify if that call was from Javi or someone else.) She later tweeted to Vee that she sent her a message which was (hopefully!) an apology.

Of course, this is not the first time Briana and Kail have fought. As The Ashley exclusively told you last month, Briana, Kail and Briana’s sister and mother all got into a screaming match while getting their makeup done before filming a segment for the ‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 8A Reunion.

(Photos: Instagram, MTV)


76 Responses

  1. I wish I could have it out with Brianna come to Houston and talk your shit I would love to meet up w you bitch

  2. We all know Javi is only with Briana to spite Kail…and Kail is totally falling for it….for what Kail did to Javi she deserves everything that he’s throwing at her….as far as Briana…She’s seems to be the only one that doesnt know this relationship isn’t real

  3. This is just amazing. Whatever about Briana and Javi being trash, I am so happy that Kailyn is so obviously jealous of Javi moving on. Not only has she seen the grass isn’t greener, she’s been saddled with a kid and a piece of shit baby daddy. She finally got what she deserved after she treated everyone like total crap.

  4. The problem with “The Hulk” is she thought the grass was going to be greener on the other side. When baby number 3 daddy didn’t stick around, reality set it and probably postpartum depression. Looking back she is probably thinking I screwed up big time.

    Brianna is an illiterate moron.

    I love Vee.

    1. I don’t like the name “Hulk” for Kail, but I agree with every word you said after that!

      1. I like the Hulk that’s how she tries to act.. I think Vee just getting into something she didn’t even really need to get into..I can’t stand Kail & in the beginning I really liked her then she started acting like a diva and a stupid B****

  5. Boohoo kail are we a little jealous well maybe we should have stayed with her husband then and not slept with his best friend and not wanted to have any more children with him but ran out and got pregnant by someone else..LMAO don’t feel a bit sorry for you..And really you need to stop trying to act like a diva because you’re definitely not a diva or a movie star you got to be on TV by getting pregnant at 16….????And one more thing I don’t really think who Javi dates is any of your business any longer….

  6. I just feel like all three of the people involved have bigger things to focus on… kail treated him like dirt and he wasn’t always kind to her however he FINALLY moves on kail has said the whole time She wanted him to to be with somebody else… I honestly think you cannot help but repeat a date sometimes on a sidenote though is there like no dating pool in Delaware?? These people seem to rotate dating each other Breonna seems to create drama where she definitely does not have to ( It honestly does make me think she’s following in Janelles up footsteps) there was is no reason to post that

  7. Mess with Kail all you want but Vee is one of the few people on this show that isn’t complete trash so that isn’t gonna fly!

    1. Completely Agree! Just because Breonna wanted to make light of messing around with someone else’s Fiancé doesn’t mean that person should be dragged into your crazy I found it an odd comment for Breonna to make about herself I wouldn’t find that kind of thing funny and I’m dumbfounded as to why she found this Her comment to be remotely funny or acceptable

  8. I’m kind of living for the Javiana thing now just because it bugs Kail so much obviously. Finally that bitch is getting her karma. Watching how she treated Javi..I genuinely think there’s not much that could happen that would make me feel bad for her. Yeah, Briana is trash. That’s not news. So is Kail. Kail gave up the right to have an opinion on who Javi dates and where they go when she spread her legs for everything that looks at her and had a 3rd kid with a random ass dude.

    I just think it’s interesting that Kail finally cares about Javi again and is so jealous. I figured at some point she would realize she was stupid to let Javi get away, but it took him dating someone like Briana for that realization to hit.

    She’s going to have to live with the consequences of all her terrible choices, and unfortunately, so will all 3 of her boys.

  9. Excuse me? Please re-read my post, because if there is one thing I DID NOT SPECIFY (nor would I), is any type, shape, or form of “coloration,” race, or ethnicity in what I posted.

    “Baby-making losers with pants falling off asses” is what I said. Which as far as I personally can see, and as you’ve already mentioned in your own post — leaves open a wide field of personage and interpretation.

    Period. The end.

    1. Sorry. This post was meant for a poster further down who challenged my initial post. Apologies, that it came out here.

  10. Javi blamed Kail for her miscarriage. If a man ever did that to me I’d be emotional shut down to him as well. Also, allowing Bri to disrespect Kail like that shows what type of character Javi has. It’s a sad situation all around.

        1. I believe Kail insisted he said that, and as usual he rolled over and peed on himself trying to avoid another meltdown from he.

    1. Oh please! Kail shut down way before that! I think Javi thought she had an abortion or it was the crossfit that she was still doing while pregnant with the baby! So I think he was confused trying to think was that the reason they lost the baby.

  11. It amazes me how none of these people are aware that the internet is forever. I’m sure these kids are going to love growing up with receipts of their parents petty and juvenile behavior, as if being on “Teen Mom” wasn’t enough. I also love how Bri comes in to shake up what appeared to be a relatively decent co-parenting situation. We all know she has no idea what that means, but allowing her to threaten what they have established is textbook stupid. Good job making your lives an even bigger circus ??

  12. I predict it won’t be long until Javi leaves Briana because he doesn’t want this immature drama in his, or his son’s, life.

    Then he will be the new enemy and target of the DeJesus Coven. Poor dumb Javi. Why would any man in his right mind get involved with any of those angry sanity vacuums?

    After all his bullshit with Kail (bad behaviour on both of their parts) you’d think he’d be smart enough to stay away from the TM trainwreck lifestyle.

    Like on said, poor, dumb Javi.

    1. Yeah, but Bri’s probably hoping that he won’t break up with her until she’s knocked up. Then the Coven can get their claws in him because he’s the worst ever and Bri has to do it all along and Brittney gave up her life to help her sister and Mama is sharpening the heels as we speak).

  13. This entire situation makes me terribly uncomfortable. There. Are. Kids. Involved. They need to stop, all of them. Javi clearly gets off on the drama. I’m not a fan of Kail, but Brianna has been goading Kail into a fight for weeks. She got her wish. And now there’s a public and permanent record for the kids to see when they get older. Congratulations, you all look like insecure idiots and no one is putting the children first.

  14. Kailyn is always starting drama. Bri clapped back because that’s her man. Why is Kailyn bothered with what Javi is doing. Bri clapped back because like Kailyn, Kailyn would have clapped back. Like I said before Bri and Kailyn have a lot of things in common.

    1. She should have left Jo and Vee out of it, at least. It is very immature on her part to do this BS as well as disrespectful to Javi. She hates Kail more than she cares about Javi. To say something like that about Jo is downright wrong, he and Vee have nothing to do with this and if I were Javi I would be pissed.

      1. She didn’t put them in it it was someone else that brought Jo up constantly tweeting her saying she wants to do this or that with Jo! But it was a joke she was trying to show them they were being ridiculous I guess. But what Vee really needs to worry about is Kailyn who really wants her man and cheated with him in the past! lol

  15. For me this is all nothing but flat-out laughable, simply because Kail and Briana are pretty much the SAME person.

    Both will sleep with any baby-making loser with pants falling down off his ass, and bring innocent children here in the process, just because it’s seemingly something to do. So for one of these SKANKOLAS to throw shade at the other via some junior high school texting nonsense seems right on point.

    Without a doubt, our good friend Javi certainly has a “type,” doesn’t he?

    And the only ones to really feel sorry for, are the children of these nitwits. The children, who in a few years will be old enough to look back and see EXACTLY what was going on while the MTV cameras were constantly flashing in their confused little faces.


    1. “With pants falling down off his ass” — all the baby daddies from all franchises (TM, TM2, 16&P) do this. Unless you mean just the brown ones.

      1. Lol @not today, you were trying to call them out on being racist but you said brown people because you didn’t want to say black people because you didn’t want to be racist

    1. No shes not! lol I remember the reunion shows Kailyn would get so pissed at her and she always cheated with Jo. When did she ever snatch Kailyn’s wig?! Please!

    1. Right? I don’t think a sports fan taking his girlfriend to a sporting event counts as “recreating dates.” Jenelle took David to St. Thomas and did everything with him that she had previously done with Nathan–THAT’S recreating the date. But it’s a stretch to call taking a girlfriend to a game a recreation.

    2. Not only that but I keep thinking back to when both kail and javi were filming marriage Boot Camp while was pregnant with a third mans baby I don’t think she would ever get back together with him but I do think she enjoyed the attention she was getting from him She seems like the type of woman that would be fine if he moved on but only after she is already happy with somebody else in a different relationship

  16. Kail is pathetic for sending those texts. She dogged Javi out, cheated on him, had a baby with a random guy after telling Javi she didn’t want anymore kids. Then continued to play him when he STILL wanted to work things out. She can’t be mad at who he dates now or where he takes them.

  17. Kail and Briana are both worthless idiots who would rather argue on Twitter and get plastic surgery to make them look dumber than be a parent.

  18. Kailyn never needed to comment where her ex husband goes on dates. Javi never needed to respond to these texts. He certainly didn’t need to share them with his new soulmate of the month. Bri didn’t need to share them over the internet and drag Vee and Jo into it. All in all these people need to remember that they are created a public record for their bullshit for their kids to read one day. Good job, guys.

    1. Yes, this exactly. Kail was wro for texting Javi, Javi was wrong for sharing her texts with Briana, Briana was wrong for posting it on Twitter and dragging Jo into it. As usual, Vee is the only one who is right.

  19. The best thing to do is just to ignore this b*tch when she starts spewing stupid things.
    LOL but there’s more to Kail than just Jo and Javi. She dated a guy named Jordan, Becca was even her girlfriend at one point, obv Chris and I’m sure there were more.

    Briana being knocked up by Javi in 3……..2…….1

  20. I am not a fan of Kail but Briana is obviously extremely immature. That is so juvenile what she did. And she’s the new girl! She needs to know her roll and get off her high horse.

  21. Lol I mean Bri is crazy but Kail is also so pathetic for texting Javi those things. Get over it, you cheated on him and divorced him to have a baby with a rando and now you want to hate on his date choices? “Come on!” *Gob voice*

  22. Kail and Bri are both arrogant, annoying, fake ass, same bad skin losing bitches. But leave Jo and Vee out of it. They are great parents.

    1. Nah. Bri would never talk to her mother the way Jenelle talks to Barb. If she did Gangster Granny Roxanne would open a can of whipass on her surgically enhanced arse

  23. Why does Kail even care what kind of date Javi goes on? She should only be commenting on things that regards their son. Nothing more. I do feel for Javi though. He seems like a nice guy and we all know this relationship isn’t going to last and once it ends you know Briana is gonna try to trash him.

  24. Oh yeah Camden a nice place…To buy CRACK. Not for a date, or a classy wedding………..

    But trash will always attract trash…

  25. This girl and her whole “we hate men” crew is pure trash. Not fierce or outspoken, just trash. But so is Kail. ¯\_(ツ)_/ ¯

    1. Accidentally downvoted. Jesus god Leah Briana is dumber than a box of rocks. I naively thought maybe the Javi thing would be good for her, or at least her kids if it worked out. She might be the least intelligent character on the entire TM sh*t-show and it takes a lot of effort to be dumber than Jenelle. It’s one thing to fued with Kail, but why drag Jo and Vee into it. Sadly anyone who made the effort to read the article and comments probably finds this whole train wreck as entertaining I do.

      When Vee said “ain’t nobody worries ‘bout that ass”, wonder if she was throwing shade at Bri’s nasty stuffed booty. If so, well played – always been a Vee fan and liked her even more after the ‘Being Vee’ special.

      1. That is precisely what she was referring to. Vee did not roll up to the shit show to play with a ho. LOL!!

      2. I like Vee too and her special was great. Just a laid back, happy family. I’m a little disappointed at her reaction here though. I wish she would have just replied “Please leave my husband and me out of this.” No need to sink down to their level. She is young, so maybe staying calm and collected it too much to ask ??‍♀️

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