‘Teen Mom New Jersey’ Has Reportedly Been Cancelled Before Ever Airing (Exclusive)

Well…at least you still have “Floribama Shore”…ugh…

(Note: Please file this under ‘Report’ until The Ashley can 100 percent confirm it.)

Sorry Tri-state Teen Mom fans, but it looks like Teen Mom New Jersey is a no-go.

The Ashley can exclusive reveal that MTV is reportedly pulling the plug on the Garden State-themed ‘Teen Mom’ spin-off show, before it ever even aired!

The network announced the show in the summer, stating that we would meet the new cast of young New Jersey-based moms “in the fall.” Social media pages were created for the new show, and a few short clips were incorporated into a fall trailer of MTV shows, but since then the network has released anything new about ‘Teen Mom New Jersey’… and The Ashley knows why!

“Last weekend the girls on the show got calls basically informing them that the show isn’t going to air,” a source tells The Ashley. “They didn’t really give them an explanation—just the standard ‘We’re moving in another direction’ line. The girls are really upset because they’ve worked so hard on this project and were really excited for its premiere.”

Now, The Ashley is still working to confirm this part, but there’s still a possibility the show could end up airing at another time, or on another network. As of right now, however, The Ashley is hearing that it’s trashcanned.

Look on the bright side: you’ll always have Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2! (For the record, ‘Teen Mom New Jersey’ was not produced by the same production company that does the rest of the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise shows.)

The Ashley has reached out to MTV for comment on this story but has yet to hear back. The Ashley will update this story when she has more information.

(Photo: MTV)




  1. It really is quite easy to judge when you’ve never been in the shoes you’re judging. These girls were picked to portray their lives honestly,good and bad. Once you’ve filmed for a show,you see how exhausting it is,annoying it is and trying.. but you remain thankful for the opportunity. You have no idea why it got cancelled ..there’s a huge reason .it’s a lot of hard work and annoyance when you find out all the effort was for nothing. None of these girls were ego driven or looking for things you so easily say they were..They all knew they were lucky in a once in a lifetime chance even though it never happened. I wish people would talk less out of jealousy and hate because what else is the reason for all the negativity?

  2. I was actually really looking forward to this DISASTER. Y’all know these morons were going to be epic. I’m a little disappointed.

  3. I’m sure they thought they hit the jackpot. Probably thought they were going to be on their way to buying land, teeth, new cars, fake booties and designer handbags.

  4. I was happy that this new franchise was going to replace the current Teen Moms. SOOOOOOO tired of MTV sweeping child abuse under the rug.

  5. As a resident of NJ, I’m glad these kids aren’t getting a chance to humiliate our state any further. Jersey Shore and the housewives have done enough damage.

    1. I feel this in my soul. Jersey Shore made all Italian American’s look absolutely deplorable, and most of them weren’t even actually Italian to begin with.

  6. I bet one of the cast members has a criminal record or something of the sort that MTV found out about and wants to nip it in the bud before the public knows who they are so they don’t have to deal with the consequences.

  7. I’m sure it’s disappointing to the people who participated but honestly NO ONE asked for this show. I’m not exactly shocked they’re scrapping it, but it does seem a bit dumb considering they already spent the time, money and labor to film it and start promoting.

  8. I’m sorry – “they were upset because they’ve worked hard on this show”
    Being filmed living your life doesn’t sound that trying to me really.

  9. It is an awful joke but I have to:
    “What is the difference between a Jersey Girl and a bag of trash?”
    “Trash gets picked up” Nyuck nyuck nyuck 😉
    Let’s hope the chain retail smocks they have to wear are flattering!

  10. Oohh well. These girls are 18-22 years old. Guess they’ll have to do what everyone else does when they have a baby. This little thing called getting a real job?

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