‘Southern Charm’ & ‘The Real World’ Star Cameran Eubanks Welcomes Baby Girl

“Meet the newest Southern belle!”

Cameran Eubanks of Bravo’s Southern Charm welcomed daughter Palmer Corrine on Saturday. It’s the first child for Cameran and her husband, Dr. Jason Wimberly.

“Palmer Corrine Wimberly touched down 11/11/17 at 8:37 a.m. 7 pounds 3 oz 20 inches long,” Cameran announced on Instagram on Monday.

“Wildest experience of my life! Jason is recovering and doing well,” she added.

Fans of ‘Southern Charm’ watched Cameran struggle with the idea of one day becoming a mom in the first few seasons of the show, only to see her warm up to it in Season 4 and ultimately show up to the reunion with a baby bump. Last season we also saw Cameran continue therapy sessions to discuss the possibility of motherhood, chat with her mom about the big decision and sit down with cast mate Kathryn Dennis — mom to 2-year-old St. Julien and 3-year-old Kensie.

During an episode last season, a psychic also predicted Cameran giving birth this year… and hopefully Cam kept her business card! She announced her pregnancy in April.

In typical Cameran fashion, the ‘Southern Charm’ star hilariously documented her pregnancy on Instagram, often posting photos and videos of her eating fast-food or ice cream, wearing her husband’s boxers and even calling out followers for asking her if she plans to breastfeed, urging them to mind their own business.

Cameran also took to Instagram posts and live videos to discuss some of the baby products she planned to use, while making sure to remind followers she was not being paid to promote the items. (She notoriously pokes fun at others for using their reality TV fame to hawk products.)

Before her Bravo days, Cameran appeared on The Real World: San Diego in 2004 and went on to compete on The Challenge “The Battle of the Sexes 2” and “Gauntlet 2” seasons. She has been a main cast member on Southern Charm since it premiered in 2014, often serving as the voice of reason and the occasional wrangler of her playboy pal, Shep Rose.

Cameran’s husband doesn’t appear on ‘Southern Charm’ (although she admitted during a reunion that he likes the show) so it’s unclear on whether or not little Palmer will grace the screen with her presence in Season 5.

Check out Baby Palmer’s adorable first pic below!

(Photos: Bravo, Instagram)


  1. How is Corrine pronounced? Cor-rin or Cor-Reen?

    Unfortunately, this name just makes me think about Corrine of bachelor in paradise scandal fame.

    1. Buddy, you sure do need a whole lot of attention. Remember how you got kicked off another teen mom site for saying you wished one of the other commenters would get raped?

    2. Not even a huge baby. If she was 9 pounds maybe. The vagina is a narnia closet, 8 weeks later it’s like it never happened. The baby is beautiful and so is Cameron. Cheers ?

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