‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Catelynn Lowell Has Entered Treatment After Experiencing Suicidal Thoughts

Catelynn Lowell announced on Friday that she is entering a treatment facility for to get help for her mental health issues. The Teen Mom OG star revealed she was having suicidal thoughts, which was the reason she decided to get help.

“Well today I thought of every way to kill myself.. so I’m going to treatment,” Catelynn tweeted, using the hashtag #MakeChesterProud, a reference to Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington, who committed suicide earlier this year.

On Instagram, Catelynn posted a photo of a stuffed horse which she explained belonged to her daughter, Nova.

“Well Nova buddy is coming with me… and I’m gonna hold it close to my heart the whole time… #thiswontlast#thiswontstopme #keeptalkingmh,” she captioned the photo.

This is not the first time Catelynn has sought treatment for her mental health issues. In March 2016, she checked into a rehab facility in Arizona, where she stayed a few weeks. Her depression and anxiety issues have been a large part of her storyline on ‘Teen Mom OG.’

Catelynn’s husband Tyler Baltierra took to social media to applaud Catelynn for seeking help.

“Incredibly proud of my wife…when she thought she had no choices left, she reached out & decided to LIVE today!” he wrote on Twitter. “My life would be desolate without her in it. You are beautiful, strong, worthy & loved.”

Catelynn’s father David Lowell also congratulated her on getting treatment.

“Love you Catelynn. Get well soon,” David wrote on Instagram. “You are without a doubt one of the strongest women i have ever known, or will ever know. I’m very proud to call you my baby girl. #getwellsoon #Dadlovesyou”

It is not known where Catelynn is seeking treatment at this time, or how long she will be gone. She and Tyler are currently filming for the upcoming season of ‘Teen Mom OG,’ but it’s unknown if her trip to rehab will be incorporated into the show or not.

(Photo: MTV)


  1. Tyler, lose the earrings, get a job, stop with the inane tweets.

    Catelynn, stop dying your hair purple and stop getting trashy tattoos of self-help sayings. face the truth: Tyler didn’t love you enough to marry you when you were pregnant, and you gave your baby up for adoption to please him. Neither of you ever really intended to go to college, which I know because…you haven’t gone!

    If you are making money in any way from having been Teen Parents — do you still have that reality show? — face facts: you are on a form of welfare that is making it impossible to have a real life. Because your basic expenses are covered, neither of you is motivated to get a real job. So, Catelynn, you sit around, eating pie, and thinking about the baby you gave away to please a guy who doesn’t really care about you. No wonder you’re depressed! Put down the pie, wash the stupid purple dye out of your hair, and go get a job.

    Get a job, get a life, and start mourning the baby you gave up for real, instead of trying to convince yourself you gave her up so you could go to college. ’cause guess what, honey…you haven’t gone to college.

    1. Who are you? First, learn to use grammar correctly if you are going to bash someone. Second, they have a thriving clothing business that makes them money. How dare you to criticize a couple to give a baby up for adoption for a better life.

      You are a terrible individual.

  2. You are such a good person I hope this treatment facility helps you finally realize that … don’t your past dictate your future YOUR in control now change the things you didn’t like about your childhood by being just the opposite mother, wife and embrace the beautiful woman you are

  3. Depression is no joke….I’m glad she realizes that she still needs help and is getting it. I hope that her family is actually supportive of her and not just posting their support because it sounds good….we all saw him impatient Tyler was the last time she was suffering with this.

  4. Things are not going to end well for Catelynn. With her family, she never stood a chance to begin with, Tyler won’t stick around when the world isn’t interested anymore, and she completely squandered her MTV resources on superficial things instead of using them to set herself up later in life. Throw poor mental health into the mix and you’ve got a recipe for disaster.

  5. This is the result of relinquishing a son or daughter for adoption.
    While everyone talks about how ‘beautiful’ adoption is, your heart breaks endlessly.
    Adoption may be wonderful for those people who want to adopt someone else’s child, but for those who lose their children, it is the epitome of utter heartbreak.
    That is what I believe Catelynn is suffering from, and my heart goes out to her. And to Carly, who is also separated from her mother and father, without ever having agreed to that.

    1. Horrible message. Of course they wish they could have kept Carly, but they should be proud that she is getting a life they couldn’t provide. With help lots of bio parents find peace in their decisions. I’m sure cait and Tyler could too if they got help.

    2. @TheAshley is there something you can do about people who want to post but have to reload the page and wait 30 seconds? It’s so annoying, I have to reload so often!

      @Flowergirl I disagree completely. I think if Cate and Ty had done something with their lives – get an education, get an occupation that pays well because of your previous education – they would still feel guilty about Carly, but they would see what they have now and they could think “we could not have done this without the adoption.” Sadly they didn’t pursuit anything they started (adoption counselor for instance) and now they’re basically experienced zero progression in life, and zero feelings of some sort of satisfaction and/or peace with it all.

    3. There is something to this. I am not anti-adoption — my own son is adopted — but this guy should have married this girl and kept Baby #1, which is obviously what this girl would have liked to do, rather than give the baby up for adoption. As for all the opportunities giving the baby up for adoption has given them…give me a break. These two are big losers. They haven’t gone to and finished college, and they ended up getting married and having another baby anyway, so what was the point of giving that baby up? They gave that baby up for adoption because the guy wasn’t into the pregnant girl enough to marry her; he stuck around afterwards because the Reality TV life pays better than going to college or working in Wal-Mart. This girl knows she gave up her daughter to please a guy who doesn’t really care about her and is sticking around for the paycheck. Again, I am not anti-adoption; just anti-THIS particular adoption. This poor girl needs to let herself admit that giving her daughter up was a mistake, so that she can begin to mourn honestly.

  6. Do Tyler and Caitlynns’s dad only communicate with her through social media? Surely Tyler can tell her he’s proud of her without posting it on social media? Nonetheless, she has a lot to come back from, I wish her the best.

  7. These stupid Instagram and Twitter posts. To me that sounds fake. Yes she might be really depressed but usually one wouldn’t put it all over the internet unless it was for attention only. She does need help but the people surrounding her and her lifestyle will make any progression not work. She has money, She has fans. All these girls could live a peaceful and happy lifestyle. But choose to do drugs or feel down about themselves and that is all on her.

    She has her child, that’s what she wanted. She has tyler, that’s also what she wanted. He is a bit of a douche but I think until the fame is gone he isn’t going to get better.

    Until all the fame is gone from the girls and men of teen mom they are going to continue to spiral downwards. I hope that they can get better for the children’s sake.

    The children can see every article, every forum and every tv episode if they wanted to when they grow up. They might not see it as they got rich and popular on tv and that’s how mommy and daddy’s lives got messed up. They are going to see it as themselves messed up mommy and daddy. They didn’t ask to be brought up the way they did. Most were mistakes but that didn’t mean unhappy life. The parents did that to themselves. They are also go in to be mentally unstable and one time and it could be soon. Children get sad and they are. They remember. Hope that they can find good good friends to help them through it or good family members. But hopefully that all of the teen mom parents will grow into more decent human beings very soon for thwir childrens sanity.

    1. Money, fans, a husband, and kids do equal good mental health. Your post implies that she has no reason to suffer from depression, but that’s not how depression works. Maybe that’s not what you meant, but that’s how it reads. And yes, she is clearly attention-seeking, but that doesn’t mean she is lying. Not sure you’re in a position to say what depressed people “usually” do.

    2. You can have a perfect life, a job and family you love, financial stability, all of it, depression doesn’t recognise any of that. Neither does anxiety. Just because you have ‘what you wanted’ doesn’t mean your mental health is not going to be a problem.
      By speaking publicly, Catelynn has
      1) helped to raise awareness and stop the stigma.
      2) given people who may be in a similar situation the courage to get help for themselves.
      3) taken control of her story.
      She used #KeepTalkingMH, this isn’t attention seeking, this is using her fame and experience to open the conversation about mental health and for that, I have only respect and admiration for her.

      1. In fact, having a very stable life combined with depression could even make you feel guiltier. Things like “I have everything going for me, unlike many others, yet I’m still whining and moping, I am a horrible person.” That’s what I have felt for months and months (thankfully doing so much better now, and therapy is helping me to rewire those negative thoughts and put them into perspective, would recommend that to anyone with mental health issues!)

    3. You need a psychology 101 class. I hope none of your family members are ever suicidal because they won’t get help from the way you think.

  8. Caitlynn needs qualified professional help. The woman she has seen on the show is a mess, not even close to the care required here. Caitlynn has continued to smoke pot after “rehab” and seemingly put it first before her daughter(s), marriage and future. Not surprisingly she has little ambition (what ever happened to college??), helping others etc.. Tyler should get a real job and contribute to some semblance of normalcy and reason for pride in their household. This couple has been a real disappointment after all their noble talk when they gave up Carly.

  9. I still think her biggest problem is the dude she calls her husband. Remember when he called her fat and everything else?! That didn’t help her case AT ALL!! I hope she recovers soon.

  10. Cate always breaks my heart. You can still see how deep the pain from being separated from Carly is. Tyler pushed her to give her up if she had been alone I don’t think she would have and I don’t think she would be suffering as much today.

  11. Coming from someone who has been diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety, I applaud her on seeking help and having the family backing to be able to go. Some day I hope I can follow your lead.

  12. funny she wanted to kill herself but has time to tweet and alert the gossip sites. So sick of these two attention whore potheads

  13. It’s pretty heartbreaking how many of us have experienced the devastation of losing a loved one to suicide. I applaud Cait for taking a step to prevent her family from forced admittance to this miserable club.

    I hope Cait learns in this extensive therapy that there are daily steps she can take to help herself. Exercise, a healthy diet, and a reason to get out of bed every morning (like a job or committed volunteer work) would probably help her mental health.

    God bless and good luck, Cait. I really hope you can find peace in your life.

    And to everyone else on this site who has lost loved ones to suicide, I’m very sorry for your loss. it’s been almost 17 years since I lost my uncle and it still hurts.

  14. Thumbs down all you want Catelynn does not need rehab she needs to stop being lazy. She needs to go to school, quit using drugs, go to the gym, and get intense therapy. Last time she went to rehab she couldn’t wait to leave I feel shes just lazy and if she gets off the couch she’ll feel a lot better about herself

    1. She should definitely have a therapist, I would have thought she would’ve decided to keep a professional on hand after struggling with post-partum depression and anxietyissues for many years now.

      I am surprised she wasn’t prescribed medication for anxiety (after Nova was weaned) or techniques/exercises to help her cope. Well wishes to her.

    2. She needs both. She needs psychiatric care, she needs to stop self medicating, and yes, she needs to get off her ass. Tyler needs to get off his sorry ass as well.

    3. Someone who isn’t prepared for rehab, will surely fail. That is the reality of rehab, regardless of the type, or reason for needing, this is how things, often, work out.

      While yes, there is a lot some folks who are suffering from depression, anxiety, and all kinds of other issues can do to help reduce some of their own stress….more times than not…it isn’t enough.

      Regardless of one’s personal feelings about a person that is choosing to go to rehab, we should always commend them for realizing they need it. It’s not an easy step to take, and it IS serious.

      What exactly do you think they DO in rehab anyway? I assure you, intense therapy, is part of it. A huge part of why people choose to go to rehab, more particularly away from home, is because the change of venue (often) makes a massive difference. For some people, that difference is negative, because being away from the home environment quickly becomes a trigger-one they cannot always let go of. For others, being away from the very environment which contributes, heavily, to many of the issues from which they suffer, is key to finding a way to better deal with the issues.

      I do agree getting off her ass is something she needs, I have always believed that she needs to do SOMETHING that will help take her mind off whatever is currently affecting her negatively. What I don’t agree with, is calling people lazy when they have diagnosed, and quite present, real mental health issues. You are part of the problem, the stigma, the very reason so many choose NOT to get help. Why? Because you seem to believe you have all the answers, that you know what will work for them. Also, because that very stigma, the one you, seemingly, are quite proud to put on display for the world to see….is what people who do need help, are afraid of. “What will people think of me”-is something that runs through the heads of most people with depression and other mental health issues, on a consistent and constant basis.

      Let me put this a bit slower….You are not helping, people like you perpetuate the belief that those who suffer from mental illnesses can somehow magically will or whisk it away simply by being “more productive”. Oh honey…the world does not work that way. I hope beyond all hopes that no one that ever encounters you ever has the unfortunate experience of dealing with mental health issues. This kind of reaction, will surely push them a hell of a lot closer to the edge.

      Then again, folks with this mindset, don’t seem to really give two shits WHO they push, or why, let alone how it might affect them or anyone else that can relate. It’s a shame folks like you still think the way you do, in this day and age, with all the knowledge we have surrounding mental illnesses (albeit it still very lacking). This is just pure willful ignorance on your part..and arrogance too.

      1. I’ve been diagnosed depressed. But unlike her I go to the gym, I go to school, I associate with people. She’s lazy and just wants another vacation from her daughter. The problem is she needs to get off her fatass. I don’t feel sorry for someone who choses to do nothing with her life then bitch about it, Coming from someone diagnosed with manic depression, anxiety, and bi-polar. The only reason she’s depressed is because she realizes she has don’t nothing with her life she’s a terrible mom, no job, no education, and over 100 pounds overweight. Her problem is she needs to get off her fatass.

        1. Someone with an actual diagnosed mental illness, especially multiple, wouldn’t have the capacity to think about another person in the manner you are, it would be a trigger for their own issues.

          But nice try at the whole “I’m better than you” thing. Good luck getting far in life with that kind of attitude.

          1. I know people who have had worse life then this lazy fatass, yet they don’t bitch and complain and sit on their ass. A lot of people have mental illnesses yet they don’t use that as an excuse to become a filthy lazy slob who cant get off the fucking couch like Catelynn. Your probably a fucking slob also and use mental illness as an excuse no “honey” your fucking lazy get off your fatass, fucking bum!

          2. I’ll actually get far in life cus unlike you and Catelynn I get off the fucking couch… Off to be productive in life 😉

          3. I am quite productive actually. I sought help for my issues years ago. I am grateful that someone finally assisted me in doing so, else I wouldn’t be here today.

            I have a family, chose to go to school and pursue multiple degrees, I own a thriving business, and unlike some folks I actually HELP those that are suffering rather than mock them for needing help, because I understand it.

            I also remember what I went through to get where I am today and I am absolutely proud of that fact. I use it as motivation to never allow myself to go back to where and what I was. I may not be proud of some of my actions when I was younger and suffering, failing to recognize the issues I had, or being unable to admit what they were, let alone looking for help. But I am damn proud of where I am today, and damn proud of the steps I took to get here, regardless of how difficult they may have been. I am also proud that I can still recognize that, despite having issues that are relatively under control, I am not immune to a relapse. That’s another thing we learn when we have mental illness(es), once we get proper treatment.

            I don’t need to mock others with mental illness, or compare my suffering to theirs, in order to feel better about where I am. I am sorry you seem to still suffer, unable to cope with your own problems, and it causes you to lash out because it is the only way you can ignore what afflicts you now, or perhaps believe that your own issues aren’t as severe as they may well be.

            I hope one day you can find the help that you need, and then can look back on how you treat others with mental illness and feel regret. Regret is a powerful tool and it would most certainly aid you in not only seeking proper treatment, but also perhaps allow you to have some perspective when dealing with others. I know how hard that struggle you’re clearly going through must be, as no one of sound mind rages this much, repeatedly, for no real reason. As asinine and cruel as I believe you are acting now..there is one thing that is very clear from your responses…you are NOT getting the help that you need to deal with your own issues if you are suffering from mental illnesses.

            It is one thing to mock stupid things people do, such as their inability to properly articulate their thoughts into coherent sentences. It is another entirely to mock their mental illness(es). Something that is 100% out of their control until/unless they are able and willing to seek help, and even then, *still* not 100% in their control. Again, that is something you learn when getting proper treatment.

            Please call any of the following numbers, they can and they will help you find proper treatment(s), and figure out better ways to deal with your issues, other than raging incoherently on the internet.


        2. When my depression was at its worst I thought it would be best not to do anything, not see anyone etc. so me as a person would affect the least possible people negatively. I stopped going to the gym and stopped talking to my friends because I thought they were better off. Every depression is different, I guess, but please don’t think depressed people who don’t do anything out of their homes are (just) lazy. I do hope Cate takes it more seriously this time, especially with the after-care, and slowly starts doing more things outside of the home. Once you’re out of the worst part of the depression, it does help to exercise, eat and sleep normal hours, do (paid or volunteering) work etc..

          I’m glad you can 🙂

        3. Therapist here: “manic depression” is just the old-timey term for bipolar disorder… they’re not two things. That always irks me.

        4. “I’m so productive and not at all lazy, nor do o just sit around on my ass…” says the person who has spent the day hate-responding to others on a teen mom 2 article…

      2. So “honey” I know a lot about mental illness, Catelynn is a lazy human being. Her fucking problem is she can’t get off her fatass.

        1. You are aware that 1 of the symptoms of depression is Exhaustion and fatigue?
          Getting out of the bed in the morning is an achievement, getting dressed and making it to the couch is not laziness, it’s someone who is trying their hardest to beat the mental illness that is causing them so much pain.
          Depression is not being depressed. Depression affects you emotionally and physically.
          Please stop all this negative talk and use your time to read up on the subject.
          Depression kills. @Catelynns one hoodie, you are not helping.

      3. @peanut

        Your post isn’t really helping either. It is very condescending and judgmental while preaching not to be judgmental. So pot meet kettle.

        And it is legit to remark on her laziness, one long lasting running joke here was about how she sits on the couch while wearing the same hoodie.

        Whenever you have no direction and constructive use of time – then a person tends to dwell leading to a negative mindset. Cate in particular has a husband who has mocked her weight, she probably reads online comments about herself, she smokes weed (which I am all for being legalized) which research has linked to depression.

        Obvious techniques aren’t a “cure.” That is why I mentioned a therapist, being able to confess your feelings to a non-judging 3rd party really lets a weight off your chest.

  15. Not having her life broadcasted would most likely improve her mental health. Tyler and her literally have no direction except a half baked clothing line. And being parents. It is not like they are working toward goals or enjoy/appreciate the simple things in life. Like appreciating time with your kids after a long work week or a day off spent with a margarita in a hammock.

    Even real celebrities have to work with film, theater, musically. If they phone it in, you best believe they get called out. Even the scrounge family of Hollywood has to work to stay relevant.

  16. The use of #makechesterproud seems somewhat inappropriate especially since she also tagged Talinda. Her husband is gone … hearing other people are contemplating and getting treatment could be a huge trigger for her.

    1. I have a friends whose son did commit suicide. She encourages people to tag herin their treatment, for help, and just to know they are choosing life. My father-in-law committed suicide also my husband would lovw to know someone else is choosing life.

      1. Could be absolutely correct however, a few short months after your loved one died doesn’t seem like enough time to be worrying about the entire worlds issues. Give that woman time to heal, deal and accept before people start throwing her extremely famous husbands name around.

  17. Awww, Catelynn. I’m glad she’s getting the help she needs. This poor girl had a less than stellar upbringing, and then got sucked into the freak show that is MTV’s Teen Mom. Money doesn’t make you happy. I hope she gets better and comes back to her family soon.

    1. The people that are down voting shock me. This is not the time for judgement. I am happy she is getting help and bringing awareness. My father-in-law told people. I wish they would have taken his depression/ anxiety seriously. Maybe I am bias but I have lost an Uncle, seen a friend suffer the loss of a child, and watched my husband suffer the loss of an amazing man, his father. Snark is okay but their comes a time when take REAL issues seriously.

    2. many of us had very hard abusive childhoods guess what we clawed our way out of it made something of ourselves. We didn’t beat or abuse our children, we didn’t whine every chance we got and we got off the damn couch took care of our kids and worked no sympathy for these two lazy pot heads . Who thinks about suicide all day yet when they decide to do something they hop on social media and contact gossip sites. So yes thumbs down they need to suck it up and grow up

      1. People like you, drove me closer to the edge than I can ever explain, to anyone, and make sense. Mostly, because your mindset, makes no sense at all, it’s just cruel. People like you made me rethink needing, and getting help, more times than I care to count.

        Guess what? You don’t get to decide what others’ struggles are, or how they affect them, whether it is a temporary effect, or a long lasting one. You don’t get to say that what *I* suffered from, I should have simply sucked it up and moved on. Guess what else? I WAS a productive person, and still suffering, so deeply, in a way I can’t even explain(nor will I here).

        Stigma doesn’t help ANYTHING here, not when it comes to mental illnesses. If you can’t accept that life isn’t as easy as “suck it up buttercup”, then move along..because you’re only going to make things worse for those that are truly suffering.

        I found so many people just like you, and others posting here that thought I was just whining, being lazy, not willing to accept responsibility for my life, just wanting attention, had no “reason” to “jump on social media and tell people”. Why don’t you ask folks WHY they jump on social media, instead of judging them before knowing the reason(s). I did it, A-to let the few I cared to know where I was going and why(because it was easier for me to do it in one fell swoop..less explanation necessary) and B-because I KNOW others might also need help and might be too far in their own abyss to realize it, admit it and mostly…GET it…because of this ridiculously horrid stigma.

        Hate/dislike Caitlyn for some of her actions, sure…she’s made a lot of stupid ones. I am far from her biggest fan. But judging her for admitting her flaws, admitting she needs help, owning up to her thoughts and feelings and yes even offering a glimmer of hope for others because thye may be able to relate to how she’s feeling (yes, it does, whether YOU can see it or not)…that’s just asinine.

        1. Right! Just become some of us are able to cope with abuse in a different way, does not mean we should be putting others down. Everyone is different. Everyone’s story is different. Putting her down and calling her a cry baby is so mean. There’s no reason to be cruel to someone who has a mental illness. She’s trying to get better, obviously.

      2. According to the idiot below me the only way you have a mental illness is if you sit on your fatass all day and your a slob. I agree with you 100%

    1. @V: needed to respond to this because there is absolutely NO snark in this post. It is strictly a news story, as that is the only thing appropriate in this situation. The Ashley would never joke about something like this. -The Ashley

      1. Your article was awesome! No snark just facts as I see it. They might be talking about the comments from others.

  18. I truly wish her the best because of Nova but honestly, did she need to submit that tweet? Why can’t she just go to a treatment center in peace? Why tweet that you “thought of every way to kill your self” knowing that you’re a public figure with a 2/3 year old child that one day could read that?

    1. She’s trying to take the stigma away from it. It should be something that people can talk about. Otherwise, we have teens out there that may be suicidal and won’t want to talk about it. Nova will already know that her dad openly talked about when he tried to commit suicide.
      If it prevents even ONE teen or person from committing suicide than her tweet was worth it.
      Don’t you think?

      1. Especially since anxiety and depression tend to run in families. I didnt want to mention it but not only have I lost loved ones my daughter at 18 had a plan for suicide. We did counseling but her anxiety was so bad it rocked my family. Sorry if I seem passionate about this but I truly am. My mother attempted suicide while pregnant with my sister and to watch my daughter literally go crazy was heart breaking. She is on anti anxiety/ depression meds after she was taken from school and admitted into the hospital and probably will be for many years to come.

        1. @Natasha that is so sad to hear :'( I’m glad you still have her and I sincerely hope the future will be better for you and your family. The only way is up, xx

    2. I would hope that “one day” would come with a candid, healthy, and age-appropriate talk about mental illness and getting help.

    3. If only others had a platform to reach others maybe some of my loved ones would still be here. I get the whole issue of being dramatic but I think this is one time we can all agree. Whatever works for her so we don’t have to see another life lost.

  19. Damn… imagine if she had Real world problems…like working a 40 hr a wk job..and eating ramen noodles three times a week, and working just to pay bills…. Give me a break… geez

    1. Mental illness is a real-world problem. Believe it or not, many people with major depression are fully aware they there are no circumstances in their life that would explain the way they feel, and it turns out that doesn’t help them to stop feeling that way. That’s why it’s a mental illness, as opposed to just having a crappy life.

    2. Hey Lynn, from someone who has a child that suffers from anxiety and depression and suicidal thoughts, may I just say, in regards to your cold, rude and callous post –


    3. @Lynn I am a white, privileged student in a rich European country. I loan (student) money from the government so I don’t have to work parttime or be very frugal. I have access to a great university, a gym, I have friends (good friends too), I have good relationships with my parents now, everything is stable. Yet I have suffered from a depression a year ago. The fact that I am so privileged made me feel so guilty that I wasn’t happy with my life. However, this only made the feelings of guilt and anger towards myself worse, so the depression worsened. People like you who are very quick to judge in a negative way also make such feelings grow so much more. So if you can’t help someone with mental health issues (like helping them to find platforms for support, numbers to call, urging them to go see a doctor/mental health care facility) please don’t say anything at all. A year ago a comment like yours could have triggered me into a deeper depression and I sincerely hope everyone who read your comment does not have such a bad mental stability that this comment could crack them.

      Stay strong people, you are loved! <3

  20. I applaud catelynn for getting help and not letting the stigma of mental illness stop her. She is far from perfect, but she surely faced a lot of abuse in her childhood that affects her still. She’s a good mom for facing it and getting help.

  21. Maybe, just maybe not smoking THE weed every day could help. Anyway, good for her and I truly wish her the best!

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