Research Results: Here’s The Most-Popular Reality TV Show in Every U.S. State

Do you ever see a reality show on TV and ask yourself, “Who in the world is watching this mess — (besides The Ashley)?” Well, we have answers… and also more questions after seeing some of these results. has put together its annual report of favorite reality TV shows in each state. The site analyzed Google Trends data to determine each state’s reality TV show obsession. While many of the winning shows are not a huge surprise, we’re happy to tell you there are a couple of random front-runners — looking at you, Pennsylvania, and your love of Guy’s Grocery Games.

This year, CBS’s Hunted (the favorite in Montana, South Dakota, Kansas, Missouri and Tennessee) and ABC’s Bachelor in Paradise (the top pick in Colorado, Minnesota, Michigan, Massachusetts and D.C.) are the lone standouts.

When it comes to reality TV, a lot of viewers seem to prefer shows set in their own state, evident by Keeping Up with the Kardashians being the favorite in California, Mob Wives being the top pick in New York and Texans loving Little Women: Dallas.

Also showing some hometown love is Nevada, favoring the Las Vegas-set Pawn Stars, Louisiana’s pick of Duck Dynasty and Oregon’s favorite reality show being Little People, Big World.

While MTV hasn’t aired any new episodes of 16 and Pregnant since 2014, the show oddly came out on top in Delaware and Ohio. The report shows a similar situation in Alabama, which names American Idol as its favorite reality TV show, despite the show concluding in 2016. (Alabama folks are probably thrilled about the show’s revival and return to TV coming in 2018.)

Also favoring the reality singing shows are North Dakota and Rhode Island, who enjoy watching The Voice, and Maine, whose favorite reality TV guilty pleasure is America’s Got Talent. A number of other states prefer their talent shows with a dash of celebrity, with The Apprentice being the favorite in Idaho and Virginia and Dancing with the Stars having the largest fan base in Illinois, Indiana and Iowa. The folks in Utah love them some Sister Wives!

The report also shows that The Real Housewives fandom is the strongest in the southeast, with Georgia and South Carolina being the most obsessed with all things drama and table-flipping, while viewers in Alaska and Arkansas prefer watching Naked and Afraid contestants rough it in the wilderness, sans clothing.

As for Nebraska and Kentucky naming Kate Plus 8 as its top pick… Guy’s Grocery Games just got a lot more enticing. We take back what we said, Pennsylvania!

In an additional survey from the team, male and female participants agreed ‘KUWTK’ is “far and away the most annoying reality TV show,” while Teen Mom, Big Brother, Jersey Shore and Survivor were named the top favorites.

As for the most nostalgic shows, MTV programs received some love as participants aged 18-24, 25-34 and 45-54 named ‘Teen Mom’ as the most nostalgic (?), while 35-44 year-olds said ‘The Real World’ stood out as the most nostalgic. Strangely, the youngest and oldest demographic surveyed — 14-17 year-olds and those over 54 — named Cheaters as the most nostalgic show.

Here’s a listing of each state’s favorite reality TV show, according to‘s research:

Alabama: American Idol

Alaska: Naked and Afraid

Arizona: Keeping Up With the Kardashians

Arkansas: Naked and Afraid

California: Keeping Up With the Kardashians

Colorado: Bachelor in Paradise

Connecticut: Dance Moms

Delaware: 16 and Pregnant

Florida: Fear Factor

Georgia: The Real Housewives

Hawaii: Top Chef

Idaho: The Apprentice

Illinois: Dancing With the Stars

Indiana: Dancing With the Stars

Iowa: Dancing With the Stars

Kansas: Hunted

Kentucky: Kate Plus 8

Louisiana: Duck Dynasty

Maine: America’s Got Talent

Maryland: Supernanny

Massachusetts: Bachelor in Paradise

Michigan: Bachelor in Paradise

Minnesota: Bachelor in Paradise

Mississippi: Love & Hip Hop

Missouri: Hunted

Montana: Hunted

Nebraska: Kate Plus 8

Nevada: Pawn Stars

New Hampshire: Long Island Medium

New Jersey: Shark Tank

New Mexico: Little Women: LA

New York: Mob Wives

North Carolina: Hoarders

North Dakota: The Voice

Ohio: 16 and Pregnant

Oklahoma: Undercover Boss

Oregon: Little People Big World

Pennsylvania: Guy’s Grocery Games

Rhode Island: The Voice

South Carolina: The Real Housewives

South Dakota: Hunted

Tennessee: Hunted

Texas: Little Women: Dallas

Utah: Sister Wives

Vermont: Survivor

Virginia: The Apprentice

Washington: Project Runway

West Virginia: Hoarders

Wisconsin: The Bachelor

Wyoming: Ink Master



  1. Lived in TX all my life never have seen Little Women Dallas. My daughter that is 5 loves Beat Bobby Flay and Guys Grocery Games.

  2. Surprised to see TMOG or TM2 is not a favourite in any state, although they are mentioned in the most favourite shows of the additional survey.

  3. Every thing is bigger in Texas! Except our favorite reality show…Little Women: Dallas :-). I’ve never watched a single episode. I personally like Survivor.

  4. I’m from Maine, lived here all my 34 years, so has my entire family. Never seen a single episode of America’s Got Talent, nor do I know anyone who watches it… must be all the people up North where there’s no cable lol

    1. Sarah, I am from Utah and your comment made me chuckle for a minute. I have watched it but my favorite reality show is Teen Mom OG.

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