‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Kail Lowry Confirms She Has A Girlfriend (For Real This Time)

You know things are serious when someone gets a name necklace!

Javi Marroquin recently got himself a new girlfriend— and so did his ex-wife, Kail Lowry!

The Teen Mom 2 star, who has basically been falsely linked with every female friend she’s ever taken a photo with, has actually confirmed that she is dating a woman. During Wednesday’s episode of her Coffee & Convos podcast, Kail told her co-host Lindsie Chrisley that she is officially has a girlfriend.

“We were friends for a year and so it kind of just turned into [a relationship],” Kail said. “So, it’s not like she was trying to wine and dine me to ask me to be her girlfriend, you know what I mean? It more or less just happened.”

Kail did not specifically say who her girlfriend is, but she has basically confirmed (via social media) that it is Dominique Potter. Dominique accompanied Kail last weekend when she attended a fundraising event for Puerto Rico.

Kail has been open about being bi-sexual, and while random gossip sites have linked her to various female friends over the years, this is the first time that she’s actually confirmed that she’s in an actual relationship with one of these women. She has, however, stated that she has dated a few women in the past.

Kail was previously linked to her three baby-daddies– Chris LopezJo Rivera and Javi (who is currently dating Kail’s ‘Teen Mom 2’ co-star and current rival Briana DeJesus).

Kail expressed her thoughts on dating in a recent blog post.

“I’m a mom of three, and this is where I am in my life now,” she wrote. “Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and find love whenever you feel you are ready. Even though mom life is crazy-busy, we deserve companionship, too.”

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  1. She got with Javi to raise Isaac
    now she needs someone to help raise Lux.
    Sadly Kail didn’t have a parents as role models and I think she is always searching for love because of them but enough is enough she needs to be a role model for her 3 children and quit bringing home every Tom Dick and Jane.
    And are these girls really this screwed up or is this the life they live for job security?

  2. Well, this certainly answers my question: “How could Kail possibly be more of a pig?”

    Every time I hear anything about her I feel bad for Isaac. What a sweet little boy. He deserved so much better.

  3. Staying single after my kids’ father broke up with me was the best decision of my life! I spent a year going to therapy once a week and learning how to be a single mom. I waited for my Cole instead of settling for my david (someone commented that on this site). My soulmate found me (I wasn’t looking for him).

    If you’re a single mom, don’t be a kailyn. Be a Chelsea. Don’t rush to bring people into your kid(s) life/lives.

    1. If you’re going through a tough break up or divorce read the book Co-Dependant No More. It seriously changed my life. I broke a cycle that I didn’t even realize I created.

    2. You do know Chelsea slept with Adam for years right? She wanted really wanted him that’s why she was single. They just hide it from the show! She pined after him for years but she also slept with his cousin which is weird.

  4. Can Kail ever just be alone for a few months? It’s like she fast tracks all these mini relationships she has. A month ago she was messaging a guy she said she was “kinda” dating, and they made jokes about him living next door.

  5. She has a girlfriend and yet she was just texting Javi about where he takes Briana? Sounds about right. Kailyn and Javi are both publicity whores who don’t seem to care how it affects their sons. I’m sure Kail’s new gf is very nice (although, if she has any common sense, why would she get involved in this trainwreck?), but Kail has three young kids, including a newborn. I just don’t see her waiting to introduce her gf to the boys. I can’t even imagine how many men and women have come in and out of Isaac’s life at this point. He is such a sweet, sensitive boy and deserves a mom who is going to protect him from this kind of chaos and instability.

    1. She already been around her kids a lot lol You can see her in pictures playing “Daddy Dom”. She also talked about her GF leaving her shoes at the door like Javi

  6. The only way this will work is…
    Constant Kailyn worship and praise
    Never ask questions like Javi
    Babysit while kailyn is getting a on , do not ask questions.

  7. WOW…. I JUst CANT…. I’m sorry but I don’t think she has any Honest intentions here. I believe it’s all for attention now that Javi and Briannahoe are dating-this is how she 1ups them and stays relevant at the same time. I’m all for loving whoever you love no matter who it is but I just don’t believe her and it’s just sad.:.

  8. I feel horrible for her children! They’re gonna need a lot of therapy. This isn’t even homophobic. She’s so selfish. The poor children ?

  9. So is she going to get Ms. Crapgoblin’s name added to the sleeve?
    So much in-mouth vomit here. Poor thing has to chew on Kail’s beat up baby chute 8-(

    1. EW LOL
      But I can’t pretend I also wasn’t trying not to think about that. Like she just had baby #3. I wouldn’t want any guests down there for awhile still!!! Come onnnnn.

  10. Why cant these girls just be single and concentrate on their kids….Leah is a perfect example, now that she’s single and concentrating on her kids and doing GREAT.

    1. All Leah wants to do is ship her kids off to therapy. Corey, too. That will be their new Schick, instead of drugs and fighting, the “Triple As” will be in therapy forever because Lean, Jeremy, not Corey have the capacity to sit down with their children, and talk to them about their problems.

      Jeremy, Addalynn won’t be going to college, so slow that roll. Save the money for the rehab she’ll need later on when she’s a “Teen Stripper” like Jordan Cashmere.

    2. Oh please Leah has dated and had MANY hookups she just keeps it a secret and dosn’t talk about it. She hides her life good and everything and denies it lol That’s why the show is getting so boring too and she just her taking her girls back and fourth to school!

  11. I went to high school with Dom! She’s a really nice person and seemed to have a good head on her shoulders from what I’ve heard around the town. I’m honestly really surprised she’s with someone like Kail since I feel like Kail might just mess with her, then throw her away ?

  12. Kail doesn’t seem like she’s in a place to have a healthy relationship with anybody right now. Worst case scenario is that this woman cares for her, only to learn that Kail is using her for personal attention and validation, and as a pawn in a social media campaign.

    I really do think she could benefit from being single, committing to a therapist (instead of a romantic relationship), and figuring out how to best manage her life. She has enough going managing logistics and dynamics with 3 baby daddies, no need to add more complexity to her boy’s lives right now.

    1. I wish I could like this comment more than once!
      Yes yes yes yes.
      I can’t imagine how busy you’d be arranging drop offs & pick ups with THREE baby daddies. Even if the last one she purposely chose hoping he’d not be bothered with his newborn child.
      How does she have time for a new relationship already?

  13. This is 100% a publicity stunt. She cannot stand that Javi’s “relationship” with Briana has been in the news. It has been very poorly staged. She manages to keep Chris under wraps and out of the media for a considerable amount of time when she first announced she was pregnant. Ridiculously transparent PR move- post a pic with someone who has your name on a necklace. ?

    1. I believe these two are both benefiting from this bullshit. This is definitely a pr stunt for all the reasons you already said & then some!!

    2. She already talked about Dom being her girlfriend weeks ago. She said she was taking her girlfriend to work with pictures of Dom.

  14. Kail, parent your kids! Bond with Baby #3! You’ve set it up so that you’re basically all he’s got! You owe him as much time as you can give him. Isaac and Lincoln are still so little, they need you so much. You’ve already separated them from living full-time with their fathers. Grow up, and assume your responsibilities!

  15. Can’t help wondering how long it’ll be before she’s bored and cheating on this girl. After all, she has a history of that, doesn’t she?

    Longtime viewers will remember her cheating on Jo with Jordan. Then backing up to cheat on Jordan with Jo. Then cheating on Javi with one of his female friends. Then cheating on Javi while he was deployed with Chris.

    Meanwhile, her sweet little son Isaac is old enough to have witnessed — and remember all of it.

    And for me, it’s the absolute SADDEST part.

    1. Not correct
      She did not cheat on Jo, they were already done.
      She did cheat on Jordan with Jo (she later said MTV made her say that while she did not)
      She did not cheat on Javi, they already broke up. Javi was seeying/ sleeping with other too, cause they did already break up. Adultry is not appreciated when you are serving. He could have had big issues after posting that picture from his new lady in his bed but he could because the divorce was already in the works when he left home.

      1. Wrong. She DID cheat on Jo.

        When she met Jordan she was working at Foot Locker — and still living with Jo in his parents home.

        Please look back at the episodes. Funny, how it’s not considered cheating, yet Kail did EVERYTHING but stand on her head to avoid Jo finding out about her and Jordan.

    1. Exactly ONE person on this thread made a few questionable remarks. Don’t paint everyone sharing their opinion on the thread with that broad brush of homophobia/transphobia. Or better yet, why don’t you address the one person on the thread making said comments?

    2. Other than one or two questionable comments, i don’t really see this thread as being homophobic. Rather people like myself question her motives regarding this relationship, and would do so if she was with a man too: why can’t she stay single for her kids? Is this a fashion statement, a PR move? If she wants to be a lesbian, great go for it. But she has three kids by three men, one of whom she just divorced and the other was a random. Not a great example for her kids, and now that the men are out she’s bringing in a new woman? Whether you support her being a lesbian or not, you know damn right she’s made a confusing mess for her kids with ALL of her partners.

  16. Every single calculated move Kailyn makes is an obvious F.U. to the fathers of her children. She is so needy is exhausting. Always trying to act like shes so “tough” and “boss mom” honey take several seats..you are extra average at best.

    1. Right ??? She has already had a relationship with neighbor now this chick and baby’s belly button thingy probably has not even fallen off yet.

  17. She just needs be a mom…No relationship needed!!! No hate just as a young mom her focus on relationships seem to not work!! So now with a wonen clearly no judgement !! But will her boys think now!!! I wish u well kio!!!

  18. At first glance, I thought that was Tyler!!??? Oh, Lawd, Kail!! Lets just hope this is REALLY a girl & not a trans!! Or Kail will be gettin knocked up again!

  19. How does Jo continue to meekly go along with all of Kail’s whore-like behavior. Doesn’t he care what Isaac sees as a “mother”? Grow a set, Jo, and fight for total custody. Javi needs to do the same. Don’t wait until she starts packing for LA (for her CAREER).

    About the “career” – does anyone want to see this sloppy,tatooed loser on the screen providing news or hosting some program? She is hideous looking and has no character to back any “opinion” she might share or inflict.

  20. Kail, honey, you have THREE kids. Take care of those boys and stop dating around. If Leah, your CO-STAR managed to be single for more than a year now, you can too. I guess I just don’t understand, as someone being single for a year now and don’t see myself dating again atm, how soon can some people jump from person to person. If it lasts, good for you but if it doesn’t and you introduce her to your sons, you will have some very confused kids growing up.

    1. She brings them home immediately too! I mean she wasn’t even divorced and The boys were in the house with her and Chris.

  21. I don’t care if she’s dating a guy or a girl but can’t she be single for a little bit? I don’t even think this is the first person she’s dated since her third son was born. Take it easy lady! Some people don’t like being alone but she’s far from alone with three sons at home

  22. Okay. THIS confirms what I have felt all along, as Nathan so eloquently put it…most of these girls are “white trash who hit the lottery”. Beneath the fancy cars, plastic surgery and book deals, a lot of them are just maladjusted adults who need to be in therapy. Having kids with multiple men (within a very short span of time) and then turning around and dating a woman *screams* “I don’t know how to be alone and need someone, anyone to love and validate me”. I’m not saying that she’s not bi-sexual, but get real! Even if this were a man she was dating, she literally has a fucking newborn and is freshly divorced. Where is the time to breathe and recover, in all aspects? Egad. I would have hoped that all of the money, traveling and opportunities would have given Kail/Jenelle/Farrah/Amber/Catelynn some perspective but if anything it seems to have stunted them because they haven’t had to face adulthood yet. Neither Kail nor Jenelle would have had time to have three kids by three men if they were still having to figure out how to feed and clothe the first one. With the exception of Chelsea, Maci and Leah, this show is officially doing the opposite of what it was intended. Good on Leah for addressing her shit head on and not running into another marriage.

    Also, “even though mom life is crazy-busy, we deserve companionship, too”. I mean, really? Can your baby even hold his own head up yet? SMH.

  23. Kail really needs to start getting some intense therapy for her indulgent and destructive ways but for those little boys who get dragged along with all her unnecessary drama.

  24. How about take a break from dating anyone and just focus on your children and do you.

    Quit being a petty bitch to your ex you pushed away, quit crying how Chris done wronged you, quit moving new lovers in and out of your kids live – they don’t understand.

    Girl gave birth a few months ago and is only worried about who she’s dating, it is surreal and just so trashy. Her and Briana ARE cut from the same cloth.

    I have never known any mom more focused on dating than their newborn.

  25. So is she going to marry her soon also? You know kail moves fast. They are going to adopt and then divorce and not let her see the kid either. I think she’s only daring a girl to mess with her exes. Like take that that’s why you weren’t good enough for me. She isn’t a good relationship person in general.

  26. Must be a new thing to date all your friends. I️ don’t think saying you were friends first makes it any easier for your kids. Wasn’t Chris a friend? Kailyn is a Loosey-goosey.

    1. Haha your right about Chris being a friend first. She dates who ever is in the room w her at the time. Next she’ll be married to a chair.

      1. Maybe she should look for love beyond her living room/neighborhood. I️ would love to hear a diagnosis of what’s wrong with her. JS
        I️ want to see her date that blonde girl. The one that acts and looks weird.

      2. I laughed way too hard about the chair.
        Probably because I just read a Buzzfeed article about weird Yahoo questions and one of them was “Can I marry food?”
        And someone mentioned that a British woman married a train station.

      1. Kailyn is the leader. I️ think your on to something. Obviously she loves to control everyone around her.

  27. This just kind of seems like the thing where kail feels like she haven’t been in the news or 2.2 seconds so let me figure out what I can say if it’s a genuine true relationship I wish them both happiness as they go forward but when did kail become so attention seeking? It seems like she’s putting everything out on social media Take some time enjoy a relationship for whatever it is before opening it up to other people

  28. She just had a baby and has two other children. Why can’t she just stay single for a while and focus on being a mom. These poor kids have been through so much change the last few years, they deserve a break and some consistency. Kail needs to stop jumping from one relationship to another.

  29. I can’t imagine how confused her kids are watching her hop from guy to girl to whatever her flavor of the month is. Her bedroom is a damn circus at this point.

    Also I thought she was with that Rebecca Hayter girl? She seemed cool and nice so it was never going to last long with Kail. Who is this new random?

    1. I agree…she reminds me of Ruby Rose who is super hot. I have a girl crush on Ruby Rose lol. Your guess is as good as mine as to how Kail managed to get her to date her.

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