Beyoncé, Breaking the Fourth Wall & Going Out With a Bang: The 5 Most-Shocking Moments From the ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Season 11 Finale

Me, summing up my feelings on Season 11 of ‘Vanderpump Rules.’

The Vanderpump Rules Season 11 finale aired this week, leaving viewers either annoyed, wanting more, confused, demanding a cast shakeup or embarrassed that we can no longer use the show as an excuse for why we’ve been watching The Valley. 

Before we all shamelessly nosedive dive into the three-part (yes, THREE) reunion next week, here are the 5 Most-Shocking Moments from the ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Season 11 Finale:

1. Lala’s Interrogation of Ariana’s New Boo

During a Tom Sandoval-free lunch in San Francisco, Lala Kent takes an opportunity to interrogate Ariana Madix’s boyfriend Dan Wai. Ya know, because Lala has historically been such a great judge of character and all. (Looking at you, Randall Emmett.) 

“Dan is handling this interrogation like a champ,” Lala says, after firing off no less than a dozen inquires at the personal trainer/bartender. “He’s not breaking a sweat. 

“Don’t mind her, she’s in her ‘soft era’ right now.”

“But I will be damned if another person comes into this group dating someone and they end up being an a**hole,” she adds. “Like, we’re asking all the questions now. What are your intentions? Why are you here?”

2. Scheana, Sandoval & the Sound Engineer

After learning that Sandoval paid to bring his personal sound engineer to San Francisco to set things up for her live performance, Scheana Shay is fully convinced that Sandoval is, once again, good as gold. 

“…when he’s trying to win back their friendship and/or the cameras are rolling. He’s a real one!”

“This is the person I remember,” she says. “He’s my friend who does these type of things for people when they don’t even ask and it’s so genuine and that’s what’s made this whole fallout so hard, because I do remember who he was to me for 15 years.” 

3. Scheana & Ariana Kiss and Make Up (Literally); Sandoval Attempts to Say Sorry

“Don’t forget me, Ariana, if UberEats comes knockin’ this summer for another promo deal!” 

Following Scheana’s performance, Scheana and Ariana have a heart-to-heart, which quickly turns into Scheana singing-– not literally, thank God–- Sandoval’s praises for the whole sound engineer situation. Scheana tells Ariana she believes that Sandoval throwing down money from his Tom Sandoval & The Most Extras tip jar shows that he is “changing” and becoming a better person. 

Ariana, however, was not interested in hearing Scheana praise her cheating ex.

“He’s an ex-boyfriend of mine, who does not deserve to be in my presence and breathe the same air as me and that will not change,” Ariana says of Sandoval, eventually causing Scheana to turn on the water works, claiming she doesn’t want to lose Ariana as a friend as a result of her own need to be friends with literally everyone. 

You can always count on Scheana…to do what’s best for Scheana.

Despite drawing a line in the sand earlier this season, Ariana assures Scheana that they are “family” and will always be friends. Moments later, Sandoval interrupts the heart-to-heart, in yet another attempt to force a conversation with Ariana on-camera. 

“Ariana, come on! It’s just a coincidence that I’m doing this in front of the entire cast and rolling cameras!” 

Sandoval’s ambushing sends Ariana speed-walking through the event and straight to “Executive Producer Jeremiah,”  where the much anticipated (OK, overhyped) fourth-wall breaking begins. 

“ … Him f**king walking up on me talking to Scheana– he doesn’t give a f**k if I died in a f**king ditch or got a f**king deadly STD, the way he was f**king around behind my back,” she says. “That is non-informed consent and he does not deserve to speak to me. He does not get access to me.” 

“…until we have at least one more camera on you to really capture this blowup.”

Ariana proceeds to call Sandoval’s on-camera apology attempt “performative” and something she doesn’t want any part of. 

“Whatever it is that Tom is trying to get from me, it’s not for me-– it’s for him,” she says. “I am the final boss in his video game of redemption and because he can’t get to the final boss, he’s f**king pissed.”

4. Lala Loses It

After Ariana exits stage left the party, Sandoval accuses her of being “lazy” for not filming with him, before Lala goes on to break the fourth wall herself. 

“ … This happened to her, the world rallied around her, she now thinks she is Beyoncé,” Lala says to Scheana, Sandoval and Tom Schwartz. “It’s bulls**t that she can’t film with someone that she stays under the same roof! It’s a lot! It’s a lot that she’s saying, ‘Don’t f**k with Tom Sandoval, don’t f**k with Tom Sandoval, but I’m gonna sleep down the hall from Tom Sandoval.’

“And if she’s gonna stay there, I’m gonna stay bothered over it!”

“I get it, he f**king cheated … but he did not kill somebody,” she continues. “ … I have never in my life experienced someone who gets cheated on and suddenly she becomes God!” 

As the episode begins to wind down, a montage of clips from early ‘Vanderpump Rules’ seasons roll, and Lala calls Ariana’s decision to “walk out this way” a “slap in the face,” as she claims there is “a responsibility that comes with living your life on camera.” 

“You have to be truthful, even when it’s extremely uncomfortable,” she says. “ … There was a time when I was not honest about what was going on in my life and it was suffocating. I don’t feel that Tom and Ariana were ever honest about their relationship until Tom was caught cheating. And you think that you get to be honest for one moment and then you get to pack it all away, and all is good? F**k that.”

5. Sandoval’s Mask Slips 

Sandoval’s gonna Sandoval.

As the credits roll, a producer is heard saying, “that’s the end,” to which Schwartz comments, “That was a f**king plot twist.” 

“I love it,” a seemingly amused Sandoval adds. “It’s good for me.”

While the Season 11 Finale was packed with more shocking moments than animals currently living in/around Villa Rosa, here are some honorable mentions (in no particular order) that didn’t make the Top 5:

* Lala calling Dan “a f**king square”

* Brock Davis going full #TeamSandoval

* The return of Sandoval’s galaxy lights

* Lala and Katie Maloney binge-watching reruns of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills 

* Lisa Vanderpump’s awkward FaceTime with Scheana

* Schwartz trying (again) to force Jo Wenberg into the group

* Dan successfully dodging Sandoval’s handshake  

* Scheana’s She-Ra-meets-Belle-From-‘Beauty & the Beast” performance getup, presumably inspired by something in her toddler d dress-up box 

Part 1 of the ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Season 11 Reunion airs May 14 on Bravo. Click here to watch the trailer. 

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  1. Thank you Lala for finally saying something about Ariana being on her high horse! Someone needs to knock her down a bit! You are not Beyonce!!!! Enough is enough! Move on!

  2. A bonus must have been dangled in Tom’s face if he could get Ariana to interact with him on camera. And as badly as most of the others want her to do so, they might have been threatened with extinction if that doesn’t happen.

  3. The finale was better than the entire season.

    Lauren from Utah (aka BJ’s for PJ’s) is a complete hypocrite. She hid the truth and lied her ass off for years about screwing a married man. I doubt seriously she is honest about her life now. She brings up her circumstances with Rand in every episode as if anyone cares. The reason it’s different for Ariana is because people actually like Ariana, they can relate to her because she has actual human emotions that we understand. Unlike Lauren.

    Dan is fine.🔥Lala dates sugar daddies not actual men. She doesn’t date for a loving relationship she dates because she wants someone to buy her so she can act like she is LVP. She is jealous. Period.

    I hope that Ariana realizes that Scheana has shown her true colors this season. She doesn’t give a shit about Ariana and never has. For whatever reason Scheana feels like she is finally sitting at the cool kids table because she is now besties with Lala. Scheana’s passive aggressive comments about Ariana in her confessional shows the real Scheana.

    I have never been a Katie fan. I think there are parts of her that are cruel and she enjoys being that way. However I am impressed with how much she has been there for Ariana and how much she has her back. I would say that from the show she is the only one Ariana can count on.

    Both Tom’s are disgusting low life’s and have been since the beginning. I’m actually hoping this is the last season because I hate to think how much these assholes are being paid.

    Surprisingly The Valley is more entertaining. Now Lala is in talks to be on that show which will ruin it for me. I wish nothing but the best for Ariana. I don’t care about anyone else.

    1. Hear, hear! You’re spot on. And I also hope this is the final season. Between the Toms and Lala and Scheana… ew… I’m good.

    2. Hard agree on all points, word on the street is that Ariana is not close with scheana anymore.

      Lala and Scheana came off really gross. While I don’t expect much from Lala watching scheana work herself into a frenzy over nothing and acting like a simple apology from Tom would heal all was gross. Brock and her had other storylines to share this season her post natal ocd, her controlling issues over hiring a nanny that caused her to hiss at him about fighting in public over mother in front of xs bikinis.

      But no let’s make our whole storyline about how big bad Beyoncé-Ariana won’t let me be friends with a narcissistic asshole who openly humiliates me over an affair I had at 21 that I didn’t even know was an affair BECAUSE I DIDNT EVEN KNOW WHAT IMDB WAS IN 2006.

      I hope this is the last season too. The best part was watching it on peacock was seeing the party crasher. I will forgive the Ashley for not listing Brock’s booty shaking pool boy dance break.

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