Andy Cohen & Lala Kent Comment on Production Being Paused for ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Season 12

“I mean…I’m still getting paid so who cares?!”

Vanderpump Rules is reportedly going on hiatus and, while many of the show’s longtime fans aren’t thrilled about having to wait so long for Season 12, Bravo bigwig Andy Cohen and star Lala Kent both think it’s a great idea.

Andy– who is the executive producer of Bravo’s Real Housewives series and host of Watch What Happens Live and the network’s show reunions— addressed the issue during Wednesday’s episode of SiriusXM’s Andy Cohen Live stating that pausing production of ‘VP’ Season 12 will not only give the cast a “break,” but will likely result in better storylines for the upcoming season.

“As y’all know, I don’t produce ‘Vanderpump Rules,'” Andy began, before stating that pausing production used to happen frequently on his ‘Real Housewives’ shows.

“We would say, ‘You know what? Let’s put cameras down for, you know, four or five months and come back to them and [the cast has] lived, you know, life,'” Andy said. “Things will be different.”

“I always think it’s great [to pause production for a while],” he said. “Look, sometimes you want to pick cameras right up quickly because there’s stuff happening and you want to get in there right away. And sometimes you do want people to live their lives and see how things develop, you know, so I think it’s a very good idea.” 

“No paycheck for all those months?! Do you even KNOW how much a pair of pleather pants costs these days?!” 

As The Ashley previously reported, it is currently unknown how long the show’s hiatus will ultimately be, but the cast will not be filming this summer, as they usually do for the upcoming season.

TMZ — who, on Tuesday, broke the news of the production pause– made it clear that ‘Vanderpump Rules’ is not being cancelled. However, when cameras do begin rolling again, producers are reportedly hoping to move away from the now-stale storylines about “Scandoval” (aka the affair carried on by Tom Sandoval and Rachel Leviss behind Ariana Madix‘s back).

“Our sources say Bravo & Co. feel they need to give the cast a break and let their lives breathe a bit in the wake of Scandoval — which has consumed much of the current season … and which has run dry at this point,” the site reported.

Scandoval is old news, but I could still go for watching this scene several more times….just sayin’…

Andy is reportedly not the only Bravo star who is looking forward to the break in filming. According to Page Six, the cast is on-board with the production pause.

“Everyone needs a moment to decompress after two very rough, intense seasons,” the site reported. “The cast is looking forward to a break from filming the show.”

One person who is ecstatic about not having to film this summer is Lala Kent. During her May 1 appearance on Amazon Live, Lala— who is currently pregnant with her second child— made it clear that she hoped cameras would remain down for the entire summer, as it would make for a less-stressful pregnancy. (She also seemed to be unsure if the “pause” in production was official or not.) 

“No pressure to be filmed while my feet are in the birthing stirrups and I’m heaving this kid outta my hoo-ha? Sounds good to me!”

“If we film this summer, I’m going to have a peaceful pregnancy, because I will not allow it to be any other way,” she said. “This is my real life. This is gonna be my baby forever, and I will be damned if anybody tries to make it – which, I’m in charge of my own emotions, so if we do film, I will keep zen to protect the peace of my baby in the womb. And if we don’t film this summer, I will be on Cloud 59.”

Lala is expecting a baby girl, who is due September 1. 

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(Photos: Bravo)

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