Farrah Abraham Reacts to the News That Jenelle Evans is Returning to ‘Teen Mom’; Shades Jenelle for Failing at OnlyFans & Going Back to MTV

“Watch your mouth, Back Door Teen Mom, you took MTV back, too!”

Jenelle Evans is coming back to the Teen Mom franchise, five years after she was fired from Teen Mom 2 and Farrah Abraham has a lot to say about it!

Just hours after MTV officially confirmed The Ashley‘s report that Jenelle would be appearing on the upcoming second season of Teen Mom: The Next Chapter, Farrah posted a video to social media, giving her thoughts on Jenelle’s return to the franchise.

Farrah— who, like Jenelle, was booted from ‘Teen Mom’ years ago— spoke about Jenelle’s decision to go back to MTV.

“[I was] just notified that, like, Jenelle Evans– speaking of a tumultuous day— is going back to ‘Teen Mom’ after, like, five years,” Farrah said. “And I have to say congrats to her…

Farrah busted out some of her signature “Farrah Speak” word salad to state that Jenelle was the perfect addition to the ‘Next Chapter’ cast. 

“All I have to say is, with Jenelle Evans returning to ‘Teen Mom’ after five years, who better to, you know, return of that cast.”

Farrah’s attempt at saying something nice to Jenelle was immediately followed by a series of backhanded remarks because…Farrah.

Farrah, talking about what happens inside of her when she actually says something nice about someone…probably.

“But at 32, I don’t ever wanna say I’m returning to something that was of the past,” Farrah said. “I don’t know. You can never go back to your past to heal to get better… You can’t heal where you were sick, you know?”

The Big F then began to ramble about May being Mental Health Awareness Month and why ‘Teen Mom’ isn’t good for anyone’s mental health…or something.

“You don’t really get too much mental health awareness on ‘Teen Mom.’ [The show] Dating on the Spectrum, they put mental health first. We should do that for ‘Teen Mom.’ Mental health first for teen moms,” she said. 

“That’s going to be my campaign platform when I run for president some day. PER LAW!”

“We should really see if all of us ‘Teen Mom’ [stars] are dating people who are good for our mental health and our children, clearly,” Farrah said, before jumping to the topic of Jenelle’s marriage to David Eason.

(As The Ashley previously reported, Jenelle filed for legal separation from David in February after more than six years of marriage.)

“After five years, Jenelle finally realized she’s in an abusive situation,” Farrah said, before blaming Jenelle’s mother Barbara for Jenelle’s bad marriage.

“No thanks to her mom, or anyone!” Farrah said.

“How are ya gonna blame me for that, Farrah? I told Juh-nelle not ta marry that loooo-sa but she doesn’t listen to her motha!”

“I guess it’s kind of like, wow, someone even fired her and she still didn’t see that abusiveness is not good,” Farrah said. “But I’m happy she’s seeing it now and [she’s] probably in a broken situation.”

Farrah then posted a link to her OnlyFans site (as you do when you’re talking about someone else’s allegedly abusive marriage), before shading Jenelle’s own attempt at selling her sexy-time pictures on the site for profit.

“I’m sad to hear that OnlyFans did not come true for her, for income and a brand outside of a show,” the Backdoor Teen Mom remarked. 

Farrah then made it seem like she wouldn’t return to the MTV show that made her (in)famous, even though she has returned at least once since she was fired in 2017.

“I don’t need to associate with those peasants…per law!”

“I feel like if I ever went back, I’d be stifled. I don’t want to stifle my child,” Farrah said, before trying to pitch her “upcoming” comedy tour (which she’s been talking about for literally years but still hasn’t happened.)

“I look forward to just talking more about the ‘Teen Moms’ and all that crazy fun stuff in a fun way,” she said. “Like, on a comedy set and on a comedy stage with myself. That’s what I would rather be doing.”

The Ashley is willing to pay double the ticket price of Farrah’s comedy show if The Big F is willing to wear a shower cap on stage.

Farrah closed her shade-filled video out with some random proclamations.

“I love makeup, I love feeling good. I love being a teen mom. Now I’ve got to go put on some jeans and a T-shirt and be the teen mom that I am,” Farrah– who is about to turn 33 years old— said.

“…I’ll see you on some stand-up [comedy] and we’ll talk real talk about Jenelle. I’m just sending her family love, light and happy Mother’s Day to all the teen moms out there! ”

Jenelle responded to Farrah’s video in a series of posts to X.

“‘Guess OF didn’t work out for her,'” Jenelle wrote to summarize what Farrah said about her. “Girl…ask me how to make an income besides a TV show. I’m comfortable with or without them.”

This is only the most-recent feud between the two ‘Teen Mom’ stars. Back in November, Jenelle and Farrah traded barbs online and basically called each other bad parents.

Watch Farrah’s full video below!


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  1. I mean she isn’t wrong. But honestly she herself would probably return if given the opportunity. She likes attention.

  2. I hate myself for this…while Farrah is a moron and has an extremely loose grasp on the English language…once you process what it is she was attempting to say, she did make a good point. You can’t heal where you were hurt. Jenelle LOVED blaming MTV for so many of her and her children’s problems, for only showing the negative, for making David look bad, etc…but there she goes scrambling back to the scene of the crime. Jenelle needs to step out of the spotlight because it has never served her well. She needs to focus on her children. We know she would never do that, but still. I’ve said it in previous posts, Jenelle will try to self-produce and refuse to talk about the bad stuff (which, it’s all bad really) and will act as if everything is great and she’s living her best life. Production will push, she’ll throw a tantrum, and she’ll leave again. All the while, those poor kids are being exploited and ignored while she plays star. Her life just is not that interesting beyond all the messiness.

  3. Maybe now she can continue to pay for David’s legal fees concerning her son…. we all know it’s fake & he’s still lurching around. MTV just made it clear that if she wanted to come back, she could. As long as she dumped him….

  4. Lol, look who is desperate to come back. Maybe Jenelle can learn from Farrah how Ensley will end up if she isn’t protecting her enough. (And lbr, she won’t) If Jace doesn’t end up being a teen parent (he is a smart kid but his mom ruined him (not to mention her POS ex husband who abused him) so I am afraid he will want to start his own family just to escape this one), Ensley definitely will! Gosh, what role models of parents (and Nathan is no prize for Kaiser either…these kids are BEYOND screwed!)

    1. Well I mean, OF isn’t farting in jars, or wiping your dook with cotton balls.

      Girl gotta hustle.

      Lotta facial piercings and black hair dye to pay for.

  5. This is hilarious! These two idiots can’t form a cohesive thought between the two of them.

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