MTV Confirms Jenelle Evans’ Return to ‘Teen Mom’; Watch the First Trailer for ‘Teen Mom: The Next Chapter’ Season 2

“I’m back biotches…but this time I have no dog-killing hubby in tow!”

Earlier this week, The Ashley broke the news that Jenelle Evans would appear on the upcoming season of Teen Mom: The Next Chapter and, on Wednesday, MTV confirmed the news by releasing the first trailer for the upcoming season of the show. The network also released a press release, confirming Jenelle’s return.

According to the press release, Jenelle– who was booted from Teen Mom 2 in 2019– is not currently a full-time cast member. Instead, she is making a “special appearance” on the season. (This confirms what The Ashley’s sources told her: Jenelle would return to the show “in some form” but has not been consistently filming.) 

“I think it will be good to have a fresh start,” Jenelle is heard saying in the trailer.

Page Six reports that Jenelle’s appearance on ‘Next Chapter’ Season 2 will focus on the early days of her split from husband David Eason as she “makes life-changing moves.”

(The Ashley reported that, while Jenelle was seen out with cast member Briana DeJesus earlier this month, many of the show’s other cast members are very upset that Jenelle has been brought back to the franchise, particularly to the main show, ‘Next Chapter.’) 

In addition to Jenelle’s return, the Season 2 trailer also shows what major milestones are happening with the other cast members. Leah Messer is seen embarking on her real estate career– and it appears that she is starting by selling the home she currently lives in, which was purchased with her then-fiancé, Jaylan Mobley, in 2022.

Aleeah’s like… “Let’s sell this house…but first: I’m gonna eat my Lunchable.”

It also appears that Leah’s run-in with her ex-husband Jeremy Calvert back in December (which resulted in Leah filing to get a protective order against Jeremy) will be covered.

“The police showed up and you looked all scary,” Addie— the daughter of Leah and Jeremy— tells Leah in the trailer. 

Meanwhile Mackenzie McKee (who is another new addition to the ‘Next Chapter’ cast this season) celebrates her one-year anniversary with boyfriend Khessy Hall

Amber Portwood‘s daughter Leah and Maci Bookout‘s son Bentley– who both turn 16 this fall– prepare to begin driving. 

All of our faces when it sinks in that the babies we saw born on “16 and Pregnant” Season 1 are now DRIVING and almost 16 themselves…

Also returning to the show is Ashley Jones. (She was previously fired-by-ghosting by producers, but the producers had a change of heart and brought her back.) 

In the trailer, Ashley is seen explaining to her daughter Holly (whom she shares with her sometimes-estranged husband Bar Smith) that nothing will change how Ashley and Bar feel about Holly.

“No matter what’s going on between me and your dad, we’ll still love you,” she says.

Also returning to ‘Next Chapter’ for Season 2 are Cheyenne FloydJade Cline and Catelynn Lowell.

“What? You really though we were gonna give up filming this show and get real jobs!? That’s a LAUGH!”

The new season premieres May 30 on MTV. 

You can watch the ‘Teen Mom: The Next Chapter’ Season 2 trailer below. 

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(Photos: MTV)

22 Responses

  1. And her storyline will soon be her “entering the dating world” again or she will already introduce her new boo she is apparently seeing. Yawn. Wash, rinse, repeat.

  2. idk why mtv’s playing it off as a “special appearance”, when mackenzie joined the show they called her a guest mom and just continued sharing her story after that like nothing happened

  3. Who’s mad?
    Maci? Cheyenne? Omg. Get over it.

    None of them have ANY room to talk here.

    We have childless Michael Meyers, we have one married to a criminal bum purse snatcher, one lusting after a poop smearing worthless junkie, one pimping out her husband to other mens on OF, one who is a spitter, one in crazy serious debt bc of drugses.. one who is a walking STD.. a plastic surgery addict with a drug addict mom…

    The only innocent one here is Douthit and I doubt she’s going to say a WORD. Lucky she finally has her own slot and she knows to keep her mouth shut or she’s back out the door!

    But I can fully see Maci irrationally angry over this.

    1. They’re allowed to be mad about it if they want to, whether or not you, I, or anyone else thinks they should be.

      They ALL have issues, absolutely no doubt whatsoever there, they definitely do. That doesn’t mean just because they have their own issues, they’re not allowed to ever comment about another person’s, lol. Not a damn one of us reading and posting here is perfect, it’s not even humanly possible. Yet we all have shit to say about their shit (because that’s what snark pages are about).

      Sit back, stop simpin’ so hard for ‘ole fivehead-someone who has no desire, or ability, to give you the time of day-and enjoy the ride here man. We all come here for the same thing, and you talk as much shit as the rest of us (and them, for that matter, lmao).

      1. This is how many times you’ve personally sought me out to tell me how YOU want me to comment on this forum.

        I do not need told by you what I can and cannot say on here.

  4. Good. I stopped watching after she left. Her chaos made the show interesting. Doubt I’ll bother to watch now though after so much time has passed.

  5. They should promote and bring back Rachel Beaver if they want their ratings increased. I don’t think Janelle’s re-appearance will do it. The Beaver family is great reality TV watching.

  6. The only two who actually took from this HUGE opportunity and made something positive out of it was Chelsea and Kaitlin, they rest are worthless trash with no education, no job skills, and will be lost once this ends.

  7. Hm I wonder if they really are getting a divorce or if this was all fake so she can get back to MTV. Jesus forgive me but Catelyn looks rough.

    1. Catelynn looks like April. The genetics in that family just aren’t good.

      I think the divorce is real. It will be the second divorce for both, so they both have it in them to leave a relationshit, even with kids.

      Unrelated to the divorce, I fully believe he hates her and always has. He only ever wanted her money and that’s it. Doesn’t even care about Ensley. They aren’t separated bc he hates her, he’s always hated her.

      I think they’re only separated bc legally they have to be, but I do think the divorce is coming.

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