EXCLUSIVE! Jenelle Evans Being Brought On to ‘Teen Mom: The Next Chapter’; Some Cast Members “Very Upset” That She’s Coming Back to Franchise

“‘Member me?”

She’s baaaack!

Teen Mom fans were surprised last week when Page Six posted a photo showing Jenelle Evans hanging out with Teen Mom: The Next Chapter cast member Briana DeJesus in Florida. Since no context was given for the photo, fans have been speculating that Jenelle may be returning to the MTV franchise that booted her back in 2019.

Now, The Ashley can reveal that Jenelle is being brought back to the franchise (in “some form”) and, according to The Ashley’s sources, some of the franchise’s cast members are not happy about it.

“Only a few cast members were aware of what was happening until that photo came out,” one behind-the-scenes source tells The Ashley. “Some of the girls are very upset that Jenelle is getting to be on ‘Next Chapter,’ despite everything that’s happened.”


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A production source adds that spots on ‘Next Chapter’ are coveted and other girls were being considered. (The production source was quick to add, though, that Jenelle may not be a permanent cast member. The Ashley can only confirm that they are bringing Jenelle back in “some form.”)

“Some of the girls probably saw it coming, though,” another source stated. “They knew when Jenelle dumped David that MTV would come calling. But I think most of them assumed [Jenelle] would be put on Teen Mom Family Reunion and not ‘Next Chapter.’ To have her go right to [‘Next Chapter’] is kind of a slap in the face to some of the other girls.” 

Jenelle, realizing that she could have been brought back YEARS ago if she had ditched her swampy soulmate earlier…

While The Ashley is not sure how much (if any) Jenelle has filmed yet, she is being told that Jenelle’s mom Barbara Evans has not yet filmed. Jenelle and Barbara have been estranged for nearly a year, but The Ashley hears that the mother/daughter duo is slowly mending their relationship.

“Jenelle and Barbara are back on speaking terms,” a source said. “Whether or not that will translate into Barb coming back to filming is unknown right now.” 

“The chances are HIGH! HIGH! that I’m gonna say yes to that big fat MTV paycheck, though!”

The Ashley will update this story when more info is available. Stay tuned…

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram) 

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  1. Janelle and David are playing the hell outta MTV. They’re still together. As unstable as both of them are, especially Dave would have heaved that dirty laundry and allll Jan’s secrets….but he didn’t. Why? Because this is all bullshit. Morgan Freeman and Kiki Malone are dumb af

  2. She is no worse than Cait and Tyler and their endless weed smoking, only fans d*ck wagging, Amber and her machete, sucking fentanyl patches while filming, and beating the crap out of Gary. Rhine and horsey face allowing him to drive under influence of Dannie bars and H to their beautiful wedding…Ashley siren and bar, give me a break…the coven, nuff said. Welcome back janelly. You’ll feel right at home

  3. I WANT this divorce to be real but it bothers me/ has been niggling at me that they both wore Plaid shirts to their last court date. Super odd wardrobe choice for court! It just feels like the kind of moronic, childish stunt they’d pull to “mess with the hatters” and feel like they’re big and clever fooling people. Yes I know I need to get a life lol.

  4. Ratings are down. Of course they would ask her. Timing is a little convenient. Is her OF not enough?
    What came first a large desperation payout from MTV or the divorce

  5. What a joke. I stopped watching this show years ago and I most definitely won’t be tuning in for a woman that has stood by and defended the man who abused her children and animals. She’s not going to be the same Jenelle they remember from years ago…chasing after Keifer in flip flops and screaming in her mom’s face. No this Jenelle tries very hard to act like everything is okay and she’s a perfect mother. She’ll blame everything on David while taking no accountability for her own actions. No growth whatsoever from Jenelle. She’s going to be just as boring as the other women are. MTV needs to stop rewarding these ppl for being pos parents…it’s disgusting.

  6. Briana bringing Janelle back again.
    When did Briana become the one in control?
    Walking drama the both of them.

    If someone is fired that’s it, it’s over no coming back.

    1. @Bel– to be fair, Briana probably had no say in them bringing her back, and was most likely asked by the producers to do this. -The Ashley

    2. Mackenzie McKee, Rhine, Ashley, and Brianna have all previously been fired and brought back.

  7. Who wants to bet that this was the grand plan all along?

    You don’t stay with the person who has killed your pets and abused your kids. More than once. You don’t repeatedly defend the acts of a fucking monster to the detriment of your own children’s mental and physical well-being. Well, at least normal people don’t.

    I do not know why people are shocked over this. Hell, any sub about TM you view over on Reddit has been turned into Jenellapalooza for so long, I stopped looking at them. People literally give this whacky bitch and her racist, dog killing, child abusing “ex soulmate” so much life that they should not be surprised the greedy assholes at MTV reached out to reap the benefits of the ridiculous obsession people have over her.

    Should have just let them sink into the abyss of the swamp with that shitty house they have a long time ago.

    It’s reminiscent of people not wanting to support Jax and Kristen (from VDP), and cheering when they got the boot…yet tuning into The Valley. Make it make sense. 🤷🏽‍♀️

    1. The main reason you see so much stuff about her on Reddit, is because she can’t benefit financially from that. Some other websites, social media, youtube, etc… she can profit off, but she can’t on Reddit. So, while she gets a ton of attention there, she gets no click-throughs, no traffic, no monetization, and absolutely no way to profit off the stuff that gets posted. It’s why people repost her social media posts, videos and whatever other crap she spews. It lessens the traffic she gets in places she can monetize, but still lets the world see her for who and what she is.

      It pisses her off to no end too, and it occasionally throws her into random tirades and tantrums, which just leads to even less monetization for her.

      She’s still a shitshow, she’s always going to be a shitshow, but now she can’t profit off being one as easily as she once could. Hence…MTV, and every other “deal” she’s attempted since her firing. Not to mention, the shit she does absolutely SHOULD be out there for the world to see. So far, very little has been done about the kind of abuse she doles out on her kids (much like so many other people). But one day we might be able to flip the script on abusers and get the rest of the world to say “see this shit, this is NOT okay!!”. Maybe then the powers that be will do more both proactively and reactively (they’re barely reactive as it is).

      See something, say something doesn’t just apply to boxes and bags left unattended in public. It SHOULD also apply to stopping her and people like her, while holding them accountable and protecting children we seem to think should be left in their care.

      1. Unfortunately, she’s still getting the benefits though.
        Numerous people go get that content, and I have no doubt that when people view stuff re-posted on Reddit, they then go to whatever social media site is being posted to see comments or comment themselves.

        People need to stop giving her attention, period. Not even screenshots and stories. Bringing her notoriety isn’t going to change the way North Carolina courts do business with her. It’s been what, 13 years? There has been no change. It won’t stop now. She won’t move because she knows where she is, there are seemingly zero consequences for the things she does, or what happens to those kids.

        She’s making enough from people looking for that sweet Reddit karma, or just plain curiosity, that it’s been paying her bills for years. Not just her bills either. Her vacations, her motor vehicles, David’s gun collection..

        I agree with you that something should be done, needs to be done for those kids, but posting about her isn’t it- as clearly, it just landed her a job where being a shitshow equals a pretty decent payday because Morgan J. Freeman can’t turn away the opportunity to continue making mad money off these girls, and their now teenage kids.

        1. Honestly, she’s getting less and less traffic every single day. It’s why she throws a fit when her sm accounts get suspended or banned, even temporarily. She gets such little personal traffic, it hurts her a lot when the only “traffic” her name gets, is somewhere she can’t get paid. She makes absolutely NOTHING off reddit, nothing that gets posted on reddit is paying any of her bills. It never has and never will. It’s why so much more gets posted there now about her than ever before. The more that gets put there, the less people feel the need to go see where it came from. It’s surprisingly effective, lol.

          You might think people need to stop giving her attention, and in some cases, you’re on the right track. But, and unlike mine, this is a bit but, all that does is make the shit people like her do less public. That means less people see it, less people talk about it and less people do anything. We already see that little is done to begin with. The world does not need more behind closed doors abuse and neglect, or people just not talking about it for fear they’d be giving her attention. Her KIDS need that attention, if only on the off chance someone finally gets their head out of their ass and does something for them.

          We need to put people on blast, because not doing so hasn’t yet worked even a little. Doing so still has the potential to.

          1. I hear you. I even agree on the principle of it. We definitely agree the kids are the most important thing here and I 100% respect and understand what you’re saying. ❤

            She should be called to the carpet for the shitty stuff she does, but I still think we’re all going about it the wrong way.

            We all (I’m guilty of this too) say we want people held accountable, but we have to take the steps to see that they are. Letters to representatives, councilmen, CPS officials, etc. The pen is mightier than the sword.

            She might be making less, but it’s enough to pay for attorney fee, concert tickets and whatever else she needs or wants. Jace still has no room of his own though. It’s gross.

            I have not watched TM in years, and certainly won’t tune in after this trainwreck is back on. I hope others do the same, but it will likely be cheered and applauded like The Valley is.

    2. I don’t think it’s part of a grand plan just because I don’t think Jenelle is capable of long-term planning that requires sacrifice and sustained effort with delayed gratification.

  8. So we can watch her take care of her kids, right? With the home school. And staying single until she finds a good one this time…….. pathetic. Shame on you mtv

  9. Am I the only one who thinks her divorce from David is fake so she can get back on tv??

    1. A producer probably gave her the advice to have David move to boat so Jace could go home then file separation and stuck with it so she can get back on. Not that she cactually had to leave him.

      They aren’t trashing each other nearly as bad, and these little remarks make it look good (for TV drama) i.e. that the FBI or who ever rhats investigating David etc.

      I’m starting to agree with you.

      1. I had surgery earlier today and was a little out of it when I typed thus nonsense.

        She stayed defending thus man then BAM someone got into ear about leaving David to get back on TM. Perfect timing.
        I have no idea what either gone is saying other than what’s posted here or on Reddit. I don’t look at her posts, but I don’t think they’re officially jver. We’ll see ahat happens with James court hearing. Thwn how many episodes she’ll be on. She’s probably going to make it seem like she’s a changed person after leaving David, although hasn’t really.

        For as smart as she always claimed to be she’s always showed how stupid she really us. Lol

    1. Maci doesn’t support Ryan one bit, she has no story line all of her story lines were all lies. She is worried about the show getting cancelled, she and Taylor need that paycheck from MTV, she has no skills and is dumber than a bag of rocks. Macy is severe alcoholic.

    2. And they all (were paid to) support Amber, Indiana’s own Michael Meyers, but.. ok.

      Yes they definitely cherry pick where their line is

  10. I haven’t watched the show in years long before JE got fired I was done watching lol MTV is a whole joke! What they gonna film her flopping around on tiktok or eating bagels alone in her vehicle? Soooo much storyline huh mtv? Lol what a fucking joke! MTV you may want to put new girls from 16 & pregnant and get rid of the old. They are about to issue a paycheck for someone who isn’t the same as she was years ago. She is so extremely uncivilized and brings nothing to the table have fun wasting your money mtv I hope you lose sponsors!

  11. I would rather Janelle, than the pig racist Cheyenne, she should have been fired a long time ago when she said she wanted to kill all white babies.

    1. I hate to agree because Jenelle is awful, but at least she’s a train wreck that has a storyline. Cheyenne is just a rich racist bully with a hige victim complex and she’s just absolutely insufferable.

  12. Guess we’ll see how this does with ratings. I won’t be surprised if it works out for mtv. As much as people say they hate it, the majority love a good shit show.


  14. Honestly, MTV/Viacom has no scruples we know that because look at Amber. Abused every man she’s been in a relationship with.

    Look at Farrah, filmed a “celebrity sex tape”, made the crew use a porta-potty, treated everyone horribly still brought her back.

    Rhine drove high, threatened to kill his wife, assaulted her and destroyed their home, he’s still being filmed.

    Leah nods out holding that baby, that thank god her BIL caught. No problem

    Its only when it stops them from filming or making money they fire people. It was only after she kept doing the Cam Girl shit and was ruining their deals with sponsors they fired her.

    Jenelle was fired because the brands that run ads, especially companies related to animals got involved and said they were pulling ads, they still didn’t fire her, just told her David is off the show. It was when David started threatening the crew and refusing to leave when they were they filming. They had to fire her. I think was because the show has young children, all crew members need a background check, and those take a long time, and since none of the existing crew want to film with David around, they just fired her. Since she refused to force him to leave the house.

    They have no morals or values. They will do whatever they need to for the bottomline.

    1. I don’t fault Farrah for not letting strangers/ workers use her personal bathrooms.
      That’s beyond my comfort level as well.
      They aren’t friends or guests.
      I don’t owe them my space.

      I would have even gone as far once the money rolled in to rent a very small place for filming to protect me from “””fans””” and production.

      1. If having “strangers” in your home is beyond your comfort level, why tf would you be on a show that requires strangers be in your home in the first place?

        If you want that paycheck, you absolutely do owe them that space they need in order for you to earn that. That is literally how it works, it’s in the damn contracts, lol.

        She didn’t always have those by the way. She was perfectly fine acting, somewhat, normal for a time period. Then she went off the deep end. So, this wasn’t a personal comfort thing, it was a “I am Farrah, the queen of all I survey, IDGAF about anyone, or anything, you will bow to me” thing when her overinflated ego started getting the best of her. You can see the transformation from the earliest days to that point (and it’s only gotten worse since, especially after she was fired).

        1. Not sure why I need cussed at, this shouldn’t be an emotionally triggering conversation at all. Smh.

          And ah well, if they didn’t like the porta potty, find another job or hold it til then end of the shift.

          1. I’m so sorry, does the letter f offend you? Tots and pears for your heartache. Please don’t clutch your pearls so tightly, you might hurt them.

            I guess it’s oh well for her too, because she wanted that MTV job herself, which meant she had to follow the contract she signed.

            Perhaps she should’ve found something more worthwhile to do with her life that wouldn’t inconvenience her poor little inflated sense of self-worth, or her non-existent sensibilities, as it were.

      2. I think that’s sad, you think like that. If someone is in my house doing work and needs to use the bathroom, I could never imagine telling them no. What do I expect them to do, get in their car, drive 3 miles to the closest store, and use theirs? Not to mention, I’m paying for that privilege since they are on the clock. Also, if they need to go and really need to go, the alternative is the shit their pants and it gets on my floor and then who’s cleaning that up? Or peeing in my bushes?

        I just hope that no one is as cruel to you as you are to others. I hope you don’t need to use a bathroom at someone else’s house, and they say, nope, sorry, not it’s beyond my comfort level.

  15. Just when I thought that MTV couldn’t get slimier. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if this entire “divorce” situation is not just Jenelle & David pretending (like they did the first “separation”) so she could get that MTV money again. They learned the first time that simply stating they were separated didn’t cut it so now she files for divorce. Swamp thing probably has the broken down boat in their swimming pool and is “living” there.

  16. A slap in the face to the other girls? Jenelle is an OG and a lot of the reason as to why teen mom was so popular from the beginning!

    1. OG…

      “oregano” guru
      orangutan groomer
      opprobrious gruff
      orange grouper
      offensive gnat
      overhyped goblin
      oppugnant guzzler
      obnoxious goober
      odd gash
      obscene grouse
      oafish glib
      obstinate grump
      obtrusive garbage
      odious geezer
      onerous glitch
      opinionated goon
      otiose gourd

      We could keep going for quite a while. So, which one is it? I’m a bit partial to otiose gourd, but that might be an insult to gourds everywhere, so I’m torn.

  17. First, barf.
    Second, she’s not going to want to discuss any of the “troubles” she’s had over the years. The CPS stuff, allllll the marriage mess. She’ll only give that David was abusive but she won’t want to look bad on camera so how long can this last? Unless she’s willing to mention it all, anyone tuning in to see the train wreck will be bored because she’s going to try to self produce.

    1. Yep.
      She’ll try sell a fake sl of ‘watch Ensley choose a tile pattern’ and ‘watch Jenelle buy Ensley a phone’ like other TM’s have done.

      No way will she go into the last 6-or-so years with that filth UBT. She’ll skim over it so when the coast is clear and they get back together he won’t have too much to throw in her face 🙄

      1. So, dude it’s beena while. I been in a motional and physical abusive relationship for a long time. I got muh son back, he homeschools the other ‘uns. I like to eat on TikTok and show my wonky tits for money, but I’m still Jenelle dude!

  18. We already knew this but MTV is absolutely pathetic and despicable. We all know that Jenelle got on her knees and begged to come back because she’s broke and MTV caved because they want their ratings back. Please don’t watch the show anymore guys. Nobody should be supporting this.

    1. Agreed. Boycott this shit show, all 3 dozen of you viewers who still watch. Enough already. Hope the other cast members rally against this decision . MTV Needs to stop rewarding bad behavior for ratings. She is a criminal, plain and simple.

      1. all 3 dozen of you viewers who still watch.”

        LOL. 🤣

        I agree. I don’t think those who still watch it will stop though. They should, but they won’t.

    2. Everyone should write letters of protest to keep this piece of trash off the show! They are letting a mother who stood by and allowed animal abuse to many animals by David, she stood by while he physically and mentally abused Kaiser and Jace, she’s been arrested 15 times!!! What the hell is MTV even thinking? Just a sick network promoting child and animal abuse!

      1. MTV is thinking $$$. They think she’s going to come on and people will tune in to watch the train wreck because that’s what Jenelle’s storyline has always been…her messy a$$ life. Screaming in her mom’s face, chasing after loser men while ignoring her kids, getting high! High!

        This will backfire on MTV though because Jenelle’s sole purpose in coming back (beyond being desperate for money) is to try to prove everyone wrong. She will self-produce and refuse to acknowledge her horrible life choices. She will only film if they show the “good” stuff but…there is no good stuff. She has proven it with her latest trip. She claims to be focusing on her and her children’s healing but she ditched them the moment she could to go to a concert. It’s the Kesha conversation all over again but jail is staying home with your children and actually parenting them.

        Her life is still a mess but the difference now is she’s aware of how everyone laughs at her and she’s ragingly insecure about it. The moment a producer asks her to talk about any of the gross stuff she’s done or allowed David to do over the years, she’ll throw a tanrtum and refuse to film.

      2. They are letting a mother who stood by and allowed animal abuse to many animals by David

        TBH, Jenelle was abusing animals before David came along. Season 5, episode 17 of TM. She was abusing her dog, and Nathan’s dog right in front of Jace.

        David is a beast, but Jenelle is a beast too.

        Morgan J. Freeman has made himself quite the bag of cash off the abuse of kids and animals on this show.

  19. “Coveted spot” lol.

    They really need another trashy desperate element to the show.

    Leah, Amber, Maci, C&T, Cheyenne, Jade are trashy and desperate but Jenelle takes it to a whole other level.

    Ofc they called her, the show ratings have gone down since 2019.
    The current cast sucks. The storylines suck.

  20. Unpopular Opinion: Good for Janelle for getting rid of David and making a come back. I really hope they don’t bring back Barbara who I couldn’t stand. Yeah, she has some great “one liners” but is an awful human being who raised Janelle and her sister who is also troubled.

    1. So you support someone continually abusing her children, emotionally, psychologically, medically, physically? You condone someone “making a come back” while ignoring any and all of her duties as not just a parent, but a grown ass adult? Exactly what “come back” do you think she is making, anyway?

      How on this green earth is Barbara, the woman who has literally taken her own grandchildren in to raise them when their POS mothers couldn’t be assed to, an awful human being, while Jenelle gets your praise?

      The whole “unpopular opinion” crap is so old, lol. Everyone who supports Jenelle says that shit, and it’s only so you can be as controversial as she is. There is no way in hell you don’t see the absolute shitshow of a human being Jenelle is, lol.

    2. Maybe instead of her making a comeback, she should take care of her kids! She pulled them out of school & is supposed to be homeschooling them, but I bet she isn’t doing that. There is still an open case against David for assaulting Jace, which she at first defended David for. She is nothing but trash & doesn’t deserve her kids. And while Barbara isn’t mother of the year, she is the one who made sure Jace had his needs met. Ever think Barbara’s kids have issues because their dad was abusive & once Barbara left him, he abandoned the kids?

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