Jenelle Evans Accuses Ex David Eason of Having “Some Dark Secrets” That She Can’t Reveal Due to “Huge Investigation Going On”

If the secret is that David smells like sea barnacles, we already kind of figured….

Jenelle Evans took a break from cosplaying as a teacher at The Little School of The Land on Friday to dish out some relationship advice and more importantly, throw some accusations at her estranged husband, David Eason. 

During a Q&A on her Instagram Story, the fired Teen Mom 2 star, who separated from her significant ogre other earlier this year, responded to a series of questions submitted by herself followers.

“I guess I can spare a few minutes between court dates, hair appointments, dancin’ on TikTok and teachin’ my kids.”

Jenelle was asked by one follower to comment on David’s latest TikTok antics– including the recent TikTok Live on which he begged strangers on the internet for donations to pay for an attorney to fight Jenelle in court. Jenelle responded via song, encouraging her former soulmate to “get a job,” before going on to accuse David of having “some dark secrets.” 

“Everything he’s saying he’s just doing it to make himself ‘look better’ but in actuality he knows the person he truly is behind closed doors,” she wrote. “He has some dark secrets no one knows but me.” 

When asked to divulge said secrets, Jenelle– who recently requested a domestic violence restraining order against David for herself and her kids– said she was unable to do so at the moment for a few different reasons. 

“Not the right time but also I’m scared and feel like my life would be on the line,” she said, later adding, “There’s a huge investigation going on so I can’t comment on much at the moment.” 

In another reply, Jenelle explained that she’s scared of David due to “the way he talks about people he hates,” alleging he has “threatened his baby mama’s life” and is controlling, demanding and selfish, among other things.

Despite claiming that she fears David, Jenelle told another follower that she doesn’t regret standing up for David in the past. 

“I don’t regret that time because I learned a lot of life lessons that were very important for me to grow up and mature,” she wrote. “Life is easier to understand I would say. 

“I always have learned from by mistakes and he was def a big mistake,” she added. 

“Umm, I think you mean CAPTAIN Big Mistake. You might’ve bought this boat, but I’m the one sqauttin’ on it.” 

When asked how her children are doing now that David is no longer living on The Land, Jenelle said her and David’s daughter Ensley “doesn’t appreciate” David’s behavior towards Jenelle as of late, while Kaiser “doesn’t want to be near David.” She was also asked if her son Jace is “doing better” in a David-free environment. (As you know, David currently has pending child abuse and “assault by strangulation” charges pending against him for his alleged physical attack on Jace in September.)

“Everyone is happier and my ex doesn’t even reach out to call or text any of the kids living his best life,” she wrote. “Even his own daughter doesn’t even want to live with him.” 

While David has allegedly gone non-contact with his youngest daughter, Jenelle said David’s teenage daughter, Maryssa, continues to make an effort with the little ones on The Land. 

“She’s actually been in contact with Ensley which is really nice of her,” Jenelle stated. “I’m glad she’s staying in touch with the kids.” 

“I mean, someone has to check on them.”

Jenelle went on to tell another follower that she isn’t dating right now and is instead focusing on herself and her kids. She also encouraged anyone else who may be in a “mentally abusive” relationship to leave their partner, adding, “don’t wait as long as I did!!!”

“There’s someone out there who will be way nicer to you than an abusive ex,” she wrote. “There ARE men out there worth it and would love to spend every waking second with you.” 

Jenelle also made a point during the Q&A to let followers know that, even in David’s absence, she remains on the outs with her mother, Barbara Evans.

“Hell no, I don’t trust either of them,” Jenelle responded, when asked if she and Barb are on speaking terms again. 

“Well Juh-nell, if ya change ya mind, give me a call at 1-800-Who-Friggin-Cares.”

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(Photos: Instagram; MTV) 

39 Responses

  1. Funny how she thinks people will kiss her ass now that David isn’t around. She’s always been a piece of shit *spits* and that will NEVER change.

    She willingly chose to stay with this loser. Sure, some women are scared to leave their abuser but this ugly cow had every opportunity and tons of support to actually do it. These are HER choices. She gets zero sympathy (or empathy) from me. PB&Jelly, lay in that fucking bed you made & quit running your mouth.

  2. Girl shut up. You defended this clown and his psychotic behavior for YEARS, put your kids in danger for YEARS, and now you want sympathy. Lay in that bed you made.

  3. Jenelle saying things we all knew and somehow acts surprised. But I think whoever she will end up with now, will be just as bad or even worse. (Is it possible to be worse than David?) She has a pattern of picking the lowest of the low. None of them were a prize but thinking Nathan at least tried (I’m saying tried, he isn’t trying anymore) to get better and be a father tells you a lot about the guys she picks.

    1. I’m not buying it- the fact she has a private investigator prior to the comment- makes me believe that’s the huge investigation or whatever bs she said!

  4. She’s an attention wh0re. I agree with the comments that she is an abuser too. Really no better than David

  5. Her “living his best life” comment sums it all up. JE is super mad that David is on his own, able to go to the bar & “have fun” being single. This has absolutely nothing to do with protecting her kids & everything to do with revenge for herself. JE is the ultimate victim

  6. Jenelle herself is an abuser. Jenelle even made a comment in her “documentary” that at least Kaiser wouldn’t have to be afraid of David anymore while she was in Tennessee & she still took that innocent baby right back to his abuser. Jenelle still won’t admit David choked Jace & actually stuck up for David over her own child. Jenelle didn’t have a problem when David was supposedly threatening his exes, but now all of a sudden it’s an issue. She never once stood up for her children or protected them from David but would sob & cry about how wonderful & misunderstood that monster was. Jenelle isn’t any better than David & she’s a terrible mother that doesn’t deserve her kids. She has never put them first & she never will. Jenelle can spare me with all her bullshit that she wants to claim now.

  7. The captions ???

    “There ARE men out there worth it and would love to spend every waking second with you”

    Uh, Jenelle, that sounds like codependency. That doesn’t sound healthy.

    1. ANYTHING to get herself away from those dern annoyin kids spoilin her she-shed activities and whinin bout gettin fed ?

      She’s absolutely advertising for her next dropkick soul mate….UBT was SO much worse than Keiffa. Imagine how deplorable the next one will be ?

  8. “There ARE men out there worth it and would love to spend every waking second with you. ?”

    She just put out an open casting call for unemployed parolees to shimmy on down to the land for a roll in the mud

  9. i like how she keeps denying any type of abuse especially physical abuse towards her kids because she knows she’ll get backlash for still being with him but is now screaming out how he was mentally abusive towards her

  10. Jenelle for your and your kids sake SHUT THE HELL UP. NO ONE cares about the “secrets”, your relationship with your mom, nothing. If you’re so scared of David then stop freaking yapping all over the internet about your and your kids personal business.
    The more information you put out there, the more vulnerable you make yourself.

  11. You’re high high high Jenelle .
    It was all fun and games when you were playing Bonnie and Clyde together . Any dark secrets he has are your secrets too little miss partner in crime . Gtfoh.

  12. I don’t feel like this time is anything like the first time. It takes an average of 7x of trying to leave an abusive relationship. Barbra obviously has her issues and seems at the very minimum verbally detrimental. Look at all 3 of her kids and then the grandchild she had a hand in who seems to be staying out of trouble for the longest currently since starting having issues. She didn’t have the most loving and opportune upbringings and Nathan was abusive. People from abusive households commonly find comfort in other abusers until they get an understanding of what abuse is which to them has always been the norm. You can tell some of these people commenting have never been in abusive relationship and that’s great. But to hold someone accountable for they way they were when they are trying to change is exactly why it says though shall not judge. You don’t know where other people are in their journey. Misery loves company so if your life’s were so perfect I doubt you would be revealing in the misery of others and that’s just fact.

    1. @KRYS–Jenelle is just as culpable for a lot of things that happened on the land.

      Also, FYI:
      It’s “reveling” and not “revealing”

      “lives” is the plural of “life. “life’s” is incorrect. Not sure why you threw an apostrophe in there on top of it.

      I’ve had an abusive childhood and abusive relationships as an adult. I would never do anything even close to what Jenelle has done. To defend her is just gross.

      1. I was also an abused kid and my first husband was an abusive drunk. He hit me constantly & like a fool I tolerated it until the day he hit our year old son. I flipped TF out & beat his ass with a heavy glass pitcher and then a pan when the pitcher broke. I left his drunk ass unconscious & bleeding, took the baby & left. I refuse to let my children suffer the same fate I did growing up and made sure it wasn’t going to happen. But Jenelle never cared about those kids. She had all 3 of them to anchor herself to their fathers and when the relationships didn’t last, she had no use for those babies. She never felt love for them and not only allowed David to abuse them, but egged him on. When I saw her rile David up against Kaiser at the engagement photo shoot, I knew she was a worse monster than David. What kind of mother encourages a grown man to abuse her babies?

        1. Lurch’s treatment of Kaiser was concerning from the start of the relationshit. Something was clearly wrong in the TM2 scene when David called Kaiser who was merely a toddler a “whining little bitch”. Lurch showed who he was immediately- an abusive POS. It only got worse with time and Janelle stuck with him and defended him. Sick and sad. When Kaiser reaches adulthood, it would be a huge achievement if he a functioning member of society. Poor kid was dealt a really crappy hand.

        2. They way Jenelle talked to David during her road rage incident just proves she’s not a victim.
          I’m not saying there wasn’t any abuse, but it was obvious it was from both sides. Victims don’t speak to their abusers the way JE spoke to him.

    2. You just described four kids who were all abandoned by at least one parent, but you’re gonna blame their behavioral problems on the one person who took care of and raised them.

  13. Does no one else have déjà vu about this? Didn’t she say this exact same crap when she left him that first time yeah I don’t believe anything. Janelle says, and even if she has finally wise up, that doesn’t excuse the fact that she’s allowed him to kill at least three animals and abuse her children for years she’s an unfit parent. She’s an unfit human being.

  14. Just remember for all the times that Jenelle now talks about this man being a monster, how he’s evil.

    She knew and DEFENDED him. She tried to force MTV to pay him and give him a check. She supported him, and allowed her kids to be raised by him. She support his abuse cases time and time again, supported this man getting custody of Marissa.

    Jenelle making fun of UBT for begging for money on the internet, when Jenelle’s doing the same thing is a joke.

    UBT is a monster, but I don’t know why Jenelle thinks she better than him. They belong together, when you lay down with a man who killed your dog, you get up with flees.

    1. 3 animals?
      The head count of the dead and missing animals are probably around what 50 since just being on The Land?
      She wants my sympathy?
      Give up all the dead and missing animals evidence!

  15. “I can’t tell you now.
    The truth will com out in time”..

    She has that printed on a rubber stamp I bet.

  16. There’s nothing she can say bad about David and she’s probably hoping the charges drop because whatever David did to her and those kids she stood right by day after day laughing on Tik Tok about how we’re all crazy and David is great. The worse he is, the worse she is for allowing it to happen to her kids and covering it up. Constantly. For years.

  17. She’s the one who knew all of this and stayed. Not only stayed, but stuck up for him regardless of how it affected her children and employment. The only reason she left now is to not pay for Jace’s placement. Her acting high and mighty about ubt’s “dark secrets” lol is only a convenient excuse now. Never bothered her before. Much like everything she put in her court papers. There’s never been two terrible people who deserve each other more.

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