Jenelle Evans Says It’s Unfair That People Are Still Holding a Grudge Against Her & David Eason For Dog Killing Incident “That Happened Years Ago”

Your inability to take any accountability? We couldn’t agree more.

Jenelle Evans has reportedly been canned from the Girl S**t podcast she was promoting less than 24 hours ago, though she insists her own actions aren’t to blame. 

The former Teen Mom 2 star announced earlier this week that she would be producing and co-hosting a new podcast/lifestyle brand with 18 other women; however, Jenelle’s Girl S**t gig went to… well, s**t, after some of the Girl S**t crew found out about her checkered past. 

In an Instagram video posted on Tuesday, Jenelle told her followers that it is unfair that people still hate her and David over the death of her dog Nugget, whom David shot and killed in 2019. She also complained that she has lost plenty of opportunities over this.

One of the women who reportedly flushed crushed Jenelle’s Girl S**t dreams was Deavan Clegg of 90 Day Fiancé who is also involved in the project. According to “90 Day Fiancé” blogger John Yates, Deavan and some of the other girls voiced their concerns to the podcast higher-ups after learning about Jenelle and husband David Eason’s antics.

While Jenelle claimed on social media that she hadn’t been fired and couldn’t be fired as the “producer” of the podcast, she still blamed the current controversy on people holding a grudge for something David did “years ago.” 

“ … it’s pretty s**tty of a person to try to hold something against someone that happened years ago – like, we talk about all the time – to ruin their opportunities in life,” she said in a clip reposted by Teen Mom Shade Room on Instagram. “Like, that’s s**tty. That’s really s**tty.

“ … you know, I thought, you know, I chose a good group of a girls and sometimes things don’t work out they way it’s planned, that’s OK. There’s always hiccups in life,” she added. 

Ladies and gents, we give you “Hiccup.”

The Girl S**t podcast is hardly the first opportunity Jenelle has lost due to her and David’s controversial past actions and words. In fact, just a few months ago, Jenelle’s episode on This Family Tree podcast was pulled after the hosts learned more about her and David. In addition to getting fired from ‘Teen Mom 2’ in 2019, Jenelle has also had several businesses end relationships with her for the same reason.

In July, an Oregon cannabis dispensary cancelled a meet-and-greet event with the pair after being inundated with online hate. 

Raise your hand if you’re glad you finally got your Internet machine fired back up…

A similar situation happened in September 2019 when the New York City salon that was due to host the launch party for Jenelle’s JE Cosmetics company abruptly cancelled the event, claiming online that it was unaware of David and Jenelle’s histories. 

Jenelle’s past and continued association with David has also caused her to lose multiple sponsorship deals with companies including Blue Apron, Prana Mat, and PatPat Clothing, to name just a few.

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  1. Oh – people should get over killing an innocent dog?! FU Janelle. That dog didn’t get a chance to get over it. Would still be alive today. Get over YOURSELF.

  2. Didn’t she claim on the stand, in front of a judge, under oath, that David didn’t do anything??? This dumb bitch is gonna get caught up in perjury charges if she doesn’t figure out how to shut the fuck up.

  3. Jenelle if you’re the boss and hiring everyone then why are you crying about missed opportunities (lost money/consequences of your actions)? The boss can’t get fired. Time to start telling the truth.

  4. To be forgiven, you must admit wrong doing, show regret/remorse & doing better show you have changed.
    Lurch still thinks he was right to kill an innocent little dog & they both lied about the abuse

  5. Yeah, it really is cruel people just wont forget that your husband killed a dog and abuse of your youngest son .. So unfair yes ..

    Go F yourself Jenelle ..

  6. Jenelle, do you know why there is no statue of limitations on murder? Because it’s a heinous crime that deserves maximum punishment. Regardless of whether David murdered your family pet as opposed to a human being (which I wouldn’t be surprised if that is still to come…), it was an atrocious act that people are not going to just “get over” and forgive when it’s been less than two years. There needs to be accountability, if sadly not in the court of law, than most definitely in the court of public opinion. So go ahead and cry all you want about how “shitty” everyone is, but the fact remains you and David will never be entitled to any opportunities so long as the public perception of you both remains tarnished. As they say in Hollywood, you will never work another day in this city. 👋👋 You both were cancelled before cancel culture even became relevant. At least you can be proud of that, losers.

  7. I do not think being a child and animal abuser/murderer (something that happened years ago ::cough cough::) should be forgotten. I guarantee that the abuse for both their children and animals is ongoing to this day. And, let’s be honest, the only thing Jenelle has ever “produced” is her lame ass, cringy tik toks.

  8. I am constantly baffled by Jenelle’s insistence that “you guys want to hear from me”. It’s literally the exact opposite. No one wants to hear you crying about your trainwreck of a life on any platform, ever. Do us all a favor and fade into oblivion already.

    1. I can’t even begin to imagine what goes on in that delusional head of hers, and what stories she tells herself that makes everything they’ve done ok or excusable. She is beyond indignant and narcissistic.

      On that note, your username is quite fitting. 😊

    2. Unfortunately, she does have fans who support her and believe she has matured. As long as she has an ounce of support, she will believe she is important.

        1. Or paid by JE to post scripted comments (no joke)

          I find it laughable how she buys comments then somehow twists her brain in to thinking the paid comments are true “fans”🤯

          All her devoted fans purchased her moldy eyebrow kit and subscribed to her exclusive BFF website (that lasted a whole day)😆

  9. Ju Nail. Go shovel dog 💩 poop at the local no kill shelter. At least try to redeem yourself.

    No one cares about what you have to say

    1. That’s not about to happen remember when she took free food during a hurricane from others that needed it and 2 weeks later went to Disney World.

  10. JE should realize that due to #dogkillerdave and his racist rants and her racist support of her kkk loving loser She has been cancelled and will be cancelled indefinitely.

  11. People like her seem to be constantly caught off-guard by the way reputation works in the real, adult world. No, people don’t forget about awful stuff you do in a month or two, or even a year or two. No, people don’t think you living a normal and responsible life the rest of the time erases the awful stuff you’ve done. Maybe that isn’t fair, but that’s the way it works. Don’t believe me? Quick, what’s OJ Simpson famous for? How about Peewee Herman?

  12. It was less than 2 years ago. Nugget would STILL be alive and part of the family if your husband hadn’t violently killed him, in front of your children.

    This wasn’t a singlular occurrence either, it was part of a pattern of violent outbursts.

    It’s still being held against YOU because you are a piece of shit human who excuses his abusive behaviors. No matter how many years pass, Ted Bundy will always be known as a murderer. And no matter how many years pass, David and Jenelle Eason will always be known as abusive, delusional pieces of shit. Will always be known as a dog killer, an abuser, and an enabler.

    If you want to get a job somewhere and work quietly, establishing yourself within your community, be my guest. But you will NEVER work in the public media realm while I have a keyboard and an axe to grind. You’re welcome.

  13. Why do I think that these companies actually know about Jenelles past yet hire her anyway, knowing they will fire her after she’s advertised their product. Any publicity is good publicity? Do they have to pay her once they let her go? First, everyone is mad that XYC hooked up with her, then they are the good guys for cutting ties with her? Am I crazy? Is it possible?

  14. Something David did?
    I thought he didn’t do anything?
    Maybe…just Maybe if you & your disgusting husband admitted you did wrong, apologized & did better prove you are trying, people would eventually move on.

    Its hard to move on when you both lied, changed the story several times & belittled everyone for being upset

  15. your husband kicked and beat a little puppy to death. In front of your children.
    Not in 1863 but 2 years ago.
    He will never again get a chance in the spotlight. And neither will you if you stay with him.

  16. She thinks it shouldn’t matter because it is in the past. The thing is that nugget is still dead and that’s not going to change. Also, the animal abuse in general is still happening. None of those animals looks well cared for and quite a few have simply gone missing.

  17. She’s never, ever taken accountability for anything she’s done. Always blamed someone else for it, or lied to try and cover the truth. The problems are ONGOING. You can’t look at it and reason by saying it happened x amount of years ago. She will continue to be the trash piece of shit she’s always been. This is why she does not need any kind of job where social media is involved. Her ass needs humbled with either a manual labor job or working at Walmart. Period.

  18. Mmm it was the child abuse for me. The dog murder was horrifying, but it’s the abuse and neglect of their children that should stand out as the reason for her being cancelled.

  19. Wow it’s almost like actions have like.. consequences or something… Who woulda thought?! The fact that you can so easily brush it off now shows you’re just as much a psychopath as he is. You’re awful and anyone with half a brain wouldn’t want you to touch their brand with a ten foot pole. You guys are literally the epitome of trash. You don’t respect human rights so it’s safe to say animals mean nothing to you as well. Nugget was your pet, and he murdered it in front of children and that’s okay with you as if time can ever make that better when you show over and over again you’ll never change. You don’t even respect the lives of your children bc if you did you wouldn’t have brought them back to their abuser. You coulda had your job back if you actually left David and got your life together but trash sticks together ya know in dumpsters and such so accept the dumpster fire hun, bc that’s the bed you made.

  20. Face facts, Jenelle, you have been canceled. You condone the murder of your family pets, you condone the emotional and physical abuse of your own children, you put your abusive husband before the needs of your children, etc., etc., etc. You’re not a kid, you’re 30 years old. You will NEVER be forgiven for these terrible things. You’re not repentant, and you continue right on subjecting your kids to abuse.

  21. What was one of the things David say that got him fired? Oh! If you lay down with dogs, you’ll get up with fleas. Well, stand by your man, you’re going to get canned. Honestly, if she would have legitimately left David two years ago, she probably would have been able to keep gigs. By staying with him, she condoned his actions and sealed her fate. There is no redemption.

    Even Casey Anthony had the sense to keep a low profile.

  22. “Remember guys: as long as it happened a couple years ago, it’s totally okay now” – Jenelle logic

  23. Killing that little defenseless dog was a shitty thing to do Janelle. I vowed I would contact anyone that dared do anything with you. I have and will continue to do everything I can to destroy any chance you may ever have in the public eye. I will never forget, I am team Nugget, and you Jennelle are a shitty piece of crap human that doesn’t deserve to be in any public forum. You are the example of everything that is wrong in this world. I love that others are as tenacious as I am, we will never forget and will “dog” you until the end, because Nugget deserved better.

    1. Holds a grudge against her mom, sister, brother, sister in law, her husband’s baby mommas, her step daughter, at least 13 ex’s, ex bosses, many friends she once had, MTV staff and crew, doctors, people in traffic, Kailyn, Chelsea, Randy, Cate, Tyler, Farrah and many other cast members etc etc for stuff that happened longer ago and wasn’t nearly as bad as what David did herself.

    1. Exactly.
      It’s hard to believe these companies/Z list podcasters don’t know about Jenelle and UBT’s past/current actions.
      How’d they find her in the first place? Google her name & all the abusive sh*t is right there.

    2. High, high, they’re all high. I think they’re just trolling her now. There’s no way people don’t know who she is. Nobody runs *any kind* of background on her?
      I don’t feel sorry for her, she could course correct and get her life together, but to keep losing gigs because people “don’t know who she is,” is bullshit.

  24. It’s called CONSEQUENCES Jenelle. That’s what happens when you’re a shitty person. People don’t forget just because time has passed, you actually have to work to prove that you’re no longer a shitty person, which neither you nor David have done.

  25. Oh Jenelly Belly, you are such a dumbass. Murder is murder, whether it’s an animal or person!!!

    Who gives a crap how long it’s been!!!

  26. Her days of making easy money are OVER. She made her bed, she can go lie in it. Nobody has any sympathy and most people are rooting for her to fail. Karma is a biotch.

  27. You F’ing cockroach …it has been LESS THAN 2 FREAKING YEARS…since David killed your dog and you lost custody of your children..and you were riding around with a gun in your car with your son and… you waived a gun on a passerby…Your husband hitched another person’s car and virtually stole it…How fucking dare you tell the public to get over it…When I say I have zero sympathy for this ho now… I have zero sympathy for this ho..I can.not. She is a willing participation in her shitty life. Any sympathy I had for her and thinking she had a touch of Stockholm syndrome went out the window about two years ago. She is a willing participant in this unhealthy toxic drama that she calls her life…You may have forgotten it .. you rabid termite…but the public never will …. because it’s outrageous and atrocious …You best believe that! You vile waste of space.

    1. I’ll never forget the look on Jace’s face when he was riding shotgun (apparently a name not solely meant for the passenger front-seat in this situation) and Jenelle road raged out. He looked TERRIFIED, as he undoubtedly was. Hell, I am a grown woman who was watching from the safety of my bedroom in NYC and I was shaken up. Everything Jenelle touches turns to S**T, so much so that she cuts to the chase when naming her “brands”. She’s nearly 30, too old for this S**T.

    2. You said everything I was going to say.
      If anyone wants to see her evil ways
      @brownieshits has the truth posted on Tik Tok
      And she grilled that goat & he tortured that snake.
      She loves every minute of it.
      Hey Ashley can you throw something in about her getting busted in her recent interview about going back to David. She knew she wasn’t leaving for good. Also Penny’s husband who was also involved is a 2019 Registered Sex offender.

  28. Jenelle…..The public isnt going to “get over it”. David won’t even meet them halfway. If you want to do anything that needs public support, the public has to LIKE you and want to support you. For the public to LIKE you, you can’t go around with the attitude you two have.

    The sponsors know who they are hiring when they hire you, and I honestly think they are ok about giving you a chance, because you have good numbers on your Insta. You LOSE the sponsor and chances for things because you insist on bringing your dog killing, over protective, up your ass, none of his business husband with you, and those sponsors want nothing to do with him, and never will.

  29. This moron still doesn’t realize there is an endless list of horrible things David did (and got away with), the Nugget murder was just the straw that broke the camels back. David is a menace to society, and she just needs to accept that as long as she’s associated with him, she’s going to continue to be unemployed/blacklisted. You can’t kill family pets, brag about it, and then think people are supposed to feel safe around you and want to work with you.

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