‘Teen Mom’ News Pile: All the ‘Teen Mom’-Related News You’ve Missed Lately

“When I said ‘leave me alone’ I didn’t mean it!”

From friendships torn apart, to Farrah Abraham running her trap (again), the stars (and former stars) of the Teen Mom franchise stayed busy this week! In an effort to bring you up-to-date on the latest Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 news, The Ashley brings you the Teen Mom News Pile.
Here are some of the major (and minor but interesting) ‘Teen Mom’-related things that have happened over the last few days…

Jenelle Evans Revealed Why She Got Mad at Briana Dejesus

Jenelle as she reads anything anyone says in the press to her…

Jenelle stayed uncharacteristically quiet this week, as her former (and only) friend from ‘Teen Mom 2’, Briana DeJesus, revealed to the world that their friendship is over. In an interview, Bri stated that Jenelle got upset when Briana told a media outlet that she did not believe that MTV would be bringing Jenelle back to ‘TM2.’Bri’s comments resulted in Jenelle messaging her to say she can’t be trusted…and Briana getting uninvited to Jenelle’s makeup line launch. (The HORROR!)

While Jenelle didn’t do her usual course of action (i.e. tweet and delete about Briana, post her phone number and/or rant on Instagram Live about her, etc.), she did answer a fan’s question about the situation, revealing why she got mad at Briana.

Apparently, if you want to say the name “Jenelle Evans Eason” in the press, you have to get the OK from The Lady of The Land herself!

“I just prefer no one mentions my name in the media period without texting me and asking if it’s OK,” Jenelle wrote. “Sick of drama in my life and horrible things being written about me.”

Addie Calvert Was All Of Us

With so many of the ‘Teen Mom’ kids starting school this week, the moms were posting plenty of First Day of School pictures to social media. While most of the kids posed smiling with those chalkboard “First Day of School” signs everyone seems to have, Addie Calvert– daughter of Leah Messer and Jeremy Calvert– was not feeling it.

The ‘Teen Mom 2’ parents posted Addie’s hilarious “First Day of School” first grade photo to social media…and people could definitely relate!

“Addie vs. the twins on the first day of school! The twins struck a cute pose and Addie is always a MOOOD!” Leah wrote.

“Addie sure looks to be in a great mood this morning… hahaha,” Jeremy captioned the photo.

Farrah Abraham Offers Amber Portwood Some Actual Decent Advice

“Need advice?”

Farrah was once again flapping her overinflated lips to the press this week. In an interview with Hollywood Life, Farrah decided to give her former ‘Teen Mom OG’ co-star, Amber Portwood, some advice regarding her bad situation with baby daddy Andrew Glennon.

For once, Farrah did not talk in her signature “Farrah Speak” word scramble. In fact, she actually gave some heartfelt and kind advice to Amber, advising her to stay single for a while.

“I’m empathetic to what she’s going through but I really really hope that she can be alone, go solo, be a solo girl and be that strong independent fierce woman that I know is inside of her and who can easily have two kids on her own,” Farrah said.

After that, though, Farrah started to bust out the “Farrah Speak” we have come to expect from the Backdoor Teen Mom. She stated that she thinks that Amber and Andrew have broken up following Amber’s arrest.

“They’ve definitely probably splitted ways after that,” she said. (And…no, that is not a typo)

“I can only imagine, this is her second go round of her losing custody of a child and I’m sure that’s not taken lightly,” Farrah added.

Jenelle Evans Lost Out on Another Promo Deal

“They’ll be back! Yup…any time now, they’ll be begging me to advertise for them…”

Jenelle has been known to hawk some pretty ridiculous things over the years: from waist trainers to magical weight loss elixirs to the Little Kaiser (#NeverForget). She, like many of the other ‘Teen Mom’ stars, will shill just about anything for a buck.

Since losing her lucrative job on ‘Teen Mom 2,’ Jenelle seems to be getting less promo deals offers coming her way, so fans were surprised when they saw Jenelle promoting a product called the Prana Mat, an acupuncture massage tool. People were quick to rip the company on their Instagram, calling them out for hiring Jenelle.

“Well I sure won’t buy these ever.. not when you have partnered with Jenelle Evans/Eason. Apparently your company doesn’t do its research or doesn’t care that she’s been arrested over 12 times and she allows her husband to abuse her kids and torture/ kill her dog in front of the family. No thanks,” one person wrote in the comment section of one of the company’s posts.

“Unfortunately, I will not be trying your product due to the fact that you support dog abusers/killers, child abusers, domestic violence, etc. Should’ve said no to Jenelle Evans,” another wrote.

The company was swift to take action, publicly announcing that it had asked Jenelle to take down the ad for their product, and stating that they were no longer working with the fired ‘Teen Mom 2’ star.

“Hi, you are right, we do not want to be associated with this situation and we failed to do our due diligence,” the company responded to one person’s comment. “We are against all kinds of abuse. We have strong values, love animals, advocate for the rights of children and support women…”

“This collaboration most definitely went against our principles and has been removed,” it wrote to another person.

The ad has been removed from Jenelle’s Instagram account.

(Photos: MTV, Instagram)


      1. I’m good. I was in need of a friendly and civilized conversation on here. My nerves are a wreck from all the idiotic smack talk!!!!

        1. LOL, And i just posted a comment about Mama June 😣
          I haven’t really been on much I’m still trying to catch up on the Goss. I know what you mean though!
          Is everything ok though? Apart from the dramas on here ?

        2. Ouch , I just read your comment about when your hair was long and it would get caught up in the headrest of your wheelchair!!!! Bloody hell , that would have to had to hurt !

          1. It’s 2am here . I can’t sleep, Hubby is on night shift and my daughter rang me earlier on saying she was having a few cramps and is feeling a fair bit of pressure…..so I’m half expecting her to ring to tell me she’s in labor 🙏😇

          2. Good luck Andrea. I hope you have a happy, healthy grandbaby and that everything goes well. I wish this site wasn’t so public, I would love to give you my number or email address so that we could keep in touch.

          3. Ooooooooooh thanks Hannah, 🙏😇 You must have read my mind , because I was thinking the same thing! If I have you my email address can other people see it ?
            It would be nice to keep in touch. 🤝 I’m really excited about my new grandbubba coming.🙏 So I’m really on edge now because as soon as she goes into labor I’ll have to book my plane ticket and go straight up there. I’m going up on my own, Hubby couldn’t get the time off wor6 so that’s a bit disappointing, so he’ll put in for holidays and we’ll go up together probably in another month or two.
            I might just bite the bullet and send you through my email address that way if you want to contact me you can

  1. It was so cute!!! I laughed my head off!!!!

    I LOVE Addie, but Gracie has a little attitude!!! To me, she could use a good swift kick in the ass from time to time!!! But, poor little Ali Girl, I feel so sorry for her!!!! Sometimes I just want to jump through the tv screen and give her a big hug!!!

  2. She’s so adorable, I love her little personality.
    OMG When they did the interview with Jeremy and Leah and they flicked over to interview ADDIE I was in stitches. 🧚‍♀️💗👑🎉

    1. Hi, Andrea! I LOVE the new pic. Oh, my goodness! Addie loos like I feel when I have to get up really early. Cranky! LOL!!😂😂

  3. The girl is doomed! With a criminal record like hers its HIGHLY UNLIKELY she’ll get gainful employment.
    With her bratty reputation it’s HIGHLY UNLIKELY anyone will want to sponsor her.
    With her physco husband causing drama everywhere he steps foot NO-ONE will want to be involved with him in any way shape or form!
    Wake up Jenelle, your life is F****d and you brought it all on yourself!

    1. How true. My bestie is a convicted felon as well, and he is CONSTANTLY complaining about how hard it is to find a good job. And his family and I are always telling him, “you caused it and NO ONE else!!!

      1. Hiya Hannah,
        I’ve actually got a few friends also that have been convicted and even jailed….but I think EVERYBODY deserves a second chance and if they keep fucking up then it’s all on them !
        The thing with Jennelle is she has this pathetic sense of entitlement and BLAMES EVERYBODY else for her wrong doings. She’ll never learn.
        Help has been offered to her ( probably more so than the average person) but she still carries on with not an ounce of remorse.
        She dosen’t care about the safety of her children or their well being, She’s a selfish cow that needs a slap across the head…..I don t think even that would work to be honest.

        1. Okay, Hannah. I wanted to comment about what you said about getting your hair caught, but I couldn’t reply to that comment. Anyway, OUCH! I like mine just below the shoulder, I can manage it that way. I need a haircut.

  4. Jenelle needs to get a real job. If she wanted to continue doing these product promotions, maybe she should have tried harder with MTV and avoid getting fired. Maybe if she had left her dog murdering husband people in general would be nicer about it. Maybe if she didn’t lie all the time trying to get herself out of trouble, that she’s caused, people wouldn’t care what she promoted. But that’s just not what happened. Jenelle needs to realize that she’s no longer “famous” and no longer on tv, so it’s time to join the real world. Making money from your product promotion because you were once on teen mom, is a pipe dream. It won’t work out. Sorry Jenelle. MTV money is gone, companies don’t want you promoting them, get a real job, join the real world. Maybe you’ll find better luck that way anyway? Maybe you’ll find some purpose and confidence if you’re out in the world working with everyone else? Maybe you’ll finally gather the confidence to leave that looser husband who also cannot seem to hold a job.

    1. The girl is doomed! With a criminal record like hers its HIGHLY UNLIKELY she’ll get gainful employment.
      With her bratty reputation it’s HIGHLY UNLIKELY anyone will want to sponsor her.
      With her physco husband causing drama everywhere he steps foot NO-ONE will want to be involved with him in any way shape or form!
      Wake up Jenelle, your life is F****d and you brought it all on yourself!

    2. Ta😊 Its a little bit drafty LOL, but heaps easier to look after. I’ve been thinking about doing it for a while now so I just took the plunge.
      I’ve got my second grandson due in a few weeks and my daughter lives interstate……she lives in a warm tropical environment so I’ll be up swimming with my eldest grandson so I just thought it would be easier to manage…..No fuss👍

        1. Since I don’t have much strength in my arms, I wouldn’t be able to brush and style long hair the way it needs. With short hair, I can basically just run my fingers through it and go.

          1. That must be really difficult for you, I’m sorry. But its what’s on the inside that matters and I’m sure you have got a beautiful warm and caring heart. And at the end of the day it’s only hair.
            Keep smiling hun 😊

        2. When i was younger I used to have it short then I grew it out , and it was down passed my shoulders but I used to put it in a messy ponytail/bun on the top of my head so I just thought bigger it , it’s coming off. But your right , short hair is easier to manage……and plus you go through less shampoo lol

          1. That it is LOL. My husband shaves his head ( police officer) so we save a bit on shampoo there !😂

          2. You haven’t lived until you have waist length hair and hang it in the headrest of a wheelchair. That shit HURTS!!!!!

  5. I thought the ex-teen mom married to the dog murderer child abuser, quit social media because she’s depressed that people hate her.

    1. I don’t think she would be able to handle a job where she has to directly deal with customers, or people in general. She needs to work on her burger flipping skills, instead. Although I wouldn’t wish her on the other employees at McDonald’s. Those people already have enough to deal with.

    2. That’s not fair to her. She already has some skills. She could have a diy beauty line- show us other folks how to make the perfect gel hairspray, get the mascara to run in the blackest rivers down your face.

      Or similarly to “How to lose a guy in 10 days,” she could do “ how to con a conman in 10 days.” Or write the “Seven Habits of Highly Narcissistic People.” Or “Mastering the Perfect Couch/ Bed rotation to keep the butt prints from forming.” Y’all are so narrow minded to her employment opportunities.

      1. Oh. Sorry, sorry. Those are amber’s opportunities. Jenelles could’ve included being a spokesperson for Kail’s pothead line. But she blew that. David will probably pimp her out for a Farrah-esque “celebrity sex tape.”

      2. I apologise, How rude of me not to recognize all these abundance of skills that this oxygen thief could utilize…. BANG …….ANOTHER skill for her , saving the planet by inhaling the toxicity of the ozone layer . That’s one mighty skilled hillbilly right there 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  6. Can all the fans who have the time to harass advertisers for Jenelle please do the same for Amber’s whole machete yielding incident??? Please!

  7. I freaking LOVE Addie. She is so cute and funny as hell!!! Followed in by Jayde from TMOG (a VERY close second)!!!!

    1. She’s so adorable, I love her little personality.
      OMG When they did the interview with Jeremy and Leah and they flicked over to interview ADDIE I was in stitches. 🧚‍♀️💗👑🎉

      1. Me too!!! She has so much spunk and sass!!! Did you watch the episode of TMOG where Jayde said she wanted to be a “farma”?

        1. No I haven’t seen any yet , I’m going to have to get them up on YouTube because there aren’t any episodes screening here!

          1. It was so cute!!! I laughed my head off!!!

            I LOVE Addie, but Gracie has a little attitude. She needs a good swift kick in the ass from time to time. But poor Ali Girl, sometimes I just want to jump through the tv screen and give her a big hug!!

          2. Oooooooohhhhhh yeah Gracie is DEFINITELY going to give Leah a run for her money. She’ll be a wild child for sure!.
            I know what you mean about Ali girl, it’s heartbreaking, the poor little girl must get so frustrated….yet you very rarely hear her complain.Id just love to give her a massive hug. I’m not an overly religious person but I am a bielever, but when I see sick, disabled disadvantaged kids it makes me question….WHY.? What sort of God would put a child through this.
            Leah is doing an amazing job, She’s matured so much , She’s really come a long way. I’d love to see her and Jeremy get back together 🧚‍♀️🧚‍♀️🧚‍♀️💗💗💗

          3. Me too, and I honestly think it will happen. You can’t see those two together and not think that there is something going on, there’s feelings between them, I CAN TELL!!!

            I question “why” alot. But then I realize, there has to be a purpose (a tolerance for patience, etc).

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