Sarah Rice of ‘The Challenge’ Splits From Husband Landon Patterson; Rival Johnny Bananas Slammed After Making Cold Joke About Her Divorce

Sarah Rice, former competitor on The Challenge, is calling it quits with her husband Landon Patterson after four years of marriage. Fans were surprised by the news…but even more surprised by how Sarah’s ‘Challenge’ nemesis, Johnny Bananas, responded!

According to People, Sarah made the announcement last week during an episode of her Brain Candy podcast, which she hosts with fellow ‘The Challenge’ alum Susie Meister. Sarah kicked off her announcement by acknowledging that some of her podcast listeners and social media followers had likely noticed Landon’s absence as of late. 

“You guys are probably like, ‘Where’s Landon? and, ‘She hasn’t been talking about him,’” she said. “And that’s because we’re gonna get a divorce, or we’re getting one. Going through the whole process.”

Sarah went on to say that two people could “be really good, but not a good fit.”

“It felt like every day I was moving a little bit away from… who I am,” she added. 

Sarah said a recent road trip gave her the opportunity to think about her marriage, ultimately deciding that she had to tell Landon she loves him, but just isn’t in love with him—- something she said is “real hard to do.” 

“It’s kind of like a palm tree and an oak tree,” she explained. “Like, they’re both strong trees, but if you put them next to each other, one’s not going to survive.” 

Sarah shared an optimistic Instagram post with her fans following the announcement of her divorce, noting that she didn’t know what the future may bring but she’s “ready for the ride.” 

As The Ashley previously told you, Sarah and Landon, who tied the knot in 2015, found out they were expecting in early 2018, but unfortunately lost the baby 12 weeks into Sarah’s pregnancy. At the time, Sarah compared the tragedy to doing a final challenge and leaving with no money—something she experienced first-hand on 2016’s Rivals III when, as fans of the show may remember, Johnny Bananas finished ahead of Sarah (his ‘Rivals III’ partner) during the final challenge and infamously opted to keep the entire $275,000 prize instead of splitting it with her. 


In typical Bananas fashion, after hearing the news of Sarah’s divorce, Bananas couldn’t help but throw in his $275,000 two cents on Twitter. 

“Did he sign a prenup? Or take the money and run?” he tweeted on Tuesday.

Johnny took a lot of backlash from his Twitter followers for his ice-cold comment.


“Dude come on, like on TV be shady all you want but this is real life. She is probably heartbroken. Have just an ounce of compassion. Just lost all respect for you,” another person wrote.

Another ‘Challenge’ fan pointed out that Johnny is not exactly known for his tact, referencing when he taunted ‘Challenge’ co-star Devin Walker for appearing on “The Final Reckoning” soon after his father passed away.

“I mean, what’s next? Making fun of the death of someone’s father-? Oh wait…” a Twitter user wrote.

At press time, Johnny’s tweet remains up, and Sarah has yet to comment on it.

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11 Responses

  1. @JohnnyBananas, you committed a low down despicable act, in your need for revenge. HATING, what you “claim” Sarah did to you.Labeling it low morals, laziness and greed.You don’t like it,so you do even worse to her!!?
    You wouNOT have gotten there, if it weren’t for Sarah. Remember the puzzles!? Remember saying that you thought Sarah must be thinking, how stupid you are? YOU, thought that, because THAT is what you think of yourself -STUPID!! P.S. She did not. Only YOU.

  2. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    Well I find it funny that since he ripped Sarah off He has been sent home early every season

  3. I think he started out playing up the Bananas “character” but has since actually become the villain he used to just portray.

  4. Why is Johnny always commenting on stuff like this? Does he even have a life outside of the Challenge?! Not to mention he will be on the next one too, dude, please, get a life!

    I hope Sarah can come stronger from this, divorces can be tough.

  5. She got what she deserved when she sent Johny home when they were friends a couple of episodes before he took the money and ran. I am glad he took the whole amount. She is a crappy friend. I thought his post was FUNNY!

    1. Sarah didn’t send Johnny home. She sent him and his team into an elimination round. How is it Sarah’s fault that Johnny can’t win an elimination?

  6. Karma is just isn’t a club in Jersey. It’s bus with Bananas name on it. And it will be coming for him, someday.

    1. I don’t watch the show anymore but when I did I couldn’t stand him. He went from this nice guy on the real world, always sticking up for Svetlana, to a total prick and asshole on the Challenge.

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