EXCLUSIVE! David Eason Faces Ex Jenelle Evans In Court; Confesses to Judge He “Can’t Afford an Attorney”

“You better put on a thong and model your sweet cheeks on OnlyFans to make some money, boy! Let’s get this case moving!”

David Eason and Jenelle Evans came face-to-face in court on Thursday.

Jenelle showed up wearing her signature “more classier” white courtin’ heels, while David showed up with empty pockets— and no lawyer!

The Ashley can exclusively reveal that Jenelle and David were in a North Carolina county courthouse on Thursday to present their cases to a judge in regard to the domestic violence restraining order Jenelle recently requested for herself and her kids. The former Teen Mom 2 couple– who split in February— were both on time for the hearing, unlike the hearing two weeks ago, when both parties were late.

The Ashley knows what the people want: a pic of the “more classier” heels….

The Ashley can exclusively reveal that Jenelle arrived with her TikTok lawyer in tow, while David came solo, only to tell the very aggravated judge that he needs even more time to prepare his case. Two weeks ago, David stated that he needed a continuance in the case to have time to obtain a lawyer, something he admitted on Thursday that he still had not done.

David also confessed in court that the reason he has no lawyer is that he can’t pay one.

“I can’t afford an attorney,” David told the judge, adding that he had spoken to an attorney, but could not afford to pay one.

(As The Ashley previously reported, David was seen begging Jenelle’s former attorney Dustin Sullivan to represent him at the hearing two weeks ago. Dustin refused.)

According to The Ashley’s sources, Jenelle’s lawyer was very unhappy that David was asking for another continuance and fought to have the hearing take place on Thursday. The judge was also unhappy, but agreed to grant a three-week continuance.

Jenelle’s flannel shirt with white clubbin’ heels combo is certainly a lewk

“The judge made it clear that there would be no more continuances after this, and that the hearing would take place at the next hearing, no matter what, regardless if David found an attorney or not,” the source stated.

The former King and Queen of The Land left separate, with David– who was dressed in jeans and a brown long-sleeve shirt and had his long hair groomed and put into a ponytail–leaving promptly after.

David looking for lawyers in the parking lot that he can beg to take his case for free…probably.

It’s not surprising that David is unable to pay for a lawyer. In her filing for legal separation, Jenelle stated that David has refused to work for the majority of their marriage, yet he still spends money “recklessly.” Jenelle noted that she is the only one earning an income in the family.

“[David] recklessly spent the party’s money which [Jenelle] solely earns, and in other ways to be shown at trial,” she wrote. “[David] has further committed marital misconduct in that he excessively uses alcohol and has not maintained consistent full-time employment for a number of years.”

“Job…I don’t need no stinkin’ job…”

Jenelle and David will next meet in court on May 16.

UPDATE! David immediately jumped on TikTok after the court hearing to beg for money.

“I can get an attorney…when I have the money for an attorney, that’s why I am on here talking to you guys, so I can raise some money for an attorney,” he said. “I’ve got money but I don’t have any extra money to pay an attorney. That’s not in my budget at all, do you know how much an attorney costs?

“I’m trying to work on my truck and my boat,” he continued. “I’ve got other stuff I need to spend money on. I’ve got bills, I’ve got rent, I’ve got electric. Nobody offers free attorneys for civil court. That does not exist. That has to be criminal court.” 

David repeatedly asked his followers to engage on his Live so he could profit off of it.

“We’re trying to raise some money to get an attorney to beat Jenelle in court!” David said. “I’ve got to get an attorney. I just need time to raise the money to get an attorney. It costs a lot!”

David went on to claim that Jenelle’s request for a protective order against him is “bogus.”

No matter how much money I have, none of it is allocated to paying for an attorney for Jenelle’s bogus claims,” he said. “She can make up some lies and make me spend more money? She’s going to keep hurting me by taking me to court and trying to ruin my reputation.”

“Ya did a pretty good job of doin’ that ya-self, David! Ya didn’t need Juh-nelle for that!”

“…It’s always the man’s fault when a woman does something really bad. When he reacts it’s always the man’s fault. Even if he’s just calling her out on her bulls**t,” David said.

David then stated that he “works every day” and that he’s “working right now” by being on TikTok. He insisted that he has “several jobs” but failed to reveal what it is that he does other than putting his mug on TikTok and begging for cash.

“Can y’all just send me some [TikTok] gifts so I can pay for an attorney and beat Jenelle?” David asked his followers.

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(Photos: Instagram; The Ashley)

27 Responses

  1. David has become a beggar with no pride. He’s not ill or sick and can get a real job. He’s way to entitled. He has no idea of how the real world works. It’s not the world according to David. I believe he has two options. The first is sucking up to Jenelle. The other one is criminal activity. He’s “too good” to work like the rest of us. He will end up in jail. He’s got an attitude problem. Despite his age, he’s very juvenile.

    1. He’s juvenile and not in control of himself. Being an addict makes it worse. He’s pouring alcohol on top of mental illness. He has no real happy ending.

  2. Wasn’t he on tiktok showing a wad of money, bragging about the companies & jobs he has, the Numerous connections he has. I can’t imagine he would…LIE

    1. How much did his new tattoos cost? How much does he spend on liquor and drugs? What is his rent and electricity bill? Jenelle is probably paying the dock ramp.
      What happened to his new song?
      How much $ has he raised?
      Also it’s pretty sad that David looked more properly dressed than Jenelle did.
      I also don’t think DE would steal Ensley to live on the boat but you never know what else he could come up with.

  3. A few scenarios:

    He doesn’t raise the money.
    They proceed with the case and he tries to represent himself and well.. someone should film that.

    He raises the money and no one takes his case bc he’s a terrible client, a la Dustin.

    He raises the money and snags some lawyer who just absolutely needs a couple thousand dollars right away and doesn’t give a shit how David is represented or winning.

    All plausible. All possible.

    The only scenario I cannot see happening is him raising the money and getting adequate representation. Won’t happen.

    1. Commenting to add that adequate representation still ends the same for David. He sucks. Jenelle also sucks, but FAR less than David. Even if he gets the money, he is screwed and rightfully so.

  4. Good thing courthouses have metal detectors… He’s a ticking timebomb with nothing to lose at this point.

  5. i’d love to know how much ? (if any) swamp king ?‍♂️ raises from his loser ‘fans’ on tiktok.
    also ~ swamp queen’s ?‍♀️ courtin’ flannel is the same lined flannel i wear to do autumn yard work ?? when it’s not quite chilly enough for a jacket. in other words, a scrub outdoor work shirt. i wouldn’t wear it to the grocery store, much less court.

      1. @roast ~ well, i typically wear work boots in the yard with my ‘swamp queen ?‍♀️ dupe’ flannel ~ but maybe next fall i’ll change it up with some white, ‘more classier’ court pumps.
        that might be a kewl lewk…??

  6. LMAO! First off, did they like coordinate their outfits for court? Also, how’s he going to beg for money on TikTok while saying his money is tied up for car & boat repairs? WTH is he spending money on a boat when he has no steady income anyway?! He’s a lazy, misogynistic p.o.s!!!

  7. Am I actually seeing she wore a flannel to court with her “classier court shoes”?! ugh…. just ugh

  8. “We’re trying to raise money to get an attorney to beat Janelle in court”…. fighting for custody of your child is not a winning/losing against the other parent situation. You need to put the child first and think about what’s best for them and co-parent. Both of them are losers and not capable of doing this so it is a losing situation for both of them and the kids.

  9. jenelle’s karma but what a loser and whoever actually sends him tiktok gifts or money are even bigger losers

  10. This guy is such an embarrassment lol he has no shame. And what’s even more embarrassing is that Jenelle stayed with him for so long and stood up for him through all the terrible stuff he did, INCLUDING his alleged assault of her son. Never forget: “He doesn’t cheat on me, he doesn’t do anything wrong as a husband. He’s perfect.“ – Jenelle

  11. Somewhere, on the otherside, Nugget is rolling in the clover. Hanging out with Jesus getting belly rubs, and lots of snacks, and feeling all the love. Meanwhile back in this dimension, UBT is hated by all, begging for lawyer money, living in a broke down boat, driving a hoopty, and being sued by Jenelle. KARMA

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