EXCLUSIVE! David Eason Begs Jenelle Evans’ Former Lawyer Dustin Sullivan To Represent Him in Court; Tells Judge He Needs More Time to Find an Attorney

“This kid offered to pay me in boat barnacles!”

File this under: “You can’t make this stuff up.”

David Eason was in court on Thursday to answer to the restraining order request his estranged wife, Jenelle Evans, recently filed against him for her and her kids. As The Ashley previously reported, David was late for the court hearing, which began at 9:30 a.m. And now, The Ashley can exclusively reveal why Mr. Jenelle Evans was tardy.

Although David told the angry judge that he accidentally went to the wrong courtroom, he was actually out in the hallway, begging Jenelle’s former lawyer Dustin Sullivan to represent him!

Dustin— who is infamous for appearing on Teen Mom 2 as Jenelle’s lawyer during the early seasons and during the famous “Kesha” concert scene— happened to be in the courthouse and was recognized by David.

According to The Ashley’s court sources, the lawyer-less David made a last-ditch effort to get an attorney into the courtroom to represent him.

“He told Dustin that he has no lawyer and asked if he would represent him, even if it was just for the court hearing on Thursday,” one source said. “Dustin looked surprised and made it very clear that he would not be willing to represent David, even for just the court hearing that day.” 

“…the ones that don’t include ME, of course…”

After David was unsuccessful in convincing Dustin to represent him, he came into the courtroom and told the judge he accidentally went to the wrong courtroom, making no mention that he was actually inside the courthouse trying to get a lawyer.

“David asked that the case be continued, and Jenelle’s attorney agreed,” one of The Ashley’s court sources stated. “The judge continued the case until April 25.”

The Ashley can also reveal that David objected to that date.

“That ain’t enough time for me to get all these feathers in my hair for the court date, Your Court Honorship!”

“He told the judge he didn’t have a lawyer and he needed more time than that to get himself one,” the source said. “The judge told him that he didn’t, and that two weeks should be sufficient time for David to find counsel.” 

The Ashley’s source said David left the courthouse “in a huff” and, in a video filmed by a reporter for The Sun, he is seen cussing at the photographer as he arrived at his car. 

To catch up on what happened at the court hearing today, click here!

(Photos: Instagram; MTV) 


16 Responses

  1. I always thought it was a little eerie how far Dustin went for Janelle. It was odd the scene where he asked Janelle if she was dating anyone new. Criminal defense lawyers are not normally these invested in their clients. No doubt, he seems to be a great lawyer though.

    1. They saw each other often enough to be family. Of course he was more comfortable than an average lawyer would be.

    2. Jenelle was on probation and wasn’t allowed to hang out with other felons, which is why her lawyer asked about her relationship status.

  2. i can’t imagine how annoyed the judge must be with the audacity david has to show up late, ask for an extension and then disagree with the new date when he got it ?? what a LOSER

    1. No one is going to represent Bozo the broken boat dweller without a retainer. He hasn’t found an attorney because his broke ass can’t afford one.

      No family law attorney is going to take on the client without a retainer that will cover all the costs associated with the issue. And Mr “I roam around random marinas and ask if I can scrub the algae off your boat” (?), doesn’t have $3K+ because he refused to work. As I recall he suffered from crippling vitiligo and allergy to being a full-time employee.

      1. According to MyVitiligoTeam.com, Vitiligo is not considered a ‘disability’that prevents someone from working. It is generally described as a cosmetic condition. It’s NOT crippling.

        1. I’m really liking how sources are being cited in this, the comment section of a reality TV website.

          1. I wish we were also provided with a source that debunked having an employment allergy, because, for someone with no grasp of sarcasm, it should have been taken just as seriously as “crippling vitiligo.”

  3. How awkward for Dustin. Thank goodness he is staying away from Jenelle and David’s messes. How are you going to ask a lawyer to represent you with no notice or time to prepare or give a retainer?

  4. Dustin is way too smart to sign up for an Evans Eason shit show. I’ll never forget his face when Jenelle said Kesha was most important than her freedom…I knew he was done with anything Jenelle after that.

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