Jenelle Evans Claims in New Court Filing That Her Estranged Husband David Eason Killed Their Family’s Puppy in February: Details of Protective Order Filing

Trigger Warning: This article discusses animal death.

Jenelle Evans claims her estranged husband David Eason is once again guilty of dog murder.

In a request for a domestic violence protective order filed by Jenelle last month (which was first obtained by The Sun), Jenelle states that David killed one of their family’s puppies on February 6, after he and Jenelle had gotten into an argument. According to Jenelle, David– who infamously killed Jenelle’s dog Nugget in 2019—allegedly ran over a puppy after jumping into Jenelle’s car and trying to leave their home on The Land.

“David has an argument with Jenelle outside of house in the driveway,” the paperwork submitted by Jenelle states. “David storms off, gets into Jenelle’s Toyota Sequoia to drive away without asking Jenelle’s permission, pulls out really fast, ran over a puppy, and killed it.”

Jenelle stated that her younger kids were at school and didn’t see the incident; however, David’s 16-year-old daughter, Maryssa, did allegedly witness the puppy’s death.

A ‘pitcher’ of the…um…”happy” family early last year…

“Stepdaughter was home at the time and witnessed the dog dying. David also witnessed the dog dying,” the court paperwork reads.

On Tuesday, Jenelle alluded to the fact that David had killed not one but two of the family’s puppies. In a tweet, the fired Teen Mom 2 star blasted her former soulmate, stating that one of the puppies David allegedly hurt was Maryssa’s.

“Why don’t you go and ask him what he did to 2 of the puppies?” Jenelle wrote. “He wants to talk s**t about me, well he’s the one that didn’t keep them safe. One of them was his daughter’s.” 

After Jenelle’s tweeting spree, David went Live on TikTok and stated that Jenelle was lying about the puppy-killing incident. He also discussed the photos posted by The Sun, which show him being served a court summons. 

“There is no restraining order, she tried to get one,” David told his followers. “…They served me with a summons to fight the restraining order, because it wasn’t granted.”


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(The Ashley can confirm this is, indeed, true. Jenelle did make multiple attempts to obtain a domestic violence protective order against David, but her filing was denied by the court. A court date has been set to address the issues.) 

“Yes, the police served me with that. But it’s not a restraining order, it was denied. It’s just a summons. It’s not a restraining order at all. It’s a summons so that she can have her day in court, to see whether or not a judge would grant a restraining order,” David said on TikTok. “But if you can’t get it at the Magistrate’s Office, what makes [her] think she’s gonna get it in the courtroom? Because when we go in the courtroom, I’m bringing all the info, baby!

“I’m also likely bringing a stench that will require an industrial-sized bottle of air freshener to clear!”


“It was denied by the Magistrate because she doesn’t have anything on me,” David said.

While David denied Jenelle’s claim that he killed one (or two) puppies recently, this is not the first time he has been accused of hurting or killing animals. In addition to the horrific killing of Jenelle’s dog Nugget (which David admitted to in May 2019, with Jenelle defending him vehemently in the media and online for years), David was also accused by his daughter Ensley of killing some of the family’s baby chicks

In 2021, David was Live on TikTok while he and his daughter Ensley were in the family’s chicken coop. Ensley (who was four at the time) begged her dad not to kill any more of their baby chicks, claiming that he recently killed some of them. David denied that he killed any animals, but then angerly threatened to smack Ensley in the mouth for saying what she said. (You can watch the video here.) 

As The Ashley previously reported, Jenelle filed for legal separation from David 17 days after he allegedly killed the dog. In paperwork filed in court on February 23, Jenelle claimed that David has exhibited “concerning and disturbing behavior” spurred by his “excessive alcohol use.”  In addition, Jenelle brought up the fact that David currently has pending child abuse and “assault by strangulation” charges pending against him for his alleged physical attack on her son Jace in September.

She also noted in her filing for separation that David shot her dog Nugget in 2019, causing them to split for a period of time afterward. 

Jenelle and her three kids– Jace, Kaiser and Ensley— are currently living on The Land, while David is shacking up on the couple’s broken boat. 

“Just over here livin’ this super-cool barnacle life, y’all!”

The Ashley will update this story when more info is available. 

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(Photos: Instagram; Facebook; TikTok)


  1. She now wants to admit everything he’s done after years of denying and defending him.

    When it helps her she tells the world what we all knew about him.

    When it’s her kids saying it about him she goes on the attack but attacks the kids.

    Yes they should divorce

    But none of them should have any of the kids or even access to them, they have both destroyed the children’s life.

    None of them are better or worse than each other they are equally disgustingly evil monsters.

  2. I don’t care how I personally feel about Jenelle. Or how you feel about her. For the record, I very strongly dislike her. Doesn’t matter.

    Jenelle, I support you 100% in this. Keep going. Make him pay.

  3. In Ohio, you can file for a restraining order & it’s automatically granted (with enough knowledge, no proof needed), for 10 days. THEN you both go to court, give your testimony and THEN the judge decides if it’s permanent or not. Is it different in NC?? I just feel like he’s lying AGAIN! And no, I actually don’t believe this puppy story because she would have posted 100 pics of it, so….

    1. Every state has different laws on protection orders. It appears that North Carolina does have ex parte temporary orders that will last up to 10 days. I believe the judge denied that request, which is why they set a court date.

    2. Same way in GA. “I’ve told him not to call me and he did. I’m afraid for my life”.
      Granted with a court date for a hearing.
      Judges don’t want to take a chance of something happening and they are at fault. Anyone can get a temporary order for literally any reason.
      One of the few good things about GA 🙂

  4. Jenelle called the Sun to capture David getting served? Sounds about right for these two train wrecks.

    I doubt Jenelle even cares about those poor animals – they’re just something she can use against David. These two are just the absolute worst.

  5. Can you imagine the mental toll this is taking on those kids that this monster is murdering their pets?? Sometimes in front of them?? This could potentially turn them into sociopaths themselves!
    And Jenelle stood by his side through and through, did lame photoshoots, swore up and down Jace was a liar, swore up and down Maryssa was a liar, said that DAVID needed protection from Jace, gaslit whenever she could…the crap she did to stand by this fools side makes me have absolutely ZERO SYMPATHY for her. And what else is sick is when she gets lonely and wants a man again and goes back to him, she’s going to try and downplay these accusations, just like she downplayed Nuggets murder. She is the scum of the earth, and he’s demonic.

  6. THIS IS SERIAL KILLER BEHAVIOR. Normal people don’t kill the family pets! Eff him AND eff Jenelle for getting more and more animals knowing good and well he could potentially murder them. This “divorce” is beyond messy. This is absolutely disgusting.

  7. I believe the courts are being difficult to Jenelle for being a pos to her kids and getting away with it. And also for being an absolute ASS. She ridiculed judges, deputies and clerks office staff, NATIONALLY. I’m not accusing the courts of any wrongdoing, but I’m just saying that courts have a great amount of freedom on making decisions. Basically, if they can legally stick it to her (and David) they will.
    I do believe he’s been killing animals all along. When you get away with a crime you tend to repeat it. IMO. His behavior is escalating. These children may grow to feel unbothered by violence. It can lead to a lot of dangerous behavior later on in life as well. My wish would be that as soon as the judge hears details of their marriage, all children be taken away and ordered to undergo severe mental health treatment. But it won’t happen because they’re no longer together, so the situation no longer applies.
    Also, just so you know…. It’s unusual to have two deputies to serve a person. A county is divided by districts and one deputy working in Civil Division is assigned to a district. They will ask another deputy to go with them or will call dispatch to send a deputy from patrol if the person being served is considered a danger.

  8. That asshole is a total and complete degenerate. Jenelle isn’t much better, but at least she didn’t murder animals. Hopefully she doesn’t immediately cling to another love interest. Those poor kids …

    1. She doesn’t murder pets but so many have just disappeared from her care. How many kittens, puppies, lizards, etc. were there for a few episodes and then just never mentioned again? God only knows where those animals have gone.

  9. She continued to supply him with animals to murder! She only has an issue when she needs ammo

  10. It’s like everyone says- he’s great and it’s all untrue until it fits Jenelle’s narrative, then it’s true. Ultimately I do believe he is crazy and a sociopath but she let him stay and defended him so she is equally as guilty. That being said, for the sake of the kids, I hope this one time justice is served. Yes they deserve each other, but the kids deserve better. I have been watching old episodes of teen mom 2, it’s so sad how she chose men and how great they are until it was time to break up. I’ve been there, being with the wrong guy with hopes of it working so I get it, but at some point you have to take a stand for your kids.

  11. So now she suddenly needs protection from him, but yet after the break in attempt (which she claims he had a hand in) she was desperate enough to feel safe that she invited him back on the land for “2 days?” Then she has the nerve to use Jaces incident in the paper work for why she needs this protection order? After vehemently denying anything of the sort took place and “we’d all see” when the truth came to light. So she needs protection from him when it’s convenient for her evidentially. You know, I almost believed the separation/divorce might stick until all this came out. But she bounces back and forth on everything so it won’t be long before she ends up forgetting all this ever happened wnd he’ll be back on the land. 🙄🙄 POOR KIDS.

  12. They both need to shut the hell up. What a chaotic mess these two are. So this bafoon has killed nugget, killed baby chicks, killed 2 more puppies, killed elvis the family pet goat then took pics of it and posted online and showed himself eating elvis and has strangled your poor son. All on her watch but now she is ready to leave? But she defended him over and over that he didnt strangle her son. But now she wants to file a restraining order? Get off social media and get yourself in rehab and try to give your kids one sane parent.

    1. And don’t forget all of the horrible abuse that he put Kaiser through. Somehow people always forget that his was the worst of all. All of the horrible, demeaning names that he called that child, all of the times Kaiser would scream “No David, please don’t!” that we could all hear on Teen Mom while David would drag him by the arm into a room and slam the door and beat him. Just because he wet his pants or some minor thing like that. Kaiser was about 2 or 3. Remember when Kaiser’s dad took pictures of the horrible bruising on Kaiser’s behind and posted it? And Jenelle laughed it off and said those marks came from a water slide? And when Kaiser began stuttering every time David entered a room? I’m sure I haven’t listed all of it, but I certainly remember the rage I felt for what that poor little boy had to endure. I’ll bet he wonders today why no one tried to rescue him the way they are for his brother. Maybe this will finally be the end of the abuse of those kids.

  13. David is a psychopath, but he’s always been one. He killed that dog when Jenelle was still defending him.

    For years everyone told her how bad he was, and she defended him to nuggets grave. So I don’t care what she has to say, yeah, we knew he was a problem.

  14. I knew that fuck-head psycho bastard had to have killed more than Nugget and the family goat! So many of their animals just seem to disappear unnoticed! So now we can add 2 more puppies and baby chicks. And God knows how many others! North Carolina must be the most ass-backward state in the world the way they refuse to protect animals and children from abuse! Why didn’t they stop him years ago? Before the deaths of innocent animals and before all of the damage he’s caused to these kids! And Jenelle is just as guilty as he is. She enabled him and protected and defended him! The animals and kids are nothing but pawns for her to use in court for whatever she wants! God I hate them so much!

    1. The emergency order was initially denied, they’ll hear both sides & decide at a later date. Its not guna happen especially if Davids not harassing her

    2. @Lori– the ex parte order for emergency relief was denied. The hearing is to see if the (regular, non-emergency) restraining order should be granted. They are, indeed, going to court. I have obtained the court summons. -The Ashley

  15. David is evil to the core. Jenelle is delusional to the core, emotionally stunted, and needs a lot of therapy. For David? Therapy won’t fix what he has. It’s a done deal. I so hurt for those children.

  16. They both deserve each other. They are both abusers. They are both liars. And they both are shitty ass parents.

  17. only reason she’ll never admit his abuse is because she knows she’ll look worse for not doing anything to protect her kids from it

  18. Can’t stand her. She wants to talk now but was defending him just 5 min ago. She’s annoying.

    1. So true, She never stopped defending him for years! Barb told her also, where’s her apology to Barb?!

    2. And she will defend him again when she gets back with him. She will act like we are all stupid and she never said any of this. Just like the last time. Even though it’s in a court document she will deny it and her dumbass followers will believe her. I’m so pissed about yet another animal being murdered I’m shaking. What assholes.

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