David Eason Speaks Out After Being Charged with Assault By Strangulation For Alleged Attack on Jenelle Evans’ Son Jace: “I’ve Always Done What’s Right”

“I’m innocent I tells ya! It’s just them damn talkin’ words!”

Jenelle Evans went on a social media (and county courthouse phoneline) tirade last week, after finding out that her husband, David Eason, had an additional felony charge of “Assault by Strangulation” added to his existing child abuse charge– and now, it’s David’s turn to hit The Interwebs.

The Ashley broke the news on Friday that David had been been charged with “Assault By Strangulation following his January 10 court date. This charge comes several months after the fired Teen Mom 2 dad was charged with misdemeanor child abuse stemming from from an incident in September in which Jenelle’s teen son Jace told authorities that he ran away from the Easons’ home on The Land because he was allegedly assaulted by David.

David decided to speak out in a series of Facebook posts and comments. Mr. Jenelle Evans declared his innocence, and then denied that there is Ring camera footage from a neighbor’s house that shows his alleged assault on Jace.

“I know you’re probably still wearing your Covid mask and waiting for aliens to fall out the sky but I can promise you one thing, THERE IS NO RING CAMERA FOOTAGE!” David wrote on his verified Facebook page. “If there was it would just prove my innocence…”

In another post made on Monday, David declared that he has done nothing wrong.

“You can pray for my downfall all you want but you’re only hurting yourself,” he wrote. “I will always stand strong because I’ve always done what’s right, no matter what you heard. So not only do your words not hurt me but they give me even more encouragement to be the best man I can be for my family!”

David’s posts garnered quite a bit of criticism from people on Facebook, with many pointing out that David has no job and refuses to get one. David’s sister April hopped into the comment section to defend David, insisting that her brother does have a job, though she didn’t specify what it is that David does exactly to earn a living.

“What is the definition of a job?” April wrote. “Lemme tell you…provide services-get paid…. he does that…BOOM…job.” 

David also reminded another person in his comment section that he has only been “charged, not convicted” of the assault and child abuse charges. He also told another person who recommended he get counseling that, “I did get counseling, they said I don’t need counseling.” 

As The Ashley previously reported, in North Carolina, a victim must have sustained physical injury in order for the alleged assaulter to be charged with ‘Assault by Strangulation.’ It is a Class H felony, and carries a maximum of 39 months in prison.

The official court summons issued in October claims that David “willingly” harmed Jace during the September incident. 

“[David] unlawfully and willingly did, being the parents of Jace V Evans, who was a child, less than 16 years of age, inflict physical injury on that child,” the court document states. “The physical injury inflicted caused marks on [Jace’s] right arm, and left and right side of the neck, and was inflicted by other than accidental means.” 

On Friday, Jenelle was been burning up the Internet, defending David after news of the additional charge broke.

The Ashley’s sources confirmed that Jenelle was also burning up the courthouse’s phone line on Friday, blasting the county clerks for not informing her and David of his additional charge. 

The face Jenelle and David’s lawyers are making right now…probably.

Jenelle also posted a series of comments on Facebook on Friday, writing, “I’m over here minding my own business, trying to post positive content and people are constantly trying to bring me down..”

In another post, Jenelle complained that she and David have been the victims of corruption. (That post has since been deleted, though.)

“I live in the most corrupt place in the world,” Jenelle wrote. “It’s funny how bias people are against us….when the truth comes out I hope you feel stupid. I can not stand where I live. The feds should be looking into all the corruption I’ve dealt with for years with the law enforcement of North Carolina. Definitely moving when all of this is said and done. Can’t wait. #FreshStart #FamilyFirst” 

David’s next court date has not yet been announced. 

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(Photos: Instagram; MTV; YouTube)


  1. Wherever you move to just make sure that y’all move to a state where criminals get away with crimes. Other than that, you two will end up in prison and those children in foster care. Losers.

  2. 3 things:
    1) selling weed isn’t a job
    2) please tell me how both of these fools are ignoring the gag order placed on them and NOT BEING CHARGED FOR IT
    3) “most corrupt place in the world”…….. does she live in Washington DC? Or North Korea? No? Stfu then.

    I’m so sick of these two snow garbage morons.

  3. Isn’t there a gag order? Wouldn’t speaking about the assault qualify as publicly talking about Jace? Even if it doesn’t technically count, he is skating on thin ice. His stupidity is alarming. Talking about this stuff publicly while you have an open case is deeply stupid. I hope he gets what he deserves.

  4. I just…I don’t…I have no words. No footage?! It has been proven that there is…I will stop trying to make sense of this because I will only lose my mind.

    These two deserve each other is all I’m gonna say.

  5. Wasn’t there a gag order placed on this? So can’t they get in trouble for speaking about it. Here’s hoping!

  6. I do believe there’s no footage because where are their neighbours? That’s what they love about the swamp, no witnesses!

  7. Breaking and entering, larceny, assault with a deadly weapon.. locking Kaiser in the car.. calling him a little bitch.. embarrassing your kids by posting yourself on onlyfans so you can avoid responsibility and getting a real job.. assaulting Olivia while she was pregnant.. killing nugget.. damaging other peoples property.. texting your ex wife shady stuff behind Jenelle’s back.. scaring Jenelle into hiding in an attic while you break stuff.. abusing Jenelle.. putting your hands on your step son.. yea, you’ve always done the right thing huh? 😂 I️ wonder what it’s like to be that delusional. These two think they’re untouchable and have gotten away with the most insane things over the years. It’s time David, at the very least, is held accountable. Back to jail.

  8. Can we vote not to have close up pictures of his face at the start of the article. It scares me when I open the Ashley on my phone.

  9. I thought everyone signed a nda about the court case, the charges are now apart of the court case are they not? So the swamp monsters are breaking this agreement are they not? Where is the punishment for that?

    1. I believe the gag order was put in place for speaking anything of Jace and the issues with that. I think since algae eater himself was the only one part of these new charges, he can speak on it. But I could be wrong, that’s just my guess.

    2. The gag order put in place is only about Jace’s custody arrangement. The posts jenelle was constantly putting up about “david protecting her family from jace,” and blaming everything on barb was upsetting him, so the judge made jenelle and barb stop talking about it, even though barb hasn’t said a word. They also through in andrew for good measure. I read they basically allowed him to be virtually present during the court date, and also state his opinion a bit through out, but as hes never been a present father for J’s entire life, his words wouldnt really change anything regardless. Basically throwing him a bone.
      So david can talk about his child abuse case all he wants, he wasnt even allowed in the court room for jaces custody case, so he wasnt under the gag order.

  10. Trust and believe, David. You’ve never ONCE been in my prayers.

    Those innocent abused chirren, sure.
    But you or your wife, no. Never once.

    1. The fact he feels the need to say the words don’t hurt him only prove that it does bother him . Him worrying about what ppl online think would be the least of my worries if I was in his position. Also Jenelle and David aren’t quite intelligent enough to realize when they speak out they only succeed in making themselves look more ignorant and guilty . If there was truly no evidence why do you feel the need to defend yourself if you’ve done nothing wrong? .

  11. Well I hope the next place they move to is more strict when it comes to children. David makes me sick. He claims to be a man but he doesn’t know what a man is. He acts like a child who is always throwing a temper tantrum. A man doesn’t kill an innocent animal in front of his children. A man doesn’t sponge off of his wife. He earned a living for his family. A man doesn’t act like this baby in any way. It blows my mind that the courts have let them get away with mistreating their kids for this many years. Their county & state has really failed those kids. If North Carolina is guilty of anything, it’s that

    1. I was wondering that, but I think that’s in the CPS case which is different. Because they’re dumpster people with several hearings happening at once it’s easy to get confused.

    2. That’s what I was wondering. I thought they weren’t allowed to talk about the situation? They must be driving their lawyer nuts with all of the rules they brake!

      1. Their lawyers deserve all the grief those two cause them for taking on such garbage clients. Money must be a more powerful incentive than their conscience so they’ll have no problem sleeping at night.

  12. Here’s a thought quit committing crimes for one. 🤔🤔 There is absolutely no redemption on the parent subject, any “mother” and I use that word lightly would NEVER choose a man over their own child, YES CHILD. On the job situation SMH 🤦🏻‍♀️, they both take off their clothes and show the world for money which is disgusting, his sister saying he has a job is pretty hilarious even his lovely bride has outed him on numerous occasions about not working & draining her financially. Now that just speaks volumes on how stupid she is for continuing to do so. Maybe move out of the country is an option but I would be very concerned for Kaiser & Ensley’s well being. No matter what happens Skunk Ape & Jane are losers in the past, losers now & will forever be losers in the future. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  13. I am quite sure the therapist said he didn’t need therapy. I whole heartedly believe that only because I am sure the therapist knew better and wanted no part of that crazy town!! No one in their right mind would willing engage with that level of stupidity. There is no fixing it!

    1. I think it was along the lines of “therapy can’t help you”, but yes, no professional wants to deal with him, although I’m sure science would want to study his brain, or lack of, one day.
      Same way they’d want Farrah’s.

      1. Or the therapist told him they can’t help until David takes responsibility for his own actions and puts in the work to make some changes. Since he thinks he’s absolutely perfect, he heard, “You’re doing fine, no need to talk about it any further.”

  14. “You can pray for my downfall all you want but you’re only hurting yourself” 😂 how am I hurting myself, David? You absolute, useless POS.
    I want to see them both in jail so much

  15. She’s right about it being corrupt over there. That’s the only reason they’ve both gotten away with so much over the years.

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