‘Teen Mom’ Dad Ryan Edwards Says He’s “No Longer Apologizing For Being Me” Amid Ongoing Legal Woes

Ryan Christopher “Zero F**ks Given” Edwards, ladies and gentlemen.

Ryan Edwards is sorry he’s not sorry– basically. 

The Teen Mom dad, who has spent the majority of the last couple of years either getting himself into trouble or facing the consequences of his actions–- albeit, lightly–- took to social media over the weekend to let his followers know that he isn’t sorry for his behavior, nor does he plan on changing it. 

Ryan revealed this take through his Instagram Story, where he shared a quote from another Instagram user. 

“I am no longer apologizing for being me,” the quote read, according to The Sun. “Yes, I’m confrontational. Yes, I’m bluntly honest. Yes, if you disrespect me, I will politely disrespect you. 

The general population upon hearing this news…

“I am so sick and tired of molding my personality for the sake of other people’s feelings when they have a disregard for my own,” the statement continued.

Ryan won’t be molding his personality, but it remains to be seen if he’ll bring back this moldy mop top.

Ryan confirming his IDGAF attitude comes less than a month after the father of three was released early from jail, despite Judge Gary Starnes previously ruling that Ryan was to spend the holiday season in the slammer (at least through January 17) after repetitively getting into trouble and not completing court-ordered treatments. 

Two weeks ago, Ryan returned to the courthouse for yet another hearing, during which his probation on time served was revoked and his suspended sentence was reinstated.

The judge also ordered Ryan to follow strict court conditions going forward, which include attending counseling sessions, undergoing random hair follicle tests and receiving monthly Vivitrol shots– the latter of which Ryan has previously failed to keep up with at times since he began receiving the injections in July. (Vivitrol is a prescription injectable medicine designed to help curb alcohol and/or opioid dependence.) 

While he didn’t clarify in his Instagram Story if his unapologetic mindset applies exclusively to obeying the law, Ryan has seemingly been keeping this same energy when it comes to parenting. 

“Nah, I think about ol’ Brantley and, um…them other two, all the time!”

Earlier this month, Ryan’s estranged wife Mackenzie Edwards told The Ashley that she and Ryan are not on speaking terms at the moment, allegedly due to Ryan’s relationship with girlfriend/partner in (literal) crime Amanda Connor, whom Ryan met while they were both in rehab. 

Ryan and his legally-challenged lover, Amanda, last year…

Amanda went on to respond to Mackenzie’s comments in a truly unhinged manner, claiming that she isn’t comfortable with her boo speaking to his ex because Mackenzie “wants more than coparenting” from Ryan.

Amanda also accused Mackenzie of being a “shady a** bitch” (among other things) in her poorly worded and nearly punctuation-free rant.  

Ryan’s next court hearing is set for April 23. 

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram) 


  1. So this before was him on his best behavior? Really? Scary.

    I didn’t know he was “molding my personality for the sake of other people’s feelings”, including multiple drug offenses, DWIs, assault charges, and destroying his children’s home, skipping out on bar tabs.

    I also haven’t heard an apology from him, to the judge, to the victim, to his children, to the mother of his kids, to his parents, to anyone.

    This man is truly pathetic, just looking for anyone but himself to blame for the situation he’s in.

  2. I despise this fuck stick. The douche canoe married to Janelle will kill someone close to him, but this bastard is going to kill an innocent.

  3. Here’s the thing. This would make sense if he made a silly mistake, not the OFFENCES HE MADE! So trashing your ex’s house, overdosing in a car, speeding which could get someone killed, not following the rules is being “unapologetic me”?! That is more than being ‘unapologetic me’, that’s being a straight up lunatic who will never ever learn from this.

    He will get someone or himself killed. And he has everyone around him who are enabling him to do these things.

  4. “No longer apologizing” implies that he previously apologized. He has never shown once ounce of remorse or accountability for his actions. This is just more addict-talk from someone who is clearly not in recovery.

  5. Unreal. This my friends is what a coddled, entitled, spoiled boy looks like. I use The term boy because that is what he is. Never held accountable by anyone, including his parents and the judicial system. He has been treated like a golden child. It is pathetic all around

  6. We don’t want an apology, we want him held accountable. He could kill someone constantly getting high & crashing vehicles & abusing his ex & children by destroying their home with them in it. If his county keeps giving him chance after chance.

    1. This is what we mean when most of us black citizens talk about white privilege, not that we all can’t come from terrible circumstances but if this were a black father with 2 baby mamas he wouldn’t have been given chance after chance after chance. They look at Ryan and see their family and want to see the good in him.

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