EXCLUSIVE! Jenelle Evans Visiting Her Estranged Son Jace After He’s Moved to New Location; Jace Being Cared For By Someone Connected to David Eason

“I’m back!”

Jenelle Evans is trying to reestablish her broken relationship with her estranged son Jace.

The Ashley can exclusively reveal that the fired Teen Mom 2 star has been seeing her 14-year-old for the last few weeks, despite Jace previously wanting nothing to do with Jenelle. (Jace also wanted nothing to do with Jenelle’s husband, David Eason, who has a pending child abuse charge and a new “Assault by Strangulation” charge for his alleged assault of Jace last year.)

However, Jenelle’s visits with Jace are not happening at her home on The Land, as David is still banned from seeing or being near Jace.

“It ain’t fair. Kids love me!”

“Jenelle does not have custody of Jace of any kind, but she is now allowed to see him and communicate with him,” a source tells The Ashley.

Sources confirm to The Ashley that Jace is still under CPS’s custody; however, his named legal caretaker currently is someone with ties to David. This has been the case since the end of December. (The Ashley is not naming the person or providing further details.)

“This is a temporary situation, as there are plans for Jace to go to another place long-term,” one source tells The Ashley. “Right now, he is out on the condition that he abides by all of the rules, and so does [his caretaker].”

The Ashley will confirm that the caretaker is not Jenelle, David or Jenelle’s mom, Barbara Evans.

“Jace has to be monitored 24/7,” the source said. “So far, [the caretaker] has followed the [CPS] rules, and there have been no issues. Jace is actually doing well.”

Since Jace moved locations, Jenelle has seen him a lot more.

“This motherhood stuff is exhausting!”

“She only saw him a few times while he was [at his previous location], but since he’s been at [his current location], Jenelle has visited him and brought Ensley and Kaiser too,” the second source said.

Barbara— whom ‘Teen Mom 2’ fans know had custody of Jace from the time he was an infant until March of last year when Jenelle gained custody— is allowed to visit and call Jace as well. However, Barb and Jenelle are “very much still at odds,” according to one of the sources, who added that the estranged mother and daughter do not visit Jace at the same time. 

Although Jace had previously sworn off seeing his mother, his attitude has “softened a bit,” according to the source. 

“But regardless, he has been assured he will not go back to Jenelle’s home, and he does not want to,” the source said. “But as of right now, he’s doing well.”

As The Ashley previously told you, David (and Jenelle) have denied that David assaulted Jace. On Monday, David took to Facebook to proclaim his innocence in a series of posts, some of which have since been deleted.

“You can pray for my downfall all you want but you’re only hurting yourself,” he wrote. “I will always stand strong because I’ve always done what’s right, no matter what you heard. So not only do your words not hurt me but they give me even more encouragement to be the best man I can be for my family!”

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(Photos: Instagram; MTV; YouTube)


  1. I feel that Jace has always wanted to have a relationship with his mother but not with her husband. But I also feel that this charge will be dropped & nothing will come of it, which is sad because that mofo needs a good reality check.

  2. The fact that even his Grandmother can’t have him after having given him up is a sign that there’s more to the story especially since no one else is being removed.

  3. Her being able to communicate with him before the trial is NOT a good idea. We all know Jenelle loves to manipulate and gaslight Jace to get her way. Never forget the way she called him a liar for telling the truth in her road rage incident. 4 more years until Jace is 18 and doesn’t have to have a relationship/communication with her anymore if he doesn’t want to.

  4. It’s all so sad. Jace being bounced all around, no stability, no parents, no guidance. No matter how many “visits” Jenelle has with Jace, the damage is already long done. Sadly if Jenelle wasn’t terrible, none of this would have ever happened.

    1. I also feel like somethings going on. You could previously go on NCCOURTS.gov and see his court dates. For some odd reason, they have disappeared.

    2. The CPS case involving the removal of the 2 younger children has ended. The other 2 children won’t be removed. But the other CPS case is still going on. Janelle brought Kaiser and Ensley to see Jace. I don’t think there is a gag order anymore if people are talking about it.

  5. If jace says all that about David and Ashley is she really loves her kids she would leave his ass for good so maybe he would wanna go home ..does cps have any concerns about the other kids that David might do something to them ..

    Yes Ashley u been threw alot in ur days and noone is perfect but kids always come first before any guys kick his ass out ..
    How does ur other kids feel about all this..pass few yrs seen that dad did stuff to mom and got arrested lost kids went threw hell ..
    R u scared of David it’s not love ur putting him first instead of keeping kids safe..

  6. I think the fact that he was made sure that he doesn’t go home with her ever again, prob softened him a bit. I can see him cutting ties with her when he is 18. Jace is a smart kid. (I am also glad he sees Babs too!)

  7. No no no no NO NO NO NO!!!!!
    Jenelle’s a manipulator, David’s a manipulator, how long till they manipulate Jace and April?

    Good lord, how they have any children within a 10km radius of that swamp is a f*$king joke.

  8. Kinda feel that when Jenelle get’s visits with Jace that she most def gaslights him to the fullest. Jace, you know David didn’t do anything to you, right? Why would you say these things and make all this up? Did Meme tell you to do this?? Plus Jenelle literally has to go to visits by herself? No security blankey in tow? Wow! She refuses to go anywhere at all without him. Bet he waited in the vehicle, I swear, I bet he waited in the vehicle.

  9. Barb and Jenelle are going to be at odds the rest of their lives, that’s just the way their relationship is

    Interesting how Jace is getting along just fine with caretaker APRIL David’s sister

  10. I’m glad to hear Jace seems to be doing well. There’s a reason court rules were made for him, glad to hear they’re being followed.

    I’m just going to hope the source “connected to David” temporarily taking care of Jace is providing good care and not emotionally manipulating him. Hopefully he restarted therapy and has good support.

  11. All Jenelle is doing is manipulating the situation to get in Jace’s head to change his story & say David didn’t abuse him. This is NOT a great mother moment.

  12. It’s got to be April. This makes me sick to my stomach! They’re going to get away with their evil bullshit once again!!!!

  13. I am happy this young man is in a stable home at the moment and, hopefully, getting the help and support he needs. However, he’s in CPS custody and entitled to his privacy. Post away about Sherk and Fiona but not about him.

  14. Sadly, I predict that Janelle will become the first Teen Grandmother. Morgan Freeman will spin it into a new MTV franchise!

  15. This story has ROUX written all over it. NO ONE is supposed to be talking about the case, yet here you are taking calls from Roux and spreading gossip from her. Shame on the whole bunch of you. Jace has had a rough life from the jump and here you are talking about him & what’s going on in his life. It makes me sick. I hope you don’t have kids because you have no concept of protecting a child — and posting “I won’t speak any more about who he’s with” after writing an entire article about him is just plain stupid. Congratulations. You stooped to an all-new low.

  16. I bet it’s David’s sister. I find it insane that, of all people in the world, CPS sent Jace to one person “with ties to David” aka the individual with charges for abusing Jace.

    1. I know!!! Can you believe that CPS would have him live with someone from DAVID’s side of the family?? The guy who is charged with abusing him and CPS sends Jace to his family? Just insane!! And it’s equally insane that they are allowing Jenelle to see Jace. She just wants to talk him into dropping the accusations against David!!! She doesn’t even care about seeing him. She’s just interested in damage control.

  17. WTAF?!? Of all people to care for him, someone related to the giant swamp master?? ATP I’ve given up on the entire system. This is bs.
    Mad she’s allowed to see him but I completely understand that part.

  18. It was previously mentioned that David’s sister might be involved, so I wouldn’t be surprised if she was his temporary caretaker. It’s good to know he won’t be back in the swamp though.

  19. My humble opinion…we need to stop reporting on Jace. The kid is already struggling and every single time a new article comes out about him or his mom/Babs, etc posts about him-he rightfully loses his mind and acts out.
    He just wants to be a kid and not have everyone talking about his broken home life or mental health struggle.

    Don’t misunderstand-love The Ashley but maybe it’s time to tuck this one away. 💚

  20. Huge respect to The Ashley for keeping his location and legal caretaker private. This, among reasons like “the only source that’s always correct”, is why I only come here for Teen Mom news.

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