Jill Dillard Says Parents Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar Have Read Her Tell-All Book ‘Counting the Cost’; Reveals Where Relationships with Her Siblings Stand

Jim Bob and Michelle, revealing how many times they attempted to illegally download Jill’s book before ultimately giving up and forking over their hard-earned money…

Between going to bat for their imprisoned eldest child and speaking out against a “derogatory” docuseries aimed at their family and its religion, it appears that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar found the time to do some reading in 2023. 

During a recent episode of The Unplanned Podcast, Jill Duggar Dillard and her husband Derick Dillard opened up about their relationship with Jill’s parents following the release of their tell-all, Counting the Cost.

As The Ashley previously told you, the couple’s book, which hit shelves in September, recounts what the Dillards say is the real story behind Jill’s family and their TV shows, 19 Kids & Counting and Counting On, with many of the stories painting Jim Bob and Michelle in a negative light. 

On last week’s podcast episode, Jill revealed to hosts Abby and Matt Howard that, while she’s seen her mom since Counting the Cost was released in September, she’s yet to have a conversation with either one of her parents about the book’s contents. 

“…of nonsense, if ya ask us!”

“I’ve heard that they did [read it],” Jill said. “I heard they, like, listened to it on audiobook or something. I don’t know….I heard both of them did. 

“ … They’re my parents and I’m gonna tread lightly,” she added, admitting that she didn’t wish to “create more controversy” within her family. 

“It’s kind of like when you get together at the holidays and there are just certain things that you don’t, like, just want to bring up,” Jill said of the situation with her parents. “It’s probably a sore subject.”  

Jill acknowledged that her mom and dad would “probably want to sit down with [me] and a therapist or something and just hash it out, but we’ve tried that before and it’s just not the healthiest way to go about it.

“We’re still on the road to figuring things out [with my parents],” she added. 

While Jill noted that she has seen her mother within the last few months, neither she nor Derick could recall the last time they saw both Jim Bob and Michelle. 

Raise your hand if you’re not complaining about it…

As The Ashley told you last month, Jill and Derick were spotted at the Duggar family’s infamous “Big House” on Christmas, despite being previously banned from the residence; however, none of the photos posted on social media by the Duggars showed Jim Bob in attendance. 

On the podcast, Derick suggested to Jill that the last time they saw Michelle and Jim Bob together was “probably” when their youngest son, Freddy, was born in July 2022; however, Jill said she believes it may have been at a wedding, or “some kind of family function.”

“That was over a year ago,” Derick noted. 

Jill also talked about her relationships with her siblings, noting that she’s careful to not speak on her brothers and sisters too much.

Jill and Derick, knowing this news probably has Jim Bob in an absolute tizzy.

“I want to protect our relationship as much as possible too, with my siblings,” she said. “So I am very careful. Even in our book, you would have seen we didn’t, like, label people. Even though there were hard times that we wanted to address and talk about the dynamics with my siblings, and how, at times, it was not great. There have been some pretty heated conversations even amongst the siblings and us.

“I still try to be very careful about [not] singling people out,” Jill added. 

Later, Jill admitted that her relationships with her siblings have changed.

“I would be lying if I said that it’s completely like it used to be, or that there aren’t any triggers, or it doesn’t bring up any trauma at all,” she said. “Like, there are those moments. But I can definitely get together with some of my siblings and have a great time, and go to lunch for my sister’s birthday or something.”

“…if I’m getting together with one of my siblings and things aren’t like they used to be, there’s a part of me that’s sad about that,” Jill continued. “I wish things could be like they were before. But at the same time, like I talk about in the book, would I trade [going back to] ignorance is bliss, this pseudo bliss, for where were at? No. I don’t just want to go back to living in this crazy, controlling environment.”

You can watch Jill and Derick’s full interview with The Unplanned Podcast below! 

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  1. Jill has really come a long way. It must be hard breaking from what is esentially a cult. I like her last sentence, she would wish things were back as they were with her siblings but with the knowledge she has now which is virtually impossible. Still rooting for some of the younger brothers and sisters to get out!

  2. I really don’t like Jill and her husband. Whatever is their truth. I don’t like how they’re capitalizing on it for fame and profit.

    1. She was taught at a young age to profit off her family. Now, she’s doing it her way, her timing and her truth.

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