Not Giving Up! Josh Duggar Is Now Petitioning the U.S. Supreme Court to Appeal His Prison Sentence

This is what happens when you have too much time on your hands, daddy’s TLC money and not an ounce of shame…

Here we go again….

Disgraced and currently imprisoned former 19 Kids and Counting star Josh Duggar is petitioning the United States Supreme Court to review his criminal conviction after having appealed at every level of court to no avail. 

According to court documents obtained by The Ashley, Josh– who was sentenced to 151 months in Federal Prison after being convicted in December 2021 of receiving child sex abuse materials (CSAM)– and his lawyer, Justin Gelfand, have maintained that Josh was not given a fair trial back in 2021, arguing that their alternative theories and evidence were not taken into consideration. 

Josh, gearing up for another holiday season in the slammer.

(Josh and his legal team continue to argue that Josh’s former employee, Caleb Williams, had access to the incriminating computers found on Josh’s used car lot.) 

In the event that Josh’s petition is granted by the Supreme Court, Josh will have until February 25, 2024 to, once again, fight for a mistrial; however, Starcasm notes that the U.S. Supreme Court accepts less than 1% of petitions, so Josh’s chances aren’t looking real great. 

“Even a graduate of The Duggar Homeschool Academy would know those odds aren’t good!”

As The Ashley previously reported, Josh’s lawyers first filed an appeal in June 2022, shortly after Josh received his sentence, arguing that Josh did not receive a fair trial.

Josh’s legal team alleged that Josh’s rights were violated during the raid on his car lot in 2019 and that he was denied the ability to fully defend himself by presenting a case against Caleb during the 2021 trial. 

Josh’s legal team also claimed that Josh was unlawfully “restrained” and unable to call his lawyer during the raid, among other things. 

Josh’s appeal request was denied in August, though his legal team went on to (unsuccessfully) appeal the rejection later that month. 

Josh is currently in a Texas prison, where he will remain until his scheduled release date, which is October 2, 2032.

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(Photos: TLC; Instagram) 


  1. His whole self is absolutely disgusting. Inside and out the guy is just all around a big ball of rotten shit.
    I don’t know how many years he was sentenced but I do wish he never gets to see the outside again.
    I hope he is made to pick up the soup 10x a day! F this pedo!

  2. I remember reading coverage of the trial… I’m sure it was revealed that Caleb was in another state when the CSA material was downloaded and that it couldn’t be viewed remotely…. How much more clear can it be?? Joshy boy was the only one at the lot when it was viewed. Keep trying to produce those alternate facts losers.

    1. The evidence they used to try to make it look like Caleb could have done it just made it more obvious it was Josh. Like it completely outlined when and how Josh did it.

    2. I think that they are now saying that feds didn’t read his rights properly or didn’t allow him to call his attorney or something, they moved past the whole “Caleb did it remotely” stuff

  3. Not even American and I know they are barely going to glance at this before telling him to get f#cked. But his ‘Merca “loving” family is still spending money on this crap? Hope they go bankrupt fighting this. They never deserved what they had to begin with. Con artists and charlatans, the lot of them.

  4. Wasting money at this point. Dude is a pervert and a menace to society and needs to be incarcerated for as long as possible.

  5. So instead of using their money to help people in need, they are throwing it away trying that their perverted son get out of jail? Yeah super Christian behavior, I imagine Jesus is so proud of you all

  6. Does this delusional piece of shit rat basterd actually think anyone without severe brain damage believes he is innocent?! Keep trying, you scuzzy, sleazy, sweaty perverted pig. Spend your Dads money to try to get out of this, keep wasting other people’s time. You’re not going anywhere fat boy. Fuck you.

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