It’s a Girl! ‘Teen Mom 2’ Dad Javi Marroquin Expecting Second Child with Lauren Comeau

“Oh yeeeeah! Big Papi did it again!”

The Teen Mom 2 family tree is growing again– but, for once, it’s not Kail Lowry behind the latest addition!

On Thursday’s Kail’s ex-husband, Javi Marroquin, announced that he and his girlfriend Lauren Comeau are expecting their second child together. The couple— who are already parents to five-year-old Eli— announced their big news on Instagram. They also revealed that, this time, they’re expecting a baby girl.

“Christmas came early & we got our sweetest wish,” the couple captioned a sonogram photo that’s been turned into a Christmas tree ornament. “Little sister coming this summer & we couldn’t be happier.”


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This is the second child for Lauren, but Javi also shares son Lincoln with Kail.

Speaking of Kail, she “let it slip” on her Coffee Convos podcast a few months back that one of her kids told her that his dad was trying to have another baby with his current partner.

“I was cracking up because I was like, what do I do with this information?” Kail told her co-host Lindsie Chrisley, adding that she didn’t want to get her kid in trouble with his dad for blabbing. 

Although Kail didn’t mention Javi by name, fans were easily able to deduce which baby daddy Kail was talking about. 

Anyway, in the comment section of her announcement post, Lauren revealed that she has known she was pregnant for a few months.

“Screaming, crying, throwing up. Congratulations,” one person commented.

“That’s how I’ve been for 3 months,” Lauren joked, telling another friend she’s been “showing since dang week 4!”

Javi and Lauren have had a very rocky relationship, but have been back together for well over a year. In June, Javi sold his Delaware home and moved in with Lauren.


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This renewed happiness comes after the couple had a whole lotta scandal that played out on Teen Mom 2.

As ‘Teen Mom 2’ fans know, Javi and Lauren were engaged before Javi was caught cheating on Lauren multiple times, and Kail infamously threw him under the bus on ‘Teen Mom 2’ for inviting her to partake in some pumping at the WaWa that did not involve gasoline. Javi and Lauren later became involved in a domestic dispute, with Javi calling the cops on Lauren in July 2021.

Kail– who recently welcomed twins— has yet to comment publicly on Javi and Lauren’s announcement. 

“…until I can do it on my podcast, obviously.”

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  1. I hope she has a healthy baby and safe delivery. I also hope that Javi doesn’t Javi it up again.

    That being said, we all know this relationship most likely won’t last, and if it does, Lauren won’t be treated well/respected. It’s almost a countdown until he cheats again or is busted trying to cheat.

    The bigger countdown is when Kail will get pregnant again. She so damn messy with that off-handed “one of my kids’ dads” comment.

  2. As if this is gonna last. I don’t understand what she sees in him, esp after how he treated her in the past. And why is Kail ALWAYS IN EVERYONE’S BUSINESS?! And then she gets mad when Chris announced her last two pregnancies?! Go away Kail, if you really want this guy back (considering how she doesn’t want to marry Elijah cuz she was already married with Javi), then you have issues.

    He’s hardly a jackpot.

  3. Congratulations to Lauren and Javi on their upcoming baby girl. Babies are blessings, any time of year. May baby girl have health, happiness and love when she enters the world.

  4. Kail didn’t announce it but she kinda did. She got mad when her business was leaked but yet again she was messy. I am not a Chris fan but she was all over his drama then she got mad when he commented about baby Rio. It didn’t matter which baby daddy was trying to have a kid, keep the drama to yourself. Let them announce it when they are ready. I used to like her but the drama she continues to bring is driving me up the wall.

    1. Not going to lie but I’m really tired of these two. Javi marroquin cheated on you Lauren Comeau not only once but at LEAST twice..honestly, we all know it’s more. One time was in the same house y’all were in at the same time. Self esteem and control issues here.

  5. Lauren needs to ask herself if she hopes her daughter grows up to be with a cheating, whining asshole like Javi. If she is being honest with herself than her answer would be “no”.

  6. The next time he gets caught cheating, she better not come running to the Internet crying like she did last time. This is the life she’s choosing, so whatever he does to her from this point on is all on her. Just a shame because she tends to choose violence when he gets caught cheating on her, and we all know Javi is gonna cheat again, if he hasn’t already. Serial cheaters don’t change.

    1. @lexii ~ 💯
      imagine being thirsty 🥤🥵 enough to cling to/be walked all over by javi frickin marroquin. how sad for her.

      1. I have no idea how or why her self esteem/self worth is so low that she thinks she’s meant to be with that cheating trash bag. You’re right it is sad, and it’s also pathetic. She’s a pretty girl and is always grinding to make money, seems to be a good mother to her son…but yet she lets Javi the fuck boy screw her over, and over, and over. Makes you wonder about her upbringing.

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