Javi Marroquin Explains Why He No Longer Films for ‘Teen Mom 2’ After New Episode Clip is Released Showing His Ex Kail Lowry Proving He’s Tried to Hook Up With Her

“Well, Big Papi, you sure did it this time…”

Javi Marroquin came out swinging after a clip of the upcoming episode of Teen Mom 2 showed his ex, Kail Lowry, proving that Javi still tries to hook up with her, despite him being in a relationship with Lauren Comeau.

Javi took to Instagram to tell those behind the show, as well as Kail, to stop talking about him or mentioning him on ‘Teen Mom 2’ or on Kail’s various podcasts.

In the clip of this week’s episode, Kail tells Producer Patrick that she’s upset that Javi went back on his offer to meet her halfway for pickups and drop-offs of their son, Lincoln. She then drops a bomb, telling Producer Patrick (who looks like he’s about to tinkle himself with excitement) that Javi was more than willing to meet her earlier that week to bone in the Wawa store parking lot.


“All I heard was blah blah blah until you said something about humping in the convenience store parking lot. Now I’m all ears!”

“Is that why you tried to f**k me on Tuesday in the Wawa parking lot while your girlfriend’s home with your son?” Kail said. “He pulled into the Wawa parking lot while I was getting gas. He was like ‘Hey, what’s up?’ And he opened [his car] door and was like, ‘I wanna f**k you, plain and simple.” 

Kail then proceeded to show Javi’s texts, which did, indeed, have plenty of hump talk.

Javi— who is in a relationship with Lauren, the mother of his son Eli— has not filmed for ‘Teen Mom 2’ in about a year. After the damning clip was posted to social media, though, he began to defend himself on Instagram. First, he talked about why he stopped filming for ‘Teen Mom 2,’ and then went on to warn everyone to keep his name (and his alleged Wawa parking lot banging attempts) off the show and all other media platforms.

“Wawa? Me? Nah, I’m a 7-11 man myself!”

“I stopped filming to live my life normally cause I’ve realized my kids life when they get older will suffer if I continue to be apart of this TV show,” he wrote. “Not only did my mistakes play out on the show which I’ve had to live (and continue to live with) but I know one day I’d have to explain to my kids all my actions…

“Those episodic checks weren’t worth it to me…and I can make a living without it,” he added. “None of this is worth it to me.”

He then stated that— had this been a few years ago, he would have done his best to kill any podcast that talked about him.

“I’m not about this drama back and [forth] on social media cause if the 2016 Javi came out, I’d shut down ever podcast out on Apple, Spotify, whatever other platform people have podcasts on. All of that. And that’s a big fact.” 

(For the record, 2016 was the year Javi and Kail officially split.) 

Finally, Javi issued a warning to everyone to stop talking about him and his family, whether it be on the show, a podcast or…even MySpace! 

“So don’t even THINK about adding me to your Top 8, yo!”

“I’m gonna go back to minding my business and living my life with my family and being the absolute best dad I can be,” he wrote “But let this be the last time my name or anyone in my family’s name is mentioned on any podcast. Show. Tweet. Snap. MySpace, Whatever. Cc: @TeenMom and everybody associated with that show. Don’t even text me.”

This marks the second time in about a week that Javi took to Instagram to defend himself and Lauren. His first message came when Kail— who recently started a podcast with Jo Rivera‘s wife Vee Torrestalked about not wanting to have a good co-parenting relationship with Lauren like the one she has with Vee. 

Kail told a fan on Instagram that they have “no idea what goes on off-camera.” Javi then spoke up to state that there is nothing happening “off-camera” to warrant Kail or anyone else hating Lauren.

“We stay out of all of this drama and 100% mind our own business,” Javi wrote. “There is nothing ‘off cameras’ that creates drama. We don’t film. It’s about the kids and that’s what we keep it at.

“Lauren helps me tremendously when it comes to taking care of Lincoln,” he continued. “You guys hate on Lauren if she does too much or if she doesn’t do enough. Never hesitates when Isaac wants to come over. I’ve paid for my mistakes but Lauren doesn’t deserve this backlash at all.”

Watch the ‘Teen Mom 2’ clip in question below! 

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram)

65 Responses

  1. Javi is a little bitch. Always has been and always will be. And Lauren if you don’t leave him now.. you are beyond pathetic

  2. Lmaooooo “I don’t talk about her”

    Uhhh you talk about EVERYONE because that’s the only interesting thing about you. You talk shit and you’re fake. As are your fans, that’s why they like you ?

  3. Fake news. No man in his right mind would bed down this heavy duty beauty, unless the Fireball shots and Busch Lights got really out of hand.

    stay lit

  4. Now everybody’s gonna be questioning Creed’s paternity even more, because it’s not like she was shooting him down. I swear she’ll do anything to stay relevant.

  5. Why ANYONE would want to have anything to do with h that miserable cow, let alone sexual relations, is beyond me. She is disgusting.

  6. … and it’s even worse when the new women of the second dads try to get on the train. Lauren is still trying to make being an influencer happen (hint: it’s not going to happen) and remember Jeremy’s girlfriend Brooke who tried to launch the Calvert Wehr clothing line. I guess people are that desperate for their 15 minutes.

    It’s pretty obvious that Nathan and David got with Janelle for the “fame and fortune”.

  7. He’s only mad because he’s been caught and publicly exposed…again…Lauren was a moron for staying with him in the first place. To walk in on your man, while he is literally balls deep in your “friend” while you and your son are supposed to be sleeping in the other room, that is the lowest of the low. She shoulda left then, but because she stayed she has got to know that he is always going to cheat on her. That’s that f*ck boys do…he knows if she forgave him for that, she’ll forgive him for anything. He doesn’t respect her. She was his back up choice behind BRIANA of all people. Lauren’s gotta get some self esteem. I’m not a fan of Lauren’s, but she’s gotta realize nobody deserves to be treated like that, and just because they have a kid together doesn’t mean she should be Javi’s doormat.

  8. At this point Lauren is choosing to be dumb .. This is never going to change, at yet she still there .. I don’t even feel sorry for her at this point. Dumb c…

    1. Lauren chose to be dumb af when she stayed with him after he fucked someone in their house while she was sleeping

  9. Javi is never going to marry Lauren because if you cheat on your spouse in the military you can actually get in trouble for it. You can’t get reprimanded for a girlfriend or fiancee. Javi is a sex addict and we all know Lauren won’t ever leave him.

    Javi knew who Kail was and sought her out for fame, so it’s amusing he wants to keep a low profile now. Tbh, Kail can legally say whatever she wants about the situation because it directly involves her. She also provided proof that it happened.

    1. False: you don’t get in trouble for cheating on your spouse in the military. You’re supposed to but it’s extremely rare it happens. Typically unless an outside child is produced, you sleep with one of your higher ups or something else crazy it’s overlooked. He cheated when he was married to her, as well as she did. Cheating happens so often in military marriages, it’s almost common. They would have to discipline almost everyone. Their job is to protect the enlisted, FIRST always.

      1. You think he HASN’T cheated with someone in his unit or a higher up?? Javi seems like the type to stick it in wherever, whenever, with whoever would let him LOL.

        I think they’re saying that he knows he can’t keep it in his pants, so it’s better for him not to not marry Lauren, than to risk being married to her and doing something stupid to possibly get him kicked out of the military.

        1. Seeing how he cheated on his wife & cheated while on his fiancé while she was in the next room, I highly doubt he cares about any consequences when it comes to his cheating & is he even still in the military? I thought the last time he filmed he was talking about getting out, now sure if he ever did since he no longer films & I don’t follow him on any social media.

          1. As I explained in my prior post, this is only applicable to spouses, NOT girlfriends or engagements.

            Also, Javi is a recruiter for the Air Force, which is a full time job. I dont know if he went guard or reserves “on active orders” to do recruiting or what.

            It is still possible to work full time for a branch of service while being guard or reserve but you have to personally choose to do so.

      2. Notice I said the word “can” get in trouble (not that they “will”), as in it is technically a charge. I am well aware theres a lot of cheating in the military.

    2. Facts. As much as I really don’t Like Kail, I don’t get why people are talking shit about her for this incident. Javi’s the one still trying to fuck her and we already know he has a history of cheating on Lauren. If anyone should get shit for this, it should be him

      1. I don’t blame Kail for this situation. People are saying she didn’t respond correctly or whatever, but she’s not the one in a relationship right now. Also, if he had the balls to send her stuff via text, he has got to know it could be used against him. Text is one of the most self incriminating things…don’t write it if you don’t want it read. He deserved to get caught, and Lauren should be taking this information and packing her bags…This is so much, never ending embarrassment for one person.

        1. Also texts aren’t all that incriminating because you can’t prove they actually came from that person just because their name is saved as theirs, if that makes sense. It’s something I have learned over the years when my ex husband who was in the army admitted to cheating on me, in texts. They literally told me it proved nothing ?

      2. What irks me about Kail in this situation is that she waits until she is mad at Javi to expose this. If Javi would have met her half way for Lincoln she wouldn’t have said a peep about him propositioning her. But when she’s mad because she doesn’t get her way then she has a blow up the bridge mentality. On Reddit there is a screenshot of her texts with Javi where he is talking about hooking up with her and she doesn’t shut him down either. Which makes me believe the reason he is still so comfortable propositioning her all the time is because she isn’t always turning him down. Lauren needs to dump Javi and get away from him and Kail’s toxic bullsh*t.

        1. Exactly what you said, she didn’t shut him down. It was more like, I’m currently busy. He would’ve not been that bold if she didn’t lead him on to believe he could be. Also if you didn’t notice, she was not friends with Vee until she was ready to let Jo go. Why do you think she refuses to be cordial with Lauren? Her & Vee has plenty of arguments & are now bffs but because of one text message conversation she saw Lauren had about her she hates her guts, come on now. She’s probably been having sex with Javi this whole time. They’re both cheaters. Let’s not forget the STD she acquired in the past from cheating.

    3. His military days are over AFAIK but his cheating lying ways sure aren’t. If he’s willing to continuously humiliate his family then perhaps he is a sex addict but that’s no excuse. Back in the day he probably did seek Kail out to get some fame – why else would he want to get with her? Not for her winning personality…

      Poor Lincoln will have no idea how to be in a stable, respectful relationship as his trash bag parents set horrible examples. If Lauren doesn’t dump his ass this time then she’s an idiot. And this was taped months ago – either she already knows and forgave him AGAIN or he’s been hiding the bomb from her which is awful. He keeps making Lauren look like a total fool.

    4. I also think that he sought her out for fame, and now that fame is blowing up in his face. Aside from the original dads that got the girls on the show in the first place, the only genuine new husbands are Cole and Taylor.

    5. You get in trouble for cheating only if it’s with someone in your unit or with a superior or someone you supervise. Otherwise, the military don’t care. Trust me, I was a military spouse for over 20 years an I can tell you plenty of stories.

  10. Once again Kailyn doesn’t get what she wants so she puts Javi on blast. The truth is they always hook up. They are both whores. Periodtttttt. Javi must be doing something good for her to still give it up to him. Why such hatred toward Javi. Once again nothing said about Chris beating her. Hulk is a bully. Too bad she’s her daddy’s twin.

    1. 1. They are all just trash.
      2. WHY would anyone ever want to hook up with Kail, ever? 4 kids now, clearly isn’t practicing safe sex, 100% riddled with STI’s
      3. Javi’s head is so much smaller than Kail, picturing them together is so bleugh

  11. I would say I give Javi and Lauren 6 months, if that, but we all know, from prior situations, that’s not true!!! If she hasn’t left his cheating lying ass yet, she never will! This probably isn’t the worst thing he’s done to her this month. We just don’t hear anything about his dumb ass cheating anymore because he’s working hard to keep a low profile and stay out of the public eye! If she came crawling back after he had sex with another girl while she was in the same house taking care of his newborn son then this is nothing to her unfortunately! What’s sad is he thinks nothing of doing this to her again and again! This isn’t just any girl he’s doing this to… it’s the mother of his son!! He should be ashamed of himself! The fact that he knew Kail might be filming and would think nothing of putting this all out there for the world to see just shows he doesn’t give two shits!! I’m kind of disappointed with the way Javi turned out because, when him and Kail first started dating, he seemed like such a good guy!! Let me just say too, I don’t know why he’d ever want to get involved with Kail again after how she treated him while he was deployed before they got divorced!! She treated him like shit and did not care one bit!! Just shows the type of people they are!! You know Kail loved saying that shit on TV too just for the simple fact that she knew Lauren would find out! Not like it matters though because we all know she’s not gonna do a damn thing about it!!!

  12. ? Javi is so gross. He probably would have stayed a normal and decent guy if it weren’t for the TM2 “fame”.

  13. Javi is beyond trash, especially after fucking Lauren’s friend IN THEIR HOUSE WHILE SHE WAS UPSTAIRS. But what’s even more pathetic is that her dumbass is gonna stay with him ??‍♀️

    1. That’s what I thought too. No way someone would say what Javi said if you were divorced and hating on the witch. His proposition definitely screams “we’ve been hooking up in parking lots for awhile now..”

      He must like fat cows.

    2. EXACTLY! My ex has asked to come by to “help with the kids” while my bf was at work and immediately got shut down with “this is exactly why you don’t have my address”.

  14. “Let this be the last time my name is mentioned in your smut logs!”~WaWa’s

    Sorry, that’s all I’ve got. This girl is a miserable trash bucket. Seems like she gets her kicks from publicly humiliating her exes and making herself look less than by giving in to these hook-ups. I feel sorry for her and those boys. I just hope she wake up and realize her worth before she ends up with something she can’t get rid of. ✌?

  15. Kail’s text replies weren’t “oh hell no” or anything like that. Sounded more like “Not today. I’m busy.”

  16. Not doing much to quiet those “Creed is Javi’s baby” rumors here are we Kail? Instead of Chris in the mall parking lot it was Javi in the Wawa parking lot?

    1. Especially because she didn’t even shut him down in a “ur in a relationship and its not right” type of way but more of a “i can’t kuz i have stuff to do” type of way.

      1. So he stopped filming because he likes cheating on his gf more than he likes money and doesn’t want his kids to read about it on social media. Great role model, Javi. And Lauren… I really pity her sorry ass. Imagine being cheated on in your own house while you are upstairs with your baby. I can’t imagine something more disrespectful. And she forgave him. Why? I don’t know but now he knows he can do whatever and she’ll never leave him

        1. It’s even worse than that. Even before she got pregnant, Javi was sleeping with Briana, Lauren and Kail AT THE SAME TIME! Then Lauren got pregnant so he though I guess I should stay with her! LOL, what a pathetic loser and her self-esteem must be really low to stay with this asshole! Once a cheater, always a cheater! When will she leave him, when he gets another girl pregnant?! (And considering how dumb Javi is, that can happen)

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