Kail Lowry’s Sister (and Long-Lost Dad) Complain About How MTV Portrayed Them on ‘Teen Mom 2’ & “16 and Pregnant”

Kail describing basically every interaction she’s had with anyone in her family…

Kail Lowry‘s long-lost family members are not happy with how they have been portrayed on MTV– and they recently took to social media to air their grievances.

On this week’s episode of Teen Mom 2, Kail’s half-sister, Mikaila  and Kail make plans to meet up when Kail was taking her kids to Dallas. When Mikaila cancels the meeting, Kail gets upset, but on social media, Mikaila argued that MTV didn’t give her a chance to tell her side of what happened. Then, Kail’s long-lost father, Ray, added his two cents to the conversation, agreeing with Mikaila that MTV purposely shows people in a bad light.

(Kail’s father has only made one appearance on MTV— during Kail’s 16 and Pregnant episode. He— and his locked freezer of prized meat products— have not appeared since, as Kail has not had any contact with him since that time.) 

“I don’t have a relationship with my sister,” Kail told the cameras during the episode. “On a day-to-day basis we don’t ever speak. I don’t text her, she doesn’t text me. We just don’t have that kind of relationship…I don’t want to introduce more people to my kids and they’re not permanent. I don’t want to get my kids’ hopes up for knowing their aunt and their cousin and then it not going anywhere.”


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We see Kail– who had last talked to Mikaila at the funeral of her grandmother the previous month— explain to her sons Lincoln and Isaac that they’re going to meet Mikaila and her daughter during their upcoming trip to Dallas, but then later Kail tells her friend that Mikaila cancelled their meeting, claiming she can’t go because she got bit by a dog. 

“It’s like she looks for every excuse,” Kail said. “…my sister cancelling when I was already making the effort to go to Dallas and see her just confirms why I don’t want to introduce my kids to her. I likely won’t reach out again.” 

After the episode aired, Mikaila argued on social media that she was seriously injured by the dog, despite how it was made to look on ‘Teen Mom 2.’

“I was lucky to not have nerve damage,” she said. “I had fat oozing out of my wound. I had a hard time walking for a week. I don’t like being made to look like the bad guy WHEN I AM NOT…I can’t put other people’s needs above my health. I just can’t. There’s two sides to every story. Wish I could’ve defended myself.”

On Twitter, Mikaila brought up the fact that she was also grieving her mother’s death at the time.

“Also not to mention my mom passed away only a couple months before this,” she wrote. “I was in f**king pain mentally, physically and emotionally.” 

Then, Kail’s father–who is also Mikaila’s father— jumped in on Mikaila’s Facebook post to bash MTV and ‘Teen Mom 2,’ arguing that he was not portrayed in a favorable light during his appearance on Kail’s show over 10 years ago.

“I was on the show too and they made me look bad,” Ray wrote, adding, “I personally don’t think that show is good for young girls to watch. It gives them the wrong idea about being a parent so young among other things. It’s just a bad show I think. Sorry for your bad experience on the show. Been there. Love ya.”

Kail saw his comment and clapped right back at him to shut him up.

“No, that’s a f**king joke,” she responded. “Don’t even start this s**t. You haven’t been around or tried with either of us nor paid child support so get the f**k outta here.”

“Um…pretty sure you did a pretty good job on your own making yourself look bad, Daddy Dearest!”

(Mikaila has since deleted Kail’s comment on Facebook.) 

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  1. I don’t agree with a lot of life choices kail has made. However, every choice she has ever made has been in benefit to her children. She is a good mum. Her kids are polite, well behaved and seem extremely well adjusted despite their crazy family dynamics.
    I read her book, and I was impressed with her.
    You can’t blame her for not being able to hold down any kind of relationship or friendship, it’s not like she had a stable upbringing. Absent father and a drunk mother.
    She does the best she can.

  2. She’s doing the same thing with her boys and their fathers, all sixteen of them, right? Ha! The poor sister seemed like a nice girl and really excited about having a relationship. It’s sad how it’s all or nothing with this woman who can’t keep her legs together and is just repeating her familiar history. So you mother and father are human and have issues with frozen meat and drugs. She has a problem with not sleeping around and having children.
    very hippo-critical.

  3. I think Kail has really high expectations of people, especially family. I’m sure its all part of a defense mechanism to cope with the pain of not having family support but it’s a really sad way to live. My sister also has high expectations of people, but mainly friends. She’s struggled to keep friendships because she often felt the friends wouldn’t rise to her expectations. Luckily, she has grown and approved a lot.

    I have found that with family, you can be right or you can have a relationship. I really hope Kail gets some serious therapy. I think it would be very beneficial for her and her future relationships with her sons. Clearly she really loves her kids and I would hate for those relationships to be severed just because Kailyn has unreasonable expectations.

  4. My dad paid child support. Didn’t make him any better of a father. He is an alcoholic loser who I haven’t seen in over 11 years. Saw him at a funeral and he didn’t even have the balls to come and say hi to me instead afterwards he rang his mum crying acting like the victim. Since I was 7 I have seen him 3 times. They originally arranged to have split custody but when my mum tried arranging the second stay over his house he told her “I’m not your f*****g babysitter” so didn’t go back, went through the courts to set up custody officially and he didn’t bother showing up so my mum was given full custody. Just cos someone does or doesn’t pays child support it doesn’t mean anything Kail.

  5. Oh please! I think her sister is pretty cool. But only Kail thinks SHE has it rough. People should only feel bad for HER. THE’S THE ULTIMATE victim. Kail get over yourself. You are so toxic to others as well. Oh right, blame everyone else for that too. It doesnt seem people are hitting her up for money all the time. Im sure they’d show that too. Yes Teen Mom is a toxic show full of grown toxic women. Nothing about the show is about real teen motherhood and after. Besides the fact some women can never close their legs. Like Kail.

  6. Kailyn equates child support with love. If you dont give her money and enough of it she thinks you cant possibly love her. What a sad perception.

  7. What person doesn’t understand that things come up? Shit happens. That doesn’t mean you cut people off. How narcissistic do you have to be to have that mindset? Not everything revolves around her. JFC.

    1. Actually, this is a pretty common response among people with abandonment issues, which Kail obviously has due to her POS parents. I’ve had people who I thought were close friends cancel plans with me and give reasons similar to this, only to find out later that they lied to my face. It sucks because you want to give people the benefit of the doubt, but the truth is that not everyone is honest or values their relationships. When you’ve been treated like this in the past, it can be very difficult to know who truly cares about you.

      1. Yeah, I know that. I have pretty shitty parents myself. Dad never wanted me and mom told me damn near daily how much she hated me.

        She’s almost 30, gets no help for her problems because she doesn’t see them as problems, and continues to treat people like shit. I have no sympathy. We all have issues. It’s time to grow up and stop blaming everyone else for how she acts.

        1. Yeah, I’m aware that she needs therapy and I don’t think she’ll be capable of a healthy relationship until or unless she gets it. Unfortunately most people like Kail who come from these backgrounds end up repeating toxic behavior as adults. The ones who don’t usually have a positive role model outside the home. Not saying it’s right, but it’s reality that must be acknowledged.

          In regards to Kail and her sister, I don’t know how close they are, but it’s not unreasonable to expect close friends and family to follow through with commitments or communicate truthfully if they can’t. Too many people today flake out on others or lie. I’m not a Kail fan at all, but it’s completely normal not to blindly trust what everyone tells you. Both people have to make an effort.

    2. But she was INCONVENIENCED! She had to lift her fat fingers to cancel her tickets with the click of a few buttons. That’s too much work

  8. Teen Mom is literally Kail’s POV — it a show about her life. MTV doesn’t need anyone’s side but Kail’s because she’s the person they’re following. For whatever reason they aren’t in relationship, it doesn’t matter. MTV owes them nothing.

  9. Ok so the sister wasn’t complaining when Kail threw her and paid for a huge baby shower though. Or those plane tickets. And the Dad hadn’t even met Kail for the first 17 years of her life. So they can both GTFO.
    Meanwhile if Kail died, you know they’d both be lining up at their lawyer’s offices hoping to cash in somehow. Losers.

    1. Kail has a problem with everybody, it sounds like a personal problem with getting along with people so I’m inclined to believe her half sister, Mikaila. If Mikaila is being truthful then it sounds like a lot to deal with (dog attack and grief) and it is understandable of she wasn’t feeling up to hanging out with Kail. I dont think that’s a reason to cut someone off but thats what Kail does.

  10. Kail has pretended herself as being better then anybody she has been around…You are supposed to be a mother from teenager to an adult still having kids but bashing the fathers of your kids. Plus you got pregnant again by the same guy of your last child. You need to get of tv and stop using as a moneymaker. There are so many single mothers out here that raised their child alone and don’t have different fathers. Your no better ad a role model. Teenagers are still getting pregnant so this show needs to get cancelled

  11. Kail has a problem with EVERYBODY in her life at one time or another! She pushes everyone away! Makes you wonder why she can’t keep a man! Everything has to go her way!!

  12. Does Kail go to an actual therapist besides when Joe askes her? Because she seriously need to speak with somebody. I came from a way more messed up childhood than this “Woman” and I took it upon myself to fix myself. Kail has some sort of issue. I RAISED MYSELF, and I always said -Either you dwell on your crappy upbringing or you get the Fudge over it! Do better, be better!- She needs to get over herself.

  13. Who would look good having a chain and lock on their frig????? Kail thinks she’s too good to have a relationship with her father. Kail looks down on him. Chris and her dad have a lot in common. Not to mention. Kails dad is her twin. Kail definitely hit the lottery.

    1. I’ll defend him on the lock on the freezer since I believe it was on his porch. I used to have an unlocked freezer on the porch and when I was gone, dopeheads would just help themselves.

  14. My dad didn’t pay child support either, but when I got older I realized it was time to let go and move on. She will be more happier to

      1. I have watched it! I’m talking about her sister. Kail wouldn’t even let her explain anything. I completely understand about her dad. Her mother too. She was so excited about having her sister back in her life.Even through her a baby shower, Kail gets pissed over canceled plans?? Only because it didn’t go her way

  15. I wouldn’t worry about introducing kids to relatives just because they’re not going to be a constant presence in their lives. Most people have distant relations they rarely see, that doesn’t mean you cut them out of your life entirely.

    1. I don’t think Kail thinks she’s too good for her father. I think she knows her father will always be a disappointment, just like her mom, so she just stays away from him.

  16. Wow… her sister deleted her response to their dad. That’s grimy. Notice how NOBODY, including her own family, doesn’t stay around Kail for very long? Not that her family is some stand up people, or people I’d want to associate with, but even the random ‘friends’ she films with. None are around for more than a season. Except Mark, he comes and goes. Says a lot for Kail.

    1. Exactly!! & how she cheated on jo with that guy Jordan, cheated on javi with Chris and shut javi out of her life while he was DEPLOYED despite him trying to understand what was going on & work his marriage out.
      Notice the way kail reacts to Lauren’s name being mentioned? “No I will never have a relationship with her”… ok great, very mature of you kail, great example for your son who has a half brother from her! Kail is just very… bitter. To everyone around her.

    2. Well maybe what Kail learned from her family is what she still does. First sign of trouble you defend, attack and retract yourself. Both her parents punished her for expressing her needs.
      Kail has never learned wich expectations from people are normal because she never got a normal response. Her mom was too drunk often, her dad didn’t care enough.
      She should definitely not stop seeing someone about this. It’s okay to have a therapist re-raise you a bit.

      1. Oh definitely. It’s obvious she wants a “perfect relationship” and marriage and kids with the same man because that’s what she never had in her own family. I bet that’s why she is still hanging on Chris even though he showed her PLENTY of times he has no interest in her other than shagging. She needs to work on herself and stop bringing new children in this world. Sometimes it’s not other’s fault but your own, Kail, do better.

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