Bravo Reportedly Denies Jax Taylor’s Claims That ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Will Resume Filming This Month

‘VPR’ producers after tuning in to watch Jax’s Instagram Live…

Jax Taylor may claim Vanderpump Rules is his show, but he’s certainly not the one taking calling the shots. 

Jax recently provided a brief moment of hope to those anxiously awaiting the return of the Bravo reality series by announcing that filming would resume in October, following months of uncertainty due in large part to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Queens of Bravo retweeted a clip of the Instagram Live video in which Jax made this claim. 

“We’re supposed to go back to filming, ‘Vanderpump Rules’ is supposed to go back to filming, in fact, we’re supposed to go back this month, in fact, I think,” he said. “Yeah, we’re supposed to. That’s the last I heard. We’re supposed to. But it’s just a matter of when they’re gonna allow us.” 

Despite Jax’s nearly-confident response, the editor of Variety tweeted that Bravo denied Jax’s statement. 

Yeah… clearly.

“According to Bravo, neither of these things is true,” Variety’s editor-at-large Kate Arthur tweeted in response to the post about Jax’s comments.

The post had also noted that Jax would be returning for the upcoming season; however, it is unclear if Kate was suggesting Jax wouldn’t be part of the new season, or rather she was shutting down the rumors about the show returning and when production would resume. 

While ‘VPR’ already fired four cast members since Season 8 wrapped – Stassi Schroeder, Kristen Doute, Brett Caprioni and Max Boyens – many viewers have called for Jax to get the Bravo boot as well, given his past racist, transphobic and homophobic comments.

“Come on, Jax! We can make room for one more!”

Jax is the only ‘VPR’ cast member to speak publicly about the alleged October filming date. In July, Scheana Shay confirmed the cast had not begun filming Season 9 and in August, Tom Schwartz said he didn’t know what the future of ‘VPR’ is, but he feels “like the show still has legs.”

In response to a fan who mentioned Tom and his TomTom business partner/’VPR’ co-star Tom Sandoval potentially filming this month, Kate said it was a possibility, as the Toms would be included in “any new version” of ‘VPR.’

“The Toms may film again sometime,” she tweeted. “Any new version of the show would include them.” 

Bravo has yet to announce its plans for ‘Vanderpump Rules.’

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(Photos: Bravo; Twitter)



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      VPR needs to go altogether. Show is done all likable people move on with your lives. Tom Tom’s really. Had enough of Tom Sandoval’s hypocrisy…. He and his significant other is always saying what Lisa Vanderpump wants to hear. Enough Done.

  1. I can’t stand JazAss!!! If he gets back on VPR’s I am done! I just don’t see why LVP is up his ass! Just please…NO JaxAss!!! Or his wife!!! Let her disgruntled Dad support them or live at Memaws, work the farm and make beer cheese.

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