‘Teen Mom 2’ Stars Kail Lowry & Vee Torres Announce New Podcast ‘Baby Mamas No Drama’ Launching This Month

“Don’t forget to subscribe, Lauren everyone!”

Kail Lowry’s hosting duties are officially doubling as the mom of four has announced the upcoming launch of Baby Mamas No Drama, a new podcast co-hosted by Vee Torres. 

As fans of Teen Mom 2 already know, Vee is married to Jo Rivera – the father of Kail’s oldest son Isaac. Together, Jo and Vee have a daughter named Vivi. 

On Wednesday, Kail, who already co-hosts the Coffee Convos podcast with Lindsie Chrisley, revealed the (somewhat surprising) news on social media, telling fans that Baby Mamas No Drama will officially launch September 29. 


The Instagram bio for Baby Mamas No Drama states that “co-parenting is not a competition, it’s a collaboration!” In the teaser clip for the podcast, Kail says she and Vee will be talking about everything “from realty to being business owners.” 

” … to co-parenting together – the good, the bad, everything in between,” Vee adds. “The ugly, the beautiful. Everything.” 

Following the announcement of the podcast, fans expressed their excitement about the co-parents taking on a project together. 

“I know it took us long enough,” Vee commented on Instagram. “We’ve always talked about doing something. It was perfect timing!” 

While Kail and Vee did not initially get along when Jo and Vee first started dating, the two went on to become good friends, with Kail even praising Vee during a ‘Teen Mom 2’ Reunion for being a great stepmom to Issac. Kail has also maintained her friendship with Vee over the last couple of years despite feuding with Jo at times.  

However, the same cannot be said for Lauren Comeau, the girlfriend (and fellow baby-mama) of Kail’s ex-husband, Javi Marroquin. Back in 2019, Kail said on her podcast she had no desire to become pals with Lauren, explaining at the time that her relationship with Lauren will never be what it is with Vee.

“No, you and your protein shakes cannot be a guest on our podcast.”

“Vee and I grew up together,” she said. “That’s what it is. I became a mom and I had to navigate those feelings [I had about Vee]. Did I want Jo? No, I didn’t want him, but I also didn’t want anyone else to have him but I was 18 years old.” 

Vee confirmed that Kail will continue Coffee Convos on Wednesdays, while episodes of their podcast will be released on Tuesdays. 

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(Photos: Instagram; MTV)

31 Responses

  1. I just…. who TRULY will listen to this? Other than The Ashley? I honestly don’t know who would be interested in listening to Kail talk about how she basically kidnapped Isaac to go to Hawaii and how it is now all just peachy? If I was Jo I’d honestly be a little pissed and would consider asking my wife to not get super involved with Kail. This doesn’t seem like a good idea.

  2. “Vee and I grew up together,” she said. “That’s what it is. I became a mom and I had to navigate those feelings [I had about Vee]. Did I want Jo? No, I didn’t want him, but I also didn’t want anyone else to have him but I was 18 years old.”

    Hypocrite much?! This is EXACTLY what you are still doing, especially with Chris. (“If he gets another girl pregnant, our non-existent relationship is over!”) And probably you don’t like Lauren for the exact same reason. You don’t want your exes to move on. Do you think they will ‘cry over’ you forever?! Yes, Javi did move along with Lauren extremely fast (especially because he was banging like 3 chicks at that time, you included) but I feel your bitterness comes exactly from the fact he DID move on so soon after you divorced. While you were pregnant with Lux, mind you. Just admit you always want everything to revolve around you and that you have a superiority complex, Kail. Thank you and good night!

  3. Trying to bring in another form of income….I can’t knock them for that. Considering no one knows when TM2 may end, at least they’re trying to have a back up plan. However, I can see this eventually ruining their co-parenting relationship. It’s always tricky working with friends, baby mama’s, ect…

  4. Oh yay…. we’re back to the ‘many looks of jenelle Evans’ ? For those of you that have iPhones, get Norton ad blocker, and the stupid videos won’t play anymore.

    1. Have,
      Does she get paid every time someone clicks on that ?
      I don’t click on them, but good grief sick of seeing her mug.

  5. You can tell they totally didn’t do a photoshoot with Vee & Kail, you can totally tell they just photoshopped Vee in there lol… they didn’t even try to make it look good.

  6. If she wanted a really good podcast she would add Lauren too. ? I would love to see that. That would truly be the good, the bad and everything in between. Some co-parenting works and some does not! Kail has experience with both. I’d love to see all three interact group dynamic.

  7. So anybody can start a podcast about anything obviously? Because this going to be yet another platform for Kail to whine on!
    I’m starting a podcast now and it’s going to be about all the s**t my 9 year old says! And my 1st guest unfortunately is my 9year old…?‍♀️ Wtf

    1. It had something to do with the owner of the platform that Kail uses for her podcast trying to trademark the name coffee convos. It had to go to court and stuff.

    2. I’m pretty sure it was an issue over the name, another person or something was using it too, so they had to go through copyright stuff/patent.

  8. Makes no sense. Kail never once tried to be nice with Lauren. I guess because she has sex with Javi. Vee is why they get along. Be careful Vee. Kail lies all the time. Ask your husband.

  9. Omggg kail has just dragged (or bullied) Vee into doing something with her. I just get the kind of vibes from kail like “look at me, look what I’m doing” just to prove a point/show off to Chris??? Kail on a podcast ranting about how badly her coparenting with Chris is, which we all know this is going to turn into, is not really my idea of an enjoyable time.

  10. Vee, Lindsie, Kail, who remembers the song, “one of these things is not like the others, one of these things just doesn’t belong”

    stay lit

    1. That’s exactly what I was thinking…they can maybe sense TM2 is nearing the end, so they’re still trying to mooch off of that platform (I can’t knock them for being proactive)…plus this might also help Kail if Jo tries to ask for child support again…she’ll know how much Vee is bringing in…

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