‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Kail Lowry Explains Why She Gets Along With Jo Rivera’s Wife Vee Torres But Not Javi Marroquin’s Baby Mama Lauren Comeau

“She doesn’t even go here!”

Kail Lowry says doesn’t want to be pals with Lauren Comeau, the woman currently dating Javi Marroquin, and she wants her Teen Mom 2 producers to stop trying to force them to associate!

During the latest episode of her Coffee Convos podcast, Kail explained to her co-host Lindsie Chrisley why she doesn’t see herself ever becoming friendly with Lauren, even though she has been able to, over the years, warm up to Vee Torres, who is the now-wife of Kail’s first baby daddy, Jo Rivera.

Kail stated that this was a topic she discussed on-stage during the recent ‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 9 Reunion.

“[They asked me] why can’t I have a relationship with Lauren like I have with Vee?” Kail said. “I’m going to tell you…They want to make it something that it’s not and it’s frustrating because…the relationship with me and Lauren will never be what it is with me and Vee.”

“Vee and I grew up together,” Kail explained. “That’s what it is. I became a mom and I had to navigate those feelings [I had about Vee]. Did I want Jo? No, I didn’t want him, but I also didn’t want anyone else to have him but I was 18 years old.”

“We don’t want to rip each others’ faces off anymore, so there’s that…”

‘Teen Mom 2’ fans will remember that, in the early years of Vee and Jo’s relationship, Kail refused to get to know Vee, even leaving the stage during one Reunion because Vee was brought out. Kail said it took her a while to get past the negative feelings she had for Vee.

“I needed to grow the f**k up. I had never seen co-parenting before,” she said. “I didn’t know what the f**k that was so I didn’t understand it. It was a lot of learning and trying to figure things out. Once Vee and I figured things out, it’s great. We get along, we can hang out, we can get the kids together and she can tell me when she’s feeling a certain type of way and vice versa.”

Kail told Lindsie that the ‘Teen Mom 2′ producers constantly try to “sneak in” conversations about Javi and Lauren. She also called out the producers for not making the other girls on the show talk about their exes’ new baby mamas, including her co-star Leah Messer, who does not associate with Miranda Simms, the wife of Leah’s ex-husband Corey.

“Tell me how my entire season, [the topic of] Javi and Lauren [is] in my segments, but nobody talks about the fact that Leah and Miranda don’t talk,” Kail said. “They don’t make anybody else’s segments about that.”

Kail stated that, even though Javi and Lauren now have a child together– Eli, who is her son Lincoln’s half-brother– she feels that they are not a big part of her life.

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“She is very minimally a part of my life, very minimally,” Kail said. “I have nothing to do with Lauren and Eli. I need to co-parent with Javi for Lincoln. Yes, Eli is Lincoln’s sibling and I always talk him up…I don’t need to communicate with her and I constantly feel like I’m being forced from the show and people to talk about them when they’re not part of my life.”

“I don’t need to talk to her, I don’t need to be a part of her everyday life. We don’t need to do that,” she added.

Kail stated that she is particularly skeptical about Lauren because, according to Kail, Lauren pulled some shady stuff on Javi the first time they tried dating.

“I do know that Javi and Lauren tried to date [once before] and she did some foul s**t that I don’t approve of,” Kail said. “It wasn’t my business but at the time, it was like ‘that is my ex-husband and don’t do him dirty.’ Like, I’m the only one who can talk s**t, and I did him dirty and now I feel like it’s my job to protect him.”

“Let’s be honest…we’re all guilty of doing shady s**t…”

On an episode of ‘Teen Mom 2,’ Kail said that she went through Javi’s phone and found texts from Lauren in which Lauren called Kail some nasty names. 

“First impressions are a lot and when she’s calling me a tw*t right off the bat, never met me and doesn’t know me, then Javi’s little hookup triangle or whatever the f**k it is,” Kail gave as reasons she’s not fond of Lauren.

The ‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 9 Reunion will air in a few weeks.

Listen to Kail’s full podcast episode below:

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45 Responses

  1. She literally always hates all the girls her exes deal with. Also, I agree. Chris’s new girl in the future won’t stand a chance. She might actually fight that one lol

  2. She literally always hates all the girls her exes deal with. Also, I agree. Chris’s new girl in the future won’t stand a chance. She might actually fight that one lol

  3. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    I’m pretty.sure Miranda and her child are.not employed by MTV. Lauren is. So…duh? That is all

  4. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    All that money and she can’t seem to buy a dictionary and build an intelligent grown-up’s vocabulary.

  5. Javi is very messy, Kail is petty, and Lauren is fame hungry.

    It’s a very simple explanation. Vee is also patient and kind.

  6. Thank you!!! I agree!! Ironically Javi claims Lauren and him had broken up because she had a hard time dealing with his fame and now she promotes every product under the sun on Instagram it’s weird. I also find it odd of this girl that Javi on tv made her look like not the first choice or even the second choice. She was his third choice!!! And there she was the proud baby mama/ gf not concerned that he used her to cheat on both Bri and Kail. I’d be embarrassed and she wonders while Kail hates her. Is Kail being petty right now? Yes! She just needs to have one convo with her and then limit the contact. That’s being the better person. On a side note I find it funny that Cole was the same way about being on camera. He was shy and didn’t want to be shown much then one day he’s in nearly every seen and his Instagram is promoting everything his wife does as well as just a shrine to her. It’s just very opposite of his character being shy.

  7. Wayyyyy off topic, but the new kard/west baby’s arrived ( a b0y)

    Wild West. Go west. South west. Up west. West west. Kingyay west,key west, Haverford west ???

  8. I have a lot of respect for Kail. She brings up 3 well behaved boys, got her degree, has written books, and is planning for the future when the teen mom cheques are no more. She has a beautiful home, and does a lot with her boys. Yes, she has 3 baby daddies, BUT the boys seem well adjusted. We all make mistakes in relationships, and she didn’t have a great role model of what a relationship of any kind should be like. She’s still young, and has goals for her future. Javi? Always thought he was creepy. When he gave Bri the untimatun regarding the other girl who was willing to move, or whatever (AKA Lauren) Id have told him where to go if I was Lauren! He’s addicted to women and she seems fame hungry! I have 4 children, no longer with the eldest father. I am pleasent with his step mum, but we aren’t best buddies!! Lauren was out of order, showing off at Lincoln’s game. However, Kail could have introduced herself to Lauren, and been the bigger person. What complicated lives we all live eh!? PS, I LOVE Vee!!!! She’s so sweet and thoughtful! Remember when Kail didn’t want her around Issac because, shock horror, she had drunk beer!!! I hope they laugh about that now xx

  9. Miranda doesnt want to be on the show thats why theres no interaction with leah on camera…i think if lauren is anything like javi she wants cameras around

  10. Did anyone else peep when Javi flew day to Miami after Bri’s surgery when he said “I have another girl ready and willing to move to Delaware right now” when he was trying to “work things out” with Bri? That “girl” was Lauren. I just got that

  11. Sure…but that’s because Vee is kind, and can overlook your bitchiness. Because today you like her then tomorrow you will be a bitch as usual,

  12. Kail sounds really immature…but I can see why she doesn’t like Lauren. That one episode is burned in my brain when Lauren tried to cheer at Lincoln over his biological MOTHER at his soccer game…plus she and Javi thought it was ok to add herself onto Lincoln’s parent contact list without consulting Kail, and she’s not even his step mom…I also think Kails missing the point that Vee understood/understands her role, and was VERY respectful towards Kail as Isaacs mother…Lauren doesn’t understand her place, and Javi doesn’t correct her. Kail really lucked out with Vee as a stepmom/co parent…but lightening doesn’t strike twice. She’s gonna have a hard time with Lauren…as well as the woman Chris chooses over her. She’s probably gonna dislike that one way more than Lauren.

    1. I agree with almost all of this. Except that she will do this with whomever Chris chooses. She is so obsessed, allows herself to be Chris’ sidechick, or bootycall. I think she will love who chris is with, and even maybe be a sister wife

  13. Why does Kail gets along with Vee? Because Vee kisses her ass. Not a surprise she doesn’t get along with everyone else, including Lauren.

  14. Once again Kail is talking about everybody. That don’t talk about Leah and Miranda because it’s an old story. They did once upon a time talk about it. You don’t like women in your bds life because you can no longer control them. Also your jealous because they are way prettier than you. If you don’t like it quit. Talk talk talk that’s all Kail does. Big ass hulk bully.

  15. Still a pig, always will be. Despite her delusions of herself as a mother, there’s only one person that’s ever mattered to her.

  16. Lauren is fuking annoying though the back up plan seen him coming a mile away and he’s a tool as well. He’d propose to a fuking lamp post if it turned on as he walked past.

  17. The reason Leah doesn’t have a relationship with Miranda is because Leah slept with Corey not long after him and Miranda got married. BIG difference Kail. You’re just being petty when it comes to Lauren. You dumped Javi and quickly got pregnant from another man. I don’t know why that makes you above being friendly with Lauren. You were the a**hole.

  18. hulk has a short memory she hated vee refused to even be on the same stage. I cannot wait for hulk to be smacked in the face with Karma

  19. Kail is just immature. She still wants to have control over Javi. She is jealous that Javi has moved on, he is happy with Lauren. Meanwhile, Kail sits at home angry at the world waiting for Chris to throw her a bone. Javi and Lauren have found love. Kail is just a booty call. That has to sting!!

      1. she was going thru his phone because they were hooking up and he told her he wanted them to be a family again. since she was actually considering it but suspicious from im cheating on her, her a few time while they were married, she went thru his phone and found he was still talking to other women.

  20. I’d love for someone to psychologically analyse Kail. I feel like she desperately needs to go deep deep down inside herself and get real. She is incredibly selfish and greedy and cold.

  21. She’s admitting that she’s still to immature to co-parent with Javi like she does with Jo. It’s the exact same thing “I don’t want him but I don’t want anybody else to have him either.” She’s as petty as they come

  22. Ummm…. Leah and Miranda don’t talk because Leah screwed Miranda’s husband. What TF do you expect after that??

    1. I don’t remember that… I remember when joe cheating on Vy with Kail when they were still dating but I don’t remember Cory and Leah!

  23. I hate her. And she hated vee too.shes just that girl that hates on any other girl because she wants to be the only one and have all attention on her. she wants to cheat on everybody, leave them and have them still wanting her and gets mad when they move on. plus shes a hoe and disgusting and has a nasty attitude. she should sit there on holidays by herself because all her children went with their different dads while she sits there and talks shit about her mom when kail is even worse. poor kids.

  24. Laurens IG posts are nothing but fake advertisements just like her. She chased Javie for obvious reasons and no, I’m no Javi fan but Lauren is pure annoying, not defending Kail at all just stating Facts!

  25. Kail, you cheated on Javi, your divorced, both have kids with another, grow up you selfish bitch.

    1. I see why kail don’t like Lauren and people the person who say kail cheat why married to javi so did javi and she olny have to coparent with javi vee know her place and she know who coparent is

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