EXCLUSIVE! Jenelle Evans Faces Off with Her Husband’s Ex Olivia Leedham in Court: Here’s What Happened

It’s the battle of the David Eason Baby Mamas! (Well…two out of three…)

Jenelle Evans went head-to-head with Olivia Leedham in court on Tuesday, with the former Teen Mom 2 star answering to several legal issues Olivia filed against her last November, including posting a private lewd photo of Olivia to the Internet, creating false reviews for Olivia’s work on various online review sites, and blasting Olivia on a website created for the sole purpose of making false claims about her.

As The Ashley told you last week, Olivia filed the six-part lawsuit against Jenelle and David Eason (whom Olivia shares son Kaden with) back in November 2019. In February, Jenelle filed a Motion to Dismiss the charges against her, and Tuesday’s hearing was to decide whether Olivia would continue pursuing the charges or not.

Here’s what happened in court on Tuesday…

According to a New Hanover County Clerk of Courts, the hearing (which was held over video conference, due to COVID-19 restrictions), went down as planned. Olivia agreed to dismiss almost all of the issues against Jenelle, including the one regarding the posting of the nude photo of Olivia; the one about using Olivia’s name and likeness for her and David’s gain, and the one about posting private text messages between Olivia and another man on a public forum.

Of the six issues stated in the lawsuit, Olivia dismissed five…except for Issue No. 4, which is in regard to Jenelle and David using sites like Yelp and Facebook to post false poor reviews about Olivia’s haircutting skills and the barber shop that she works, as well as other false statements about Olivia and her life. 

In the court paperwork obtained by The Ashley, the charge of “Defamation: Libel Per Se” states that “David and/or Jenelle caused injury to [Olivia’s] reputation by making false and defamatory statements concerning Olivia, notably that she is unfit for her current practice of business, that she has abortions recklessly and uses them for birth control, that she has a continuing alcohol problem, that she assaulted David, that she is promiscuous…and generally unsuitable and unfit for motherhood.”

In another part, the paperwork states that Jenelle and David thought that if they didn’t post Olivia’s last name, she couldn’t take legal action against them. (This is obviously not true.)

“You’d think we would have learned something given how many legal issues we’ve had over the years….but no…”

“David and/or Jenelle operate under the mistaken assumption that if they do not include Olivia’s last name that they escape liability for vicious, assaultive and defamatory statements that they have published as false, or acted with reckless disregard for their truth or falsity at the time of publication.”

As The Ashley previously reported, Olivia claimed that, in August 2019, David (using the account name “David E.” which had a photo of David and Jenelle as its bio pic) gave Olivia’s haircutting skills false reviews on various online platforms. Olivia alleges in one review, David claimed Olivia gave him a “horrible hack job” three times, and even “stabbed him in the head with scissors and cut his ear with clippers.”

Jenelle also left a negative review for Olivia, claiming on Facebook she wrote the review “for a friend” who didn’t know how to leave reviews. (See below.)

The review Jenelle posted on her “friend’s” behalf…

The Ashley hears that Jenelle and her attorney attempted to get Issue No. 4 dismissed as well; however Olivia refused to drop the charge and a judge refused to approve the dismissal. That issue is currently pending. 

For that Issue alone, Olivia is seeking $25,000 in damages for the defamatory statements allegedly made by Jenelle and David. 

The attorneys for Jenelle and Olivia will decide next steps, and a future court date may be scheduled.

As for David, nothing was dismissed against him and, as of press time, all six charges remain active against David. Currently, there is no court date scheduled (yet) for him. 

“Apparently I’m being ‘sued!'”

Olivia and David have battled for years for custody of their son Kaden. Currently, though, according to court records obtained by The Ashley, nothing is currently pending in that case, though.

The Ashley will update this story when more info is available! Stay tuned…

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29 Responses

  1. Jenelle is lucky that Olivia dropped 5 of the 6 charges, personally I wouldn’t have dropped any of them.

  2. Is @Ashley going to recap anymore of the YouTube episodes regarding Janelle’s version of what happened when her children got removed in “19?

    1. Why would that hurt her case? There is a HUGE difference between revenge porn and voluntarily taking pictures in a bikini…

    2. I haven’t kept up on this story, who posted sexy contest pics, Olivia ?
      If so, she can post whatever she wants of herself , that’s her business. It won’t even be mentioned .

  3. Hopefully others wronged by J&D take them to court too. The more legal bills they have for various lawsuits, the sooner they run out of money and become broke. Once they’re broke the party is over for those demented losers!

    I thought someone on here mentioned David already went to court for the towing incident but I don’t recall seeing anything about the outcome.

  4. I’m guessing that Olivia dismissed the other charges against Jenelle because she couldn’t 100% prove they came from her, and could only prove that Jenelle was defaming her character because she was leaving messages under her name? The revenge porn is probably easier to prove that it came from David if the picture was only sent to David, and he’s the only one that had it, along with the other charges…if it was info that was personally sent to David, that would probably be easier to prove that he did it as opposed to the possibility that Jenelle did it (even though we all know she helped him).

  5. This girl has the audacity to get on YouTube and bitch, cry, wail and throw a hissy fit about CPS “bullying” her, meanwhile she is constantly bullying other people. I really hope that for once Jenelle and her POS husband are held 100% accountable and have to give Olivia whatever she wants.

  6. Go Olivia, go! Poor Maryssa was silenced, Babs is kissing Jailnelle’s ass and Nathan doesn’t give a shit. You’re our only hope!

  7. I’m still scratching my head over him landing Olivia in the first place and Olivia being with someone like Lurch

  8. I was upset when I saw everything except one charge got dismissed on Jenelle, but then got happy to see that David is still facing all six. ? Olivia’s got proof of all of it, so you’d think it wouldn’t be hard to prove her point.

  9. How many abortions has Jenelle had now? Talk about projecting your own issues on someone else. Something is missing in this girl’s brain.

    I’d also like to know why Olivia is agreeing to dismiss the charges. Is she being paid off? Did someone tell her she won’t win? Did she really have a change of heart? I’m sick of seeing Jenelle and David get away with shit because people are too scared of them.

    1. Exactly! And when she aborted his ex-husband’s baby and wasn’t sure if she was still pregnant from him or from Nathan…

  10. Lurch had literally turned into one of the most unattractive men i have ever seen ?. Please hold these idiots accountable

    1. Isn’t he gross?? I NEVER thought he was “hot”, but also didn’t think he was ugly (on the outside, he is hideous on the inside). But, man, has he gotten UGGGLLLLYYYYY! His beard is awful! It’s looks like a bunch of dried out pube hair ?. And now this bleached hair nonsense….?

  11. Why did Olivia drop the other charges? Revenge porn is a serious issue, and these pieces of shit should see consequences for it.

    1. Revenge porn is serious, but the State of North Carolina doesn’t even care about the child abuse that happens on “the land”. I’m sure they don’t give a shit about revenge porn either….at least not if a women is the victim.

    2. I’m guessing because the evidence for those 5 charges points to David only and this one charge has the strongest case/evidence. Lawsuits begin with a lot of allegations to see what “sticks” (won’t get dismissed) in the hopes of getting at least one charge past the initial dismissal stage, so although 5 were dismissed, its great news for Olivia the lawsuit is moving forward.

  12. Please let them be accountable!!! Thank God Kaden doesn’t live with that dog killer, child abuser! I would want him to pay up or relinquish rights to him.

    1. I wish she hadn’t dropped the revenge porn against Jenelle, but perhaps it’s easier to prove David posted the photo. I hate revenge porn. He should be punished harshly for that.

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