EXCLUSIVE! ‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans & Husband David Eason to Appear in Court Next Week in Response to His Ex Olivia Leedham’s Lawsuit: Here’s Why She’s Suing Them

“It’s courtin’ time!”

David Eason‘s ex, Olivia Leedham, has resurfaced and she’s ready to do battle against the former Teen Mom 2 dad and his wife, Jenelle Evans!

The Ashley can exclusively report that Olivia— who shares son Kaden with David— is continuing the lawsuit she filed against Jenelle and David last November, over a nude photo Olivia says the Easons posted of her on the GoFundMe page she created to raise money to fight David in court for custody of their son. 

Although it’s been rumored that Olivia dropped the case, The Ashley can now confirm that she has not dropped it; in fact, a hearing has been scheduled for next week, which may be why Jenelle has suddenly began discussing Olivia on her social media accounts.

Jenelle and David are due in court (which will be a web hearing, due to the COVID-19 pandemic) on September 15.

In February, Jenelle filed a Motion to Dismiss the charges against her. A court hearing was originally scheduled for April 6 but is now taking place next week to decide if the charges will be dismissed or continued.

In the lawsuit, which The Ashley previously told you was filed by Olivia on November 21, 2019, Olivia claims Jenelle and David posted the explicit photo of her (which, according to court docs obtained by The Ashley, she says was taken and sent to David in 2013 while they were in a relationship). The photo showed Olivia’s bare breasts and her covering her pubic area with her hand. Olivia says the photo was sent to David and David only and meant to remain private.

“The picture was not posted by Olivia or posted with her consent,” the legal papers read.

“Not cool, Easons, not cool…”

In addition to the photo posting, Olivia claims that both Jenelle and David were responsible for “a barrage of libelous, cruel and untrue postings” on Facebook and other online websites. She states that, in August 2019, David (using the account name “David E.” which had a photo of David and Jenelle as its bio pic) gave Olivia’s haircutting skills (which is how she makes her living) false reviews on various online platforms. Olivia alleges in one review, David claimed Olivia gave him a “horrible hack job” three times, and even “stabbed him in the head with scissors and cut his ear with clippers.”

Sorry, David, but you can’t blame this hack and dye job on anyone but yourself…

 Olivia claims that David’s reviews are false, as she has never even cut his hair. 

Olivia states in the paperwork that Jenelle also left a false review for Olivia and the barber shop that she works at. 

The review Jenelle posted on her “friend’s” behalf…

Other accusations Olivia makes in her lawsuit against the Easons include:

-David posted things online implying she was an alcoholic, and that she has a different “daddy” for Kaden every weekend

-David posted to his private Facebook page private texts between Olivia and another man that were sent in 2015

-Jenelle “unleashed a stream of libelous, slanderous and false stories” (we can assume she’s talking about one of the random sites Jenelle created around this time to post stories written in her favor) in which Olivia claims Jenelle “intentionally tried to pass off as fact” in order to “intimidate, coerce and harass Olivia” into not enforcing the child support court order and to dissuade people from donating to Olivia’s GoFundMe

Olivia states that those stories include Jenelle claiming that Olivia was physically abusive to David; that Olivia enjoyed kicking men—including David— in the groin; and that Olivia had an abortion (just to name of a few things listed…)

“Jenelle concludes her libelous post by calling Olivia a) an alcoholic b) cheater c) drug addict d) scam artist e) spousal abuser, all of which are false,” the papers state.

In the lawsuit, Olivia states that Jenelle and David’s behavior was “willful and wanton,” and  she is seeking punitive and compensatory damages.

“Apparently I’m a wonton now? I ain’t no Asian food!”

She is seeking $25,000 for each of the following complaints: Disclosure of Private Images, Appropriation of Name and Likeness, Intrusion Upon Seclusion; Libel Per Se, Libel Per Quod, and Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress. 

In all, it appears Olivia is suing David and Jenelle for $150,000 in damages for all of their alleged actions. 

Olivia had a hard time serving the lawsuit to Jenelle and David. In January, the summons sent to David on The Land was returned, unserved. (Jenelle was served in December. She was living in Tennessee away from David at the time.) Eventually, both were served, though.

Anyway, Olivia recently became active on social media again because she is currently in the running to be Maxim magazine’s Australian covergirl and she’s been promoting the contest on Instagram and Twitter. She has also answered some questions about her time with David. 

When a person asked Olivia if her more-ample bosom is courtesy of implants purchased with the money raised from her 2019 GoFundMe fundraiser, Olivia was quick to deny the rumor, insisting all of the money raised was used to pay for a custody attorney. (Olivia ended up raising over $6,000 through the fundraiser, by the way.) 

“Absolutely not!” she replied. “I have a conscious! I am the most honest and blunt person you’ll ever meet! All the money that was raised went straight to my attorney for him to use and hold for our case for Kaden.”

“Hello the money went straight to my attorney!” she told another person who asked about the fundraiser money. “Some is still sitting in the account with him! I thank you so much for your donations it has helped tremendously!”

She also responded to someone who scolded her for sleeping with (and bringing a child into the world with) David. Olivia seemed to blame that decision on being young and dumb.

“Yeaaaa we all have moments. After a month and 1/2 of ‘knowing’ someone.. at 18 years old, you think you ‘know them.’ #lessonslearned,” she wrote.
The Ashley will update this story when more info is available….stay tuned! 

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(Photos: Facebook, MTV, YouTube, Instagram)

44 Responses

  1. I absolutely LOVE that The Ashley posted Olivias actual link to the voting!
    Please vote for Olivia y’all!
    I can’t wait to see what happens on the swamp when she wins!
    She’s gorgeous and deserves some positive for having to deal with these vile monsters!

    I hope to goodness she stands her ground with charges against DE!
    The irony of DE threatening (frivolous) $25k lawsuits is frankly hilarious!


  2. You know Jenelle is so mad that Olivia is so much prettier, and seems to be a good mom.

    lol Jenelle is the real hater

  3. Lurch looks more and more horrible and strung out with every video. I honestly the only person on the planet that is less self-aware than Jenelle is Farrah, did Jenelle really call out Olivia for having an abortion?!? Jenelle and Lurch are walking s**tshows and something needs to happen to them. Clearly they are running out of funds, so that’s karma catching up to them, but they really need to suffer legal consequences to bring them back to Earth, because they are out of control.

    1. Like Janelle has any room to talk on anybody having an abortion. She had an abortion and got knocked up again so fast that she wasn’t sure about the positive pregnancy test coming from a new pregnancy or the abortion. And filmed it for TV!!!

    1. No, not true.
      Jenelle’s first husband told David about his rich ex wife when they were both in the same jail.
      After David had left jail, dried his tears and put on a clean pants, he made sure to “accidentally” run into her on Tinder.

  4. She should start another gofundme because that 6k from the last one will get eaten up pretty quick with lawyer fees. I would totally donate and I hope the backwards court system in their state gets tired of being mocked online and finally put J&D in the same bracket as everyone else and hold them accountable.

      1. This could be my favorite post of all time!
        I’m tired of hearing “JE can do better”…um…no she can’t!
        DE is HER shield and absorbing every bad thing THEY do to keep heat off of their [former?] $maker(JE). SHE is JUST AS GUILTY IN EVERYTHING AS HE IS! Possibly even more so. She clearly approves of how he treats Kaiser & very likely encourages it so she doesn’t have to be a parent! [opening blinds and videoing kids revolting table manners/lack of hygiene doesn’t qualify].
        Lets not even start on “the dog incident”…lets not mention how she she posted vids sweet talking & loving on the named goats right before they savagely hit the grill But NUGGET is “the dog incident”!?! DISGUSTING POS! Did the kids kiss their pet goodbye before dinner was served beside his head? Did they have to throw out the empties on to its mutilated body?Shoot, Feral probably doesn’t understand anyway…
        JE did spend 4-5h away from the swamp x3days while kids were in daycare/school? though, returning at 3:00 to spend the night…All the while releasing public statements how she had left DE (WITH THE KIDS)and was “moving on from (this) relationship”…all while sleeping with the POS that savagely brutalized her 15lb INNOCENT NUGGET every night!!
        (Yep. Still disgusted!!)
        So far she has “filed for divorce” at least 3 times in past 8-10months. “I filed papers today”…lies!! Not even once and the RO was simply to piss him off, not taken seriously!

        Clearly they disgust me. More every day.
        My point is that JE is just as pathetic, dangerous, pathological & idiotic as DE, possibly even more so.
        SHE taught DE how to treat Kaiser.
        SHE DID THAT!
        HIS MOTHER!

  5. Plain and simple they posted revenge porn. I don’t see how they WOULDNT get some sort of consequence for that?

  6. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    She has a “conscious?!?”
    Well, glad she is less comatose than she appears…
    Her conscience is another matter, one the courts may decide…

  7. She was only 18 when she got with David…wait, I forgot how old he was back then. Anyway, I hope she wins. And why did David have a naked picture of his ex saved on his phone still anyway?! I hope this is also a lesson learned…never send to anyone your naked pics, they can see you naked when you meet them.

    1. I hope she wins & David & Janelle have to get “real” jobs and pay her every cent of the $150k. I hear Wal-Mart is hiring & I’m sure Babs can put in a good word for them!

  8. Fingers crossed but maybe the Easons ran out of luck.
    Jenelle lost from MTV (legal), they won’t use her as a cast member but I think she is still under some sort of contract that prevents her from being a cast member in another reality. Unless MTV agrees to it and makes money in the deal.

    David lost the case in the illegal truck towing and has to pay Terri Hill damages.

    And now this with Olivia, it looks promising. Don’t think she will get half of what her attorney asks but I think she will win something when she has proof it was them. Fingers crossed.

    Now if CPS could put a new case worker backed up by a good attorney on the case for the Eason kids, those kids might have a better future too.
    Not sure Babs and Doris will be stellar parents but it’s lots better than the environment to grow up in on the land.

      1. Farrah still isn’t working with another network and Mackenzie has said MTV basically owns you for life )when they didn’t film her and Ryan but wouldn’t let them go either). MTV is also still allowed to film Adam while he never signed for new seasons.
        No idea what they signed but there seems to be something more.
        Both Farrah as Jenelle claim they haven’t been fired and there might be some truth in that. MTV decided not to work with them anymore.
        They are independent workers, MTV can decide not to ask them to film.
        They sign new contracts each season but I think those contracts just an addition to their original contract. I’ve read that MTV added new rules for the cast members but I don’t think MTV let them change a lot of things in their contract when they signed for a new season.

  9. Does North Carolina not have revenge porn laws? In my state revenge porn is a felony, as it should be.

    Can we start placing bets as to how much longer it will take for Jenelle to require a public defender? I think David already uses one. Maybe using public defenders will finally result in the Eason’s paying for their actions. ???

  10. Anyone else think that the comments Jenelle made about Olivia are actually perfect descriptions for Jenelle? Jenelle had an abortion. Jenelle is violent with her partners. Maybe not with David but she definitely was with Nathan and Kieffer. Jenelle totally screwed up David’s hair (I’m making an assumption that Jenelle is responsible for the faux-ginger, man-bun mullet situation her husband is currently sporting.)

    Jenelle, why are you coming at Olivia’s job?! She at least has a job to support her child. You are straight unemployed with no legitimate prospects!!

    Olivia is hot. From where I’m sitting, Olivia has Jenelle beat by every metric. Guess that’s why Jenelle thinks its ok to attack the poor girl.

  11. I hope Olivia knows that no one believes a word coming out of Jenelle or David’s mouths. I hope she wins but at the end of the day she can at least take comfort in the fact that no one believes them. The nude pic is a whole other issue and they need to be held criminally responsible

  12. Olivia is gorgeous! I hope she wins the Maxim contest.
    Also hope she wins the court case, but of course I won’t be surprised if Jenelle and David get off scot free like they always do. What a joke the court system in their state is.

    1. Team Olivia all the way. I’m proud of her for sticking with the lawsuit. Revenge porn is not okay. Libelous behavior is not okay. The Easons can’t seem to lose in a criminal court, but they can in a civil court. Going after what little money they have left may be the only successful route to take.

      1. Great idea and I started doing the same. Apparently she’s winning her category. I wonder how many of those votes are from David and Janelle haters like us? Olivia won’t be able to get David out of her life completely until her son is grown. If she wins the Maxim contest because of David and Janelle’s haters then at least she gets something from those shit bags.

  13. I gave to Olivia’s gofundme last year and got in on the fun with fake donor names poking fun at Janelle (many donors names Nugget, Kieffer Delp, Courtland, etc.). I do believe that Olivia used the funds for attorney fees. But even if that money went to new boobs, I still consider it money well spent if every donor irritated Janelle – a small way to personally stick it to her and David.

  14. Jenelle, this is another example of the shit talking,bullying and harassment you do to others.
    BUT you will ugly cry that you don’t do anything wrong,everyone is mean, I’m a victim,and Blah blah blah.
    I don’t know where in that head of yours that makes you feel you are above anyone and everyone. You are Not that special.

    What they did to her was wrong. I hope she follows through, doesn’t back down and she wins. I applaud her for being the only one in this situation that has protected HER Child. They used their social media as a weapon. How many times to we all need to say this ……They Need to be held Accountable!

  15. I’m waiting for everyone they attack in her “documentary” to start suing them. Like mentioning the CPS workers by name and saying they purposely lied during the investigation.

  16. I hope someone can put them in their place! The dog murderer and child abuser are never held accountable for anything!

    1. Janelle and David probably figure another week, another court case they’ll somehow win. Hopefully they’ll lose this one, be on the hook for a lot of money, then lose the towing case too. With zero income and soooo many lawyer bills they’ve gotta hit rock bottom soon. Goodbye to the boats, new SUV and pickup, swamp house and hopefully they’ll lose all custody battles going forward. In 10 years one or both of them probably won’t be alive and / or in gel. The high, high times have got to end for them soon – MTV gravy train is over!

      That plus it probably kills Janelleous that Olivia is even in the running for the Maxim contest. Janelle is waaay to busted to ever be considered. Yikes – Olivia got knocked up by David at 18 after only knowing him for 1.5 months. Hopefully better days ahead for her and her children.

      Janelle didn’t have stable the upper middle class upbringing that Chelsea had so she was never going to have it together as early as Chelsea did. However Leah had a less than ideal upbringing and she’s finally on a better path (and hopefully hasn’t pissed away all of her MTV money). If Janelle tried she could at least be doing as OK-ish as Leah. Zero excuses for Janelle.

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