Critics Slam Former ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jenelle Evans in Response to Social Media Post: “Save Your Own Children First”; Jenelle Answers Questions About David Eason

Charity starts at home, Jenelle.

Former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans took to social media over the weekend to stand in the middle of the road for a photo op stand up against child trafficking – an effort that soon had Jenelle’s critics demanding she stand up for the safety of her own children.

Jenelle showed her #SaveTheChildren support on Facebook, sharing two photos of herself standing in the middle of the road, holding up a cardboard sign. In her caption, the mom of three included both “Save the Children” and “Save Our Children,” seemingly confused by the exact movement she was setting out to support.

In the comment section of her Facebook post, Jenelle defended her actions— and her husband David Eason against her followers’ claims that David abuses her and their kids.

After the posts went live on her social media accounts, comments began to pour in from people telling Jenelle to focus on keeping her own kids safe… and preferably away from her David. 

“Save your own children from that so called man of yours,” one person wrote. 

“Save your own children first! Get out of that abusive situation,” another commented. “It can be hard but you can do it.” 

Jenelle went on to thank those who supported her post, while assuring her “haters” that she protects her kids and that they all “LOVE DAVID.” 

“As for the haters… you can say what you want but I protect my babies with everything in my heart,” she wrote. “My children are happy and healthy and LOVE DAVID no matter WHAT YOU SAY.” 

“See? Kids love me!”

Jenelle’s claim brought a wave of additional comments to her original post, with many of Jenelle’s so-called “haters” calling out specific incidents from the former ‘Teen Mom 2’ star’s past – almost all of which, Jenelle denied. 

” … but what about when David locked Kaiser in the car,” one person wrote on Jenelle’s post. 

Jenelle accused the person of believing everything they read online, adding, “it’s really sad you’re that gullible.”

The commenter argued that Jenelle “wrote that in [her] court request for a protection order against David,” asking if she really wanted “to deny [her] sworn statement.” 

“Yeah because I didn’t write it dumb***,” Jenelle replied. 

Another person reminded Jenelle that she admitted David abused her children and had in fact filed a protective order against him, however, Jenelle argued the order was dropped. She also blamed her lawyer for what she had filed against David.

“Because the lawyer I had was in the lawyer for the MeToo Movement,” Jenelle argued.

“So you dropped an order that you claimed you never asked for? Put the meth pipe down,” the person continued. 

“I’ve never put that substance in my system but you seem to know a lot more about it than me,” Jenelle replied. 

“Meth? Did someone say meth?”

At one point, a couple of Jenelle’s “haters” even teamed up, noting that the truth will only come out once Jenelle’s children are old enough to speak for themselves. 

“Can’t wait because they love their parents despite what anyone says,” Jenelle chimed in. 

One of Jenelle’s followers quickly reminded her that her own son (Jace) “legit told [her] he didn’t want to live with David,” though Jenelle argued that Jace only feels that way because her mom Barbara Evans (with whom Jace lives and is in the custody of) allows him to do whatever he wants.  

“Don’t go draggin’ me into ya drama, Juhnelle!”

“Because Jace walks all over my mom… like I said there’s so much non of you know and now because the show stopped,” she added. “It sucks.” 

Jenelle was then asked if things with David are as good as she claims, why she needed help trying to leave him earlier this year. As you know, this particular David-Jenelle breakup ultimately led to the infamous pistol-whipping incident on The Land

In response, Jenelle blamed “friends” (aka  the friends she brought with her to The Land on the day of the incident) for the drama that ensued. 

“The wrong friends can cause unnecessary drama in front of your kids sometimes that you can’t help,” she wrote.

When asked how she could go from divorcing David to “loving him again” in a matter of months, Jenelle maintained that she did it all for her family. 

“I DIDN’T GET DIVORCED lmfao and my family wanted to be back HOME as FAMILY AGAIN,” she wrote (aggressively, we might add). “You have no f**king idea how my children think.” 


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(Photos: Facebook; MTV) 

49 Responses

  1. I hope her former attorney sues her for slander. Jenelle will stick with that abusive a hole until he
    k i l l s them all.

  2. Can they forward this interview to the police or courts? He lawyer could get in trouble and she could be charged with a false claim.

  3. What the hell does her lawyer being a part of the #metoo movement have to do with Jenelle filing for a restraining order against David and accusing him of abuse? I hope her lawyer comes out and says Jenelle is lying but that’s probably doubtful.

  4. “they love david no matter what you say”
    “they love their parents no matter what”

    yeah, it’s not uncommon for the abused to still love their abusers. how does that prove anything?

  5. I wasted over 20 years staying married to an abusive man. Like you, I stuck up for and supported my abusive man which caused me to lose friends and cause a lot of worry for my family. The ones that get the worst of it are the kids. I’d love for you to talk to my sons so they can tell you how it negatively effects them even now as adults. Your kids need you, and so does David’s daughter. They are all learning how to deal with family and relationships through you. I’d love to talk with you as a woman that truly understands

  6. That her kids love her doesn’t mean anything. It’s the norm that even abused kids still love their parents. ? She’s so dumb. She had to know when she posted that pic, that everyone was going to say something about her kids.

    1. She does “love them with all her (non)heart”…
      Just happens exactly like you say…she doesn’t have one!?
      No heart to love kids with all of = not one inkling of motherly instinct and/or care for kids beyond props & easy $ (in any form).

      Shes the most pathetic POS and has zero self awareness

    1. No surprises there, and no surprises that she would still stand by him. Remember when she was dating Nathan she was a health/fitness nut, now that she’s with lurch she’s a gun-toting/right wing/proud redneck, she basically just morphs herself into whatever the warm body next to her desires.

    1. For someone who wants to be, “left alone”, she sure does keep popping up on social media. I think she’s holding onto the last shred of her 15 minutes of “fame”. Clearly you can’t believe a word she says.

  7. It’s her saying “my kids LOVE David” and “I protect my kids with everything in me” for me ??‍♀️. They don’t love him. Both Jace and Kaiser openly admitted to being scared of David numerous times. His own DAUGHTER even testified AGAINST him and Honelle in court. Their own damn kids don’t even like them. And their are not only court documents detailing their abuse, there are also 911 calls, police records, CPS records, statements Jenelle made HERSELF about being “scared for her life”. Is she really THAT not self-aware? Or is it just an act to save face?

    1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
      Your two downvotes are probably from David and Jenelle.

  8. He got you fired,he killed your dog,he doesnt work,hes a bum,Yes you did say he was abusing did say you were afraid,the only thing i can see is you dont feel good about yourself so you let whatever happen.So you either need to stop lying to people when you post things about him when your mad or really wake up and face hes an idiot.Either way though,i doubt anyone else would wanna deal with all your drama so maybe just keep him even though he dont act right.

  9. Jenelle feeds off drama. She never wants to be a mother. That’s why she keeps DAVID around. He will cook and babysit. She wants to lay around doing tictoks and taking pictures.

  10. I couldn’t be rolling my eyes any harder right now.

    The evidence against everything Jenelle says is in the form of recorded audio and court papers. The drugs zapped away her neurons.

    Jenelle is just alienating everyone and the next time she decides to leave David, no one is going to want to help her or even hear about it.

  11. This girl is in such deep denial it is pathetic. He will kill her or one of her kids one day. She should go to jail for putting those children near that psycho

  12. I think we should just leave Jenelle alone with what ever she’s going through it’s her life she’s married so let her go through her problems on her own and stop being concerned over her cause obviously she can handle her own issues maybe she says alot of mean things at times to David cause at that moment. She gets mad at him but then she makes up with him and everything is fine so I would advise to let her deal with her own marriage

    1. Hi, Jenelle or her friend! Court records and 911 calls don’t lie. As human beings we are biologically programmed to want to protect children as a way of continuing the human race. We are concerned because CHILDREN are in danger. We’ve heard it, we’ve seen it. It is not just HER problem and she is NOT making the right decisions. You either are her, know her, or need to NEVER have or be around children because their safety means nothing to you.

    2. Are you crazy or drunk?
      It’s not about Jenelle, it’s about her kids safety! Everybody don’t care if she has a simple “argument” with her Sasquatch and after that fall in love again. We worry about the kids, the animals with all the weapons and David’s violence.

  13. Jenelle is literally as bad as Lurch, the fact that she brings up the fact that she brought up her lawyer being connected to the metoo movement is 100% from Lurch’s playbook. I hope that anyone that wants to befriend this garbage bag in the future takes note of how she not only defended Lurch’s assault of the people who came to rescue her, she is essentially blaming them for the assault. I would think that Jenelle was intentionally trolling folks with nonsense like this post, but I don’t think she’s that self-aware and really didn’t expect this completely understandable backlash. Notice she blames her lawyer, the friends who came to rescue her, Jace, Babs and haters, but Lurch is just a poor innocent victim who does nothing wrong as a husband. Gutter trash.

  14. I wish someone would have asked her how much she commits to spending annually on ANY children’s fund? All the money she made through the years , how much has she donated to children that are in need?
    She’s standing in the middle road with a sign to get attention for her OWN GAIN!
    People need to stop giving this girl attention.

  15. This girl is a train wreck and I don’t know why anyone gives a crap about her or what she does!! I wish I never had to see anything about her again!!!

    1. I think we should just leave Jenelle alone with what ever she’s going through it’s her life she’s married so let her go through her problems on her own and stop being concerned over her cause obviously she can handle her own issues maybe she says alot of mean things at times to David cause at that moment. She gets mad at him but then she makes up with him and everything is fine so I would advise to let her deal with her own marriage

  16. Kids love their parents, regardless. It doesn’t matter what you do to them they continue to love you despite your bad behavior towards them. Jenelle doesn’t seem to understand this. Plus I am sure her kids are terrified to say anything but good. I’m sure after the last court debacle those kids have been put in their place. The only way she will ever leave David is in a body bag. And her bullshit is always everybody else’s fault but hers. She takes responsibility for NOTHING!

  17. Of course the kids love their parents. I loved my physically, mentally, emotionally abusive dad up until the point he disabled me for life at the age of 20. It’s normal for kids to love their parents regardless of whether or not they are toxic as hell. They know no other way of life (except Jace who doesn’t have to deal with David often)

  18. She really is a piece of work. Yeah your lawyer probably officially “wrote” the affidavit but you SWORE it Janelle! It means you admitted that what is written in the statement is true. So she is admitting to lying in an official legal document. It’s really hilarious that she plays the victim all the time and the world is out to get her, as if she isn’t the author of her own misfortune. How many times has she said “THE TRUTH WILL COME OUT EVENTUALLY!” We’re still waiting…

  19. “Save the children” while living with an abusive, dog killing lunatic that your own children fear. That’s rich

  20. So now this little meth head is claiming she never gave that sworn statement claiming abuse. So who did Jenelle? Courts don’t just make up sworn statements to grant restraining orders for the fun of it. Just admit you lied or, better yet, admit that David is abusive but you just love him so much that you’re ok with him hitting you, abusing your son and killing random animals on the land so long as he takes care of you. Just say “I just don’t want to be alone.” I think if she actually admitted it people would finally just stop giving her attention and they’ll fade into obscurity.

  21. Those facebook comments are pretty funny though…savage, but funny…I laughed out loud at the “Oh ow my collarbone!”…but this girl actually fixed her fingers to type that her kids WANTED to be back on the swamp and be a family…This is why no one likes her. She’s forever the victim and will never EVER hold herself accountable for her piss poor decisions or ruining her kids lives. Then she’s got the nerve to talk about saving other kids when she refuses to save her own because she doesn’t want to be single. Pitiful moron.

  22. She protects her babies with everything in her heart? Well considering she’s a selfish heartless bitch, she’s not lying. She does nothing but endanger those kids every day that she stays with that scumbag husband.

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