Daughter of ‘Sister Wives’ Star Maddie Brown Undergoes Foot Amputation Surgery

Maddie Brown‘s daughter Evangalynn Kodi (Evie) is at home recovering after undergoing recent amputation surgery related to a rare genetic disorder.  

Maddie took to Instagram to give an update on Evie’s health, telling fans the one-year-old (and granddaughter of Sister Wives stars Kody and Janelle Brown) received some “major gifts for her 1st birthday.”

“Her surgeon laid the groundwork for her new foot and mobility it will bring, by way of a boyd amputation,” she continued. “Another gave her some extra mobility in her hand, by clipping her webbing she had in her right hand. She is home and is recovering beautifully.” 

Maddie and her husband Caleb Brush opened up about Evie’s genetic disorder on Season 14 of ‘Sister Wives,’ revealing that their daughter was diagnosed with Fibular Aplasia Tibial Campomelia and Oligosyndactyly (FATCO) Syndrome.

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Because of the FATCO Syndrome, Maddie explained Evie was born without her fibula, a toe, two fingers and a thumb. She also had a bowed tibia, two of her fingers were fused together and the other was webbed to the two that were fused. 

Maddie said they were made aware of some of Evie’s issues at their 28-week ultrasound; however, the full scale of Evie’s issues were not known until her birth.  

“She’s special, but I don’t think she can’t not do something,” Maddie said on the show following Evie’s birth. “If she wants to do ballet, I don’t want her to ever feel like she can’t do ballet, like, ‘I can’t because I have limb difference.’ No, you get up and you do the ballet. She’s gonna be a fierce fighter.” 

According to People, Maddie and Caleb had to wait until Evie’s first birthday to determine the best way to treat her. The family celebrated the milestone birthday August 20. 

“Happy 1st Birthday to my little spitfire ray of sunshine,” Maddie posted in honor of her daughter’s birthday. “It’s crazy how quickly this year flew by.” 

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  1. i can’t believe someone would post about who is paying for this baby’s surgery. selfish jerk. you must be such a pleasure to be around. i bet you have lots and lots of good friends.

  2. I’m happy to see them starting her prosthetic at a young age, she’ll get used to this and learn to do so much without being held back .
    This is exactly what Brianna should have been doing for her little boy. When she said she didn’t want a full prosthetic because she wanted to see what he was capable of doing without it,I was disgusted. What the hell does that even mean? He’s going to be very limited without it. I know she finally had something attached to his bike, of course that was after she found out who the father was and wasn’t hiding that she wasn’t sure. She let that baby go without healthcare for how long because she supposedly didn’t want to name his father for assistance. No, she didn’t know who he was .

  3. She is so beautiful and I just know she is going to do wonderful things in life! I am glad her parents doesn’t hold her back.

    1. They aren’t related at all. Kody’s brother married Caleb’s sister. Caleb’s was her uncle’s brother in law. No relation by blood or marriage. 🙄

  4. I would love to know who is paying for this… she used state aid to have the child like her mother having NO financial sense. And now the tax payers must foot the bill ( pun not intended) for her failure to plan for her child’s medical needs by having This little thing Americans call insurance

    1. In other countries with universal healthcare it’s called TAKING CARE OF EACH OTHER.
      America is so fucked up.

      1. Universal healthcare would never work in the US as it does in smaller countries. While I’ll agree we certainly need healthcare reform, the European model of universal healthcare isn’t the answer here. America is by far the greatest country that has ever existed! Not “fucked up” at all. 😁

          1. Sure. 😂😂😂😂 How many people are flooding in the US (both legally and illegally) to achieve a better life? No country has ever held the promise, opportunity, or freedom of the US. Truth hurts. 🤷

        1. Compared with other 1st world countries, we rank damn near the lowest in education and health. We are far from the greatest. And please stop using “‘Murica, FREEDOM” because we are NOT the only country that offers those freedoms.

          And Universal Healthcare WOULD work here, but Americans are too stupid and selfish.

          1. It wouldn’t work. The European model of universal healthcare wouldn’t but there are other ways that would. I’m assuming you aren’t interested in (or capable of) intelligent conversation on the subject though. You sound ignorant honestly. You are free to move to Canada or any other country that offers universal healthcare and there will be millions happy to take your place in America. ✌

      2. My family in Canada has to pay for supplemental insurance. If not they said they are stuck with second rate doctors in long waiting rooms.
        Waiting over a day with a broken hand. Horror stories of most Surgeries not being covered & god forbid you are are 60 or over, just go in the corner & wait until death comes

        1. Thank you! Canada’s healthcare also doesn’t pay for a lot of things for people with chronic conditions. It won’t pay for insulin in a lot of cases, treatments for cancer, etc. You’ll get down voted into oblivion on here though because “the Dems said universal healthcare would work so it will!” 🙄

    2. How do you know what insurance she used? She gave birth at a birthing center so I’m guessing Medicaid wouldn’t pay for that. Caleb has a good job and I’m sure the family is insured that way.

    3. You would love to know how she is paying for a life changing surgery for her child?! Why is that even a thing you care about?

      Some people are just so incredibly selfish it’s unreal

    4. You do know they are talking about a baby…a 1 year old little girl getting surgery so she has a CHANCE at a fairly normal life, so she can run & play.
      We are not talking about a 20 year old getting a boob job.
      We are talking about giving an innocent little girl the ability to RUN, PLAY & live a normal life.

    5. Yes, who is paying for it is so important.
      The father has a job, just because the grandfather (Kodi) is a loser doesnt mean the kid shouldnt get a much needed surgery.
      So no surgery for kids like her, as they get older their life becomes more difficult, then they cant work because they are not as mobile so now they are a burden on tax payers because kind people thought it was wrong for tax payers to perform surgery on a little girl so she can run & play.
      Do you work in government?

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