New Audio Features Farrah Abraham’s 11-Year-Old Daughter Sophia Begging Her Not to “Expose” & “Embarrass” Her in the Press Anymore

When you wear giant shades in hopes that no one recognizes you…

Sophia Abraham appears to be done with her mom, Farrah Abraham‘s tell-all tabloid interviews about her pubescent milestones!

In an audio clip from the August 16 episode of Farrah and Sophia’s Abraham Gals podcast (first discovered by YouTuber The Grace Report), Sophia, 11, can be heard asking her mother to stop talking to media outlets about the bodily changes she is currently going through. When the former Teen Mom OG star poo-poos (no pun intended) her requests, Sophia then accuses her of not respecting her privacy and frequently embarrassing her.

(You would think the poor kid would be used to her mom embarrassing her, given that her mom is Farrah…)

“Honey, are you gonna shave under your arms or no?” Farrah asks Sophia during the episode.

Sophia is not amused that, once again, her mother talked about an aspect of her personal hygiene to the public.

“Why do you always have to talk about that?” Sophia can be heard saying. “Stop trying to expose me on TMZ! It’s really embarrassing!” 

“This isn’t even the most embarrassing thing I’ve done TODAY, Sophia! Geez.”

Farrah just cackles and tells Sophia, “You’re so silly!” 

Sophia then accuses her mom again of exposing her on TMZ, and Farrah doesn’t apologize. Instead she explains to her pre-teen daughter that “people want to know where you are, if you’re sproutin’ out hairs.”

If you’re wondering what Sophia’s talking about in regard to TMZ, it’s likely the time back in January that Farrah told the media outlet that her daughter is currently in therapy…and that the poor kid is beginning to smell.


“Well, I mean she started having B.O. [body odor], ya know, she started having armpit hair,” Farrah told TMZ in January. “Like, our kids are going through puberty and luckily my daughter is more well-behaved than I see of her other kids and her other peers and I’m very blessed.” 

Anyway…in the August podcast clip, Sophia does not agree that the public needs to know about her puberty.

“Not one single person on this earth would talk about their child growing armpit hair!” she tells her mother, who is still unfazed and tells Sophia that puberty is a subject that needs to be discussed publicly. 

“It’s embarrassing and awkward,” Sophia protests. “It’s embarrassing to talk about it and spread it all over the whole world!” 

Again, Farrah is unfazed, telling her daughter her puberty milestones are nothing to keep private.

“…privacy,” Sophia tells her mom. “Clearly, you do not respect that. You are not good with the privacy.”

Um…that’s kind of the understatement of the century, kid. 

“PEOPLE WANT TO KNOW ABOUT MY LIFE! I have to give the fans what they want!””

You can listen to the full episode of the podcast below!

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(Photos: Sean Zanni/Getty Images; Instagram) 

47 Responses

  1. I remember during the first season when Debra and Farrah were in the front seat of the car driving somewhere when Debra backhanded Farrah so hard across her mouth, it sounded like something snapped.

    That is when I knew Debra was crazier than a rabid bat.

    That entire family has deep seated issues.

  2. Farrah, It always seems that you do the weirdest stuff. Keep it up and one day you want have to worry about Sophia. When she gets a little older she may tell you to shove that phone where the sun doesn’t shine and you want have to worry about her being in your way. You should have just left her with your Mother she would be better off.


  4. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    I cannot stand that dumb ass bitch! Sophia needs CPS to take her away

  5. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    It is so sad that Farrah is so desperate to make money using her daughter since no one is interested in her. Sophia is going to have a lot of problems as long as she is with her mom. Farrah is not letting her be a child. There are a lot of predators out there and it doesn’t matter to Farrah. I’m sorry, but Farrah needs some serious mental help to get her healthy and to be able to see clearly what she’s doing to Sophia. God bless both of them. May one day they are in a better place as mother and daughter with great respect, listening and understanding within each other.

  6. Shes messing up Sophia’s life. The child has seen n been thru so much. She dances provacacably (sp) w farrah, socializes w Farrah’s xxx female friends, knows too much of Farrah’s sex videos and sexy talk, and is present during her mother’s vagina rejuvenation peocedures. Child has not have a normal childhood. Thank you.

  7. Poor child! Farrah talks to Sophia like the girl is both 4 and 25 years in the same time. I feel like deep under all that dysfunction and talking like a baby(which is probably a coping thing for Sophia) Sophia is really smart. I just wish she had an adult in her life who she could mirror herself in and who could help her make the best out of herself. Sophia does not need to be emancipaded. She needs to be a child and have a normal and stable adult in her life who will look out for her and who does not treat her like a friend and a pet.

    If Sophia grows up to be normal and not harming herself then that is a miracle. I pray that it will be so.

  8. she’s revealing her fucking security questions to her online accounts, IN THE PODCAST!!! you can’t make this shit up!!!!

  9. LMAO farrah pissed in the toilet in her “PODCAST.” You could hear it extremely clearly. This woman has issues.

  10. Farrah is just like Deb! I can totally see Deb on the phone with her friends and who ever will listen telling them about Farrahs bodily changes. I’d be willing to bet that Deb shamed Farrah by telling everyone in the neighborhood that Farrah was pregnant .
    Poor Sophia is a victim of the cycle.

  11. Fo farrhoe, the uk is full up, your hated in the uk.

    Plus let your dogs out to pee, you moron.
    You talk to sohpia like shes a 5 year old.
    Yet speak about her like shes an 17/18 tear old.
    This podcast is fkn stupid.

  12. OMGosh, it seems Sofia has a brain unlike her mother. Maybe the next plastic surgery she gets is a plastic brain it’s better than nothin.

  13. I couldn’t get through the first half of this stupid podcast. Farrah sighing, smacking her disgusting lips, chomping food or ice or something, dogs barking, echo’s daily affirmations…how is this a podcast?! As far as the conversation between Farrah & Sophia, wish I could have heard it but, I still believe it.

    Farrah is and always will be completely self absorbed. She seems to really enjoy embarrassing and humiliating other people for her own enjoyment. The fact that she does it to her own daughter on the Internet is cruel. I kept the dumb podcast on while I was typing this hoping the part would come on but, instead I’m troubled by another fact. They’ve been up and the dogs have been crying, whining and barking to go pee. And, are being ignored other than an occasional, Hey cupcake. Then, dumbass Farrah says, “I don’t know why they follow me every morning” Is she really THAT stupid or is she just that incompetent? Then it’s, “I’m going to take care of myself instead of taking care of the dogs like I have been ALL morning”.

    I can’t. I can’t. I can’t. I despise her.

    1. My prediction is that in a few short years Sophia is going to have her virginity auctioned off to the highest bidder, “Pretty Baby” style. Mark my words…and Farrah will probably tape it for posterity.

      1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
        What even is the point in this? Does she know she’s recording. Thought podcasts were of people actually having a conversation about some kind of topic, not just recording while you do your every day stuff. She’s really just talking to her self half the video and seems like Sophia woke her up and got in shower and her mom finally got up and put on recorder so she can go in bathroom and pee and let everyone hear all this for what purpose. Really think Sophia was in shower when Farrah was going to bathroom. And Farrah if you really want to shower that bad then maybe you should have done that instead of this very poor podcast. Didn’t need to say it idk 10 times. And you sure do know how to make Sophia like she’s a burden and in your way. Honestly if It wasn’t for her you wouldn’t be shit.

  14. Farrah is narcissistic! She will never have an ounce of remorse for her actions or how they hurt others! I pray that CPS doesn’t fail Sophia!

  15. My mum was kind of like this. She would gossip with her friends about things I told her were private. It was so embarrassing. Luckily pre Internet but still

    1. Not Farrah bad, but my mom was like that too. Got my first period at 10 and I swear to God she started a phone chain so she could tell EVERYONE. I was freaking barely 10 and NOT expecting it that early. Kinda traumatising to a preteen on its own, didn’t need momma calling everyone she ever knew and sharing the news. It’s not an achievement, it’s nature.

    2. Mine too! And then she wondered why i never told her certain things after a certain age. “Well b4 I was telling YOU but then you decided to tell Everyone Else..”
      Plus she did it to my sister so I learned real fast to keep things to myself.

  16. Farrah is awful. My daughter is Sophia’s age. Kids this age are very hush-hush about this type of thing. They aren’t mature enough, yet, to comfortably discuss the changes that are happening. That poor kid, having it exposed for the whole world. I feel sorry for her.

    1. I remember hating several years of my life bc of puberty and my mom talking about it to other adults. Like wtf.

      When can Sophia emancipate herself ffs?

  17. Quite honestly, how can this can be considered a podcast? 90% of it is just us listening to her eat, talk and play with her dogs. It’s like she pressed record and forgot it was still on. Pretty lame and boring.

    With that being said, Farrah is gross and has no respect for her daughter’s wishes or body autonomy. I feel sorry for Sophia having to deal with that. It’s only going to get worse as she gets old. Sophia is going to eventually rebel against her mother and it will not be pretty.

  18. This child !!! She really has no one. Michael goofy. DebOZ is just nuts.
    Daddy Derricks family needs to step in

    1. This would be an ideal situation. Maybe Sophia can get emancipated when she’s a little bit older.

  19. This is so so sad. I’ve always said that of all the teen mom kids, Sophia is going to have the most epic tell all once she is of age (followed very closely by Jace). Surprisingly Sophia sounds really mature and self-aware in her complaints, unfortunately she is talking to a brain damaged nitwit that is unconcerned with anyone or anything outside of her own “fame” (infamy). Unfortunately Sophia never stood a chance, but maybe she can start to turn things around if she can somehow get away from Farrah and escape to a relative’s.

  20. I’m impressed that stood up to her mom like that, verbalized eloquently how she felt about it and asked her to stop. I feel so bad that her mom just ignored her and continued to spout details about her kid’s personal life- that can be so detrimental to her psyche and can make her vulnerable to teasing/bullying. I know at Sophia’s age, I ABSOLUTELY DID NOT want to talk about puberty or anything having to do with it with friends or classmates until I was older. I can’t imagine having all that personal stuff being spewed for the general public to come across BY MY OWN MOTHER no less.

    1. She will tell every when she gets her period…has sex for the first time…hell she will probably film it cause she will be broke by then and it will be sophias turn to fund the rest best life…who are these perverts that are asking her if she sprouts hairs uet

    2. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
      I never leave comments abpit this stuff but I feel so sad for her daughter. I, too. am impressed how self aware he seems. she tried to set boundaries-sadly her mom just invalidates and bullies her more. I just hope she keeps that awareness and takes a different direction than her mother. It’s just sad her father isnt alive, her mother is emotionally unavailable/narcastic and gets paid to be so.

  21. Poor kid. I have a 13 year old son going through puberty (talk about B.O.!) AND that recently came out to me. I also have a 8 year old daughter already getting little boobies. They’re such sensitive and private issues and I give my kids all the respect I can regarding it. They even know that they can text me anything even if they are in the same room because that might be easier then saying something out loud. As a result, both my kids come and talk to me when they have questions or concerns. I’ve actually been very, very surprised over how candid they have been and how much they have shared. Farrahs daughter no doubt feels like she can’t talk to her mother and that’s awful. She will be looking for answers on her own. I really feel for that child.

    1. I love the texting idea! Can you share some more advice on how you get your kids to be open with you? Growing up, my mom always made us fee embarrassed and scared to come to her bc she was so harsh. I don’t wanna repeat the cycle with my daughter

      1. I’m glad my texting method might be of use to you! I have told my kids a million times that there is nothing they will ever tell me that will gross me out or make me judge them, that I am here to guide them and answer ANY questions. My daughter recently came to me and told me that she was really anxious because she saw naked people online (I’ve since changed the phone settings) and she thought that made her a pervert or a sicko. I told her I was SO happy she came to me and talked to me and that it’s totally normal to be curious about other people’s bodies. I told her that I also had looked at naked pictures when I was a kid because I wanted to see what grown up naked people looked like. I make it a point to relate so my kids know I’m not judging in any way. I also told her that while I understood the curiosity, she was too young to look at that stuff. I pointed out how much anxiety it had caused her. She also came to me and told me she thought she was weird because she looked at her private parts in the mirror. Again, I assured her that it was totally normal, that it is HER body and she should be familiar with it. I told her it’s “private parts” so she shouldn’t go to school and talk about it because it’s not appropriate, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad. It’s “healthy” (a word I use a lot) to know her body. I told her ALL girls have done that before. I make it a point to assure my kids that they aren’t “gross” and that there isn’t anything that they have done or that they feel that EVERY other person in the world has done of felt. I also ALWAYS keep our conversations private. I don’t even tell my husband. Trust is HUGE! And lots and lots of hugs and saying “ohhh, that’s why your upset? That’s no biggie at all!” Assurance, trust and relating to my kids have all gone a long, long way ♥️

      2. Same with me! My mother was so cold and unsympathetic growing up and freaked out over the tiniest things. As a result, I never felt comfortable talking to her about anything and had to learn about sex, puberty, and everything else either just from experience or the internet. It was awful especially because I developed faster and earlier than any other girl in my school and was constantly sexually harassed by the boys in my class. Even a teacher I had in 8th grade. But I never talked about it to her. And to this day, we still have a horrible relationship. My mom reminds me a lot of Debz, but thankfully I had enough common sense not to turn out like Farrah. I really hope therapy is helping Sophia

    2. Um, you can’t really call this insane nitwit out for sharing her child’s private information when in the same exact post you mention your son’s BO and your daughter’s “little boobies.” You’re doing the SAME thing! And the little boobies comment comes off as creepy and pedophile-like. Who talks about their child’s body like that? It’s HERS, not YOURS.

  22. Farrah, I can promise you, NOBODY wants to know if Sophia is “sproutin’ out hairs.” Poor Sophia. Farrah has always spread Sophia’s personal business since she was really young. Remember when she was like 4 and Farrah had her get her eyebrows waxed because Sophia had a unibrow? Smh. How is your daughter begging you to stop talking about her business and personal hygiene publicly and you straight up dgaf? So sickening

    1. Came down here to say the same thing. The only people who would care are pedophiles and other sickos, which is more reason NOT to talk about it. Farrah is a garbage person.

  23. What the he”l kind of “podcast” is this?? It’s literally a bunch of clanking and rustling around like she butt dialed someone….

    1. I never thought (although I wished it would happen) Sophia will be acting better and more mature than her own mother! Farrah, did you forget how you apologized to the camera because everyone will see your private parts while you give birth?! How times have changed! Listen to your damn kid and stop being such a fame whore!

      I’m proud of Sophia that she rebelled! I have hope that she won’t end up being so crazy as her.

      1. I really hope Sophia breaks the dysfunctional cycle in her family. But remember how Farrah used to call out crazy ass Debra for being a terrible mom in the early seasons of TM? Back then, it actually seemed like she was going to be a good mom. Now look at her, she’s worse than Deb. Hopefully Sophia doesn’t turn out like Farrah in the future

        1. Know wonder she is in therapy because of who her Mother is. Keep rebelling Sophie! You have every right to tell your Mom she is wrong. Farrah stop talking about your daughter you are embarrassing her. Farrah should have had Sophie taken away from her a long time ago!

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