‘Teen Mom’ News Pile: Farrah Abraham Actually Stoops to An Even Lower Low, Chris Lopez Actually Praises Kail Lowry & More

“You didn’t think I could stoop any lower but…here we are!”

From squashing baby mama drama to squashing any of your remaining dignity, the stars of the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise (both past and present) have been keeping themselves busy lately! 

In an effort to get you up-to-date on the latest Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 news, The Ashley brings you the Teen Mom News Pile. Here are some of the major (and minor but interesting) ‘Teen Mom’-related things that have happened over the last week or so…

Chris Lopez actually praised his baby mama Kail Lowry.

“So….you ready to make another baby or…?”

Kail’s baby daddy, Chris, had surprisingly nice things to say about the ‘Teen Mom 2’ star in an Instagram Live session done on Monday. As fans know, the pair— who share son Lux and newborn Creed— have been swooped up in an online fighting/PFA filing/Internet bashing tornado for years. However, it appears that the birth of Creed has helped Kail and Chris turn over a more positive leaf.

“Let’s talk about the positive stuff,” Chris said. “I’m gonna talk about how great that girl [Kail] is. She’s a very tremendous girl. I was very lucky to meet that girl and have her in my life. She gave birth to my children. That’s the positive. For so long I always engaged in negative talk. All I’ve ever done is engage in negative talk and never spoke on the positive s**t. All y’all know is the negative but there is so much positive…”

Chris even expressed regret about some of the mean things he’s said about Kail over the years.

“I can’t take back what I said, I said some f**ked up s**t, [Kail] said some f**cked up s**t but it’s all love on this side…” Chris said before praising Kail’s parenting skills.

“Chris just said nice things about me on a public forum?!”

“My boys are taken care of, and my boys got older brothers to look up to. My sons are really in good hands,” he said. “My kids, just by their brothers, they good. They got their brothers, they’re always gonna look out for each other. That’s a fact.

“She’s a great mom,” he said of Kail. “She’d do whatever for her kids. I know all mothers do everything they can for their kids.”

During the Live session, Chris talked about how he is struggling with depression, and how fathers are often not checked up on after their child is born.

“I have depression.. it’s not something I hide anymore. I’ve been through a lot man,” Chris said, later adding, “The mother faces postpartum depression but what about the men? I feel like men don’t even get checked on or get any concern as they should. Everyone is always worried about the women and you should because those are the ones who are the mothers of your children. The men really got to sit there and bite down and take the s**t and cater to the needs of the mother, and they could be dying on the inside.”

He also confirmed that, despite not getting a say in what his son was named, he loves  Creed’s name.

“Creed’s name is dope. Creed Romello? Dope. My boy’s Lolo. That’s the nickname I gave to my kid. I also gave Lux a nickname.”

Farrah Abraham takes her career to the toilet…literally.


(Warning: The Ashley advises you not to eat while reading the following story.) 

Just when you thought Farrah Abraham couldn’t stoop any lower…here we are.

The Backdoor Teen Mom– who has been active on OnlyFans for a while— released a new “menu” of sexy time services that are available to her subscribers who are willing to shell out cash to see Farrah do a variety of different sexual things. While many of the offerings are the boob and butt shots typical of OnlyFans content creators, Farrah has upped her game recently, and is now offering several very disturbing offerings.


One of the more vomit-inducing items on the “Farrah Fun Menu” includes what Farrah calls a “Number 2 Bathroom” video. That horrorfest— which, yes, it’s exactly what you’re thinking— will set you back $100 (in addition to the cost of the therapy you’ll undoubtedly need after viewing it). Of course, there’s no confirmation as to whether the video will be shot inside a driveway Porta-Potty or a regular bathroom. 

“All of the No. 1 celebrities of our nation do this guys. It’s normal!”

Another “straight from the toilet” offering includes a Golden Shower video for $100. (Again, yes it’s exactly what it sounds like…) If you’re “Backdooring on a budget,” you can purchase a twerk video for $35 or a photo of Farrah in a G-string for 20 bucks. 

Also…there’s no need to comment that The Ashley has hit a new low for reporting on this. She already knows this, and will be punishing herself by listening to Farrah’s musical offerings for the next 24 hours. 

Catelynn Lowell reveals scary details about their daughter’s former daycare. 

“Not on my watch!”

Catelynn  took to social media late last week to expose Cozy Corner Child Care Center in Kimball, Michigan, after discovering the facility, which her daughter Nova attended in 2018, is connected to a registered sex offender. 

“I am ABSOLUTELY disgusted!!!” Catelynn wrote on Instagram. “PLEASE if you have kids that go here PLEASE remove them!!!! #saveourchildren.” 

Catelynn’s post included a screenshot of facility reviews, as well as a screenshot of registered sex offender Tim Vanbuskirk, the husband of facility owner, Chris Vanbuskirk. The Michigan Public Sex Offender Registry states that Tim was registered in 1994 for one charge of “criminal sexual conduct-fourth degree (Force or Coercion) (attempted).” 

Catelynn opened up about the troubling discovery in an interview with  CelebMagazine.com, revealing she was never informed of Tim’s past upon meeting with Chris back in 2018. She noted the facility had “a really good star rating” and “all seemed well” at the time. 

“I found out three days ago that [Chris’] husband was on the sex offenders list for doing something to [a relative],” Catelynn said, adding that Chris never mentioned her husband being a registered sex offender.

“She…wants to hide this,” Catelynn said. 

“Thank GOD Nova was only there a few months,” she continued. “Tonight I showed Nova a picture of Chris’ husband, Tim, asking if she had ever seen this man and she told me no. I asked her five different times … because what if he touched my child? Because it all came out how he’s been at the daycare and has also taken kids by himself on their ‘nature trail.'” 

Catelynn encouraged parents to “do extra checking” when looking into daycare or other childcare programs. 

“Do your due diligence when looking for childcare for your children,” she added. “Run background checks on them. Talk to some workers that work there. Find other parents of kids that go there and talk to those parents. Just check and double-check. You can never be too safe when it comes to your children.” 

You can hear Catelynn talk more about the Cozy Corner incident below. 

And finally….this…

Prepare to ask yourself: “What in the unholy swamp water is THIS?!”

It was a ding-dang wet ‘n’ wild hoedown on The Land this weekend, as Jenelle attempted to dance in the rain and complete the “Wap Challenge” on TikTok. From the rain-soaked jeans (which aren’t exactly dancin’ pants), to the failed cartwheel/split at the end, Jenelle’s TikTok is truly the gift that keeps on giving…


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74 Responses

  1. Why are you still giving farrah attention???
    She’s no longer on this show, so she and her loopy family are of no relevance.
    Stop giving this vile woman a platform.

  2. Why are you still giving farrah attention???
    She’s no longer on this show, so she and her loopy family are of no relevance.
    Stop giving this vile woman a platform.

  3. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    Yes jenelle.. love her confidence. That’s WAP

  4. could that farrah menu be a fake? omg. what if sophia sees this??? SOES THUS WOMAN EVER EVER EVER THINK ANOUT HER KID????????? ugh she’s despicable!

  5. Jelly is going to need two plow horses to try to get those wet jeans peeled off that lower unit.

    stay lit, and thicc

  6. How is this Fansonly thing not porn(and how is it legal?)?

    Please tell me Sophia is’nt going to film her mother whoreing….

  7. I can’t decide between the double penetration video or the shit video for my grampa’s birthday present this year.

    stay lit

    1. Sir Nibs. You need to confirm that the double penetration is actually what you think it is and not just two fingers up her vag. ?

  8. who cares if catelynn’s a stay at home mom and out nova in day care?? THERES A SEX OFFENDER AROUND THOSE CHILDREN and there’s different reasons why stay at home parents put their kids in daycare, y’all are upset about the wrong reasons

    1. THANK YOU! Everybody mad that she was there, but nobody seems to be bothered by the fact that the owner allowed her pedophile husband to come to the daycare AND take the kids for “nature walks”.

    2. “who cares if catelynn’s a stay at home mom and out nova in day care??”

      Obviously it matters! A LOT! If she wasn’t so fucking lazy and dumping her kid off on someone else she wouldn’t be in this predicament. Don’t be so damn lazy that you potentially put your kids in harms way.

        1. I don’t blame other parents. They probably work and have limited options. Catelyn has money and an abusive mother that can help out. Hell I think she even left her kid with her cracked out Ex-step-father/current father in law for a while as well. ? Mother if the year!

          1. So, she’s a bad mom for taking her kid to daycare. And she’s a bad mom for leaving her kids with, I admit, questionable family members.

            So, to be a good mom, she should be glued to her child 24/7 because she doesn’t work? Wow. Momshaming at it’s absolute brightest.

      1. I was a sah mom and my 2-4yr old kids went to daycare pt a few days a week. Why? Because my KIDS needed to have that social interaction before starting school. Sure, the break was nice (not gonna lie)! But, honestly, it was more of a pain in the ass to get them ready and drop off, then go right back 2-1/2 hrs later. Notice she said she was only there for a few months?!
        Next time, be kind in place of so snotty! You don’t know everyone’s situation and shouldn’t be so judgmental ?‍♀️ ✌️

  9. Wow, I… didn’t think Farrah could stoop lower. That is absolutely disgusting and so is anyone who associates with her. Despicable.

  10. For those bringing it up, a lot of stay at home parents will put their children in daycare for social growth. They need to be around kids their own age. And seeing how Nova acts, she definitely needed to be around kids her own age.

    1. Mimi, I understand what you’re saying. I am a stay at home mom. My two littles are now in elementary school but when they were at home I NEVER put them in daycare for social interaction. I scheduled play dates and activities with other children of like ages. I was able to be with my child and protect them while allowing unlimited social interaction. So I don’t think that is why Catelynn “daycares” her kids. She’s lazy. We all know it. We’ve heard about it. We’ve seen it.

      1. I’m not saying the reasons I provided are WHY they put her in daycare. We’ve seen them be lazy. But, also, not every mom WANTS to deal with playdates and other kids and other moms. Not all of us are THAT mom, yeah?

        She’s also not protecting her child any less because she put her in daycare. You’re SUPPOSED to be able to trust the daycare you choose. You’re kind of mad at the wrong person there. The person to be mad at is the pedophile and his wife.

      2. You’re not every parent. Parenting differs. Stop judging others for doing it differently. I was a stay at home mom and my daughter went when I had dr appointments or was getting my hair done. That doesn’t make anyone a bad parent. That girl has ppd. Would you rather her Andrea Yates her children just so people like you won’t call her lazy?

        1. Well, that’s your opinion, pssycntrl. If you think it’s ok to pawn off the care of your children to a virtual and potentially harmful person, that’s on you. You can attempt to justify it however you’d like. It probably makes you feel better about your choices to do so but it certainly doesn’t sway my opinion. I don’t have the life of luxury but I also don’t sofa surf while my kid is somewhere else. My kids are either with grandma (which is extremely rare as g-ma lives in another state) or one of their parents. You learn to schedule things to accommodate. It’s not about you it’s about the care and safety of your children.

          1. It’s not like she intentionally left her child with a known pedophile. And, again, not every mom has to spend every waking moment with their child to be considered a good mom. Sorry you can’t get breaks and some of us can.

  11. Damn I thought Farrah was an entrepreneur….?! I’m sure her father will find a way to twist this little endeavor into something to be proud of – “Go ahead haters and shit all over my daughter, she’ll take it to the bank!” Literally. She’s disgusting, but we knew that.

    Cait needs to stop having babies. She has the ULTIMATE luxury of being paid big bucks to be able to stay home with her children. And instead she shoves them in a daycare?! So many moms would kill to be in her position, but guarantee she’ll pop out at least one more trying to get a boy.

    Kail and Chris are immature, and they definitely have that toxic love thing going on. I hope they learn to shut up about their personal life and somehow keep it positive. She’s got four boys that need to see her do better.

  12. No words for Farrah she is just trash. Why the hell did Nova need to be in daycare?? You dont even work?! Catelynn is so lazy. I need an interpreter to tell us what Chris is babbling. The level of maturity those two attention seekers have is about a 1.5 .. Jenelle just NO.

  13. 1. Catelyn – how about you just take care of your own fucking kids instead of pawning them off on sexual predators. You don’t have a job. And anyway, you have child abuser April at your disposal.

    2. I am wondering who Farrah gets to film this shit while she’s “performing?” Is Sophia doing this? Or Michael?

    3. How many of Farrah’s offerings do you think Michael paid for? Or does he get the family discount?

      1. RIGHT! I know she “tries” or whatever, but come on. It looks like something out of a scary 90’s video game. She’s dressed like a busted Lara Croft from Tomb Raider, or like someone out of Mortal Kombat, and her power is morphing into 3 different people that do the same crazy spinny karate moves to distract her opponent.

  14. Chris, stop talking good about her, she will want another kid if you will praise her too much…Also it makes her hopeful that you DO love her. (Honestly I’m sure he is just glad they are finally co-parenting well)

    1. Possibly because they want to give her the opportunity to socialize with other children her same age. Also, we don’t know with 100% certainty what Tyler & Cate do or don’t do during the day when they’re not filming.

      Have A Great Day

      1. There are a lot of other cheaper options for Nova to socialize: dance class, swimming lessons…etc. Day care is around $1k a month.

  15. I’m afraid to find out what Farrah’s Cowgirl Fantasy experience is. Where is Sophia when all this is going on!

  16. With Chris and Kail, I can’t anymore…

    Farrah is a trash bag who probably has Sophia do the accounting for her “business”.

    Why was Nova in daycare to begin with? Did Catelynn need a break from the couch?

    The only thing worse than 1 Jenelle trying pitifully to dance is 3 Jenelles trying to pitifully dance.?Maybe put as much time into trying to be a half decent mother as she does her stupid tik tok videos? Just sayin’

  17. Not to make light of a scary situation, but why was Nova in daycare??? Neither Catelynn nor Tyler have jobs…does she really get that much in the way of their trips to Tim Hirtons and sitting on the couch making scrapbooks for Carly?

    I don’t watch often enough, so perhaps their lives have become a great deal busier? Or they’re just lazier?!

    1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
      ?? I just saw an old episode where they were late because she was finishing one up ?

    1. Why are you all worried about why the kid was in daycare instead of complaining about a literal sex offender working around kids???

  18. The Ashley’s commentary on this spectacular pile of **** is fantastic, as per usual! Thank you, as always, for the entertainment! ❤️?

  19. Dumbnelle’s little Irish jig before the “cartwheel” is funny. She is so uncool, why is she still trying to be a social media star? She’s 15 years too old for tik tok. I bet kids comment “ok boomer” on her videos.
    Farah is just a one-woman circus freak show. I wonder if she’s ever been investigated by Cps.

  20. Iknow to much information on Farrha that just sick wrong. I know Cate you should have checked it out in the first place this is what happens when parents don’t do there homework. I hope Chris and Kail grow up stop with the crap put the kid’s first Chris if you are truly depression go talk to someone even if you have to take meds for it get a job help support those boy’s time for you stop saying I a dad that dose nothing for my kid’s to be coming the dad that supports his son shows them how to be men by getting a job buying them stuff giving her money for the thing’s they need clothes dippers wipes milk what ever you should both be paying 50 percent and you owe her for all she done so far by herself with no help from you. Please raise them the right way teach them what it means to be a dad and a man if you can’t than walk away sign off time to grow up teach them that making a baby dose not make you a father.

  21. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    She lives in a 1-bedroom 2-bath loft apartment with her 11-year old daughter. Someone leaked some FansOnly clips before and they were XXXX. Nothing sexy or alluring, and very degrading and gross (closeup of her sticking her fist up her butt, closeups of her spreading her butt hole OPEN, and sticking a butt plug up there). She did those videos in the living room. I get that she has to support her daughter, but can only think that at some point she will regret all of this, particularly if Sophia, as a teen is ungrateful, then Farrah will come back at her with “I had to degrade myself by being pooped on, so you could have nice things”. It will get bad really quick.

    1. Have Catelyn and Tyler paid the IRS that $800,000 in taxes they owe? Chris is setting the stage to be a deadbeat by explaining how Kailyns such a great mom and her older sons are such great helpers that his sons don’t even need him like that. Shes got this.

  22. Farrah has literally had to degrade herself down to pile of actual shit to make a living. Let this be a lesson to the rest of the girls….stop bitching and start saving…and realize at least none of them have to beg for a golden shower to get paid!

  23. Who wants to bet that Farrah’s Dad, Michael, created a fake account to what her? I have always felt something is not right between Michael, Farrah, and her sister. Which heightens the concern for Sophia’s safety.

    1. Someone commented one time that she reminds Sophia when Michael babysits to “not play hide and seek with him”. And that disturbs me….

  24. Honestly the fact that Farrah can’t spell asshole is gonna tickle me all day.
    Talk about ironic.

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