Teen Mom News Pile: Farrah & Sophia Abraham Get Ridiculous (Again), Malorie Beaver Wants to Get Pregnant (Again) & More

“I realize not everyone can be as perfect a parents as I am, but do your best to keep up, peasants!”

From trying to make money to trying to make babies, the stars of the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise (both past and present) have been keeping themselves busy lately! 

In an effort to get you up-to-date on the latest Teen Mom OG, Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant and Teen Mom 2 news, The Ashley brings you the Teen Mom News Pile. Here are some of the major (and minor but interesting) ‘Teen Mom’-related things that have happened over the last week or so…

Farrah Abraham teaches her daughter to know her own worth… or something. 

Like mother, like daughter, if Farrah has any say in the matter.

Just when we think we’ve seen it all from Farrah Abraham, the former Teen Mom OG star one-ups herself in ridiculousness.  

Farrah recently set her daughter Sophia up on the direct.me platform, offering various services and interactions at different prices. The most shocking offer, though, came on Sophia’s page, when the 11-year-old revealed just how much it would cost you to have her follow you on The ‘Gram or Twitter.

If you’d like for Sophia to follow you it will cost you a whopping $25,000. (And, no, you did not read that wrong.)

If for some reason you’re interested in another “unique experience for people you love,” you can pay Sophia $100 to DM your friend or family member or for $340, this LITERAL CHILD will “promote your business across all of [her] social media accounts.” 

“What an honor!”

Naturally, Farrah and her backdoor are cashing in on the direct.me site as well. For a cool $1,000, Farrah will engage in a “short phone call,” or for $700, you can ask the Top Female Celebrity in Our Nation a question with a guaranteed reply in Farrah Speak. For businesses willing to associate with Farrah, $300 will get you one frame on the former ‘Teen Mom’ star’s Instagram Story, which can include a link and tag to your company. Brands can also pay $140 to send Farrah a message, which she will then reply to. 

The strangest offer on Farrah’s page (by far) are the virtual “gifts” you can send her, ranging in price from $1 to $500. According to the site, these digital gifts are a great way to “support Farrah Abraham financially” – because…isn’t that what we all want to do?

(Do we seriously even want to know what the poop emoji means? Especially after this OnlyFans nightmare?)

Sophia is offering similar options on her own page, though her digital gifts are a bit more affordable. 


Sean Austin and Jade Cline may be getting their MTV money garnished.

“Well this sucks…and stuff…”

Two weeks ago, The Ashley shared that Sean and Jade and had been ordered to pay nearly $5,000 in unpaid rent, damages and attorney fees to their former landlord, who sued them back in 2019 for being delinquent for a home they were renting while filming their first season of ‘Teen Mom 2.’ Jade and Sean finally paid what they owed earlier this month, after the landlord started to take legal action against them.

However, it appears that Jade and Sean failed to pay the interest on the amount— which comes to just over $300 each. Because of this, an Indiana judge approved an order this week to garnish their wages to satisfy the debt. The wages will be garnished from “MTV Studios,” according to the order obtained by The Ashley. (You can click here to see it.

As of press time, the $638 the couple owe remains unpaid.

Malorie Beaver wants to procreate again.

“Babies is beautiful.”

Malorie— the sister of ‘Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant’ star Rachel Beaver— apparently wants to add yet another baby Beaver to the dam.

Earlier this week, Malorie— who is already the mother of daughter Emerson—-shared on Facebook that she is experiencing some intense baby fever lately. 

“BABY FEVER kicking my ass somebody tell me no,” a post shared by Malorie states.

While some of Malorie’s friends encouraged her to get knocked up again, there was one person who does not want to add to the Beaver Bunch any time soon: Malorie and Rachel’s mom, Stephanie.

“You can’t be serious you’ve lost your mind no way,” Stephanie responded to the post.

Steph then made it clear that there would be no more “Ooopsie” grandchildren for her anytime soon.

“By the way baby fever ain’t going to be the only thing kicking your ass if you get pregnant again,” she wrote.

“You come ’round here with another baby in yer belly and I’ll tan yer hide, I will! Don’t test me none!”

I think that’s nice…

Leah Messer hopes ‘Teen Mom 2’ never ends.

Can Leah part with those sweet, sweet MTV checks?

While promoting her ding-dang memoir, Leah took a moment to chat with Good Day DC about ‘Teen Mom 2’ and how things have changed since she and her girlseses made their debut 10 seasons ago.  

One thing Leah noted was that appearing on the show now is easier for her than it was at the beginning.

“I love filming more now than I did when I first started the show,” she said. “I was so upset at the way I would react or the way things were aired or this and that and I just feel like today I’m in such a completely different place and finally being able to use this platform for the common good and exactly what I want to do … .” 

“You’re welcome, world!”

Though Leah’s long-time ‘Teen Mom 2’ co-star Chelsea Houska recently announced she was leaving the show after 10 seasons, Leah admits she’s not ready for the series to end, even though she knows “someday it will.” 

“I want to continue this speaking and using my voice for the people, like, everyone – especially women,” she said. 

Fortunately for Leah, Ashley Jones of Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant is set to replace Chelsea on ‘Teen Mom 2,’ so Leah will likely be able to “continue this speaking” for at least another season.  However, as The Ashley just told you, the ratings for ‘Teen Mom 2’ are sinking fast, so Leah better “stand in her power” and bring the drama if she wants the show to go on.

To catch up on more recent ‘Teen Mom’ news, click here!

(Photos: MTV; Instagram)

17 Responses

  1. I just can’t right now.. Who TF has that much money that they’d pay ANYONE, let alone Farrah or Sophia- who are irrelevant as the day is long, to do any of these things?! 25K for Sophia to FOLLOW me? HELLLLLLL no! I wouldn’t pay ANYTHING for her to follow me. Girl, bye! Then the Beaver saying she has baby fever… TF?!?! “By the way baby fever ain’t going to be the only thing kicking your ass if you get pregnant again” YESSSSSSS momma. YES! And Leah… I BET you don’t want your only form of a reoccurring paycheck (yes, I know she wrote a book etc), errrrrrr Teen Mom 2 to end. Then you’d have to get a job. What a concept! “I want to continue this speaking and using my voice for the people, like, everyone – especially women,” she said. Um, yeah. If that is what you want to call it. That’s what the show is about- using your voice (eyeroll). No, it’s popular because ya’ll (with the exception of Chelsea, who amazingly actually can make money other than Teen Mom money and therefore isn’t going to be on the show anymore) are train wrecks. Period.

      1. Actually, she can sue for grandparents rights because Derek died. As long as she can prove a relationship with her would be beneficial to Sophia, it would likely be granted.

        1. She tried once, but she never had a relationship prior to the death and was denied.
          His father who does have a relationship with Sophia hasn’t done anything.

  2. I wonder if Farrah has even realized that all the hacking and injecting she’s done to her face has just prematurely turned her into a Debz OG clone. That “What an honor!” photo makes it so obvious. I’m way older than her, but if you put us side-by-side, I’m willing to bet that you’d think it was the reverse. Is that really what’s on demand on the yachting/”escort” biz these days?

    And someone needs to get Sophia the hell away from her. There’s no damned way any child her age should be interacting with complete strangers on the internet for money like that. Guarantee that Farrah’s going to take her on “vacation” out of the country way before she’s 18 to someplace with very young age of “consent” laws to sell her to the highest bidder. If she makes it to 16 without being auctioned off, I’d honestly be shocked.

  3. Why are we still talking about Farrah?!?!?! She chose to do porn and other things tagging Sophia with her over on these “adventures”when Sophia should be CLEARLY in school and have FRIENDS who are OWN age not having a mom clearly is interested in only herself here WHILE HER parents are wackos just like Farrah the smart one here is Farrah’s sister Ashley whom only made a few appearances(not sure on how many she made) and is living a normal life just like a person should be doing. As for Leah, I say it is long overdue that she goes to look for a real job and not use her babies’ daddies child support for her personal gain b/c you know there’s a old saying that goes, “Nothing lasts forever!” She seems to think that the show will go on forever but all good things must come to a end and the huge dip in the tv rankings is your proof that people are getting tired of watching it. The smart one person to leave the show on their free will is Chelsea and can’t say that I don’t blame her at least she has matured over the years and is making herself a name by doing her clothing line that’s thriving and has a husband who loves and supports her decisions not to mention being a hard working mom (and working at a job) plus her husband has a stable job with a stable income and loves Aubree as if she was his own biological daughter (I wish Adam would let Cole adopt her since Adam has been showing ZERO interest in Aubree or Aubree’s well being since Chelsea was pregnant with her) with her children that her and Cole share.

  4. At this point I am just glad Farrah didn’t have anymore children. Hopefully it will stay that way. What she is doing to her daughter, making her feel like a “celebrity” at only 11, having arguements with strangers in her name (anyone remember that? It was wild!) etc. is just not stable. Let her be a normal teenager, let her have friends, develop a crush, all of those things…not sending her on lavish holidays so that she can film her mom topless in freezing water! I honestly think someone needs to check Farrah’s head and soon…something is certainly not right with her and she is setting Sophia up to be just like her. STOP TRYING TO MAKE MONEY OFF YOUR DAUGHTER! (Provide whatever “services” you want yourself but don’t make her do the same)

  5. It’s honestly sad that Farrah is this unwell and unstable. Psychologist have found that people who are victims of sexual abuse and sexual violence stay emotionally stunted at the development age of when they were victimized. I’m not saying that Farrah was victimized but it would make a lot of her behaviors make sense. I would also be completely shocked if she was clean and sober.

    As an adult, she is free to live her life and make whatever decision she chooses but as a mother, she is setting up her child to be trafficked, assaulted and victimized. It’s sad. Sophia is captive to her mother’s decisions—until the time comes that someone in Sophia’s life (ideally a grandparent or aunt/uncle) can convince a judge that Farrah is unfit to retain custody of Sophia. I hope for Sophia’s sake there is someone in her life who cares more about Sophia’s mental and emotional well-being than her potential earning power and removes her from a clearly unstable mother.

    And shame on the people who are paying for these digital “services”. You are sick and need help.

  6. Sadly, every single post I see on this site involving Farrah and Sophia is inching closer and closer to call to cps. At this juncture it is painfully obvious that Farrah is very unwell (the fact that she is a despicable person notwithstanding) and not able to make sound decisions, so it s not a far reach that she would not be able to make sound parental decisions. I don’t think that Farrah would see anything wrong in going the “auction off virginity” route (it pains me to even type that), obviously there are some people that think this type of thing is ok and I can hear Farrah speak now justifying it “she’s gonna lose it anyway, why not get paid for it”, I guarantee you we are only a few short years away from this. There is no way they are expecting people to pay that much money and only get Sophia to follow their social media. Some nasty person is pulling the strings for Farrah, managing her life (paying bills, managing social media, booking clients, etc.) and I know they are doing the same for Sophia. That kid is 100% going to be trafficked if she is already, hopefully Michael or even Debz OG will swoop in a take her in the night, with a ton of evidence to show that it was justified, otherwise, she’s got no chance at any kind of life.

    1. Sadly, I agree with you 100%. I can see her auctioning Sophia and that is beyond disgusting.
      I’d love to know what Derrick’s family think – Sophia is their only link to him, I’m so surprised they put up with this crap and don’t seem to be concerned.

      1. I’d love to hear from Derek’s family. I recall when TM started there was a storyline with Farrah about establishing Derek’s paternity with Sophia. Derek’s family seemed to really dislike Farrah, and with Derek dying before Sophia’s birth, it gave them plausible deniability with her. I believe it was Derek’s sister who finally met up with Farrah and the DNA was confirmed. From my memory (it’s been 10 years?! Eek), the sister seemed happy and maybe relieved. I think she even said something like she hoped her family would be able to build a relationship with Sophie. However I don’t remember seeing much development in that afterwards – like Derek’s parents ever acknowledged (at least on camera) Sophia, any family shown picking her up or attending any of her birthdays or holiday visits, etc. Knowing what we know about TM, I thought maybe the family just opted to not be filmed but still saw or had their own time with Sophia. But as the years have passed I now think Derek’s family can’t be involved or they wouldn’t be ok with what is happening with Sophia.

        1. I believe that Farrah and Sophia remain in contact with Derek’s dad and stepmom, but she’s completely cut out Derek’s mom and sister. From what I have read, it seems like his mom is rather unstable herself. I don’t know why his dad wouldn’t want to step in and save Sophia, but maybe he doesn’t think he has enough to win custody and he knows if he did take Farrah to court, that would be it for his relationship with his granddaughter. Perhaps he believes that keeping the line of communication open is his best option for giving Sophia a safe place to go someday?

  7. Leah Messer, what a mess. So obvious that every thought that spills out of that mouth is designed to make it appear that she’s wise beyond her years. She’s always trying to educate the girlses and both baby daddies with her pearls of wisdom. She’s be so much more relatable without the hair, makeup, and pearls of wisdom. One thing we can appreciate with Bri and Kale, at least they seem to keep it real. Painful, ugly, beautiful or funny, at least they aren’t play acting.

    1. I really like Leah and want her to do well by her girlses and for herself… but from some if these photos on the Ashley – what is she doing with her face? I don’t know if it’s just the photos, or she’s done some surgical tweaking, but it doesn’t look like her

  8. OMG Farrah and Sophia, we just have no words at this point. I would love to hear what sort of “engagement “ Farrah has on her short phone calls with fans though!

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