EXCLUSIVE! Chelsea Houska Is Leaving ‘Teen Mom 2’ After 10 Seasons: Get the Details!

“Peace out guys! Enjoy the trainwreck!”

It’s the end of an era for Chelsea Houska.

The Ashley can exclusively confirm that Chelsea is leaving Teen Mom 2, with the Season 10A Reunion being her final episode.

According to one of The Ashley’s sources, Chelsea told the show’s producers earlier this month that she was done with the show, but the majority of the people who work on the show, as well as the other four ‘Teen Mom 2’ stars, found out on Thursday while filming the Season 10A Reunion virtually.

“I mean…can you blame me?”

“The girls were filming from their homes, along with Dr. Drew [Pinsky] and Nessa, and at the end when all of the girls were on-screen together with [the hosts], they let Chelsea make her announcement to them.

“Chelsea told everyone that she has decided that it’s best for her family if they move on from the show, and that it was a really hard decision, but that she feels like a weight has been lifted from her shoulders,” the source said.

“I’ll never leave you… I’ll be doing this crap until the wheels fall off of it!”

“The girls were all supportive of her decision, but no one else announced that they were leaving,” the source added. “It’s obvious Chelsea’s life doesn’t really fit the show anymore, though.” 

Chelsea is one of the four original ‘Teen Mom 2’ girls. She began filming for the show in 2010 and has seen the firing of Jenelle Evans, as well as the additions of Briana DeJesus and Jade Cline over the years.

No replacement for Chelsea was announced, and from what The Ashley hears, the network has not really made a decision as to who will take Chelsea’s spot— or if anyone will at all. However, the show has been picked up for a 10B season, but has not been renewed for Season 11.

Chelsea will have plenty to keep her busy, though. She is currently pregnant with her fourth child and recently announced that she is launching her brand Aubree Says in the near future. 

Chelsea is the first girl to leave ‘Teen Mom 2’ on her own, and only the second ‘Teen Mom’ franchise girl to choose to leave. (Bristol Palin was the first when she left Teen Mom OG.) 

“It’s been fun guys. Cheers!”

UPDATE: While MTV has yet to confirm the news, Chelsea’s father, Randy Houska, confirmed it on Friday when he retweeted The Ashley’s story on Twitter, and added his own goodbye message.

“Well kids, that’s a wrap. Been a fun run on @MTV @TeenMom #teenmom2 What’s next?” he wrote. “Seriously, tho, it has been a part of @ChelseaHouska entire adult life. We all expanded our horizons and grew as people #NoRegrets See ya all on the flip side.”

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(Photos: MTV; Twitter)

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  1. Chelsea out of all the moms on Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2. You were the best mother and did everything right trying to deal with Adam for Aburee sake and letting his parents get her to eventually getting Adam to give up his rights. Which I do believe was the right thing cause he can’t be a consistent person in her life or be a proper father and be counted on. Then you met Cole the love of your life and had three gorgeous babies and finally you have your wonderfully beautiful family. I’m so glad you chose to make your life normal and make it normal for your kids. You’ve helped so many girls and you did it with grace. Love and heart. While I realize no one is perfect you’ve been as close to perfect as a mom could be and Cole is a perfect father and everyone can tell how much he loves you Aubree and your family. Thank you for all the years you’ve given to your fans. We love you and will always love you and want the best for you and your family. I hope you keep your Facebook page going so we can watch the kids grow up and you all to grow as a family
    God Bless you all and I hope you have a great future.

  2. I understand why Chelsea chose to leave the show. She is married and has a beautiful little family. Chelsea and her family deserve privacy. I’m so very happy that she has the family that she’s always dreamed of. I saw Aubree’s face just light up around Cole. It was especially revealing as Aubree commented that she wished her biological father would be like Cole! I wish Chelsea and her beautiful family rich blessings!

  3. “It’s obvious Chelsea’s life doesn’t really fit the show anymore, though.” Well Yeah. She is the only one that is stable. This comment made me chuckle

  4. I quit Teen Mom OG because Amber was allowed to get away with domestic violence, I continued watching 2 so I could see Chelsea’s family. They seem the most grounded and real! Looks like I can finally give up this entire franchise! Thanks for the memories, Chelsea! I wish nothing but the best to you and your family!!!!

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    Stop having all those babies please focuse on a lovung family you cant do that with something in your belly every year be and adult and stop the mistake we as females have options use them because babies dont ketp men you get it

  6. It makes sense for her to want to leave at this stage, she’s happy, settled and probably doesn’t want the drama!
    Her storylines this season have been really dull, I mean come on did we really need 3 episodes focused on a cell phone? Surely she must have something else she could have given them to work with ?
    Good luck to them though, beautiful family.

  7. Good for her, she made her money bought and paid for her home and she will never have to work another day if she spent wisely..

  8. Honestly I think it’s time to end the show. These kids are way too old to still be filming. Are they going to continue until the kids themselves are 16? That’s too much.

  9. I love Chelsea but, I do think it’s time for her to leave her storyline has become boring..I think because she is happy & settled in life..Will miss her..Good luck with the rest of your life..You are a beautiful person..

  10. Good for her. She sees the end is near and wants to be done with it. She’s never been one with a ton of drama outside of the show. She made her money, started her family and life.

  11. I heard the Cole is starting his transition and they didn’t want it filmed. That voice should of tipped us off.

    stay lit

  12. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    Aw i love watching you and your little family. You and Cole are great together. He’s not pushy or overbearing. You and your family will be missed. Love you guys. Good luck. Congrats on the new little one. Sorry to see you go

  13. Chelsea,

    I seen it coming. All the haters out there. You got your life together you made a great man you expand your family bought a new home all the good things that come in your life and haters are going to hate. Jealousy is a hell of a thing! They called you white privilege, when in all reality you’re just going on with your life making a family and a lovely home. I have watched you from day one. When you can enjoy yourself these past 10 years has been awesome! I wish you all the best hearing you will be missed you are loved! God is love.

  14. Good for her…her story line honestly doesn’t fit in with the rest of the girls anymore. The most drama she can come up with is Adumbs parents and a cellphone for Aubree. I give the show 2 more seasons max, and a catch up special in 6 years to see the kids as teenagers….hopefully none of them will be 16 and pregnant.

  15. I don’t watch anymore, but this makes me so happy! She’s grown up and really was smart to put her money away so she always has something to fall back on. Good for her!

    1. I doubt she has put much money away because Chelsea lives an expensive lifestyle. I think she is banking on her other business ventures continuing to be successful like Lauren Conrad.

      1. She lives a normal lifestyle for her income. She lives a much more modest lifestyle than most of the other girls, she never goes on vacation, is a homebody, etc. Yes, she has a nice house but it is in a very inexpensive area, and I bet she is making more money with her business ventures/sponsorships than anyone else on the show. I’m sure she owns everything with no loans

  16. A lot of judgey comments on here about this… honestly I think that she decided it was time because she’s grown up, married, has a bigger family, etc. I think she kept with it for so long so that she was able to establish her home and set up any future plans she had. You can see she’s been checked out of the show for a long time. I don’t blame her. Her anxiety probably doesn’t make it any easier, so I think her needs and wants for privacy will help her greatly. Yes, she did sign up for all of this, but after ten years, I’m sure it’s taken a toll. She’s done well for herself and has my respect for creating the life she wanted to give to her family. Wish her the best.

    1. I think Aubrey possibly is getting teased by peers for all her business being on TV. She is 12. Kids are cruel at that age and old enough to watch the show. I 12-24 yrs olds were the origianl demographic for Teen Mom and 16 and pregnant. Most likely Aubrey refused to film anymore and Chelsea wont share her private life so she has no storyline.

  17. Good for her! I like Chelsea and I think that she will probably have many other options with better brands and companies than MTV. Let’s face it whether you like the show or not it’s All about the drama and bad decisions these women make and Chelsea just doesn’t have a whole lot of drama and her family is pretty solid. Other than Aubrey and her relationship with her father and his family they haven’t showed hardly anything else about Chelsea’s life in a while. Chelsea has definitely outgrown the show and she should have considering she is in her later twenties and the show is called “Teen Mom”. I’m sure she has a bright future ahead of her and without the show probably a lot less stress. I think her family is adorable.

  18. The show needs to end. These young women are not role models.All they are doing is having babies with different men. I feel sorry for their kids. The world is ending, that should be the focus.

  19. She’s one of my favorites. I was just thinking about how she has m favorite family. She’s doing something positive and has a great husband and family. So sad.

  20. This news makes me smile. Mtv got so much heat about the never ending cell phone sage that they told her most likey she better bring the drama for season B or face a paycut. Cole is getting dragged for how he has so much distain for Aubreys connection with the Lynns and Chelsea has caught heat for badgering Aubrey and trying to interfer with her relationship also. Chelsea isnt used to bad press or bad edits. She works hard to present the perfect family but nows the cracks are showing. Good Luck to them. Chelseas rabid boring fans were the only ones keeping the ratings above 500,000 because Kail, Breonna, and Jade don’t really have many “fans”

  21. Well, it was about time! Sorry Chelsea, you’re cool but plots about Aubree’s phone and Adam being a trash bag dad aren’t interesting anymore when you hear them for the 354678568th time! I am also glad that means your fourth child will grow up without a camera filming every move! I don’t think they will find a new girl on such a short notice although I do have a feeling one of them would REALLY love to replace you! (*cough* Nikkole *cough*)

    1. I wish they showed more of her life than constantly asking her about Adam. Her little kids are super cute, her relationship with Cole is interesting, where are all her animals. I’m sure she stuck to her script on what she wanted to show but I’m sure there was more there. Good luck to her

    2. Chelsea was facing a lot of criticism this year about the color of her house, Aubrey’s room color, constantly mentioning Adam in a negative light while filming, how expensive are new clothing line and back packs are..And now the stuff that Cole is saying regarding Adam. Although I agree it was the right call …I think they could not stand up to the criticism they were getting…They are used to being the darlings of TM. She just sign with that clothing line last year and they only signed her because she was a favorite out of the peer group… Chelsea did not leave voluntarily. But I think none the less it’s a good call.

    1. Don’t glorify Chelsea. She had her child on the show for 11 years, so this was not a major problem for a long time 😉 I guess she just makes enough money through other venues now.

  22. Cant wait to hear about her ACTUAL offers from Amazon, Netflix and TLC?
    She outgrew TM years ago.
    I genuinely wish the very best for her and her family…including Papa Randy!?

    Big congrats on not falling into the trash vortex DeBoers!
    Keep on doing you!
    “Too boring” for reality TV is actually a compliment ?

  23. Is Chelsea leaving because it has become a shit show? Yes. I say YES. Good for her. Kail getting arrested was the breaking point.

  24. i mean bye ??‍♀️, don’t get me wrong i like chelsea but she wasn’t bringing anything to the show other than her bitching about adam every episode and she has more than 1 income coming in anyway

    1. “Not bringing anything to a show” that’s basically about the fallout from bad life choices sounds like a good thing to me.

    2. Cole might have to go back to work and poor Chelsea will be left to tend to the kids alone on a daily basis — and what a tragedy what with her anxiety and all. I’m not sorry to see the DeBoerings go. Let’s see what happens when someone who’s been raking in millions for 11 years tries to go it on their own with a big expensive house, unemployed husband, and a baby every 20 months. It costs a lot of money to maintain the property and animals, and feed, clothe, house kids. On another note, how does Randy feel about losing that income and not being a TV celeb anymore? Will he stay out of the TM stuff on Twitter, or nah?

      1. Chelsea has never lived as an adult without TM money. She is in for a rude awakening. She thinks she will be like Lauren Conrad but Lauren doesnt have 50-11 children and her husband is a lawyer. Randy will be loke Farrah mom Deborah. He will still troll the show.

  25. A weight lifted off her shoulders? Like the weight of having to conjure up a storyline that won’t make people die of boredom?

    Seriously though, good for her.

  26. I saw on another site just now that Kail was actually arrested back in September over the Lux haircut debacle. Funny there was no exclusive about that on this site. Just sayin.

      1. Good for her. They deserve to live their lives quietly now. She is probably the most normal (besides Maci too) of the franchise.

        1. Her “normal” life in a big manson that her hard-working cosmetology job build – oh sorry, it was her MTV money 😉

    1. What? There was one. Two actually.
      A while back the arraignment was written about here, and today a new story with the updated details was posted too.

    2. The Ashley DID do a story on Kail about it. I guess you just need to find it, I read it. It was posted earlier today

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