Taylor Halbur Talks About the Relationship Between Her Daughter Paislee & Chelsea Houska’s Daughter Aubree In the Years Since Adam Lind Signed Away His Parental Rights to Paislee

“Do you think he realizes that we mainly get together to talk crap about him?”

Former Teen Mom 2 dad Adam Lind may no longer have legal rights to both of his biological daughters, but the girls’ mothers are making sure the half-sisters remain close. 

According to The Sun, Adam’s daughter Aubree, 11, whom he shares with Chelsea Houska, continues to have a close relationship with her sister Paislee, whom Adam welcomed with ex-girlfriend Taylor Halbur in 2013.

In a new interview, Taylor confirmed that the half-sisters have remained close, despite Adam having signed away his parental rights to the now 7-year-old Paislee back in 2018.

Once Adam agreed to terminate his parental rights, Taylor’s husband Joe Leonard was allowed to adopt Paislee, which he did in 2018. 

While the sisters no longer share a father (legally speaking), Taylor said she and Chelsea still get the girls together whenever they are able to.

“With COVID and everything, it threw a wrench in everybody’s schedules,” Taylor said. “I know Chelsea and I, especially during winter time and the school time, our schedules are so busy. And then with COVID on top of it, we aren’t able to get them together as often as we would like at this point.

“Eventually we’ll get back to that place where we’ll be able to get the girls together at the park or movies,” she continued. “Once all the COVID stuff dies down I think it’ll be a lot easier.” 

Taylor added that Paislee “loves Aubree so much.” 

While Adam no longer has parental rights for Paislee, he has retained those rights for Aubree, despite being quite inconsistent when it comes to his involvement in Aubree’s life – both physically and financially. (Last month a judge signed an order for forfeiture and release of bond to the division of child support, making Chelsea the recipient of the $2,000 bond Adam posted in August to get out of jail.) 

As for Chelsea’s decision to leave ‘Teen Mom 2’ after 10 seasons, Taylor said it “takes a lot of courage.” 

“She’s been on it long enough where she knows what she wants,” she said. “She’s been doing it for so long, for her to leave I think that takes a lot of courage. I think if that’s what they want to do, that’s what they want to do and I think it’s great.” 

With Adam no longer in her or Paislee’s life, Taylor said “things are good.” 

“Picture this, but the complete opposite.”

“[I’m] just working and being a mom pretty much,” she said. “Married life has been great. I couldn’t imagine my life without [Joe]. He’s wonderful. He’s great with Paislee.

“Paislee is 7,” she continued. “She’s great, too. She loves school. She’s starting to talk about her best friends from school and things like that. I live a simple, boring life!” 

In addition to being a mom to Paislee, Taylor is a stepmother to her husband’s three children from a previous relationship and she works as a bartender in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. 

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram) 


  1. Does Adam have Northern European ancestors because his last name is Lind? Not that we would be proud of him here! Just wondering 🇧🇻🇩🇰🇫🇮🇮🇸🇸🇪 🤔

  2. They asked Aubree about it (on camera unfortunately), and Abree did not want to lose her father entirely. That is why they did not pursue it. It may be easier for Paislee’s mom to totally get rid of deadbeat Adam, but to have him sign away his rights will only hurt Paislee when she understands what that means. Maybe her adoptive father is great but he could have still been great without legally adopting her, like Cole is. It should have been her decision at age 18.

    1. It might have had something do with with health insurance or something though. If Taylor is a bartender part-time, maybe her husband Joe is the one who carries the health insurance for the family. I doubt Adam has any and couldn’t cover Paislee.

      Yes it will be hard for Paislee to learn that her father signed his parental rights away, but honestly it would probably more traumatic to have him in and out of her life, in and out of prison, talking trash about her mom, grandparents manipulating her ,, etc. Both girls will have to work through what he did to them, but Aubree will probably have a harder time with the mess he’s got her in.

    2. Not every little girl grows up with daddy issues… Seems like she has a solid foundation, she’ll be fine. She has her mom and dad. ((I know from experience)) she won’t be a victim♥️

    3. Adam chose to sign away his rights to Paislee. She deserves to have a father who will actually be there for her. The actual dad (Taylor’s husband) should have legal rights to his daughter.

      1. Agreed! On top of that if something ever happened to Taylor then Paislee would go to Adam even if he wasn’t in her life! Taylor’s husband adopting her is a legal safeguard from that, as well. I had an unreliable, alcoholic dad so I understand firsthand. These men who step in for absentee fathers and are stable, loving father figures show girls they are valued and, hopefully, keeps them from migrating toward unreliable men when they get older. I thank God for my stepdad. He was one of those good men and I have him to thank for the life I have now.

    4. As a child we are not equipped to make those decisions. Speaking as someone who’s father did not step up and was adopted at 5 by my true father who loved and cared for me. Adam has proven to be nothing more than a sperm donor whose mother basically forces him to have minimal contact at that. I thin Chelsea was wrong in involving Aubree but with Adam’s Mom involved I don’t think she should have rights signed away bc that would make it uncomfortable for Aubree. In my situation I did not have contact with anyone in my sperm donors family until I was an adult and sought out my sister myself. No matter what there will be pain in a father abandoning you. That’s on them though. It shouldn’t block someone from adopting you if they have no contact and we don’t exactly know what the family situation looked like with Paisley and Adam’s family.

  3. That’s awesome they are maintaining a relationship for the girls.

    Random question:
    Anyone know why starcasm turned off their comment feature? I never go to their site anymore, they never post lately.

    1. I noticed a few months ago. Their stories weren’t really getting any comments. I’m wondering if they took comments away so people couldn’t see how little engagement they are getting from readers. Starcasim and Radar Online are both dying and quick deaths.

      1. Sounds about right. They rarely post now. It used to be my favorite site until I found this one. Comments make the site! Lol.

  4. This is good to hear, I’ve always wondered if they kept a close(ish) relationship with each other after Adumb signed away his rights. Adumb majorly messed up with 2 good women and 2 good little girls. He’s such a scumbag.

  5. The only reason he hasn’t signed away his rights to Aubree is because 1) Just to piss off Chelsea and Cole and 2) Most importantly, he continues to want his 15 minutes of fame (whether good or bad) and holding off to see what he can get out of it money wise through Aubree.

    There is no other reason for him to not want to sign his rights away because he doesn’t pay child support, he owes tons of back pay child support and he doesn’t give a fly F when it comes to having visitation with her. Clearly there’s a difference between his two daughters otherwise they’d both be “thrown away.”

    1. I agree that it’s probably to piss off Chelsea and Cole, but Chelsea also pointed out that his mother is a shit ton more involved with Aubree than she was with Paislee. She had almost no connection to that little girl. So she’s probably the main one demanding he keep his rights so she can see Aubree, but didn’t give a flying fuck about having a relationship with Paislee.

      1. Not true. His mother didn’t want him to sign his rights over on Paislee either, matter of fact; his parents get to see her every months or so for a couple of hours & her birthday in a mutual public place. Of course, Joe or Taylor are there to supervise said visit.

    2. Its actually because Chelsea chose not to pursue it. Although im sure Adam would fight it for the reasons you listed if she did I remember they entertained the idea but i cant remember why they chose not to revoke his rights. It might have been because Aubree didnt want it or something. I cant remember exactly. Its actually really hard for a parent to give up their rights themselves. otherwise, all these deadbeat parents would all be doing it to get rid of back child support they owe. Usually, the court wants another parent that is ready to adopt in place too. Which is what happened with Paislee. Her mother pursued it and her husband adopted her.

    3. He tried to sign over his rights after Chelesa gave birth. Remeber he called her a mistake and said he would sign over his rights? But chelsea is stubborn and bullheaded. She must be a Taurus? She wouldnt leave Adam alone. Adams parents bonded with Aubrey as their first grandchild and she bonded with Adam and his family. You dont wait until the kids is 6 and they have a relationship with their paternal family to try to sign over custody. Signing over custody was easier with Paisley because she was so young that she would barely remeber any of them. Chelsea waited until she found Cole and then decided she wanted Adam to relinquish custody. At that point it wasnt about the child it was about Chelsea moving on with her perfect life. She found a better replacement for Adam but you cant rewrite history with a 5 yr old and say “forget about Adam because I found you a new daddy.” If she was serious about Adam relinquishing his rights she should have done it while the child was still a toddler.

      1. Adam never actually pursued trying to sign over his parental rights. He threatened it, more than once, but he never actually tried to do it. Regardless of how Chelsea felt about it then, or even now, Adam still has to take the first step, of his own accord, if he REALLY wanted to sign over his rights. One parent can pursue the issue, even press the courts to try and force the issue on the other parent. But the one signing away their rights still has to do so of their own volition. It’s not that common for any court in the US to relinquish parental rights, even in the cases of extreme child abuse and neglect (which, neither were present, Adam is simply a deadbeat in every form).

        Who the hell cares if she “wouldn’t leave Adam alone”? When did we start thinking that holding people accountable for their choices and decisions they make (having a child) was a bad thing? Adam should have been pestered about taking care of his responsibilities. He did help to create a life, after all. Chelsea very much did want him to be part of their daughter’s life, regardless of her own personal feelings about him as a person. That’s pretty damn responsible of her, considering who he is and how he has always acted. She also let Aubree decide (when old enough to understand a bit more) how much involvement she wanted with Adam, which, again, is pretty damn responsible of her and goes against her own feelings about and towards Adam.

        Why are you so supportive of a degenerate deadbeat?

        1. First off, you need to calm down. This is a tv show and unless you are Chelsea or Adam you probably shouldnt be chastising a random poster on a blog about THEIR OPINION OF THE STORYLINE PRESENTED. Second what I meant by “wouldnt leave him alone” was she wouldnt dump him and be done. They still continued to screw and she would move him into her home and he was making MTV money off being with her. Even though he was a cad still cheated like crazy. Adam wasnt going to dump chelsea because it was too profitable. He was making over 200,000 a year for just being her storyline and he bought a house and expensive Trucks and a corvette (?) i believe with his Teen Mom money. As long as if benefited him financially of course he wouldnt sign over custody. Now Aubrey has bonded with him and his family. Regardless if how you, Chelsea or anyone else feels Aubrey seems to like her father. Let me remind you when you bash him and call him a deadbeat blah blah blah, you are talking about her father. That she loves. Since Aubrey and her friends are old enough to read this stuff it would be more considerate of you to stop projecting your own daddy issues and traumas with a deadbeat parent on a girl who clearly loves and has a relatii3nship with her father. Its not for me, you,or anybody else to tell her what type relationship she has with her father. WE THE VIEWERS DONT KNOW BECAUSE ADAM HASNT FILMED IN ABOUT 4 YRS. What we do know is that she is fond of him and we need to respect that.

          1. So you’re perfectly fine bashing her mom, but not Adam.

            Again, I am asking, why are you so hell bent on defending a self-admitted deadbeat?

            Aubree is well aware of what people say about her father, not to mention witnessing it firsthand, and perfectly capable of making her own conclusions about him and his actions. It’s perfectly okay for her to still love him, still want him in her life, and be able to recognize that he makes piss poor decisions in life. She’s, in fact, said so herself, even during the filming. She’s not an idiot, why are you treating her like she is one, just because she’s a child still?

            Why do you assume I have daddy issues based off one post? I do have issues with people shirking their responsibilities, but it goes for ALL people that do, and ALL degenerates and deadbeats that take the absolute privilege of creating and raising children for granted. I’d say the same thing about Chelsea if she were the one behaving this way.

            I am calm by the way, you’re just a little too keen on defending Adam, and I have no idea why. I could assume it’s because you have your own daddy issues or deal(t) with some deadbeat in your life, but I don’t know you, so I wouldn’t make that assumption about you.

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