‘Teen Mom 2’ Dad Adam Lind Arrested (Again!) for Failure to Pay Child Support & Driving with Expired Plates

“Business as usual over here, guys!”

Teen Mom 2‘s most-incarcerated bad boy recently landed himself back behind bars!

Adam Lind— the Missing In Action baby daddy of Chelsea Houska—was arrested last month following a nearly two-year period of managing to keep himself out of trouble. (This two-year gap in jail stays is a record for Adam, not to mention a relief to South Dakota’s Departments of Corrections!) 

Starcasm broke the news that Adam was thrown in the slammer on August 20 in Minnehaha County, South Dakota, and charged with failure to pay child support and driving with expired plates. His bond was listed as $2155, the site reports.

The child support Adam owes is for his daughter Aubree, whom he shares with Chelsea. (Although he has another biological daughter, Paislee, with his ex Taylor Halbur, he is no longer Paislee’s legal father, as he signed away his parental rights and allowed Taylor’s husband to legally adopted Paislee back in 2018.)

Adam is still Aubree’s legal father. However, Chelsea’s husband Cole DeBoer has made it clear that he’s ready and willing to adopt Aubree, should the time come. 

Chelsea has stated that Cole would love to adopt Aubree.

“In a heartbeat, Cole would [adopt Aubree],” she said in May 2018 during an appearance on Kail Lowry‘s Coffee Convos podcast. “But in order for that to happen, Aubree’s dad would have to agree completely.”

Anyway, Adam has been mostly absent from Aubree’s life and has not appeared on ‘Teen Mom 2’ for several seasons. Over the years, fans of the show have watched as Adam has landed behind bars (literally) over a dozen times, with the most-recent arrest (up until this one last month) being in May 2018. During that arrest, he was charged with violating a protective or no contact order; violating a domestic stalking protective order and not paying child support.

“I’m not a great dad, but I’m a pretty good inmate, right?!”

In 2017, Adam racked up several arrests, including an arrest for violating a no-contact order against an ex-girlfriend (who is not Taylor or Chelsea); an arrest for domestic assault charges; and an arrest for failing several court-mandated drug tests. He also got an arrest for “exhibition driving” in April of that year.

(Starcasm has created an extensive list of Adam’s arrests that goes back all the way to 2014.) 

Adam has kept a low-profile over the past few years, disappearing from social media and (seemingly) keeping out of trouble until this incident. 

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24 Responses

  1. Of course he won’t sign his rights away, she’s the child that brought him to TV! I’m sure he likes the media attention it still gives him.

  2. Maybe now that he got arrested for back child support, he’ll relinquish his rights from Aubree like he did with Paislee??

    1. That’s not how child support works in any state. You don’t get off Scott free just because the other parent is wealthy. You have to pay something because that child is your responsibility as well. Go to Illinois.gov and do the child support estimator and see for yourself. Ridiculous that you think he shouldn’t have to pay a dime. Wow.

      1. if the custodial parent earns more than enough to support the children on his/her own, the court can order that the noncustodial has little to no child support obligation. This happens often in IL. Judges decide child support, not website estimators (read the disclaimers on that site)

      1. On the show Aubree did not want to be adopted by Cole because she does not want to totally lose her dad. Chelsea was pushing for it but Aubree said no. She loves him no matter what-right now anyway. Children should not have to make that decision. Only after age 18.

    1. Have you went to your State’s Attorney? Mine got my child support for me. If he didn’t pay he would lose his license plus go to jail. Also child support warrants are not 10% to bound out. Its usually the whole amount of back child support. They did this all for free.

  3. Hopefully David will be in jail soon for the same thing. Why would Adam give up rights to one daughter but not the other?

    1. I could be wrong but I think it’s more because of Adam’s parents than Chelsea. I think he would love to be free from her altogether but his mom specifically is very attached to Aubrey. The grandma goes to lunch at school with Aubrey frequently. Aubrey spends a weekend every month with her grandparents.

      There was a phone call last season from Adam’s mom to Chelsea where the mom was putting pressure on Chelsea to give Adam more parenting time with Aubrey and to remove that pesky Supervised Visitation clause and allow Adam to visit his parents while Aubrey was with them.

      1. Sad that Adam’s mom is so attached to Aubree, yet doesn’t seem to care about her other granddaughter.. This family is full of winners.

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