‘Teen Mom 2’ Dad Adam Lind Arrested (Again) for Violating One of the Restraining Orders Against Him (Exclusive Details)

“Jenelle’s gonna have to work REALLY hard if she’s ever going to beat my record for number of arrests!”

Adam Lind is (once again) back behind bars!

The Teen Mom 2 dad landed himself back behind bars on Tuesday, making this his second arrest in the span of one month. (It is, of course just the latest in a string of 30+ arrests Adam has had in his lifetime!)

Online records confirm that Adam (who is the baby daddy of Chelsea Houska‘s daughter Aubree) was booked into the Minnehaha County Jail in South Dakota on Tuesday, December 5 and that he is currently being held there without bail. He is charged with “Violation of Conditional Bond No Contact in Domestic Arrest.”

Just last month, Adam was arrested for domestic simple assault against Brooke Beaton in nearby Lincoln County, South Dakota.

Brooke Beaton accused Adam of stalking her back in December 2014. (Those charges were later dismissed.) She has a “no contact” order against Adam, and it appears that this is the no contact order Adam violated in order to land himself in the slammer this week.

(The Ashley hears that Brooke and Adam are still seeing each other, and that she is trying to get the no contact order dropped!)

His other ex, Stasia Huber, also holds a restraining order against him. According to The Ashley’s sources, Adam’s hearing in regard to that restraining order was held on Wednesday. He didn’t show up and the judge granted the restraining order for five years. 

That same day, Wednesday, Adam was arrested for violating a no contact order stemming from the domestic assault case involving Brooke.

(The Ashley knows this is confusing and she apologizes, but Adam has a lot of exes with legal issues against him!)

It should be noted that Stasia is at least the third ex-girlfriend of Adam’s to accuse him of domestic violence. In addition to her and Brooke, Adam’s ex Jessica (who appeared on several episodes of ‘Teen Mom 2’) also claimed that Adam had gotten physically violent with her during their relationship.

In an Instagram rant in October 2014, Jessica claimed that Adam paralyzed her dog and was abusive during their relationship.

There are more court dates in Adam’s future. On December 21, he is due in court to deal with the four counts of causing bodily harm against Brooke. He has pleaded not guilty to those charges.

As The Ashley revealed earlier this year, Adam had tested positive at least twice for drugs during court-mandated drug tests. Adam’s results showed that he had used meth and amphetamine. The aftermath of the tests later played out on ‘Teen Mom 2.’

Adam has not appeared on ‘Teen Mom 2’ since Season 7. Before quitting the show, he frequently lashed out at the network and the show’s production crew about not wanting to be filmed. He’s had some life changes in recent months. According to the reliable @TM2Deadbeat Instagram page, Adam moved back in with his parents due to some financial issues he’s been having. He is reportedly renting out his house.

UPDATE! Adam was released from jail on Wednesday night. His bond was dropped after he agreed to show up to his next court hearing.

(Photo: MTV)

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  1. I genuinely wish this douche had the mental or emotional capacity to see how much his bullshit can traumatize others, especially the females in his life like his daughters and every past/present girlfriend he’s ever had. But, Adam is here for Adam only. Sadly I think even if he could be convinced to get help, he is incapable of owning his mistakes or changing his behavior, so any improvement would be short-lived. Meth is extremely hard for the people who WANT to get clean, I don’t think he’s even willing to try. He’s a perpetual victim, and until he can see that he’s the problem, he’ll keep spiraling into oblivion. Jail is the best place for him.

  2. This guy is a lost cause. Again, I said it before but I’m glad Aubree and Paislee have REAL father figures in their lives cuz this guy sure isn’t it.

  3. They live in a small town and he is ‘famous’. All the girls know his character, want him and then file order after order. So don’t get involved with him! Does everybody wanna be on teen mom or relevant nowadays?

      1. Nah man, you have to be an idiot to get involved with someone who you know to be violently abusive. It doesn’t shift blame off of Adam, who is the only person responsible for his behavior, but it is an avoidable situation. “Avoid people who you know to be violent and unstable” isn’t so much victim blaming as common sense.

  4. Actually, re-thinking my last post, hard to say if Lurch or Adumb is the worst. Side-by-Side comparison they’re about on-par:

    – Involved with his kids but probably abusive or at least too rough
    – Confimed woman abuser
    – Possible substance issues
    – Very short fuse
    – Unemployed
    – Dumb as dirt

    – Not really involved in his kids’ lives
    – Animal abuser
    – Confirmed woman abuser
    – Confirmed substance abuse problems
    – Employment status unknown
    – intelligence on par with a box of rocks

    The difference is Chelsea puts legal boundaries around Adumb’s contact with Aubree whereas dumbass Jenelle thinks Lurch is grade-A stepdad and father material. The only thing Adumb has on Lurch is there doesn’t seem to be any indication that he’s rough with his kids, but he doesn’t spend enough time or pay enough attention to them to reach that point. He’d probably at least be dangerously negligent with the kids if left to his own devices, though.

  5. I always thought Jenelle and Adumb would be the first TM mom/baby daddy couple since they’re both narcissistic criminal POS’s with similar values who put their kids best interest dead last. Adumb might actually be worse than Lurch and that’s a low bar. At least Lurch is a hands-on parent, although too hands-on as his big oafy paws are too rough with the kids.

    Javiana (barf ?) beat them to it with TM2 coupling, but if Jenadumb were to happen, Chelsea could care less unlike Kail.

    Chelsea speaks kindly of Adumb’s parents so wonder what went wrong. Nathan’s Mom seems like a good person, but Nathan has the excuse of a combat head injury. Maybe Adumb had a bad motorcycle accident when he was young? There are at least two infamous insane criminals (Phil Garrido who kidnapped Jaycee Duggard and Fred West a who was a serial killer in the UK) that suffered traumatic brain injuries from motorcycle accidents in their teens and apparently their personalities were severely altered.

  6. Matt Baier, Adam Lind…and the countless number of women who love these abusive douchers.

    Sorry, but I just don’t get it.


  7. I do not hate Adam, nobody should. He has a severe drug problem. Maybe after all his arrests they will court order him to rehab.

    1. I hate Adam.. He abuses women and animals and ignores his daughters. He knew what would happen the very first time he did a drug.

  8. It blows my mind how these guys continue to find women willing to be with them! How about we not subject ourselves to abuse just so we might get an honorable mention on an embarrassing tv show and then act shocked when it doesn’t go so well. No thanks.

  9. He’s a stone cold loser. He’s probably spiraling quickly because Chelsea is so happy and managed to create a beautiful family without his ugly ass. If he wasn’t such a selfish prick he would pull himself together and get the help he needs so he can become the bio father Aubrey deserves. So glad Aubrey has Cole and Papa Randy in her life so she can see good examples of how fathers should act.

  10. What a plonker. Has he got some sort of arrest loyalty card? Get arrested 40 times and you get a free coffee?

    What an embarrassment.

  11. I hope he gets what he deserves, no one deserves to be abused and good for the woman for saying something right away.

    It’s good that Adam was not physically abusive towards Chelsea. He already messed her confidence up with being verbally abused, She could have not had the life she has now if he was a worse person back then. But it sucks he didn’t have someone correct him before getting to other girls.

    1. Who says he wasn’t physically abusive towards her? I bet he at least pushed or shoved her, if not smacked/hit. If she put up with all the verbal abuse, cheating, and cruelty, I doubt physical abuse would’ve changed anything back then.

      1. Well she hadn’t mentioned anything on the show I figured she wasn’t. She came to realise what a horrible relationship she was in by the way he talked to her I would have figured siince she made that public she would have said something or her family would have known and made her press charges.

        1. Perhaps she has chosen not to say anything about physical abuse from Adam so that Aubree never has to hear about her dad beating up her mom….just a thought. Aubree still seems to have a connection with her dad and probably doesn’t know about all these domestic violence issues, Chelsea seems to keep her away from the drama now that understands it.

  12. “Financial issues” & fits of rage are common side effects of meth addiction, Adumb. This fool is going to end up dead sooner or later if he doesn’t grow up & get his shit together. I can’t wait to hear who he blames for this arrest. What a winner.

  13. This fool is a joke, he is a nobody. I am so glad he is no longer on TV, he was constantly moaning while he was on his periods.

  14. He’s gonna be dead by the time he’s 30. Mark my words.

    He hasn’t changed a bit since he was 16. Reckless, stubborn, thinks he’s invincible. It’s like he’s a petulant 14 year old kid, thinking it’s cool to be the bad boy and railing against authority. Can’t handle the truth about himself or an ounce of criticism. It’s like he’s in a permanent state of temper tantrum. Playing the victim like the whole world’s against him. Grow TF up Adam.

    I used to say I hated him and that he repulses me but now it’s like he’s just a cringe-worthy embarrassment. Like I have second-hand embarrassment for him.

    Poor Aubree.

        1. I agree they’re better off without him, but the death of a parent still has a huge impact on a child no matter what kind of parent/person they are.

        2. His daughters have good dads in their lives. They are better off having no dad at all than they are with this POS in their lives. That said..they don’t have to worry about it, because they have good role models.

          As someone that is raising a child that had a POS bio dad in and out of the kid’s life, I can say with confidence….the child would have been better off with him dead, as would the rest of the world. Cruel and harsh as that may sound to some…it’s the hard truth. In fact, it IS the truth we live today now that he is. The child is no worse for the wear, and no, it did not have a huge impact other than offering a sigh of much needed relief for all…especially the child(who really is all that matters here). Only now is said child able to actually live a happy, healthy life, or at least start to. There is no healing when people like that are around, even when they are in and out of a child’s life(inf act, that’s a million times worse than never having him there at all).

  15. Just put him in jail and don’t let him out.

    People like Adam are the ones that commit heinous crimes. They need to seriously lock him up so he doesn’t harm someone. He seems to be spiraling downward even more than usual.

  16. Fuck this guy, i wish people who commit cruel acts towards animals get much much harsher penalties. Its bullshit that they don’t, it should carry a jail time and massive fees.

    If they will hurt an animal, they sure as hell would hurt a person or child.

  17. Stasssssia!!! I remember her!! It was annoying hearing her defend Adam but glad she figured it out sooner than later! As for Adam, what a POS!

  18. But remember. None of this is his fault. It’s just the MTV edit he got. Oh wait, he’s no longer on the show. Never mind.

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