Jazz Jennings Explores Her Sexuality in Upcoming Season of ‘I Am Jazz’: Watch the First Trailer

“Those Duggars will LOVE this….”

Jazz Jennings is back for another season of her TLC reality show I Am Jazz, and, judging from the just-released sneak peek clip of the season, it appears she’s facing some very adult issues in the new year.

The 17-year-old activist will explore dating, sexuality, trans rights, and body image in the show’s fourth season, which premieres January 2 on TLC.

In the sneak peek clip, first published by People, we can see Jazz getting set up on a blind date—with another young woman. Jazz has explored dating guys in the past, but this is the first time she considers dating another girl.

“I happened to meet a girl who I think you would really like,” Jazz’s friend tells her.

At first, the teenager is unsure if she wants to date a girl but then she decides to give it a try.

“This is a good time to experiment with my sexuality,” she says.

She meets the girl on a group outing and then later spends one-on-one time with her. In the clip, it appears that a romance may be blooming.

“The more I get to know her, the more I am attracted to her,” Jazz says.

Also in the fourth season, we will see Jazz struggle with weight gain. She says her eating habits are “out of control” and is later upset when her doctor tells her she must lose 30 pounds before she can have her gender confirmation surgery.

“I really feel like a beached whale,” Jazz tells her friends.

We see a montage of her working out and struggling to eat healthier.

This season will also show Jazz dealing with some of the criticism she has faced for living her life as her authentic self. In the clip she gets into an argument with a man who disapproves of the transgender community.

“You don’t love who you are. You were born a certain way, you don’t love how you were born apparently,” he tells her.

“Don’t tell me if I don’t love myself because I know who I love, not you,” she replies.

One person who has been very outspoken publicly about his dislike of Jazz’s lifestyle is her TLC co-star Derick Dillard. Derick, who up until recently starred on Counting On alongside his wife Jill and her family, has made several online attacks on Jazz in 2017 and has condemned the transgender community. His postings ended up getting him fired from ‘Counting On’ earlier this year.

It’s not yet known if Derick’s comments will be addressed on the upcoming season of ‘I Am Jazz.’

Watch the sneak peek clip of the new season below!

(Photo: TLC)

27 Responses

  1. Congrats on your success on finally taking that final stage to become who you really feel you are!!!! I’m very proud of you for sticking with it and winning in the end!!!!! It shows you that if you fight hard and long enough for what you really want, you’ll succeed at it!!!!! Good job and enjoy finally becoming the woman you’ve always wanted and knew you’d be!!!! You’re gorgeous and will make someone very happy one day to settle down with for the remainder of your lives!!!!! If not, get ahold of me and we’ll talk cuz I’d make you very happy !!!! I know that and promise you that!!!!! Keep in touch if you can and want to?????

  2. This comment thread actually makes me feel incredibly sad… I’m just baffled. I have a 4yr old son who is “different” by society’s standard because he has Autism and I just shudder to think what a cruel world he’s going to have to face the older he gets… ?

    1. Your sons situation is entirely different. He was born that way. He cannot help it. There is no changing him. “Jazz” & his family have chosen for him to be different. Big difference b/w the two.

  3. All kidding aside, I hope she can use that D at least once before she decides to lop that baby off. She needs to make informed decisions here, and trust me, she will want to do this, just pull out girl. #ropeshooter

  4. A lot of people on here don’t have a TV show series based on the adventures of their child’s genitalia to profit…
    I was thinking that since my nephew wants to be a dumptruck and runs around making engine noises all of the time that we should hire a hydraulic maintenance technician to service his new parts, have his limbs replaced by tires, and have his b-hole turned into the dumping bed. Then I need to find a facebook group of like-minded parents to lobby congress to add a lane to all roads for dumptruck kids. Everyone who drives on the roads and into the unmarked lanes are stupid idiots that don’t know how to drive!!!God give me the grace not to go to twitter war after someone makes horn honking noises at him in the Gamestop.

    Calling people ‘ignorant’ has rarely changed their opinion.

  5. These comments are just WOW. The ignorance is real, yo. So many people are real mad about Jazz’s penis and/or future vagina… How bout worry about your own P and/or Va-G? ??‍♀️

  6. Jazz does not live her life as her authentic self. She continues to live as her exploitative parents, doctors, and public demand she live.

    Jazz does not get a choice.

  7. Hmmmm? Needs to lose 30 lbs & eating habits out of control!?!? Maybe b/c you’re a teenage MALE!!! You’re hormones are doing what they’re suppose to do!! Every 17 y/o male I know eats like its his last meal! Why? B/c their body is growing!!! But you jst haaaad to transition to a woman!! SMDH!! And now dating a girl?? Hmmm. You think maybe b/c in reality you’re a typical MALE who likes females!?!? This is why nobody should transition until they’re at least 25!

  8. I can’t believe she’s 17. I remember watching a documentary on trans children a few years back, and she was only 8 in it(It was an older documentary). She’s definitely come a long way.

        1. HE. He has a penis. DNA is male. Will ALWAYS be male. HE can cut his wanker off, grow boobs, but NO matter what…..HE will be a male!! I am using the correct pronoun.

    1. It becomes their entire identity. It’s what makes them “special” or “unique”.

      It also seems to give them the right (entitlement?) to tell everyone that isn’t on board with their Identity Politics that they are wrong, hateful, bigots and transphobes ect.

      Poor Jazz (thanks to their mother) will now ONLY have being trans as a main identity. Everything else will be second to that no matter what other aspirations they pursue.
      Child exploitation pure and simple.

  9. There has actually been trans people who have regretted changing their bodies to fit the sex they “thought” they were and have switched back. My good friend is trans (FTM) and he even agrees Jazz is way to young to be making those decisions, the family is amazing for being so supportive but in all actuality how many of us are who we struggled with thinking we were as young adults let alone who we thought we were/were going to be when we were children. I feel Jazz got a lot of fame for being out about trans so young that she is probably pressured to continue… imagine the hate she would get if she decided to say “I have giving this a lot of thought and I believe I made a mistake at a young age, and feel as if I am deep down a male” … the LGBT community would down her so bad.

    1. I agree to an extent. I definitely feel she might be too young to choose surgery just yet, her body is still growing, and she has’t reached the age where the part of her brain that makes decisions is fully formed. Maybe the doctor suggested losing weight to give her body a little more time before undergoing surgery? I don’t doubt that she truly feels female, but those stories of people who have transitioned too soon are real, and unfortunate. Surgery will always be an option for her, I’m just hoping she makes whatever decision is right for her in the end, and has no regrets.

    1. Educate yourself. You don’t need to be male to like a woman and you don’t need to be a woman to be attracted to males. Gender identity and sexuality are not mutually inclusiveness and you’d do well to read up a little before you start talking about things you don’t understand.

      1. I can’t believe how many downvotes you got for that! That’s actually scary… idk what’s so hard for people to understand about the difference between sexuality and gender identity… it’s the same as non-trans people being attracted to the same sex or the opposite sex ??‍♀️

    2. What “parts” she has isn’t going to determine what sex she’s attracted to… Jesus god (Leah) eye rolls for days at that comment.

    3. Wouldn’t it be a real kick in the butt if Jazz realized that s/he’s more attracted to girls? What if once puberty came Jazz decided that being trans was fun for a while but maybe wanted to see what life as a teenage boy could be like? Sadly Jazz won’t be able to experience being a “healthy teenage boy” after already going through hormone therapy.

      Poor child has been robbed of their natural teenage growth/experience.

      Oh well, too late to go back now.

      1. Why would that be a “kick in the butt” if she were more attracted to girls? I don’t understand that logic. Maybe she’s Pan? Maybe she will be attracted to a person for who they are regardless of gender. Maybe it doesn’t have anything at all to do with her transition because (as we’ve discussed) sexuality and gender are not the same things.

        Perhaps you should go back to the kitchen and help the Duggar girls with their “famous” tater tot casserole & leave the big, scary internets alone for the day.

        1. I doubt you can actually repair a computer on a component level or rewrite an IP stack and recompile on the fly, so how about you just shut up about the internet, something you know nothing about?

          Much more useful knowledge than what pronoun to call 0.1155 of the world lol.

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