Former ‘Teen Mom 2’ Dad Adam Lind Ordered to Hand Over $2,000 Jail Bond to Chelsea Houska for Back Child Support

“Hand it over, pal.”

Chelsea Houska has received $2,000 from her baby daddy Adam Lind towards the back child support owed to the Teen Mom 2 star for their 11-year-old daughter, Aubree. Unfortunately, Adam didn’t make this gesture willingly. 

According to The Sun, a South Dakota judge signed an order for forfeiture and release of bond to the division of child support this week, making Chelsea the recipient of the $2,000 bond Adam posted in August to get out of jail.

As previously reported, the frequently-incarcerated former ‘Teen Mom 2’ dad was locked up in August for failure to pay child support and driving with expired plates. The bond money he used to get out of the slammer has since been handed over to Chelsea. 

“It’s about damn time… “

“He paid $2,000 to get out of jail,” a clerk for the court told The Sun. “The judge took it and put it towards back child support.” 

Adam also has a biological daughter, Paislee, with his ex Taylor Halbur, although he signed away his parental rights and allowed Taylor’s husband to legally adopt Paislee in 2018. 

In addition to being a sporadic participant in Aubree’s life, Adam has had several run-ins with the law over the years, landing behind bars more than a dozen times. Prior to his August offense, Adam’s most recent lock-up was in May 2018, in which he was charged with violating a protective or no contact order; violating a domestic stalking protective order and not paying child support. 

“I can’t believe I let this guy near my no-no’s.”

Adam’s rap sheet also includes an arrest for violating a no-contact order against an ex; an arrest for domestic assault charges; an arrest for failing several court-mandated drug tests and an arrest for “exhibition driving” – just to name a few. 

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  1. Chelsea should have taken A-D-A-M up on the offer back in the 16 & Pregnant days when he texted “tell me where to sign for that mistake”. He would have been out of their lives and Chelsea most likely would not have been cast for Teen Mom.

  2. Since Chelsea is leaving the show do any of you think Adam will sign over his rights now? We all know he did it so easily for his other daughter because she wasn’t on the show.

    1. I know that I read somewhere that Adam had offered to sign off on Aubree at the same time he allowed Paislee to be adopted, BUT he wanted his parents to still have visitation with Aubree and Chelsea had to agree to forgive all of his back child support owed to her (Taylor agreed to dismiss all that was owed to her when he signed the paperwork for Paislee). Aubree didn’t want Cole to adopt her at that point, so Chelsea refused the offer and he’s still financially obligated (for whatever tiny amount his CS is set at, since he refuses to work).

  3. I don’t understand how he had the money to pay a bond, but not to support his child? My sons father hasn’t paid anything for over 3 years. He job hops, avoids calls and letters, moves house, everything to avoid it. He’s even been to court and promises to set up payment then didn’t! He’s now working full time, buying everything for his “step children” of 6 weeks, taking them on holiday, but can’t even contribute towards getting school uniform (which at a UK high school costs easily £175, not including spares and PE Kit) It seems that neither person sees their actions are wrong. How old is Adam, 30?? The Adam of the UK is 46. He will always be a twat

    1. I would say Grandma Donna paid the bond.

      I’m in the same boat you are. My child’s deadbeat father is over $145,000 in back child support. Sounds like a lot but that’s because he has never paid one penny! He skips jobs, gets paid cash under the table. The state could care less. I’ve paid out of pocket more times than once to track his sorry ass down, called them and given them his multiple new home and work addresses because he skips so often. They still won’t do anything. They actually called him and told him they were calling because they were trying to collect back child support and then were shocked he skipped yet again!

      Worthless, deadbeat assholes make me sick! I’m sorry you are going through it too,

    2. I’m sorry you and Gemma are going through this. Same with me. My youngests sons father is 46 as well and thinks buying his sons thee boxes of diapers and three cans of formula in the last 16 months is “child support”. I am grateful as it’s SOETHNG but what sucks is I went through my entire pregnancy without one word from him as soon as he got another “soulmate” two months after the split in January or 2019, until a week after our son was born in mid0July 2019. I’ve NEVER heard ONE word from his family asking how I am, how the baby is or if there was anything they could send either. Trash. Now he’s on to yet ANOTHER soulmate (who is a felon because of DUI’s just like him- she’s had four and two she had possession of Meth as well. Classy) and her youngest son’s father has passed away and he does more for that kid than his own. And he makes DOUBLE what I do. I haven’t gone after child support only for the act that he’d then establish paternity and have rights and think he’d go for custody so he wouldn’t have to pay child support (joke is on him- there is NO WAY he’s get any more than 50% custody which I highly doubt he’d get anyway and since he makes more than me, even with 50% he’d still owe me since he makes more). Pretty sure though hes using her for a place to live and for her money. It pisses me off. The kicker is, when we were together and he was pretending to be the “man” he isn’t, he’d bag on deadbeat dad’s all the time since he plays “father of the year” to his triplet 13 year olds. Well, congrats! You ARE one of those deadbeats now!

  4. If I saw a headline that said Adam Lind and it didn’t include the word “jail” I’d be seriously scared that we were at the doorsteps of the apocalypse.

  5. You know Grandma Donna is the driving force behind Adam’s inability to sign over parental rights for Aubree. It’s ridiculous how little effort he can put in and still get to be involved in her life.

    1. Ummm… this guy is a loser who should have been paying that child support to his daughter all along. Aubree was owed that money. Chelsea is not the bad guy here. Adam deserves to be called out for being a deadbeat. Aubree deserves better.

      1. Don’t take anything Sir Nibs says seriously. He’s the site troll. Most of the time he’s on point and funny and other times like this he’s an ass… I’m almost positive on purpose because he gets bored. Don’t feed him.

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