‘Teen Mom 2’ Dad Adam Lind Has Officially Signed Away His Parental Rights For Youngest Daughter Paislee (Exclusive Details!)

Legally, Adam is no longer the father of Paislee (left).

In a surprising turn of events, Teen Mom 2 dad Adam Lind has given up all of his parental rights for his youngest daughter, Paislee. On Friday, Paislee’s mom (and Adam’s ex) Taylor Halbur announced on Instagram that her husband, Joe Leonard, had officially adopted Paislee.

“It’s official… Paislee Mae Leonard #happyadoptionday #happytears,” Taylor captioned photos posted on Friday of Paislee and Joe together.

The Ashley can report that the court hearing to relinquish Adam’s parental rights as Paislee’s father took place today. According to court records obtained by The Ashley, Adam made a physical appearance in the courtroom.

He was asked various questions by the judge, and was required to verbally confirm that he was aware that he was terminating his rights to Paislee forever. Adam confirmed that he was aware that the decision was permanent.

“The court shall make an order terminating all parental rights and obligations in the parent or parents in which they have existed and releasing the child from all legal obligations to the parents, even though the proceeding for termination is brought by only one parent,” the law of the state reads in regard to parental right termination. “The court shall also order that the parental rights are transferred to some other person or persons, or authorized agency as may, in the opinion of the court, be best qualified to receive them. The order may contain the power by the person or persons or authorized agency to consent to the adoption of the child.”

Taylor has been with Joe since Paislee was very young. The couple got married in January, and Joe was was able to legally adopt Paislee as soon as Adam relinquished his rights. (Joe is already the father of a young daughter from a previous relationship.)

The Ashley can confirm that this court case was for Paislee only, and did not affect Adam’s parental rights to Aubree, his daughter with Chelsea HouskaAdam still maintains all of his parental rights for Aubree.

Adam has been arrested several times this year alone,with one of those arrests being, in part, due to him not paying child support for Paislee.

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On an episode of ‘Teen Mom 2’ last season, Chelsea stated that Adam was in bad shape financially.

“He has no bank account because that got closed,” Chelsea said of Adam, who, at the time, was trying to get the amount of child support he pays Chelsea for their daughter Aubree lowered. “He has no vehicle; people are driving him around…When asked how he pays his bills, he says he doesn’t. He has no job.”

Chelsea has stated that her husband, Cole DeBoer, would love to adopt Aubree.

“In a heartbeat, Cole would [adopt Aubree],” she said in May during an appearance on Kail Lowry‘s Coffee Convos podcast. “But in order for that to happen, Aubree’s dad would have to agree completely.”

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Aubree clearly focused on other things ????

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It is unlikely that Taylor and Adam’s court case will be part of the next season of ‘Teen Mom 2,’ as it was not filmed and Adam has not (willingly) appeared on ‘Teen Mom 2’ since Season 7.

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  1. I’m sorry but that’s absolutely heart breaking that a man or woman could turn their backs on their own flesh and blood. What a sad day for Paisley. It may not have been so bad if she never knew him.

  2. I find it a little suspect he so willingly signs away on the one who isn’t getting an mtv paycheck… this BOY has been a dirtbag from the jump.. at least both of his daughters have amazing father figures in their lives now… real men!

  3. That kid is soo cute and way better off..he rather throw away his child tben man up and pay child suppprt..sad..but probably for the best

  4. What a shitty human. Instead of owning his responsibilities, he took the easy way out. Paisley doesn’t deserve him and his shit anyway, and either does Aubree for that matter…how many times has Chelsea asked him to give up his rights to Aubree and he won’t?…she should threaten to take him back to court and up the child support since now he’s only got to pay for Aubree…maybe that will be the thing that’ll make him give up his rights to Aubree. Hit him in his pockets.

  5. Wow. Can’t believe he actually did it. But when jerks like this feel the money gets to be too much they don’t care about keeping the charade going anymore. Let’s face it, he can talk all the shit he wants about Chelsea but she will always be the one that got away. He will NEVER sign over rights to Aubree bc then he won’t be able to affect Chelsea’s life. He needs to have a connection to her so he can feel some type of control, it’s never been about Aubree. I feel bad for Paislee and Aubree now, such a weird and uncomfortable dynamic knowing he gave up rights to one sister but didn’t for the other. He’s the worst.

  6. Because he’s a piece of s**t and he literally does not care about the kids he made AT ALL (remember when he texted that he didn’t care if Chels changed “that mistake’s” name). But on an important note, is that tattoo on his hand supposed to be of Paislee or some kind of scary baby monster (I’m serious)?

  7. Adumb will never sign away his rights to Aubree simply to spite Chelsea. If he ever does, there’s no way in hell he’ll make it remotely easy for her!

  8. That is so incredibly sad. What kind of a person practically gives up their child because they don’t want to pay child support? I always knew Adam was terrible but this is a new low.

  9. This is So. Freaking. Sad. I see poor Paislee’s pictures and just wonder how anyone could ever give up that sweet little face. Here’s to hoping that Adam’s absence throughout the years makes the change easier for everybody. If she only saw him every once in a while, maybe it won’t be so bad for him to be gone for good now. After all, can’t miss what you never had. Hopefully the future is bright for Paislee and her parents. I wish them the best.

  10. It’s ONLY to get rid of the child support hanging over his head that’s been mounting for years

    Somewhere in a dark part of Chelsea’s mind, she’s really kicking herself for forgiving Adam’s outstanding child support only in exchange for Aubree becoming Aubree Lind-DeBoer instead of Adam relinquishing his rights entirely.

  11. Like others I don’t see this happening until Chelsea and Co quit TM2. But I think she’s level headed enough and has Aubree’s best interest in mind and wouldn’t doubt if she quit just to get this ball rolling. After all she and Cole have a means to provide a stable future for their family on their own. Aside from that, congrats to Paislee, Taylor, Joe and his other daughter. What a stand up man!

  12. Hopefully Joe and Taylor’s intense love and support will always serve to soften this awful blow of Paislee being “signed away” by her biological dad.

    So sad. But fingers crossed that with the passing of time and the well adjusted life that her parents will give her she can rise “above” this as Paislee Leonard.

    1. I dont feel bad for him. Hes always been a selfish pos. Posting pics only to try to fool the world into thinking that he is some sort of parent when hes not. He only does things when they benefit him. Hes a terrible human being with not 1 redeeming quality. He belongs in jail

    2. You don’t need to feel bad for that piece of shit loser! Adam made his choice to not
      appear on TM2 anymore or get any other job to support his beautiful daughters. He’s just
      a weak immoral person that doesn’t even realize what’s important in life.

    3. What? Why? He signed over his rights…nobody forced him to….and even on 16 and pregnant he had no problem telling Chelsea to let him know when and where he needs to be to sign papers for that “mistake” meaning Aubree. He’s a total POS.

  13. Honestly I don’t think Adam will sign his rights away while Chelsea is still filming. Yes, he may not be filming anymore but he likes to be talked about I believe.

    1. I don’t think he will sign his rights away to Aubree at all. His parents are too involved in Aubree’s life and wouldn’t allow him. But then again he was fine with Aubree adding Debor if Chelsea completely dropped child support, so who knows.

  14. Yes Adam is a pos but this situation is just sad! Addiction is some serious shit breaks my heart for those two little girls because this will affect them when they are older because their dad chose drugs over them.

    1. Adam was a selfish dirt bag POS long before he had addiction issues. Obviously his addiction issues exacerbate his overall uselessness but I feel like attributing this to addiction somehow lessens what a horarible human being Adam has been from when we first met his jerky, mean, abusive self on 16P. Good for Paislee that she has a good mom and an adopted father who love her. I’m sure Taylor is stoked she doesn’t have to deal with that pile of garbage ever again. I’m curious about Adam’s parents though…do they have any interest in their second granddaughter?

    2. Adam was a selfish dirt bag POS long before he had addiction issues. Obviously his addiction issues exacerbate his overall uselessness but I feel like attributing this to addiction somehow lessens what a horrible human being Adam has been from when we first met his jerky, mean, abusive self on 16P. Good for Paislee that she has a good mom and an adopted father who love her. I’m sure Taylor is stoked she doesn’t have to deal with that pile of garbage ever again. I’m curious about Adam’s parents though…do they have any interest in their second granddaughter?

  15. This is probably for the best but it’s still sad. Wonder if Pasilee is gonna have resentment towards Aubree when they’re older (that’s if Adam doesn’t sign over Aubree before then).

  16. This is awesome news for Paislee! I don’t think she remembers Adam very much anyway, so this just makes it official.

    I wonder if Chelsea and Cole haven’t pushed it because it isn’t what Aubree wants. Paislee is really little (barely 5) so her understanding of all of this is pretty limited. She’s only ever known her step-dad as her dad. Aubree understands what’s going on and can state her opinion.

  17. He won’t sign for Aubree because that’s his meal ticket. Sad to say. As long as Chelsea is riding the mtv train so will Adam. Also, it seems to me that Adam does these things on purpose to hurt Chelsea. He knows she is happy and living her best life and he is determined to be the pebble in her shoe.

  18. He is truly a POS. The only reason to do this is to avoid paying child support. So he’s choosing money over his little girl. And no matter how we all feel and how many times we say the girls are better off without him, both girls will be affected for their entire lives. No matter how amazing Cole is, no matter how well-adjusted these girls are raised to be, they will always be traumatized for their entire lives that their father didn’t care enough to be around. Hopefully they will be strong enough to not let it affect their daily lives, but it will always be in the back of their minds. Why wasn’t I good enough, why didn’t he want to see me, does he remember it’s my birthday today, etc. etc. I am in my 40s and I still have so many friends who have deep issues from a parent doing this. Successful, happily married or happily single, parents, etc. – still crying every Father’s Day or Mother’s Day or holiday, still wondering why their own parent didn’t care enough to be in their lives. Logically they know it wasn’t their fault, but deep down they are still little kids asking why wasn’t I good enough.
    How Randy has restrained himself from putting that F-er 6 feet under I don’t know. He has done nothing but cause Chelsea and Aubree hurt and pain.

    PS Nice try Instagram-Dad, but the girls didn’t want another toy from Toys R Us, they wanted your TIME and ATTENTION.

  19. Wow this actually makes me sad ? even though I’m sure it’s the best decision for the child it’s still gonna be hard for her to one day realize what Adam did… regardless of who raises her Adam will mean something to her..

  20. Adam won’t sign over rights,to Aubrey because Aubrey has monetary value. Once she’s 18 she will access all her teen mom money that she’s earn since birth, plus she has MTV fame.

  21. Wow, Adam actually made a selfless decision in the best interest of his dau-

    Just kidding. He probably just didn’t want to pay child support anymore, but this is undoubtedly the best thing for Paislee. I’m so glad she officially has a father now, because she sure as hell didn’t before

  22. Honestly, I think if it wasn’t for his parents, Adam would give up his rights to Aubree as well. And just think how differently this would have turned out if Chelsea had changed Aubree’s last name when she was a baby. It seems things would have been easier for her.

    This makes me wonder what type of relationship Adams’ parents had with Taylor and Paislee. Did they put up any fight to see Paislee like they did with Aubree? Or did Taylor sever any relationship they might have had?

    1. I wondered about the relationship between his parents and Paislee myself. Does The Ashley know if they see her at all?

      1. @Jenelles: they saw her until about a year ago when Adam stopped. They have not seen her in a long time but want to keep a relationship with her if Taylor allows it! -The Ashley

        1. Don’t they have rights as grandparents, even if Adam signed away his rights? I don’t know what it’s like in the USA, but I think it’s like that here in Belgium

          1. Grandparent’s rights vary from state to state in the US. According to what I found on a quick Google search, South Dakota is a strong grandparent’s rights state, so the Linds could make a case to see Paislee.

    1. Hopefully he will now. It would be really odd and quite cruel for him to give up rights to one daughter and not the other. Although it IS adam we’re talking about so common sense and human decency doesn’t really come into play I guess.

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