New ‘Teen Mom’ Cheyenne Floyd Finally Addresses Her Racist Tweets & Explains Why She Agreed to Do ‘Teen Mom OG’

“Oh yeah…about those white-baby-hatin’ tweets…”

Cheyenne Floyd was officially introduced as a cast member for the upcoming season of Teen Mom OG earlier this week (even though The Ashley told you about her casting way back in June!) On Wednesday, Cheyenne spoke out about why she agreed to do the show, despite the fact that she is not, and never was, a teen mom.

She also finally addressed the controversial tweets she had posted years ago that discussed how much she “wanted to kill every white person” she saw, etc.

(The tweets were posted by Cheyenne back in 2011 but were discovered on her Twitter timeline shortly after The Ashley broke the news that Cheyenne and her baby daddy Cory Wharton had been chosen for ‘Teen Mom OG.’)

Cheyenne took to her Instagram Live to explain the hate-filled tweets.

“As a mom of a baby with a biracial dad, and a member of a new blended, mix-raced family, I am so sorry that these messages resurfaced, and they do not represent me at all,” Cheyenne wrote.

As The Ashley previously reported, in 2011, Cheyenne tweeted, “My mom said I can’t see [the movie] ‘The Help,’ she knows I already have a problem with white people.”

She later posted, “Last night I saw [‘The Help’] and I wanted to kill every white person I saw.”

That same year, Cheyenne retweeted a shocking tweet.

“[Cheyenne] and [redacted] are the only Nazi-loving, black power-having, ‘kill-a-white-baby-if-I-could’ people I can accept & adore.”

She also tweeted (from her own account) in 2012, “This little white kid told me I looked like a cat today. I shoulda kicked him in his head.”

When you realize you’re an idiot for not scrubbing your social media accounts…

In her Instagram Live message, Cheyenne explained the tweets away by stating that they weren’t her words…or something. (We can assume she is talking about the retweeted message about killing white babies…)

“They came from a shared social media account (with many users), during my teenage/college years,” Cheyenne wrote. “Although I didn’t write them, they were in poor taste and hurtful. Through this experience I have grown up so much and thank God every day for the woman I’m becoming.”

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In the same message, Cheyenne stated that she had been hit with a lot of negativity since MTV confirmed The Ashley’s casting report. Many of the show’s fans were upset that Cheyenne had been cast on ‘Teen Mom OG,’ even though she gave birth to her daughter Ryder when she was 24 years old.

“I know I was not a teen mom, as did MTV when they reached out to me,” Cheyenne wrote. “As a young mom, I have had to overcome many struggles and face similar issues. It was my hope that my willingness to do the show and share my personal life and struggles could possibly help someone else.”

Cheyenne also stated that she wanted to use the very public platform to discuss the rare genetic disease that Ryder has. (At two days old, Ryder was diagnosed with VCLAD— an inherited disease that prevents Ryder from breaking down certain fats and converting them into energy.)

“I also want to bring awareness to my daughter’s medical condition, which has very little funding and research,” Cheyenne wrote.

The first episode of ‘Teen Mom OG’ featuring Cheyenne (and bonus mom Bristol Palin!) airs October 1 on MTV.

Watch the ‘Teen Mom OG’ trailer featuring Cheyenne and Bristol (and the original three girls) below:

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38 Responses

  1. 10/26/2021 Cheyenne coworker said color woman instead of woman of color or black and she apologized to Cheyenne the comment was not about her but she spoke with her and Cheyenne blow it up as usual the drama queen i cant believe the nerve of Cheyenne getting mad for a miss spoke word after saying she want to kill white people and kick kids in the head i cant believe MTV let Cheyenne stay or hired a 23 yr old on a teen mom show maci got into the drama she needs to lay off the booze and stop talking about her sons dad in front of him or putting his personal counseling on tv he would not need a counseling if he was not put in the mess with his parents that mess has went to the low of lows the show must go

  2. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    I’m done with MTV! I’m 100% not watching a show where they knowingly picked a racist cast member who made comments in the past about killing white people/ kicking white kids/killing white babies ???? Are you kidding me??????

  3. MTV will not tolerate a white racist but promotes a black racist!? Of course she will make excuses for past tweets so she doesn’t put her spot in jeopardy. Pathetic. No longer watching

    1. love how u put that. and it’s a shame mtv isnt the only network/people that think those double standard ways.

  4. Yeah, Cheyenne. Because you’re clearly 1000% Black yourself. Not a speck of Caucasian blood in your body. Keep telling yourself that.

    The admixture is strong with this one.

  5. Not gonna watch at all due to the racist nazi POS and her POS baby daddy. I will miss amber, maci and cate but I will read online about them. The show is over, it can try to hold on but it’s over. ITS THE ORIGINAL GIRLS…YOU CAN’T ADD NEW ONES.

    Should have picked mackenzi

  6. Because the initial report was buried in the Teen Mom News Pile and never again addressed, the headline should be, “The Ashley Reality Roundup Has Finally Addressed Chenenne’s Racist Tweets”.

  7. I still am reminded of those tweets every time I read this girls name, and just because it was in your “high school/college years” means Jack Shit to me. Nice attempt at an explanation tho. Some one clearly taught this girl to hate from a young age and I think she probably does still feel the same way to an extent, and is putting on a front for a check. You don’t say extremely racist shit, multiple times, and it not come from somewhere deep within.

  8. Lol, oh yes poor Jenelle, such a responsible gun owner to have a loaded gun at the ready so when a guy cuts you off you can follow him home then play the victim and pull a loaded gun in front of your son. Then leave the loaded gun alone with your kid in the car. Wahhhhh damn liberals out to get poor innocent jenelle lolol

    1. she is one of the most hated celebrities. and he didnt just cut her off. he was deliberately trying to ram her off the road while yelling and cursing at her. I would have my gun ready to go too. not hiding in my home. although maybe she should have just had a bag of rocks like u liberals wanted to give the schools for when there is another shooting. while some one is firing a gun at me, I’ll throw a rock. what a joke. and btw..she lives in the south..guaranteed that guy was armed as well. a lot of crazy people out there and u should be able to protect yourself. infact, guns are the reason we can have this dumbass conversation about these dumbass people anyway. instead of hating your country, be proud of it and how we got here.which includes guns.

      1. He was not trying to run her off the road, whatever you’re on, you should really stop. People that always need to run to the “you must be a liberal” rhetoric just because someone doesn’t agree with their opinion, aren’t doing their own cause any amount of justice. In fact, they’re just reiterating precisely why people don’t agree with them in the first place.
        I am actually all for RESPONSIBLE gun ownership. The word responsible is not negotiable. Jenelle is not a responsible gun owner, she’s not responsible for anything, including herself, which makes her a danger, to herself and everyone around her.

        If you want to own a gun, and can do so responsibly, by all means go forth and own your gun. Not only does our constitution guarantee that you can, within the law(s), it is also my opinion that you should be able to. You should also own that responsibility too, though, as it’s pretty damn important. Not wanting irresponsible morons that will pull a gun out in a vehicle, WHILE driving it, WHILE their children are in the vehicle, because they were cut off and have a horrid temper they can’t control, does not mean I hate my country. In fact, it leans far more towards loving my country. I want better for future generations, you should too.

      2. You claim to be conservative, but support Jenelle. Are you serious?! What true conservative would support a drug-addicted, neglectful parent who had all 3 kids out of wedlock and wished death on a military member. You sure you want to take up for Jenelle of all people? Stop pretending like you give a sh!t about conservative values.

        And yes, that guy was armed. He stated that he did not pull his weapon after Jenelle did because he realized there was a child in the front seat. That’s right. This stranger who was followed home by psycho Jenelle has more concern for her child’s well-being than his own mom.

  9. Hey Cheyenne those words may not have been yours ? but these words are mine: You’re an embarrassment.

  10. Cheyenne, if you’re going to give a bullshit excuse, at least give one that’s believable. We’re not stupid. She gave the same stupid excuse Matt gave when his old tweets to Farrah were discovered. Nobody I know shares their personal twitter account with other people. Why would you do that? That makes no sense. That account was under her name and ONLY her name. She wrote those tweets and retweeted the other tweet about killing white babies. Just own up to it and apologize.

    So because she gave an excuse that is obviously a lie, I don’t accept her apology. And even if she didn’t give an excuse, I don’t think I would accept that apology anyways considering how bad those tweets were. They weren’t just racist. She was basically inciting violence against babies and children. That’s almost unforgivable but that’s just me.

  11. Would we accept a white persons apology for saying those things about a different race how ever many years ago? NO. They would be fired and their whole career would be over and banned from television and society. (paula Deen, rosanne, papa john, just a couple examples). MTV is a total disgrace, full of hypocrites and liberals. That’s why Farrah was fired…she is a trump supporter and Morgan Freeman is not. Everybody on the show is either on and out of rehab..domestic violence records..drunks…neglect their children or put them in dangerous situations. Farrah cant be in porn industry? Just like Jenell’s man cant talk about homosexuals. Jenelle also cant have her gun ready when some crazy MAN is hitting her car off the road. She is not allowed to protect herself because it’s a gun. Like I said, Mtv is full of double standards, hypocrites, and liberals. And let’s just ignore all the other disgusting shows on mtv which are all based on sex and hoes and acting like fools.I have been watching the teen moms since 16 and preganant. Those days are over. And Maci…u cared so much about Bentley being on the same show as Farrah…but u dont care that he never sees u without a beer in your hands, u were on naked and afraid, and that he is on a show with a girl that’s hates white people. smh.

    1. What this girl said was not okay and I don’t think she should be on the show… but that being said you really can’t compare a black person saying something like this to a white person doing the same. Power structures make things different – you can’t compare the oppressed and the oppressors like they’re the same.

      1. You can’t compare the people, their situation(s), the actual oppression, etc..of course. What you CAN compare, is the words themselves. Words are powerful tools, but they’re stunted a great deal when in the hands of those unable to properly wield them.

        Racism is still racism, regardless of the mouth(fingers?) from which it spews. Power structures don’t change the effects racism, people and their individual interpretations of it very well may, though.

        I expect my children to behave like civilized human beings towards others, regardless of their race (which is not shared, I might add). I wouldn’t accept racist comments from either one of them, I would hold them equally accountable. I feel the same way about other people, especially adults. I can’t understand the mindset of anyone that thinks otherwise.

        1. I totally hear you. But in our country there is a REAL history of white people murdering black children. There isn’t really anything like that for black people murdering white children. So people can downvote me all they want – but there is a difference in this country when a black person says something shitty about a white person vs. the other way around. You can gaslight all you want but that’s the reality.

          1. Our history(and I agree with the point you made here) does not, in any way, make racism simply disappear because the person spewing it happens to be of a race that has been treated horribly the world over for centuries.
            It is not “gaslighting”, it’s simply a fact, the reality you don’t want to accept.

            If a white child makes a racist comment to a black child, it’s racist. If a black child makes a racist comment to a white child, it’s racist. Now change child to adult. Nothing has changed here, the WORDS are still racist. In my book, neither of these situations is ok. In fact, in many others’ books, neither situation is ok. The people we really need to worry about, protect our children from, hell protect our species from…are the people that don’t see them both as being equally wrong. Apparently, you’re one of them, and that makes you a pretty damn scary person.

            Nothing anyone can say or do will ever “make up for”(lack of better terminology on my part) or excuse away the oppression, the horrid treatment, the verbal, physical, emotional and psychological abuse(and it very much is!!) that some demographics (even above and beyond race) have been dealt….NOTHING. That includes fighting back against those actions, those words, those thoughts and feelings, with one’s own brand of racism. I absolutely loathe most cliche’ sayings, since they’re mostly used incorrectly. That said, the phrase “one wrong does not make a right”, fits here.

            “there isn’t really anything like that for black people murdering child children”….Yes, you are right, there really isn’t a whole hell of a lot of evidence of black people murdering white children when looking to scale it with the massive amount of white people that have murdered black children. That doesn’t make it fucking okay for ANYONE, of ANY race, to say or think murdering any children is ok. That, also, isn’t gaslighting. I’m fairly certain you don’t understand what that word actually means, let alone how to use it.

          2. That should say two wrongs don’t make a right, I should have proofread that quite a bit better. My point still stands, even though I’ve articulated it terribly.

            See what I mean about using words incorrectly?

        2. Where on Earth did I say what she said was okay??? What she said was disgusting and awful. The only thing I was disagreeing with you on was that it was the same exact situation as if a white person were to say it.

          1. No, what you said was they can’t be compared, and they very much can. I never said it was the exact situation. In fact, I said you can’t compare the people or situations themselves as if they are the same. What I said was the words remain the same, racist, regardless of who they come from. You can deny it all you want, it’s still a very real fact.

            This isn’t rocket surgery.

      2. Let’s just take race out of it completely. Then she said:

        “I wanted to kill every person I saw.”

        “[Cheyenne] and [redacted] are the only ‘kill-a-baby-if-I-could’ people I can accept & adore.”

        “This little kid told me I looked like a cat today. I shoulda kicked him in his head.”

        We can then compare Cheyenne using the metric of those who threatened violence against babies and children, against those who haven’t. Much simpler.

    2. Lol, oh yes poor Jenelle, such a responsible gun owner to have a loaded gun at the ready so when a guy cuts you off you can follow him home then play the victim and pull a loaded gun in front of your son. Then leave the loaded gun alone with your kid in the car. Wahhhhh damn liberals out to get poor innocent jenelle lolol

    3. I agree, Mary. There is definitely a big double standard out there that a lot of people don’t want to admit to. White people and conservatives are definitely treated differently when it comes to things like this. That New York Times journalist Sarah Jeong wrote all those racist tweets about extinction of the white race and was reported for it. Not only was she let off the hook from twitter but she also was never fired from NYT. Candace Owens, a conservative woman, posted Sarah’s same tweets but replaced “white” with “black” and her account was immediately suspended.

      The only thing I disagree with is what you said about Maci. Maci’s appearance on Naked & Afraid was not sexual. It was a survival show. So I don’t think you can compare that to a person doing pornography and selling sex toys.

  12. There’s a difference in what David and Cheyenne did. The difference is David didn’t threaten to kill anyone.

  13. Who could this racist trashy hoe possibly help with her story? Im really sorry for her child’s medical condition but Cheyenne is just garbage.

  14. No one cares about your half assed.apology you took no responsibility in it. Your baby daddy is a total pos. And so are u. I will not be watching. This show is a full blown dumpster fire now. Wonder how long this show is going to last now. This kind of seems like the nail in the coffin for me at least. Wont be watching her

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