EXCLUSIVE! ‘Teen Mom 2’ Dad Behind Bars! Adam Lind is in Jail…Again

“Get my special cell ready for me, Danno! Daddy’s home!”

Teen Mom 2‘s most notorious “Bad Dad” is once again back behind bars!

The Ashley can exclusively report that Adam Lind— the father of Chelsea Houska‘s daughter Aubree– was thrown in the slammer on Thursday night!

According to online records Adam (who is no stranger to the South Dakota jail system) was arrested just after 8 p.m. and placed in the Minnehaha County Jail. He is currently being held without bond, on charges that are listed as “Outside County.”

He was charged with domestic simple assault in nearby Lincoln County.

According to an employee of the Minnehaha County Jail, Adam had court this morning and will be released later this afternoon.

A representative of the Lincoln County Circuit Court tells The Ashley that Adam has four counts against him, including attempting to cause bodily harm, recklessly attempting to cause bodily harm, attempting to cause imminent bodily harm, and one count of intentionally causing bodily harm. (Counts 2-4 are in the alternative, apparently.)

Adam pleaded not guilt this morning in court, but he will have to face a judge again on December 21.

The Ashley broke the news earlier this year that Adam had tested positive (twice!) for drugs during a court-mandated drug test. Adam’s results showed that he had used meth and amphetamine. The aftermath of the tests later played out on ‘Teen Mom 2.’

Adam has not appeared on ‘Teen Mom 2’ since Season 7. Before quitting the show, he frequently lashed out at the network and the show’s production crew about not wanting to be filmed.

This is certainly not Adam’s first arrest. As The Ashley’s 2013 book Teen Mom Confidential revealed, Adam has been arrested over 30 times. He has managed to stay out of jail for several years, though. His last arrest was in 2015. Before that, in December 2014, he was thrown in jail for domestic stalking, and in June he was arrested for violating his probation stemming from his many DUI charges. In May 2014 he was arrested for driving on a suspended license. Oh, and then there was his DUI arrest in March 2014…the list goes on and on…

Chelsea has yet to comment on her baby-daddy’s latest run-in with the law.

UPDATE! Adam has been released from jail on bond.

(Photo: MTV)

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  1. Out on bond? Does that mean someone actually hired a bail bondsman and put up collateral to bail his sorry ass out? wow!

  2. Yes, he is a big time loser!! He definitely has mental issues. He has been offered help, but refuses it. Maybe the best thing is jail/prison. With all the mentally deranged men out there, we don’t need anymore on the streets. I pray he doesn’t have a gun!!

  3. Not sure if someone else already said it in the comments, but now that Bri and Javi have set the precedent for dating on the show, Jenelle and Adumb should be next. They have so much in common – garbage people and crappy parents. And the best part is since Adumb is snipped they won’t produce any more kids they won’t be responsible for parenting.

  4. I hope when Paislee and Aubree are old enough, they cut contact with him immediately. They have amazing dad figures in their lives so they don’t need this deadbeat anymore.

  5. Damn, that’s a lot of arrests—for both! They both need to get their shit together. Granted, it’s been a minute since Jenelle’s last go-around, but just in general, she needs to get her shit together.

    Has anyone else noticed that lately, every teen mom article on this site has turned into Jenelle-centric in the comment board? Are we feeding her ego by making everything about Jenelle or destroying her credibility bit by but? Just curious

  6. Brianna’s first baby daddy, Devon, was arrested this summer for a marijuana charge? or failure to appear. I think it’s Ryans turn next.

    1. Hell I get worse treatment when I am 5 days late on my cable bill lmao. Let us hope the judge actually puts away this violent pill head. Absolute idiotic scum.

  7. It’s where he belongs, in my opinion he is absolutely the most despicable of all the “dads” on the show by far. That message he sent a long time ago about that beautiful child being a “mistake” shows what an absolute piece of garbage he is. So glad he’s off the show, I think Chelsea’s a bore, but his screen time was unwatchable. Hope he rots in there.

  8. My God, some of you posters are ignorant and downright ugly. I am no fan of someone who doesn’t step up and be there for their kids, but to put down someone you do not know and judge them when you have no idea what is going on in their life..you are just as bad. 1. Addiction is a horrible disease. You do things you would never think about doing otherwise. It’s a disease…and it’s not easy to overcome, especially if everyone is rooting against you. 2. To shame someone instead of encouraging them to get help and become better is hypocritical. I will not believe for one minute that any of you do not have a demon of your own. Whether it’s food, shopping, a horrible attitude, addiction to drugs or alcohol, etc. No one is perfect, none of us are.

    Adam has made many, many mistakes, agreed. But to call him pathetic, a waste, and to make fun of his addiction and looks. Really? Come on, aren’t you all better than that? Tell me…if he was your son, would you call him those names and totally give up on him? I wouldn’t. I love my daughter unconditionally and wish no ill will on anyone, especially someone who needs help. I’m not trying to be a b*tch, but damn people, let’s give him encouragement to seek help and be the dad Aubree so desperately wants. I agree it’s about Aubree.

    Adam, please get back to meetings and talk to your sponsor. Everyone has demons and you can beat this. I know you love your kids, you just need to find yourself and find healthy outlets.

    Chelsea is a wonderful mother, I understand her concerns. But I also believe that if Adam got his shit together, she would be happy to give him time with Aubs. I really think Chelsea is a big enough person that she wants Aubree to have a relationship with Adam, as long as it’s a positive and healthy one. Cole is great as well and he’s such a great father/step-dad. Just amazing actually. I sincerely hope Adam does get his shit together and that Aubree can have both a good relationship with her dad and her step-dad, because she deserves it!!

    I def don’t like some of the moms and dads on the show. I don’t agree with all their actions. But to shame their looks…not cool. Also, I get that people will be judged by their past actions, but I also believe people can change and I believe that most people want to be good and do good. And for anyone who wants to shame me or down vote me for this, go right ahead. I’ve had many demons, I’ve been in recovery, been clean for 14 years. Thankfully my damage was done before I had my daughter. But I have an awesome life today helping others and doing my best to make amends to society. The few people that shamed me and said I couldn’t change…yup don’t give a shit and don’t talk to them today. God willing they will never need help in their life. If they do, I will be there because I actually care. However, the ones that believed in me saved my life. Because I did want to die. All I can say is before you judge someone else by name calling, take a good look at yourself. Chances are, you are far from perfect.

    Best wishes to Adam, Chelsea, Cole, and especially Aubs

    1. Oh yes it’s SUCH a shocker people commenting on a gossip site aren’t falling all over themselves to praise a meth head that is physically and verbally abusive to other people and a terrible father. Get a damn grip. Write him a letter if you’re such a perfect, caring human being. Meanwhile you talk about hypocrites yet you judge all of us for having no tolerance for Adam and his train wreck life he’s dragging 2 innocent young girls through. That would make you the hypocrite since you’re whining that we’re “judging” him without knowing him. We know a hell of a lot more about Adam than you know about any of us sweetie.

      Addiidtonally, cut the bullshit. Drugs didn’t make Adam a terrible human being. He has always been one ever since he first appeared on this show as a sober arrogant 16 year old bastard. Remember he called his months old infant a “mistake?” That’s not editing. No real parent would ever say that…only a terrible worthless piece of trash would.

    2. I may be ugly, but I’m far from ignorant.

      Why does Adam deserve everyone’s support and encouragement? He couldn’t take the necessary steps to help tackle his addiction for the sake of his TWO daughters! Yes addiction is a disease, however it is a personal choice to choose not to seek help. And I say this from experience, having a family member who chose drugs over their children.

      At the end of the day, two little girls miss out on having an active Dad in their lives.. they are lucky to have two stepdads that have stepped up to the plate and treated those kids like their own. That’s a hell of a lot more than Adam has ever done.

    3. Pretty sure he was stone cold sober when he called his daughter a mistake. Let’s not pretend that Adam is an otherwise good guy who got in over his head. He’s a POS through and through.

    4. The irony is that you’re doing exactly what you claim you’re against. Stoop being such a hypocrite.

    5. That’s great optimism, but he won’t get help until he stops beating up women and realizes he has a problem. He’s almost never shown interest in his kids unless it involves a paycheck from MTV. He’s behind on child support, shows downright douchey behavior, and insults Chelsea (the mother of his child) often. So please spare me the whole “he can get help because he’s worth something!” Aubrey barely even knows her dad.

    6. @Christy- while I agree with most of what you said- The difference with Adam is that he was a piece of sh!t way before he had all of those problems. When he said Chelsea was a fat stretch mark etc and that he was going to sign over his rights immediately after Aubree was born. That’s why I don’t and definitely would never have any compassion for him!

      1. He showed his true colors right then and there. I pray that Aubree nevers learns of that comment. I am a grown adult complete stranger and I cried watching that.

  9. So I was wishing Adam would turn his life around… but he can fuck off.

    I have been following his rap sheet – not closely. But I knew about that accident with the old couple, but this POS had his two daughters around a REGISTERED SEX OFFENDER and KILLED PUPPIES.

    I mean…you can’t get any more than that unless you are a sex offender/rapist/murderer. This guy nothing good comes from him and he is steadily becoming a worse and worse human being every year…so yeah fuck that guy.

    1. What do you mean he was killing puppies?????????? The sex offender or Adam?

      Adam has the IQ of a cardboard box. It’s absolutely no surprise he doesn’t care what type of person he has his kids around…imagine the people he surrounds himself with if he’s doing freaking meth.

      1. Adam was accused of killing puppies and the sex offender was Bruce something a friend of his that aired on segment Adam filmed. He was 20something and shared lewd pics to a minor.

        Granted Chelsea also allowed the husband of her friend to watch Aubree when he served time for statutory sex.

        I was looking through past social media comments that Adam made like racial slurs, getting drunk watching his kids and boasting of the drugs he did that would cause to stay up for 3 days.

        Some people are just thoroughly awful and he is one. I’ll be called out for being cold-hearted but he has always been hateful.

        Adam is toxic, and cutting a person like that out of your life is okay. There is a breaking point and that guy just committed physical harm and is on meth. No matter how much pleading you give them and consequences of their actions doesn’t faze them, then it is time to go.

        It isn’t Chelsea’s responsibility and it is so annoying for some people on here commenting that we are awful people for judging him, fuck yeah i am going to condemn him. I am not going to be “ohhh he has a problem! He’s an addict! Let’s handle him gently!”

        Fuck that noise, he deserves every word. And yeah we ALL have demons, example, I hit the sauce too much but i don’t treat my family/friends/coworkers like shit because of it. And seriously the poster who said shopping is an addiction on the level of a meth outed violent douche should just go sit quietly in the corner.

        Sorry every one for the lengthy outrage, it really pisses me off that someone will hurt anything defenseless like puppies and children. And I have zero sympathy for those types of people.

      1. I read it as Chelsea being the only one from TM2 to upgrade on the second baby daddy, not the only one from all Teen Moms together. But I would agree, from the OG Maci is the only one to have an upgrade on the baby daddy department.

  10. Adam may have just used meth. When you use meth your body processes it into amphetamine, so a meth user can test + for both methampetamine and amphetamine.

  11. He did almost die when he wrecked his car and it caught fire. That was right around the time Paul Walker died in the exact same way so it really made clear the magnitude of the danger he put himself in.

  12. I am glad that adam got arrested and Chelsea I am very proud of you for leaving Adam. I hope that he learned his lesson. I am a huge fan of teen mom 2 and l am a huge fan of yours as a fan. God bless you John Causey Broken Arrow Oklahoma

  13. Are we really surprised that this gronk was locked up again? His arrest record would have to be up there with Jenelle’s.

    Aubree is so lucky to have Cole in her life.

  14. I honestly cannot explain it but I feel like Adam is going to live long I’m not trying to be morbid I just think at some point he’s going to get himself in a situation where it’s far more than he can handle it’s unbelievably sad because his daughters deserve so much more from him

    1. I don’t think it’s morbid, I think it’s statistically very likely. There is a huge correlation between arrests and life expectancy (most certainly due to the probability of engaging in dangerous behavior to begin with). Add in his drug use, and (sadly) I don’t think Adam will be around for much longer.

      No one can help Adam but Adam. He obviously has not hit his rock bottom yet. And going on nearly 40 arrests, multiple positive tests for drugs, and no longer having the ability to see his children…it looks more and more likely that Adam’s rock bottom will be death. I know this sounds absolutely terrible, but I am not trying to be insensitive, but a realist. I know he reads the news stories about him, and I hope he sees these comments, because you just never know what could trigger someone to get help.

      There is a reason that Adam is like this. I don’t know if he went through trauma that hasn’t been dealt with or what it is. He believes the world is against him, but in reality, he would receive an incredible amount of support if he sought help to change his behavior. Addiction is a terrible disease that literally changes the structure of your brain. Adam, I am rooting for you. There IS another way to live, as impossible as it may be to see. I’m sure you’re feeling hopeless. Please, please consider getting away from everything and seeking inpatient treatment. There is an entire world out there waiting for you, and no one needs you like your little girls do. If you don’t do it for yourself, do it for them.

  15. You’re smiling that Aubree’s dad, a guy who she loves, is a POS who keeps going to jail? It’s not about Chelsea or Adam. It’s about Aubree. And she now gets to deal with the trauma of having a dad who’s in and out of prison all the time. Even if she has Cole at the end of the day that’s still her dad and it’s still going to affect her. Not something to be happy about at all! It’s such a sad situation!

    1. No one is happy that Adam is Aubree’s dad. That is a sad fact. It is a positive thing that he is going to jail for his criminal violent behavior. That is exactly where drug addicted violent abusers should be. The hope is that his time in jail will open his eyes to making changes in his life for both of his daughters. The suffering that Aubree and Paisley is no one’s fault but Adam’s. ADAM is the only who can fix that.

  16. Adam is such a JOKE! A meth head huh? Doesn’t get much classier than that…he was SO smug cheating on poor Chelsea & putting her down all the time..look at them now..Chelsea is gorgeous with a amazing handsome husband & Adam is a balding gap toothed meth head. Poor Aubree…that God she has Cole.

    1. I agree with everything you said, but Chelsea did also cheat on Adam. Other than that, he is a loser who doesn’t deserve to be around either of his children..

  17. He certainly can’t blame the show for this arrest. He’s a terrible father. So happy Aubree has a better father figure in her life, hopefully Paislee does or will soon.

    1. By the looks of Taylor’s Insta, Paislee does have a good father figure! I want to say she recently got married. Not that you could get much worse…

  18. He is one slippery little fellow!! How many times does this guy need to be arrested before he goes to jail? Feel bad for paisley and aubrey….

  19. No surprise there. It was only a matter of time. He is one scary dude. I can only imagine Chelsea must’ve been out of her mind whenever Aubrey was in his care. Really he should just sign away his rights to the children. Let them have a better chance of having a male parental figure in their lives.

  20. Every time I see him in trouble again, my heart smiles. Remembering so clearly how he called Aubree a mistake and Chelsea a fat stretch mark b*tch makes me like to see him in sticky situations. Now she’s fit, lean, still beautiful and very much loved by her husband who adores Aubree. My oh my, how the tables turn. I know Chelsea is happy everyday that she finally got over this D-bag

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